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A Conceptual Framework for Machine Self-Presentation and Trust

Jeff Stanley, Ozgur Eris, Monika Lohani
2021 International Journal of Humanized Computing and Communication  
This paper proposes a taxonomy of machine behavior based on what has been experimented with and documented in the literature to date.  ...  Drawing from models of human trust we discuss how to apply the taxonomy to affect perceived machine trustworthiness.  ...  It does not attempt to represent the impact on trust of the other self-presentation strategies such as Personification, though this could be addressed in future research.  ... 
doi:10.35708/hcc1869-148366 fatcat:3hbr55xjffcfdpnkfwwca4b2mq

Does visual communication get through to its audiences

Tore Kristensen, Gorm Gabrielsen
2013 2013 IEEE Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium  
We thank Tom Becker, Shirli Kopelman and Deborah Small for their helpful comments and suggestions on earlier versions of the paper.  ...  Acknowledgements: The authors wish to thank participants in the 12th International Colloquium on Nonprofit, Arts, Heritage, and Social Marketing, Edinburgh (UK), and the Vth Workshop on Cultural Economics  ...  Two experiments support the hypotheses, and find that the positive impact of advertiser effort increases with consumer effort to take part of the advertising.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tidms.2013.6981257 fatcat:gvtlla3dbvdj3oargnpi7x2d6e

The Effectiveness of Humor in Advertising: A Cross-cultural Study in Germany and Russia

Stefan Muller, Stefab Hoffmann, Uta Schwartz, Katja Gelbrich
2011 Journal of Euromarketing  
An experiment with fictive print ads is conducted. 257 Russian and German respondents are surveyed.  ...  Therefore, the paper examines whether the impact of humor type on perceived level of humor, attitude toward the ad, and attitude toward the brand depends on culture.  ...  status had an impact on online acquisition.  ... 
doi:10.9768/0020.01-2.007 fatcat:zxwiljegbrevhinmvoh4efxudy

(Un)dressing the interface: Exposing the foundational HCI metaphor "computer is woman"

Sheryl Brahnam, Marianthe Karanikas, Margaret Weaver
2011 Interacting with computers  
We show how images of femininity proliferate, becoming the projected images of male fantasies and ideals of womanhood.  ...  Drawing upon postmodern feminist theory, we then explore how this metaphor has resulted in the feminization of HCI is communication and second person interfaces.  ...  women in the media negatively impacts how people interact with and feel about the men and women they encounter in everyday life.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.intcom.2011.03.008 fatcat:7qq4mbpixfav5jfabapcn7cl3u

Using Images of Eyes to Enhance Green Brand Purchase Intentions Through Green Brand Anthropomorphism Strategies: The Moderator Role of Facial Expression

Zelin Tong, Tingting Li, Jingdan Feng, Qin Zhang
2020 Frontiers in Psychology  
This study uses an experimental comparison to analyze the effects of anthropomorphic strategies that use images with eyes (vs. those without eyes) on consumers' willingness to buy green products, as well  ...  The findings of this study provide useful suggestions for green brand marketing strategies and management practices that use anthropomorphism.  ...  As mentioned earlier, anthropomorphism has an impact on consumers' attitudes and behaviors. How will anthropomorphism affect the purchase intention of green products?  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2020.568595 pmid:33117236 pmcid:PMC7561679 fatcat:6shbbjysujha3hh7odfbanh3vq

Pedagogical Conditions, Methodology and Organization of Training of Performers on Copper Wide-Ranging Instruments

N.I. Anufrieva, Russian State Social University, V.N. Manuilov, Military University, Russian State Social University
2021 Contemporary problems of social work  
the methodological principles of teaching a musician-performer to play wide-ranging wind instruments at the Military Institute (military conductors) of the Military University have features that depend  ...  The contingent of students is characterized by certain age characteristics, features of the level of basic music education, ethnic and cultural differences in the trained military personnel of foreign  ...  We are proactive, love what we do, professional, we know how to quickly adapt to new challenges, we are open and honest, with an analytical mindset and have a high level of empathy.  ... 
doi:10.17922/2412-5466-2021-7-1-46-53 fatcat:3nfwqdpelnfupmfapxj4wekgbq

Protecting from brand burn during times of crisis

Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan
2011 Management Research Review  
Dawar and Lei (2009) reports that brand associations and hierarchy and their impact on brand for a crisis response through an experiment.  ...  Brand Communication during a crisis Studies on recession show that consumers believe when a company does not advertise during recession, its business must be struggling (Ad-ology Research, 2009).  ... 
doi:10.1108/01409171111186423 fatcat:nxozewhal5cydggxasbp75lozy

