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Necessity and Implementation of BlockChain Technology

Waseem Akram Mir
2017 International Journal of Scientific Research and Management  
But since evolution is a form of error correction, the problem of double spending in digital currency was solved by a distributed ledger system called Blockchain.  ...  The medium of transaction has also been evolving along with the evolution of society and human consciousness from barter system to commodity money to fiat currency and now to digital currency or cryptocurrency  ...  India is presently in the race of going "cashless and paperless" but susceptibility to cyber attacks is very high owing to its digital illiteracy and infancy as is evident from the recent attacks on Hitachi's  ... 
doi:10.18535/ijsrm/v5i7.61 fatcat:mdv26vfbjra3nmxdoohvd3doiu

Information policy of Ukraine as an european state in conditions of current threats (architecture approach)

Natalia Holovanova
2019 Public management  
influences on human consciousness; the creation of foreign powers of cyber troops, cyber units in traditional genera of troops, the development of new types of information weapons and weapons of a cybernetic  ...  The national cyber security strategy was adopted in Croatia.  ... 
doi:10.32689/2617-2224-2019-18-3-143-157 fatcat:fsrhtbral5hadn35tacav232cq

Consideration On National Security Threat And Its Financial Dimension

G. Waszkiewicz
2016 Zenodo  
Towards the large number of dangers to state security around the world we made an attempt to clarify the issue of instability approach within the political risk as well as to present its financial dimension  ...  Presented paper consists of some parts. Firstly, we elucidate the place of national insecurity within the political risk. Secondly, short description of drivers from instability approach was made.  ...  Experiences of some countries with poor national security (Russia, India) are in line with theoretical our expectations since they have little engagement of international capital in their sovereign debt  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1322184 fatcat:lwiehjku6na4bpsdomdrbgtovq

Cyber Feminism: Unleashing Women Power through Technology

J. R. Mohanty, Swati Samantaray
2017 Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities  
Cyber feminism is basically involved with countering the recognized and accepted domination of men in the employment and advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and cyberspace.  ...  The concept of feminism examines and analyzes gender identity, by way of targeting women's autonomous self-identity.  ...  Many critics are of the opinion that the reasons behind the gradual fall of women in India toward internet usage are cyber bullying, cyber teasing, cyber harassment and hence less security.  ... 
doi:10.21659/rupkatha.v9n2.33 fatcat:a3fhqq5rvbfxtndrfonhzcagha

Cyber Sovereignty and the Governance of Global Cyberspace

Yi Shen
2016 Chinese Political Science Review  
on how to ensure the cyber sovereignty in different ways.  ...  The vivid development of practice of the governance of global cyberspace also raise the requirement of refresh the research in further. Originality/value The research of the paper is instructive.  ...  Cyber sovereignty occupies the central position of China's cyber security strategy: protection of sovereignty in cyberspace is one of the tasks to ensuring national security listed by National Security  ... 
doi:10.1007/s41111-016-0002-6 fatcat:hrwzlin7bzc4fhvsoephml3wfe

Current Issues of Information Support of Russian Foreign Policy in the New Political Environment

Petr Menshikov, Aida Neymatova
2020 Vestnik Volgogradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Seriâ 4. Istoriâ, Regionovedenie, Meždunarodnye Otnošeniâ  
Moreover, in the face of targeted misinformation Russia needs to ensure its information security at both levels: political (ideological) and technical (technological) ones combining cyber as well as soft  ...  Army, assigning the solution of this task to the above-mentioned cyber command.  ...  In the histor y of international relations, there has not been any world policy free from its ideological component.  ... 
doi:10.15688/jvolsu4.2020.3.14 fatcat:4iwt6plihbhmxaju2jo6fs4uom

Understanding the European Union's Perception of the Threat of Cyberterrorism: A Discursive Analysis

Christopher Baker‐Beall, Gareth Mott
2021 Journal of Common Market Studies  
Locating the analysis within the literature pertaining both to the EU as a security actor and to cyber-security, the article identifies the emergence of the perceived threat of cyberterrorism within the  ...  In particular, the threat of cyberterrorism has been ascribed significance with respect to the need to implement harmonized, high standards for the securing of critical infrastructure across the EU and  ...  The first is a body of research that offers a conventional account of the historical development of policy in this area, which is largely based on historical-institutionalist and public policy making approaches  ... 
doi:10.1111/jcms.13300 fatcat:xpebzoszenemrgxgp2ij73a6uy

International Journal of Social Science, Innovation and Educational Technologies (Online)

