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Assessment of pubertal development in Iranian girls

Ali Rabbani, Mohammad-Esmaeil Motlagh, Kazem Mohammad, Gelayol Ardalan, Farzaneh Maftoon, Safiyeh Shahryari, Shahnaz Khodaei, Aria Sotoudeh, Mohammad-Reza Mohammadi, Javad Mahmoudi Gharaei, Hassan Zia-Aldini, Kobra Kamali (+5 others)
2010 Iranian Journal of Pediatrics  
Acknowledgment This study was supported by a grant to Ali Rabbani from Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, IR Iran.  ... 
pmid:23056698 pmcid:PMC3446028 fatcat:q62lqq46mfeadp7646ehawt2zu

Mental health problems of Iranian female adolescents and its association with pubertal development: a nationwide study

Ali Rabbani, Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Mohammad Esmaeil Motlagh, Kazem Mohammad, Gelayol Ardalan, Farzaneh Maftoon, Safiyeh Shahryari, Shahnaz Khodaei, Aria Sotoudeh, Hassan Ziaaldini, Kobra Kamali (+1 others)
2012 Acta Medica Iranica  
Mental health problems including emotional and behavioral problems during puberty may be under influence of different risk factors including cultures, living in urban or rural areas and ethnic factors which may vary between different countries. The main aim of this study is to investigate the profile of emotional and behavioral problems and the role of factors such as age, stage of puberty, ethnicity, rurality and living in urban area, as risk factors in Iranian girls. As a part of a large
more » ... nal study we evaluated the emotional and behavioral problems in different stages of puberty in a community sample of Iranian adolescent girls from public schools that were selected by clustered random sampling method. In all subjects, demographic characteristics, and pubertal stages were measured. Emotional and behavioral problems were evaluated using Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). The associations of age, pubertal development indices, socioeconomic and demographic factors with the behavioral problems were assessed. A total number of 4576 students enrolled the study and responded to the questions. The mean age of participants was 13.83 ± 2.19 years. The mean total score of difficulties in participants was 14.34 ± 5.81. According to these results 813 (17.8%) adolescents had total problem scores higher than Goodman's cutoff points and the most frequent problem domain was conduct problems (20.5%). According to the results the most related variable with the total difficulty score of SDQ were ethnicity, residency in urban areas and development of menstrual cycle respectively. The results of this study showed that the most correlated factors with mental health problems in Iranian girls during puberty are ethnicity, urbanity and development of menstrual cycle.
pmid:22418985 fatcat:5ncs6keye5eevobuca7i5fc46q

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2019 2019 7th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM)  
Ali A. Moosavian, Ali Keymasi Khalaji 120 Position Estimation for Drones based on Visual SLAM and IMU in GPS-denied Environment Hamid Didari Khamseh Motlagh, Faraz Lotfi, Hamid D.  ...  Moradi 281 Design, fabrication, and control a novel, portable rehabilitation robot for the human shoulder joint Mohamad Ali Soleimani, Hassan Zohoor, Alireza Fallah Yakhdani, Mohammad Heravi  ... 
doi:10.1109/icrom48714.2019.9071833 fatcat:pz6i44idqzhwlem67s6sxdou4i

El concepto de la palabra "cultura" en textos antiguos iraníes

Morteza Tahami, Ali Asghar Rajabi
2021 Apuntes Universitarios  
Hassan Bonyani, in his book What is the Necessity of Cultural Attachments, defines culture in its present state and outlines its general functions (Nearby, 2014) .  ...  It also contributes to human being's adaptation to the creator and the system of existence and to the environment (Motlagh, 2018) .  ... 
doi:10.17162/au.v11i2.643 fatcat:3celme635zakdl46flubvhx2s4

Semiotics in Haroun Hashem Rashid Lyrics Relying on the Theory of Pierce

Ahmad Mohammadi Nejad Pashaki, Ahmad Reza Hidarian Shahri, Kolsom Seedighi
2016 International Journal of English Linguistics  
He is also the brother of a poet called Ali Hashem Rashid.  ...  On the other hand, with the theme of a poem called "Hassan Buhairi", he was awarded the degree of PhD (Hassan, 2006, p. 436) .  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijel.v6n7p31 fatcat:ypqehgmbzze5bnzviaj4jpmztu

Investigation of Genotype × Environment Interaction and Yield Stability of Hopeful Cotton (G.hirsutum L.) Genotypes

Omran Alishah, Hojatollah MahmoodJanloo, Mohammad Hassan Hekmat, Ali Naderi Arefi, S. Yaghoub Sidmasoomi, Farshid Talat, AREEO, AREEO, AREEO, AREEO, AREEO, AREEO
2019 Journal of Crop Breeding  
Mohammadi, M. . Grouping barley genotypes by regression-based and clustering methods in. : -. . Mohammadi, R. and A. Amri. .  ...  Ali and I. Ahmed. . Interrelationship analysis of yield and fiber traits in promising genotypes of upland cotton. Pure Appllied Biology, : -. . Becker, H.C. and J. Léon. .  ... 
doi:10.29252/jcb.11.31.226 fatcat:77mkufatunglvltm23eurqoxzm

Proceedings of "The 16th International and Iranian Congress of Microbiology

Name Sarvenaz, Bigham Soostani, Rahman Patimar, Zarei Darki, Esa Jorjani, Kourosh Sayehmiri, Milad Azami, Zahra Darvishi, Sasan Nikpay, Milad Borji, Pariya Ahmadi Balootaki, Mansour Amin (+746 others)
2015 Iranian J Publ Health   unpublished
- mad Mohammad-Zadeh 1 , Ali Hosseinzadeh 3 , Mor- teza Haghighi Hasanabad 4 1  ...  Children & Pediatric Infection Diseases Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran Email: Background: *Faezeh Haghighi 1 , Hassan Salehipour 2 , Moham  ... 

