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Expert consensus on the establishment and maintenance of native arteriovenous fistula

Hong-Tao Zhang, Hai-Tao Lu, Wen-Ge Li, Geng-Ru Jiang, Hong-Bin Zou
2021 Chronic Diseases and Translational Medicine  
Vascular access is the lifeline of hemodialysis patients. There are great differences in the establishment and use of vascular access in different countries and regions around the world. We believe that on the basis of good evaluation and planning, it is recommended that hemodialysis patients choose native arteriovenous fistula first. In view of the new progress of vascular access views domestic and international at home and abroad in recent years, we organized experts to recommend the
more » ... ment and maintenance of arteriovenous fistula (AVF) for the Chinese population, including preoperative evaluation and planning of the establishment of AVF, AVF surgery, perioperative drug intervention measures and postoperative maintenance, and put forward suggestions for future research directions. The recommendations in this consensus are general and clinicians need to make treatment decisions based on the actual situation.
doi:10.1016/j.cdtm.2021.05.002 pmid:34786543 pmcid:PMC8579016 fatcat:rlhxlo2wzbhk3inbjciokdo3pi

A case report: Rhabdoid glioblastoma

Qi Yang, Yang-Hong Zou, Jin-Tao Li
2018 Clinical Research and Trials  
Rhabdoid glioblastoma is very rare in clinical Neurosurgery. Herein, we report one case of Rhabdomyoblastoma and summarize its clinical, pathological and imaging characteristics. Case Yang Q (2018) A case report: Rhabdoid glioblastoma Volume 4(2): 2-2
doi:10.15761/crt.1000213 fatcat:vxwxjb6hlbd6jj7ksrskpuqcqm

Two types of lanthanide selenidostannates(iv) first prepared under the same solvothermal conditions

Jian Zhou, Hong Xiao, Hong-Ping Xiao, Tao Yang, Hua-Hong Zou, Xing Liu, Rong-Qing Zhao, Qiuling Tang
2015 Dalton Transactions  
The reported identical solvothermal conditions generally lead to the only stable phases of lanthanide chalcogenidometalates; but this work provides two types of lanthanide selenidostannates(iv) containing different anions for the first time.
doi:10.1039/c4dt03099k pmid:25421214 fatcat:bkioup72gnf2redki2omm2d5vi

Prediction and characterization of microRNAs from eleven fish species by computational methods

Yong Huang, Quan Zou, Hong Tao Ren, Xi Hong Sun
2015 Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences  
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a family of single-stranded RNA molecules about 22 nt in length, which can regulate protein-coding gene expression in various organisms by post-transcriptional repression of messenger. In this research, the potential miRNAs and their target genes were analyzed and predicted by computational methods from the EST and GSS databases of eleven fish species, 43 potential miRNAs were identified, they belong to 38 miRNA families, some miRNAs are highly conserved in animal
more » ... the predicted target genes are involved in development, signal transduction, response to environmental stress and pathogen invasion. Taken together, our data suggest that there are a plentiful of miRNAs in these eleven fish species, these miRNAs may play some important roles by regulating their target genes, and the data provide important information for further functional studies.
doi:10.1016/j.sjbs.2014.10.005 pmid:26150741 pmcid:PMC4486735 fatcat:szhmb7hjpffkteiqzh325svx7e

Magnetic Field Induced Phase Transition in Spinel GeNi2O4 [article]

T. Basu, T. Zou, Z. Dun, C. Q. Xu, C.R. Dela Cruz, Tao Hong, H.B. Cao, K.M. Taddei, H.D. Zhou, X. Ke
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Cubic spinel GeNi2O4 exhibits intriguing magnetic properties with two successive antiferromagnetic phase transitions (TN1 12.1 and TN2 11.4 K) with the absence of any structural transition. We have performed detailed heat capacity and magnetic measurements in different crystallographic orientations. A new magnetic phase in presence of magnetic field (H > 4 T) along the [111] direction is revealed, which is not observed when the magnetic field is applied along the [100] and [110] directions.
more » ... field neutron powder diffraction measurements confirm such a change in magnetic phase, which could be ascribed to a spin reorientation in the presence of magnetic field. A strong magnetic anisotropy and competing magnetic interactions play a crucial role on the complex magnetic behavior in this cubic system.
arXiv:2009.11960v1 fatcat:wjv4r6v3vzb55nwztzapgmulmq

