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Towards Unsupervised Deep Graph Structure Learning [article]

Yixin Liu, Yu Zheng, Daokun Zhang, Hongxu Chen, Hao Peng, Shirui Pan
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In Li, and Zheng Zhang. 2019.  ...  Towards Unsupervised Deep Graph Structure Learning Yixin Liu1 , Yu Zheng2 , Daokun Zhang1,3 , Hongxu  ... 
arXiv:2201.06367v1 fatcat:ew3msx6p6vc5hadgkryoixhyuq

Graph Masked Autoencoders with Transformers [article]

Sixiao Zhang, Hongxu Chen, Haoran Yang, Xiangguo Sun, Philip S. Yu, Guandong Xu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Hongxu  ...  Sixiao Zhang is currently a PhD student of Data Science and Machine Intelligence (DSMI) Lab of Advanced Analytics Institute, University of Technology Sydney.  ... 
arXiv:2202.08391v2 fatcat:2lq5ueqeefgofowogb246ehmwi

Based on Vague Sets of Strawberry Varieties Resistance Comparison [chapter]

Yan Zhang, Hongxu Wang, Hongbin Zhang
2012 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Proposing the similarity measures formula between Vague sets E and G. Concluding Vague resistance analysis. The concrete application steps were:①Establishing comprehensive characters set; ②Screening excellent varieties set; ③Extracting theory optimal varieties set; ④The single-value date transformed into Vague date, obtaining different varieties Vague sets; ⑤Vague resistance analysis 1,the similarity measures were calculated between the excellent varieties Vague sets and the theory optimal
more » ... ties Vague sets, obtaining more suitable for people's needs varieties among excellent varieties; ⑥Vague resistance analysis 2, the weighted similarity measures were calculated between the excellent varieties Vague sets and the theory optimal varieties Vague sets, obtaining more suitable for people's needs resistance varieties among excellent varieties. According to specific needs of the problem, selecting and applying the steps ⑤ or ⑥. Vague resistance analysis was applied to strawberry varieties resistance analysis, the analysis result was satisfactory. The similarity measures formula between Vague sets E and G was the application basis of Vague resistance analysis.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-27278-3_12 fatcat:ahg2j7xfzzgg5fpwt6asfyxfgu

Single pixel wide gamut dynamic color modulation based on graphene micromechanical system [article]

Yanli Xu and Hongxu Li and Xin Zhang and Wenjing Liu and Zhengping Zhang and Shuijie Qin and Jiangtao Liu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Dynamic color modulation in the composite structure of graphene microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)- photonic crystal microcavity is investigated in this work. The designed photonic crystal microcavity has three resonant standing wave modes corresponding to the three primary colors of red (R), green (G) and blue (B), forming strong localization of light in three modes at different positions of the microcavity. Once graphene is added, it can govern the transmittance of three modes. When
more » ... e is located in the abdomen of the standing wave, which has strong light absorption and therefore the structure's transmittance is lower, or when graphene is located in the node of the standing wave, it has weak light absorption and therefore the structure's transmittance is higher. Therefore, the graphene absorption of different colors of light can be regulated dynamically by applying voltages to tune the equilibrium position of the graphene MEMS in the microcavity, consequently realizing the output of vivid monochromatic light or multiple mixed colors of light within a single pixel, thus greatly improving the resolution. Our work provides a route to dynamic color modulation with graphene and provides guidance for the design and manufacture of ultrahigh resolution, ultrafast modulation and wide color gamut interferometric modulator displays.
arXiv:2106.10857v1 fatcat:owbhgytiurb6lhqdqzd63e4ysm

CDX2 methylation may predict the prognosis of patients with lung cancer

Hongxue Cui, Zhenliang Zhang, Xueli Sun, Ling Fu, Xiaohua Zhao, Mingyue Zhang, Meiying Wang
2021 Archives of Medical Science  
IntroductionCDX2 methylation predicts poor prognosis in gastric cancer, squamous esophageal cancer and colorectal cancer. The present study was performed to investigate the roles of CDX2 methylation in lung cancer.Material and methodsOne hundred and sixty-seven patients with lung cancer were enrolled. Methylation-specific PCR (MSP) was performed to investigate the methylation status of CDX2. Sequencing of the CDX2 5' CpG island was conducted as well. A 5-year follow-up was performed by a
more » ... h nurse or dedicated physician. The primary endpoint was death related with lung cancer. Kaplan-Meier curve was used to analyze the survival situation of patients. Univariate and multivariate Cox analysis was performed to investigate the potential predictors for prognosis of patients with lung cancer.ResultsThe patients were classified into two groups according to CDX2 status: methylation (n=75) and unmethylation (n=92). After the 5-year follow-up, we found that the survival rate of patients with methylation of CDX2 was much lower than those with unmethylation of CDX2 (56% vs. 84.8%, P=0.000). Among the smoking patients, methylation of CDX2 was related with poorer prognosis of patients with lung cancer (P=0.000). DFS of patients with CDX2 methylation was lower than those without CDX2 methylation (56.0% vs. 73.9%, P=0.009). Univariate and multivariate Cox analysis demonstrated that CDX2 methylation served as independent prognostic predictor of patients with lung cancer (univariate: HR=3.705, 95%CI=1.922-7.139; multivariate: HR=3.418, 95%CI=1.826-6.397).ConclusionsCDX2 methylation may serve as independent prognostic predictor for patients with lung cancer.
doi:10.5114/aoms/115110 fatcat:bjmtkl7zqzgfjnt36eiodkom3a