Artantas Erkin, Tengiz Magradze, Dr. Durmuş Koçak, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zahit Serarslan, Cem Polat
2020 Zenodo  
Esra SIPAHI International Journal of Social Science, Innovation and Educational Technologies (Online)  ...  The article is one of significant part of doctoral research work of first author entitled 'Effect of Climatic Factors on Agricultural Productivity and Food Security in India: An Econometric Analysis.'  ...  Acknowledgements: The paper is an output of a scholarship from the Food Security Center, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany) which is part of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) program  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3946912 fatcat:jnjoffjtb5dofn36tsbwfpvp64

How Businesses Can Promote Cyber Peace

Scott Shackelford, Timothy L. Fort, Jamie Darin Prenkert
2014 Social Science Research Network  
Multifaceted cyber threats are increasingly impacting the bottom lines of firms, and spilling over into larger issues of geopolitical importance, including international security. 1 Firms, and in particular  ...  Cybersecurity Coordinator, stated: "[W]hile there is a cost to doing more to improve cybersecurity, there is a bigger cost if we do not and that cost is measured not only in dollars, but in national security  ...  See Jennifer Booton, Cyber Security Ablaze in M&A World, FOX. BUS.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2393528 fatcat:m6mgdufanfc2hbnjibakpsmowi

Manufacturing: The Imperative for India [chapter]

2016 India's National Security  
of national security threats and challenges and to enhance the level of national security consciousness in the country.  ...  And yet, the third round of India-US strategic dialogue took place in Washington in June 2012, strengthening cooperation in vital areas of counter-terrorism, intelligence, homeland security, cyber-security  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315539935-26 fatcat:jfwthikurfegjbxwvpr2nt5vyy

Hybrid War Threats and Essence of Perception Management: Challenges for Pakistan

Ajmal Abbasi
2020 IPRI Journal  
Given the unprecedented technological advancement in the cyber domain, the national security interests of Pakistan are increasingly linked with the effective perception management strategies.  ...  Pakistan is also among those states which are confronted with the challenge of hybrid war from its adversaries, particularly India.  ...  to manipulate the domestic public opinion and gain an influence on the consciousness of citizens. 19 During the debacle of 1971, India relentlessly propagated fictitious tale of Pakistan's atrocities  ... 
doi:10.31945/iprij.200201 fatcat:evfdhamccbairaocrva2pzyipi

Artificial Intelligence, Soft Power and Social Transformation

Naren Chitty, Sabina Dias
2018 Journal of Content Community and Communication  
Might this happen through interplay of hierarchy, hegemony and heteronomy continuing through phases of global cyber organization?  ...  In between would be a range of Whole Brain Emulations (Ems) as described in Robin Hanson's The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth.  ...  Arguably consciousness needs a system but under what conditions does consciousness emerge from system complexity? Can advanced consciousness be hosted in quantum computers?  ... 
doi:10.31620/jccc.06.18/02 fatcat:rvnvpkfhcjhhdagiukvhfflpui

An overview of contemporary cyberspace activities and the challenging cyberspace crimes/threats

Ahmad Jamah Ahmad Alnagrat, Haroon Shakirat Oluwatosin, Nur Adlya Bt Muktar, Maryam Omar Abdullah Sawad, Samson Olasunkanmi Oluga, Azizah Bt Haji Ahmad
2014 Zenodo  
The basic ideas of the paper are equally captured in vivid illustrative models.  ...  This paper, based on extensive examination of contemporary literature on the cyberspace, explores fundamental activities of the cyberspace and explicates various forms of cybercrimes orchestrated by cyber  ...  of contemporary cyber security/safety measures.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6273061 fatcat:y53upie7zbchvcdfzujjbk3wdi


Ja.S. Yaskevich
2015 Research Result Sociology and Management  
The specifics of political and socio-cultural risks in the context of globalization is revealed, the formation factors of geopolitical and local risks are described and the content models of contemporary  ...  for dominance in the information space and «cyber wars», etc.  ...  Today, the center of power offset in the Asia-Pacific region, the end of the «American» historical period (B.  ... 
doi:10.18413/2408-9338-2015-1-4-95-98 fatcat:uopl3kgbsbcbfcqk366mhiukay


2019 Zenodo  
In this paper, we will discuss how Artificial Intelligence is used in the Indian banking sector, what are the benefits and what are the Challenges facing India?s Artificial Intelligence.  ...  The banking sector is becoming one of the first adopters of Artificial Intelligence. Banks are exploring and implementing technology in various ways.  ...  However, it has also exposed the institutions to increasing cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3041494 fatcat:ldefkrck5bf4nidjyb3cteil4m
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