Multivariate empirical mode decomposition approach for adaptive denoising of fringe patterns

Xiang Zhou, Tao Yang, Haihua Zou, Hong Zhao
2012 Optics Letters  
An adaptive approach is presented for noise reduction of optical fringe patterns using multivariate empirical mode decomposition. Adjacent rows and columns of patterns are treated as multichannel signals and are decomposed into multiscale components. Fringe patterns are reconstructed with less noise by simply thresholding coefficients in different scales. The proposed approach can better concentrate local main components of fringe signals into single scale, compared with the conventional
more » ... ale denoising method. A simulated pattern and an actual example are examined. Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the simulated pattern is more than doubled.
doi:10.1364/ol.37.001904 pmid:22660068 fatcat:jwm7wsgq25czdlhzwwvzdk52iu

Isolation, Structure Elucidation, and Absolute Configuration of Germacrane Isomers from Carpesium divaricatum

Tao Zhang, Jia-Huan Chen, Jin-Guang Si, Gang Ding, Qiu-Bo Zhang, Hong-Wu Zhang, Hong-Mei Jia, Zhong-Mei Zou
2018 Scientific Reports  
The manuscript was prepared by Tao Zhang, and Zhong-Mei Zou. All authors discussed the results and their interpretation and commented on the manuscript at all stages.  ...  Chen, Jin-Guang Si, Gang Ding, Qiu-Bo Zhang, Hong-Wu Zhang, and Hong-Mei Jia.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-30782-2 pmid:30127485 pmcid:PMC6102216 fatcat:nczrgizto5btpcm2ahesgma73e

Three New Highly Oxygenated Germacranolides from Carpesium Divaricatum and Their Cytotoxic Activity

Tao Zhang, Jin-Guang Si, Qiu-Bo Zhang, Jia-Huan Chen, Gang Ding, Hong-Wu Zhang, Hong-Mei Jia, Zhong-Mei Zou
2018 Molecules  
Three new highly oxygenated (2-4), and two known (1 and 5) germacranolides, were isolated from the whole plant of Carpesium divaricatum. The planar structures and relative configurations of the new compounds were determined by detailed spectroscopic analysis. The absolute configuration of 1 was established using the circular dichroism (CD) method and X-ray diffraction, and the stereochemistry of the new compounds 2-4 were determined using similar CD spectra with 1. The new compound 2 and the
more » ... wn compound 5 exhibited potent cytotoxicity against hepatocellular cancer (Hep G2) and human cervical cancer (HeLa) cells, superior to those of the positive control cis-platin.
doi:10.3390/molecules23051078 pmid:29751555 fatcat:adngk5thcfbgdlpmg7qb5nw7fi

A Simplified Uniaxial Stress-strain Curve of Concrete and Its Application in Numerical Simulation

Lou Yafei, Zou Tao, Yang Jie, Jiang Tao, Zhang Qingfang, Hong Hexuan, A. Safuan Bin A. Rashid, A. Liu
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Detennining the constitutive model is a key procedure in numerical simulation of concrete structures. The uniaxial stress-strain curve is important information to determine the concrete constitutive model. This paper provided a simplified stress-strain curve of concrete that can be used in simulation. The comparison between Chinese Code and the simplified curve shows that the simplified curve of uniaxial compression is close to the code value. Numerical simulation of concrete beams show that
more » ... simplified curve proposed has high computational efficiency and good convergence.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202128301045 fatcat:veilqtymlna2norsdbhecxkkyy