Impact of Water Level Fluctuations on Landslide Deformation at Longyangxia Reservoir, Qinghai Province, China

Shufen Zhao, Runqiang Zeng, Hongxue Zhang, Xingmin Meng, Zonglin Zhang, Xiangpei Meng, Hong Wang, Yi Zhang, Jun Liu
2022 Remote Sensing  
The construction of Longyangxia Reservoir has altered the hydrogeological conditions of its banks. Infiltration and erosion caused by the periodic rise and fall of the water level leads to collapse of the reservoir banks and local deformation of the landslide. Due to heterogeneous topographic characteristics across the region, water level also varies between different location. Previous research on the influence of fluctuations in reservoir water level on landslide deformation has focused on
more » ... gle-point monitoring of specific slopes, and single-point water level monitoring data have often been used instead of water level data for the entire reservoir region. In addition, integrated remote sensing methods have seldom been used for regional analysis. In this study, the freely-available Landsat8 OLI and Sentinel-2 data were used to extract the water level of Longyangxia Reservoir using the NDWI method, and Sentinel-1A data were used to obtain landslide deformation time series using SBAS-InSAR technology. Taking the Chana, Chaxi, and Mangla River Estuary landslides (each having different reservoir water level depths) as typical examples, the influence of changes in reservoir water level on the deformation of three wading landslides was analyzed. Our main conclusions are as follows: First, the change in water level is the primary external factor controlling the deformation velocity and trend of landslides in the Longyangxia Reservoir, with falling water levels having the greatest influence. Second, the displacement of the Longyangxia Reservoir landslides lags water level changes by 0 to 62 days. Finally, this study provides a new method applicable other areas without water level monitoring data.
doi:10.3390/rs14010212 fatcat:fuwaisutljfubdv2oxhhdgkhae

Hardware-Guided Symbiotic Training for Compact, Accurate, yet Execution-Efficient LSTM [article]

Hongxu Yin, Guoyang Chen, Yingmin Li, Shuai Che, Weifeng Zhang, and Niraj K. Jha
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Hongxu Yin and Niraj K. Jha are with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 08544 USA, e-mail:{hongxuy, jha}  ...  Guoyang Chen, Yingmin Li, Shuai Che, and Weifeng Zhang are with Alibaba Group US Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, 94085 USA, email:{g.chen,, shuai.che, weifeng.z}  ... 
arXiv:1901.10997v1 fatcat:xhs63p6cgzfifbd5hjqplokwze

Inhibition of Ihh Reverses Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis via a PTH1R Signaling Dependent Mechanism

Hongxu Yang, Mian Zhang, Qian Liu, Hongyun Zhang, Jing Zhang, Lei Lu, Mianjiao Xie, Di Chen, Meiqing Wang
2019 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is biomechanically related to dental occlusion, is often insulted by osteoarthritis (OA). This study was conducted to clarify the relationship between Indian hedgehog (Ihh) and parathyroid hormone receptor 1 (PTH1R) signaling in modulating the enhanced chondrocyte terminal differentiation in dental stimulated TMJ osteoarthritic cartilage. A gain- and loss-of-function strategy was used in an in vitro model in which fluid flow shear stress (FFSS) was
more » ... d, and in an in vivo model in which the unilateral anterior cross-bite (UAC) stimulation was adopted. Ihh and PTH1R signaling was modulated through treating the isolated chondrocytes with inhibitor/activator and via deleting Smoothened (Smo) and/or Pth1r genes in mice with the promoter gene of type 2 collagen (Col2-CreER) in the tamoxifen-inducible pattern. We found that both FFSS and UAC stimulation promoted the deep zone chondrocytes to undergo terminal differentiation, while cells in the superficial zone were robust. We demonstrated that the terminal differentiation process in deep zone chondrocytes promoted by FFSS and UAC was mediated by the enhanced Ihh signaling and declined PTH1R expression. The FFSS-promoted terminal differentiation was suppressed by administration of the Ihh inhibitor or PTH1R activator. The UAC-promoted chondrocytes terminal differentiation and OA-like lesions were rescued in Smo knockout, but were enhanced in Pth1r knockout mice. Importantly, the relieving effect of Smo knockout mice was attenuated when Pth1r knockout was also applied. Our data suggest a chondrocyte protective effect of suppressing Ihh signaling in TMJ OA cartilage which is dependent on PTH1R signaling.
doi:10.3390/ijms20153797 pmid:31382618 pmcid:PMC6695690 fatcat:ltwwbfbkgfau7ijjwym5waefxu

