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Mode-multiplexed transmission over conventional graded-index multimode fibers

R. Ryf, N. K. Fontaine, H. Chen, B. Guan, B. Huang, M. Esmaeelpour, A. H. Gnauck, S. Randel, S.J.B. Yoo, A.M.J. Koonen, R. Shubochkin, Y. Sun (+1 others)
2015 Optics Express  
Six spatial mode transmission over graded-index multimode fiber We also performed mode-multiplexed transmission over conventional graded index MMF using 6 spatial modes.  ...  Abstract: We present experimental results for combined modemultiplexed and wavelength multiplexed transmission over conventional graded-index multimode fibers.  ...  Conclusion We have demonstrated mode-multiplexed transmission over conventional 50-µm core diameter graded index multimode fibers.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.23.000235 pmid:25835670 fatcat:pf5c4vm3kvdhjokofrrdnvoydy

High-capacity dense space division multiplexing transmission

Takayuki Mizuno, Yutaka Miyamoto
2017 Optical fiber technology (Print)  
Keywords: Optical fiber communications Dense space division multiplexing (DSDM) Multicore fiber (MCF) Multimode fiber (MMF) High-capacity transmission Long-haul transmission a b s t r a c t In this paper  ...  Various types of multicore and multimode SDM fibers, amplification, and spatial multi/ demultiplexers have helped achieve high-capacity DSDM transmission.  ...  Conclusions We have reviewed recent progress on high capacity dense space division multiplexing (DSDM) transmission over multicore and multimode fibers.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.yofte.2016.09.015 fatcat:xcoatnke55hhrprl2o53lhrd24

OAM Modes in Optical Fibers for Next Generation Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) Systems [chapter]

Alaaeddine Rjeb, Habib Fathallah, Mohsen Machhout
2021 Fiber Optics - Technology and Applications  
spectral efficiency up to hundreds (bs-1 Hz-1).  ...  ) and particularly to mode division multiplexing (MDM).  ...  spectral efficiency over optical fiber.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.97773 fatcat:nbbzoyqlnveqzjfbyvm4cyudsu

Radio-Over-MMF Techniques—Part II: Microwave to Millimeter-Wave Systems

A. M. J. Koonen, M. GarcÍa Larrode
2008 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
Index Terms-Broadband wireless access, microwave radio communication, multimode fiber (MMF), optical fiber communication, radio-over-fiber (RoF).  ...  As in in-building networks multimode fiber is predominantly used, adequate radio-over-multimode fiber (RoMMF) techniques are required to overcome the modal dispersion in multimode fiber links.  ...  over 100 m of graded-index 120 m core POF.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2008.927182 fatcat:bluszt7karfzra76nhqao5lwvq

Transmission in space-division multiplexed systems

Roland Ryf
2015 2015 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC)  
q Core doping. 3 Modes 2 Groups 6 Modes 3 Groups 10 Modes 4 Groups CONCLUSION• We have demonstrated that high spectral-efficiency (up to 43 bit/s/Hz) high-performance transmission (up to  ...  modes are well separated, it is possible to use a subset of the modes 2 = 18 Tbit/s over 2 THz bandwidth • Spectral efficiency 9 bit/s/Hz • Spectral efficiency distance product 9450 bit/s/Hz km  ...  SUMMARY:MIMO BASED TRANSMISSION RESULTS  ... 
doi:10.1109/ipcon.2015.7323737 fatcat:vec7pmqfzfamzlpevzddjdhcre

Mode division multiplexing: from photonic integration to optical fiber transmission [Invited]

Jiangbing Du, Weihong Shen, Jiacheng Liu, Yufeng Chen, Xinyi Chen, Zuyuan He
2021 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
To overcome the capacity crunch of optical communications based on the traditional single-mode fiber (SMF), different modes in a few-mode fiber (FMF) can be employed for mode division multiplexing (MDM  ...  In this tutorial, we provide a review of MDM works and cutting-edge progresses from photonic integration to optical fiber transmission, including our recent works of MDM low-noise amplification, FMF fiber  ...  (a) Refractive index profile of two-mode graded-index fiber [137] , (b) refractive index profile of nine-mode graded-index fiber with trenchassisted structure [138] , (c) geometry and parameter definitions  ... 
doi:10.3788/col202119.091301 fatcat:yr6ci3kh5na53nk2xfbva43xou

All-fiber few-mode multicore photonic lantern mode multiplexer

Z. Sanjabi Eznaveh, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, J. C. Alvarado Zacarias, A. Schülzgen, C. M. Okonkwo, R. Amezcua Correa
2017 Optics Express  
In this work, an all-fiber mode selective photonic lantern mode multiplexer designed for launching into few-mode multicore fibers is demonstrated.  ...  The multicore photonic lantern multiplexer is scalable to larger number of cores and modes per core, and can be easily integrated with emerging ultra-high bandwidth few-mode multicore optical communication  ...  This has highlighted the demand for exploring a new physical dimension to achieve ultrahigh spectral efficiency per fiber.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.25.016701 pmid:28789171 fatcat:g6floku3jrb75fo5ikpiq3rz6m

Exploit the Bandwidth Capacities of the Perfluorinated Graded Index Polymer Optical Fiber for Multi-Services Distribution