Doping-free tandem white organic light-emitting diodes

Baiquan Liu, Lei Wang, Hong Tao, Miao Xu, Jianhua Zou, Honglong Ning, Junbiao Peng, Yong Cao
2017 Science Bulletin  
Tandem white organic light-emitting diodes (WOLEDs) are of great research interest since they can greatly boost the performance compared with the single-unit counterparts. However, their structures are more complicated than those of single-unit OLEDs. Besides, to achieve high performance, the doping technology is required to tandem OLEDs, particularly for tandem WOLEDs, further complicating the structures. Herein, doping-free tandem WOLEDs, for the first time, have been demonstrated. By
more » ... an effective doping-free charge generation layer to interconnect doping-free emitting layers/charge transport layers, high-performance doping-free tandem WOLEDs have been developed. The blueyellow device accomplishes the simplified structure/short fabrication time/reduced cost/high efficiency/low efficiency roll-off/low voltage/high luminance trade-off, which cannot be achieved by previous tandem WOLEDs. Remarkably, the efficiency (81.2 cd A À1 ) is $2-fold higher than the highest efficiency of previous doping-free WOLEDs and even higher than those of some best doping tandem WOLEDs. The maximum luminance is 44,886 cd m À2 , which is the highest for doping-free WOLEDs. Besides, the blue-red device can exhibit a color rendering index (CRI) of 67, which is even higher than that of some representative three-color tandem WOLEDs. Such findings may not only represent a significant step for doping-free WOLEDs, but unlock a novel avenue that doping-free tandem WOLEDs are promising to achieve the simplicity and high performance trade-off.
doi:10.1016/j.scib.2017.08.021 fatcat:stpyo7hoqnav3doxsyxmwtjhde

CBCT-Aided Microscopic and Ultrasonic Treatment for Upper or Middle Thirds Calcified Root Canals

Ying-Ming Yang, Bin Guo, Li-Yang Guo, Yan Yang, Xiao Hong, Hong-Ying Pan, Wen-Ling Zou, Tao Hu
2016 BioMed Research International  
Root canal calcification is considered a great challenge during root canal treatment. Although the application of ultrasonic instruments and dental operating microscope (DOM) has advantages, dealing with calcified root canals still suffers a great risk of failure because of limited information about the location, length, and direction of obliteration on periapical radiographs. In this work, a cone-beam computed tomography- (CBCT-) aided method aimed at solving complicated calcified root canals
more » ... n which conventional approaches could not work was proposed. Thirteen teeth with sixteen calcified canals (12 calcified in the upper third, 4 calcified in the middle third), which cannot be negotiated with conventional methods, were treated with the aid of CBCT. The location of calcification and depth of instrumentation and operating direction were calculated and assessed in three dimensions with ultrasonic instruments under DOM. In all thirteen teeth, canals with upper and middle thirds calcification were treated successfully. Finally, a guideline was proposed to help achieve consistent apical patency in calcified canals.
doi:10.1155/2016/4793146 pmid:27525269 pmcid:PMC4976172 fatcat:ze5gve3rfnd6fk3b5z47rlomkm

Characterization of the subcellular localization of Epstein-Barr virus encoded proteins in live cells