Noise Reduction of LiDAR Signal via Local Mean Decomposition Combined with Improved Thresholding Method

Luyao Zhang, Jianhua Chang, Hongxu Li, Zhenxin Liu, Shuyi Zhang, Renxiang Mao
2020 IEEE Access  
HONGXU LI was born in Henan, China.  ...  LUYAO ZHANG was born in Jiangsu, China.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3003597 fatcat:3rx44hrlpbcp5cluntt34kr6k4

TNF Accelerates Death of Mandibular Condyle Chondrocytes in Rats with Biomechanical Stimulation-Induced Temporomandibular Joint Disease

Hongxu Yang, Mian Zhang, Xin Wang, Hongyun Zhang, Jing Zhang, Lei Jing, Lifan Liao, Meiqing Wang, Mikko Lammi
2015 PLoS ONE  
Objective To determine if temporomandibular joint chondrocyte apoptosis is induced in rats with dental biomechanical stimulation and what a role TNF takes. Methods Thirty-two rats were divided into 4 groups (n = 8/group) and exposed to incisor mal-occlusion induced by unilateral anterior crossbite biomechanical stimulation. Two groups were sampled at 2 or 4 weeks. The other two groups were treated with local injections of a TNF inhibitor or PBS into the temporomandibular joints area at 2 weeks
more » ... nd then sampled at 4 weeks. Twenty-four rats either served as unilateral anterior crossbite mock operation controls (n = 8/group) with sampling at 2 or 4 weeks or received a local injection of the TNF inhibitor at 2 weeks with sampling at 4 weeks. Chondrocytes were isolated from the temporomandibular joints of 6 additional rats and treated with TNF in vitro. Joint samples were assessed using Hematoxylin&eosin, Safranin O, TUNEL and immunohistochemistry staining, real-time PCR, fluorogenic activity assays and Western blot analyses. The isolated chondrocytes were also analyzed by flow cytometry. Results Unilateral anterior crossbite stimulation led to temporomandibular joint cartilage degradation, associated with an increase in TUNEL-positive chondrocytes number, caspase-9 expression levels, and the release of cytochrome c from mitochondria at 2 weeks without changes in TNF and caspase-8 levels until after 4 weeks. TNF stimulated apoptosis of the isolated chondrocytes and up-regulated caspase-8 expression, but did not change caspase-9 expression levels. Local injection of TNF inhibitor down-regulated caspase-8 PLOS ONE | expression and reduced TUNEL-positive cell number, but did not reverse cartilage thickness reduction, caspase-9 up-regulation or cytochrome c release. Conclusions Unilateral anterior crossbite stimulation induces mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis of articular chondrocytes. TNF accelerated the unilateral anterior crossbite induced chondrocytes apoptosis via death-receptor pathway. However, anti-TNF therapy does not prevent cartilage loss in this model of temporomandibular joint. TNF Accelerates Condylar Chondrocytes Death of Rats PLOS ONE |
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0141774 pmid:26529096 pmcid:PMC4631347 fatcat:jsccta6cz5h3dar24jcpztlv2u

Circulating IL-27 Is Elevated in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Xiaofei Lai, Hongxu Wang, Ju Cao, Ying Li, Yubing Dai, Yu Xiang, Liping Zhang
2016 Molecules  
Cytokines are key immunoregulatory molecules that regulate T lymphocyte-mediated immune responses and inflammatory reactions. We determined whether there is aberrant expression of interleukin-27 (IL-27) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and investigated the clinical significance of these changes. IL-27 is a key cellular factor that regulates the differentiation of CD4+ T cells, which can secrete interleukin-10 (IL-10) and interleukin-17 (IL-17) in vivo. Concentrations of serum IL-27 in 67
more » ... patients, and 36 sex-and age-matched control subjects were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results showed that concentrations of serum IL-27 in all RA patients were significantly higher than in healthy control subjects, and there was a significant and positive correlation between serum IL-27 levels and disease activity in all RA patients. Levels of serum IL-27 in RA patients were significantly correlated with disease activity score in 28 joints (DAS28). Moreover, immunosuppressive treatment with leflunomide downregulated the levels of IL-27 in active RA patients. Therefore, the elevated production of circulating T cell inflammatory factors contributes to the pathogenesis of RA, and serum IL-27 could potentially serve as a new biomarker of RA disease activity.
doi:10.3390/molecules21111565 pmid:27869736 fatcat:dk3wgnpprvfxvbp6hwsaso7awi

