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A High Performance Memory Database for Web Application Caches [article]

Ivan Voras, Danko Basch, Mario Zagar
2008 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents the architecture and characteristics of a memory database intended to be used as a cache engine for web applications.  ...  Primary goals of this database are speed and efficiency while running on SMP systems with several CPU cores (four and more).  ...  CONCLUSION This paper presents the design and implementation of a high-performance memory cache database server.  ... 
arXiv:0809.3542v1 fatcat:7awy6xljpnfxjfhlufzxtmoj5q

Caching personalised and database-related dynamic web pages

Yeim Kuan Chang, I Wei Ting, Yu Ren Lin
2010 International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking  
In recent years, web development is the most important application in internet. Caching related technique improves the web server performance significantly.  ...  Thus, in this paper, we propose a caching scheme and then use web session objects and database-related dynamic web cache to implement the dynamic web cache system in Tomcat web server.  ...  As a result, to improve the clients' response time, one option is to build a high performance website for improving network and server capacity by deploying a state of the art IT infrastructure.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijhpcn.2010.037799 fatcat:57atdccnhrev5auxivwdozyh2a

FroNtier: High Performance Database Access Using Standard Web Components in a Scalable Multi-tier Architecture [article]

M Mathis, B Blumenfeld, J B Kowalkowski, L Lueking, S White, P Maksimovic, D O Litvintsev, M Paterno, S Kosyakov
A high performance system has been assembled using standard web components to deliver database information to a large number of broadly distributed clients.  ...  The CDF Experiment at Fermilab is establishing processing centers around the world imposing a high demand on their database repository.  ...  Long distance network transactions with the database encountered very high latencies for processing farms located far from the Fermilab site.  ... 
doi:10.5170/cern-2005-002.669 fatcat:un5qbg3qhzh6zh4dts7gs5c33i

Knowledge discovery from users Web-page navigation

C. Shahabi, A.M. Zarkesh, J. Adibi, V. Shah
Proceedings Seventh International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering. High Performance Database Management for Large-Scale Applications  
We propose to detect users navigation paths to the advantage of web-site owners.  ...  Performance Evaluation To evaluate the merit of our pro ler and pathmining algorithm, we conducted a two step experiment on our sample web-site shown in Fig. 1 .  ...  In Sec. 5, a big set of paths in the example web site is analyzed in details and the performance of the similarity measure is tested. Sec. 6 provides a conclusion and overview on the future works.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ride.1997.583692 dblp:conf/ride/ShahabiZAS97 fatcat:z7ndhj7cevax5jgu4mitslodte

Free Open-Source High – Availability Solution for Java Web Application Using Tomcat And MySQL

Dhanny Dhanny, Sandi Badiwibowo Atiim
2021 ACMIT Proceedings  
However, the proprietary high-availability solution for database did not perform well, and neither did the open-source one.  ...  This research compared the capability of proprietary and free open-source high-availability solution for Java web application based on a simple high-availability design, where a test Java web application  ...  This research proposed the high-availability design that is relatively simple to setup based on the nature of Java-based web application.  ... 
doi:10.33555/acmit.v7i1.108 fatcat:e4525frjl5eudddzjsjvsyerwi

Empirical Performance Metrics Study of Execution of Database Queries in Implementation of Web Services

2012 Journal of Computer Science  
optimum performance offered by database in execution of database queries in realization of web services.  ...  This study focuses on measurement and analysis of performance metrics of database queries in implementation of web services.  ...  Related works: Web services and databases have very high level of close association in implementing business applications using web services and so several works have been carried out in different aspects  ... 
doi:10.3844/jcssp.2012.1346.1352 fatcat:vwn7u45hpjfbzg6bktspehqn44

Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing

Alexandros Labrinidis
2009 Foundations and Trends in Databases  
Among the above evaluation metrics, throughput is a major one to consider for web databases, and one way to achieve a high throughput is through high-performance hardware configurations.  ...  In addition to the inherent architectural uniqueness, web databases also come with stringent demands for near-real-time performance (at the speed of thought) and ability to withstand high request volumes  ... 
doi:10.1561/1900000005 fatcat:dqxwromoinbifnz74si3poeal4

Shear Predictions of Eurocode EC2

Shuaib H. Ahmad, S.F.A. Rafeeqi, Shamsoon Fareed
2013 American Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture  
as well as high strength -high performance concrete.  ...  strength-high performance concrete in reinforced concrete beams.  ...  reinforcement made with normal strength as well as high strength-high performance concrete.  ... 
doi:10.12691/ajcea-1-2-4 fatcat:pma74jxabvhz5ec35olb6rcdti