Mingsheng Cai, Zongmin Liao, Tao Chen, Ping Wang, Xingmei Zou, Yuanfang Wang, Zuo Xu, Si Jiang, Jinlu Huang, Daixiong Chen, Tao Peng, Gengde Hong (+1 others)
2017 OncoTarget  
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the pathogenic factor of numerous human tumors, yet certain of its encoded proteins have not been studied. As a first step for functional identification, we presented the construction of a library of expression constructs for most of the EBV encoded proteins and an explicit subcellular localization map of 81 proteins encoded by EBV in mammalian cells. Viral open reading frames were fused with enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (EYFP) tag in eukaryotic expression
more » ... mid then expressed in COS-7 live cells, and protein localizations were observed by fluorescence microscopy. As results, 34.57% (28 proteins) of all proteins showed pan-nuclear or subnuclear localization, 39.51% (32 proteins) exhibitted pancytoplasmic or subcytoplasmic localization, and 25.93% (21 proteins) were found in both the nucleus and cytoplasm. Interestingly, most envelope proteins presented pancytoplasmic or membranous localization, and most capsid proteins displayed enriched or complete localization in the nucleus, indicating that the subcellular localization of specific proteins are associated with their roles during viral replication. Taken together, the subcellular localization map of EBV proteins in live cells may lay the foundation for further illustrating the functions of EBV-encoded genes in human diseases especially in its relevant tumors.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.19549 pmid:29050259 pmcid:PMC5642534 fatcat:k3vheqqdlbcnlfyfvcbim54cxm

Onset of cooperation between layered networks

Chang-Gui Gu, Sheng-Rong Zou, Xiu-Lian Xu, Yan-Qing Qu, Yu-Mei Jiang, Da Ren He, Hong-Kun Liu, Tao Zhou
2011 Physical Review E  
Consider a passenger who would like to go from Beijing to Hong Kong: The fastest way is to fly directly to Hong Kong, taking 215 minutes but costing 2500 RMB, while the cheapest way is to take a train,  ...  Figure 2 illustrates a layered railway-airline network consisting of three big cities, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Hong Kong.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.84.026101 pmid:21929058 fatcat:pb7grqigg5fmjl5dtfwhmxl24e

Novel Hepatitis B Virus Subgenotype in the Southern Yunnan Province of China

Tao Shen, Jian-mei Gao, Yun-Lian Zou, Hong Dong, Xin-Min Yan
2009 Intervirology  
3.3880.63 3.0180.64 3.2480.60 4.5980.82 3.1780.65 B3 - 2.1080.47 2.9980.54 4.1280.74 2.8780.60 B4 - 2.8780.55 3.8180.71 2.4880.55 B5 - 4.6780.79 3.6180.69 C1 - 2.0180.76 Shen/Gao/Zou  ... 
doi:10.1159/000252912 pmid:19864922 fatcat:rozmxsepprbp3enzgpi2dyqgme

Analysis of Volatile Components from Dictyophora rubrovolota Zang, Ji Et Liou

Ming-Quan Hang, Qing-Qing Zou, Hong-Yu Tian, Bao-Guo Sun, Hai-Tao Chen
2012 Procedia Engineering  
Volatile compounds extracted by simultaneous distillation and extraction (SDE) from Dictyophora rubrovolota Zang, ji et liou were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and the aroma-active volatiles were identified by aroma extract dilution analysis (AEDA) method with gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O). 82 volatile components were identified by GC-MS, including 11 aldehydes, 10 ketones, 6 alcohols, 2 hydroxybenzenes, 9 esters, 19 acids, 14 hydrocarbons, and 11 other
more » ... unds. By GC-O analysis, 22 aroma-active compounds were identified, among which seven key flavor volatiles with high flavour dilution factor (FD) ranging from 27 to 3 included 2,3-pentanedione (FD 27 0.074 mg/kg , yogurt flavor), acetic acid (FD 27, 12.72 mg/kg, sharp acidity), 2-methylbutanoic acid (FD 27, 1.039 mg/kg, smelly socks smell, aldehyde taste), (E)-2-octenal (FD 9, 0.066 mg/kg, pine oil odour), 2-phenyl-2-butenal (FD 9, 0.12 mg/kg, astringent taste, aldehyde flavor, fragrant beans), benzaldehyde (FD 3, 0.136mg/kg, formaldehyde smell, resin taste), 3,5-diethyl-2-methyl-pyrazine (FD 3, 0.082 mg/kg, musty, bark corrupt taste, smelly).
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2012.04.234 fatcat:lauuzztfizhxbijp2psyguauri
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