Imaginative Agency: New Possibilities

Clare Brant
2019 European journal of life writing  
, performativity, ethics and artificial intelligence.  ...  of ethical agency in online practices like trolling and malware.  ...  and negotiate power within social structures and imaginaries'. 13 When an online self's performances appear over so many and such different platforms, part of the possibility of a capable self may be  ... 
doi:10.21827/ejlw.8.35554 fatcat:5d5gfe6j4fchpmby3rdr36bzbq


2014 Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft  
To test predictions from this model, a quasi-experimental study conducted over 8 weeks exposed selected participants to an online soap opera.  ...  This study examines how advertising triggers affect when comparison motive is paired with a particular model beauty type.  ...  The experiments reveal that, despite similar information search behavior, those with strong attitudes are dogmatic, resisting even substantial contrary evidence; those with weak attitudes, by contrast,  ... 
doi:10.5771/1615-634x-2014-4-687 fatcat:3s4ldzroqfatrfe2pgycsxcwbm

Your ad here: the cool sell of guerrilla marketing

2013 ChoiceReviews  
understand an emergent media environment where cultural producers like advertisers strategize and experiment with the dissemination of information and the application of persuasion through covert and  ...  understand an emergent media environment where cultural producers like advertisers strategize and experiment with the dissemination of information and the application of persuasion through covert and  ...  Other agencies and brands have experimented with long-form content, on television or online, to greater and lesser success.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.51-0376 fatcat:ubulvivuavgbdkbt2qvdusoff4

Trauma in Games: Narrativizing Denied Agency, Ludonarrative Dissonance and Empathy Play

Evgeniya Kuznetsova
How does one analyze such games and their contribution to popular culture, if they so obviously fall outside the scope of the idea of "fun," closely associated with game media?  ...  ways of portraying psychological trauma, which evoke empathy from the player and encourage critical reflection on the experiences they portray. iv No man or woman alive, magical or not, has ever escaped  ...  How does one "read" a game?  ... 
doi:10.7939/r30z7196h fatcat:nhrlhh2rsbfinmu7ktd3dfx3z4

The Hashtag in Digital Activism: A Cultural Revolution

Diana Dobrin
2020 Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change  
and bridges personal and collective experiences under the #MeToo myth.  ...  The last few years have seen a rise in activism and online technology has caught on this wave of change.  ...  Eleanor Chiari, for the guidance and encouragement on this project. I would also like to thank editor Dr. Simon Stewart and the anonymous reviewers for their formative commentary.  ... 
doi:10.20897/jcasc/8298 fatcat:a6rion64mng5bku7rqag6av3rq

What Empathy Can(not) Do. An Inquiry into the Epistemic Possibilities and Limits of Empathic Imagination

I further defend my claims by resorting to some relevant empirical work in social psychology and neuroscience. In Chapter IV, I engage with the debate on transformative experiences (TEs).  ...  Empathy aims at providing empathizers with an insight into ?what it feels like? to be in somebody else?s shoes. I call this phenomenon phenomenal insight.  ...  Said otherwise: how can I decide to undergo an experience if I have no clue about how it is likely to affect me? What does that mean precisely?  ... 
doi:10.15167/inchingolo-marco_phd2021-07-08 fatcat:o7cm4kifjzgklmgxnzuxja3pui

From Promise to Form: How Contracting Online Changes Consumers

David A. Hoffman
2016 Social Science Research Network  
hypothesize that different experiences with online contracting have led some consumers to see contracts-both online and offline-in distinctive ways.  ...  Experimenting on a large, nationally representative sample, this paper provides evidence of age-based and experience-based differences in views of consumer contract formation and breach.  ...  Nonetheless, online contracting does appear to have an effect, even holding age constant.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2724661 fatcat:dnfoay3bozbtfnb25inhnjtyky

The politics of suffering in the public sphere: the body in pain, empathy, and political spectacles THE POLITICS OF SUFFERING IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE: THE BODY IN PAIN, EMPATHY, AND POLITICAL SPECTACLES

Young Cho, Young Cho, Young Cho, Bruce Gronbeck, John, Peters Durham, David, Depew
2009 unpublished
The cases offer an opportunity not only to theorize how subaltern people appear out of the darkness of sheltered existence and enter the space of appearance by utilizing their body, but also to rethink  ...  If so, how? Under what circumstances? By whom? And to what effect?  ...  with an audience that feels empathy for the sufferer's anguish.  ... 
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