Design and Evaluation of a High-concurrency Web Map Tile Service Framework on a High Performance Cluster

Bo Cheng, Xuefeng Guan
2016 International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing  
The mongod is the primary daemon process for the MongoDB database. It handles data requests, manages data format, and performs background management operations.  ...  This experiment was carried out to evaluate whether the performance of the high-concurrency WMTS could be boosted by increasing the service nodes.  ...  This experiment was carried out to evaluate whether the performance of the high-concurrency WMTS could be boosted by increasing the database nodes.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijgdc.2016.9.12.12 fatcat:ldec6vcimnekfdw4xufzxsxpvy

vHaul: Towards Optimal Scheduling of Live Multi-VM Migration for Multi-tier Applications

Hui Lu, Cong Xu, Cheng Cheng, Ramana Kompella, Dongyan Xu
2015 2015 IEEE 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing  
Further, our application-level evaluation using Apache Olio, a web 2.0 cloud application, shows that the optimal migration schedule produced by vHaul outperforms the worst-case schedule by 43% in application  ...  observations from extensive experiments using a variety of multi-tier applications suggest that, in a dedicated data center with dedicated migration links, different migration strategies result in distinct performance  ...  However, in the scenario that the database server is migrated right after the web server, the applicationlevel latency remains high.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cloud.2015.67 dblp:conf/IEEEcloud/LuXCKX15 fatcat:eovrtmk3hrgm5oemelstethzwa

Design Web-based Services to Enhance Telemedicine Database Management System using Integrated-Fragmentation-Clustering-Allocation

Mashette Padma, Sapkal Trupti, Khade Sushama, Priyam Aditi, Rohit Bamane
2017 IJARCCE  
The overall result shows that these combined three approach which improves the performance of web database systems and outperforms its correlated work.  ...  We will design two types of user interfaces such as high-quality data display and web-based interface for different kinds of medical services provide. 4.  ...  These technique ensure that high performance for such systems can be achieved by improving at least one of the database web management services such as database fragmentation, website clustering, data  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2017.6425 fatcat:7qrn7s2s2bdibaqmwz56tl6bhq

Jaccard Similarity based Mining for High Utility Webpage Sets from Weblog Database

Vinod Kumar, Ramjeevan Thakur
2017 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
high utility webpage sets from web log database.  ...  High utility webpage set states to those set of webpages which have high utility value in a weblog database.  ...  The authors in [27] have performed efficient mining of high utility item sets from large database by their proposed algorithm CTU-PROL.  ... 
doi:10.22266/ijies2017.1231.23 fatcat:kpx436ufgfdbvch5vgqtzodnfy

Application Research of Web Examination System Based on College

Lu Chang, Xu Guang Ming
2012 Energy Procedia  
Research and comparison for different web examination system in the current individual field, proposed a set of design mode about general examination platform which apply in colleges and universities,  ...  Good JSP High Fast Easy High Good 1.3.Background Database of Web Examination System At present, ranging from Access to Oracle databases, are all widely applied in web examination system, different  ...  Although small database is not as good performance as large database, they are easy-operated and lower-cost, fit for small amount of data [5] . 1.4.Web Server Platform of Web Examination System The  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2012.02.131 fatcat:hf636cl5lncxvdjpgmgp7us47q

An Autonomous Approach for High Availability and Fault Tolerance using Effective Monitoring in Cloud Data Center

Riddhi Trivedi, Miren Karamta, Hardik Upadhyay, Dr. M. B. Potdar
2018 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
It additionally monitors the web servers for fault prevention on the client level.  ...  The reason of grid monitoring and management is to detect offerings in grid surroundings for fault detection, performance evaluation, performance tuning, load balancing and scheduling.  ...  Replication of Database: High availability and the fault tolerance in database is being performed by configuring MySQL master-master Replication [8] .  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0702.1004 fatcat:2dmde3li3fcotha6oap3oocx5u

Real Time Data Distribution Technology of SCADA based on Redis

Yi DONG, Ping-fei ZHU, Zai-yu JIANG, Zhao-xin JIA, Yun-di WANG
2017 DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering  
The new trend of SCADA software developing is based on Web.  ...  This article introduces the key technologies and implementation approaches when Redis memory database is taken as SCADA real time data cache.  ...  The reading and writing performance of Redis database under the significant pressure is better than the MySQL database in high concurrency.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtcse/cmee2016/5316 fatcat:tqn22kyoo5c6zkccoizvl5xhtm
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