Christophe Lethien, Christophe Loyez, Jean-Pierre Vilcot, Nathalie Rolland, Paul Alain Rolland
2011 Polymers  
The fiber properties are exhibited in order to check if perfluorinated graded index plastic optical fiber (PFGI-POF) is suitable to support a multiplexing transmission.  ...  The study reported here deals with the exploitation of perfluorinated graded index polymer optical fiber bandwidth to add further services in a home/office network.  ...  Figure 3 . 3 Spectral attenuation of the graded index POF as compared to glass fiber [7] . Figure 4 . 4 Interfacial gel polymerization method used by Koike et al. [8] [9] [10] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/polym3031006 fatcat:vwktjaz72zajbmpp2vgpyoliv4

Expressions for the nonlinear transmission performance of multi-mode optical fiber

A. D. Ellis, N. Mac Suibhne, F. C. Garcia Gunning, S. Sygletos
2013 Optics Express  
with an observed 3dB increase in nonlinear noise power spectral density for a graded index four LP mode fiber.  ...  We develop an analytical theory which allows us to identify the information spectral density limits of multimode optical fiber transmission systems.  ...  Both figures show ISD for SMF (black),high effective area step index FMF (green), high effective area graded index FMF (red), small effective area graded index FMF) (blue) (DMDs shown in Fig. 7 . 7 #193496  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.21.022834 pmid:24104170 fatcat:spabmmvpybag7m6ru32wqghxcy

High-capacity transmission over polymer optical fiber

H.P.A. van den Boom, W. Li, P.K. van Bennekom, I.T. Monroy, Giok-Djan Khoe
2001 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
Index Terms-Optical communications, optical fiber, polymer optical fiber.  ...  A summary is given of experimental data links with record capacity over record transmission distances. To conclude, we discuss trends for further development and research.  ...  Kuyt, Plasma Optical Fiber, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is acknowledged for providing samples of large-core silica fiber. Dr. A.  ... 
doi:10.1109/2944.962269 fatcat:o5rk3zitxvd3vd2ka5msqsmaky

Developing spatiotemporal solitons in step-index multimode fibers [article]

Yao Wang, Shuo Yan, Jianqiu Xu, Yulong Tang
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Here, we report STS mode-locking and spatiotemporal nonlinear dynamics in a step-index multimode fiber mediated by gain.  ...  switches and mode-area power scaling of fiber laser pulses.  ...  Some distinctive nonlinear effects have been observed in graded-index fibers by F.  ... 
arXiv:1607.05388v1 fatcat:kj53gnnxdjgynp4lh52x2qsg7a

Carrying Data on the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light

Leslie A. Rusch, Mohammad Rad, Karen Allahverdyan, Irfan Fazal, Eric Bernier
2018 IEEE Communications Magazine  
By far the greatest activity in modal multiplexing is for linearly polarized (LP) modes that are well known from transmission in multimode fiber with large cores [2] .  ...  We demonstrated data transmission over 1.4 km of a RCF fiber, also supporting the first order OAM modes and the fundamental mode.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2018.1700058 fatcat:mdx5udlnlzde7ku7uz23oxfdny

Space-division multiplexing in optical fibres

D. J. Richardson, J. M. Fini, L. E. Nelson
2013 Nature Photonics  
Conspicuously, one potentially enormous source of improvement has however been left untapped in these systems: fibres can easily support hundreds of spatial modes, but today's commercial systems (single-mode  ...  or multi-mode) make no attempt to use these as parallel channels for independent signals.  ...  For optical data link applications, sevencore multimode MCFs fabricated from graded-index core-rods were also demonstrated in 2010, with transmission 7 x 10-Gb/s over 100m using TMCs and discrete 850nm  ... 
doi:10.1038/nphoton.2013.94 fatcat:egdr65aduzgrjmea5zx5esdwji

Multimode Graded-Index Optical Fibers for Next-Generation Broadband Access [chapter]

David R. Snchez Montero, Carmen Vzquez
2013 Current Developments in Optical Fiber Technology  
To overcome and compensate for modal dispersion, the refractive index of the fiber core (or, alternatively, graded index exponent of the fiber core) is graded parabola-like from a high index at the fiber  ...  Multimode Graded-Index Optical Fibers for Next-Generation Broadband Access Mode coupling alters the achievable bandwidth of a multimode fiber.  ... 
doi:10.5772/54245 fatcat:uk4rk35mvre3xf6ehf5yucep6u

A low-cost multimode fiber Bragg grating sensor system

Tongyu Liu, Daorui Wang, Rasool Raenaei, Xianfeng Chen, Lin Zhang, Ian Bennion, Yun-Jiang Rao, Osuk Y. Kwon, Gang-Ding Peng
2005 Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications II  
The high cost normally associated with wavelength interrogators for single mode fiber FBG sensors was overcome by the utilization of a low cost multimode fiber pigtailed LED light source.  ...  The multimode fiber sensing system has the potential of maintaining much of the advantages of its single mode FBG sensor system counterparts.  ...  As the multimode fiber has a larger core and larger N.A. than those of the single mode fibers, it can coupled light more efficiently from low cost broadband LED light sources.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.576055 fatcat:v3p72liuwzdfnnsvbsvgzprjwq
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