Toward a telepresence robot empowered smart lab

Qing Tan, Marc Denojean-Mairet, Hongxue Wang, Xiaokun Zhang, Frédérique C. Pivot, Roland Treu
2019 Smart Learning Environments  
In the context of distance education, lab and field work are a considerable challenge for students, professors, and institutions. This paper presents a Telepresence Robot Empowered Smart Lab (TRESL) system as a new and emerging technology with a potential to overcome this challenge. The main focus of this paper is to propose a conceptual model, to define the ultimate goals of the proposed solution, and to present its system architecture and the modules to support the functions and features. A
more » ... lot project was conducted and is also presented in this paper. The pilot project includes the experimental implementation of a telepresence robot in a mock-up smart lab and the collection and analysis of survey data from users of the robot. The main findings of the pilot study are, 1) online users can easily operate the telepresence robot; and 2) operating the robot manually will increase the engagement of online users with the remote lab environment. The pilot study provides firm evidence that the proposed TRESL system is a promising and innovative approach for online students to conduct their lab work in a remote laboratory. The results also suggest avenues for further research and development of the system.
doi:10.1186/s40561-019-0084-3 fatcat:tfrqkco7dzckph2sno7oaox5jm

Robust data analysis and imaging with computational ghost imaging [article]

Jiangtao Liu, Xun-Ming Cai, Jin-Bao Huang, Kun Luo, HongXu Li, Weimin Li, De-Jian Zhang, Zhenhua Wu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Nowadays the world has entered into the digital age, in which the data analysis and visualization have become more and more important. In analogy to imaging the real object, we demonstrate that the computational ghost imaging can image the digital data to show their characteristics, such as periodicity. Furthermore, our experimental results show that the use of optical imaging methods to analyse data exhibits unique advantages, especially in anti-interference. The data analysis with
more » ... l ghost imaging can be well performed against strong noise, random amplitude and phase changes in the binarized signals. Such robust data data analysis and imaging has an important application prospect in big data analysis, meteorology, astronomy, economics and many other fields.
arXiv:2111.03790v1 fatcat:a2rhxa47gvcdzodv3ywcbu6zsu

A New Phenomenological Model for Single Particle Erosion of Plastic Materials

Jiarui Cheng, Ningsheng Zhang, Liang Wei, Hongxue Mi, Yihua Dou
2019 Materials  
A phenomenological model for single particle erosion (SPE) of plastic materials was constructed based on the Hertzian contact theory and conservation of momentum to solve the particle impact erosion. The extrusion deformation and contact time of materials in three processes of wall elastic extrusion, elastic-plastic extrusion, and elastic recovery were discussed. Later, the critical angle for sliding contact between the particle and metal surface was calculated according to the impact angle of
more » ... particle and the corresponding critical sliding friction force of the particle. The wall indentation depths under sliding contact and no sliding contact were compared. Finally, the erosion volume of materials by impact of a single particle was gained. Moreover, a contrastive analysis on calculation results was carried out by using the gas-solid jet erosion experiment. Contact time, normal and tangential deformations of materials, as well as material erosion under sliding contact and no sliding contact in two processes of particle extrusion and rebound were gained from calculation and experiment. The constructed model showed a good agreement without involving too many empirical coefficients.
doi:10.3390/ma12010135 pmid:30609826 pmcid:PMC6337109 fatcat:kydmekch3bdsbkpoovxlknjidy

Ag nanoparticle/polymer composite barcode nanorods

Hongxu Chen, Tieqiang Wang, Huaizhong Shen, Wendong Liu, Shuli Wang, Kun Liu, Junhu Zhang, Bai Yang
2015 Nano Reseach  
TABLE OF CONTENTS (TOC) Ag nanoparticle/polymer composite barcode nanorods Hongxu Chen 1 Introduction Encoded nanomaterials, with a large number of readily distinguishable barcode patterns, have  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12274-015-0792-0 fatcat:fohajf6uszcojk2wnw5ans2msy
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