FIA Bibliography (47)

Toshio Takayanagi
2007 FIA研究懇談会会誌  
P.; Mohamad Ali, A. S.; Wai, W. T.; Saleh, M. I. Food Chem., 102, 1407-1414 (2007). 9084.  ...  A novel spectrophotometric method for batch and flow injection determination of cyanide in electroplating wastewater Hassan, S. S. M.; Hamza, M. S. A.; Kelany, A. E.  ... 
doi:10.24688/jfia.24.1_29 fatcat:mixmy247czdcrczqmxa5c72vdm

ICIEA 2020 Breaker Page

2020 2020 15th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA)  
Approach for Evaluating the Performance of FinTech Projects Santoso Wibowo, Lakshmi Grandhi and Srimannarayana Grandhi P1610 Managing SLA Violation in the cloud using Fuzzy re-SchdNeg Decision Model Bashair Ali  ...  Experimental Validation of DC Bus Voltage Control Abdoulaye Dieng and Jean-Claude Le Claire P1118 INTSMC-Based Fault Tolerant Control Approach for a 2-DOF Robotic System Yashar Shabbouei Hagh, Reza Mohammadi  ... 
doi:10.1109/iciea48937.2020.9248094 fatcat:rpirunidu5cqtjseayuxjq5azm

A reactive phase against disruptions for designing a proactive platelet supply network

Mohammad Reza Ghatreh Samani, Seyyed-Mahdi Hosseini-Motlagh, Shamim Homaei
2020 Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review  
Longitude Latitude 1 Namazi hospital Shiraz 52.518777 29.632010 12 Imam Khomeini hospital Estahban 54.041943 29.123100 2 Faqihi hospital Shiraz 52.528785 29.626432 13 Amiralmomenin Ali  ...  Khoram bid 53.165653 30.597415 6 Vali'e Asr hospital Lamerd 53.194670 27.326123 17 Vali'e Asr hospital Bavanat 53.625971 30.469324 7 Shohada hospital Neyriz 54.337896 29.191305 18 Imam Hassan  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tre.2020.102008 pmid:32834740 pmcid:PMC7320270 fatcat:mqq4hhvojbcordyslujgrngp7a

Evaluation of the cytotoxic and apoptogenic effects of cinnamaldehyde on U87MG cells alone and in combination with doxorubicin

Abbas Abbasi, Marziyeh Hajialyani, Leila Hosseinzadeh, Fereshteh Jalilian, Parichehr Yaghmaei, SaharJamshidi Navid, Hajar Motamed
2020 Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Shokoohinia Y, Hosseinzadeh L, Alipour M, Mostafaie A, Mohammadi-Motlagh HR.  ...  Hassan,Muhanad Elhafiz,Luyong Zhang,Zhenzhou Jiang Synergy. 2020; 11: 100068 [Pubmed] | [DOI] 6 Cinnamaldehyde and Doxorubicin Co-Loaded Graphene Oxide Wrapped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Enhanced  ... 
doi:10.4103/1735-5362.278712 pmid:32180814 pmcid:PMC7053293 fatcat:afgoqco3mvdkledad4gh4mkdkm


2011 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Ali, A.  ...  Jafari, F.S. motlagh, M.H.  ...  Ali and H.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1877-0428(11)01051-2 fatcat:3vimbnxglfh5vgiuvbj423yxsq

INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL OF DEMOCRATISATION IN IRAN:Reframing the Implications of Knowledge of History, Philosophy and Socio-political Science in the Prospect of Democratisation in Iran

Gholam Ali Salari, University, My, Mary Chamberlain
(Burke, Elliot, & Mohammadi, 2004, p. 25) .  ...  (Motlagh, 2006) 85 Lieutenant General Bahram Chobin was a famous Sasanids military commander during Khosrow II's rule. He was descended from the House of Mihran, one of the Seven Parthian clans.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/2464 fatcat:xs3emfrydvhqdi4akjr4cfmij4

Selbstentwürfe in der Fremde. Der iranische Schriftsteller Bozorg Alavi im deutschen Exil

Roja Dehdarian
Vgl. auch Nūr-Moḥammadī: Ḥezb-e Tūde, S. 12.  ...  Vgl. auch Ǧamālzāde, Moḥammad ʿAlī: "Dūstī-ye haftād sāle bā dūdmān-e ‚ʿAlavī'", in: Dehbāšī, ʿAlī (Hg.): Yād-e Bozorg ʿAlavī, Teheran 1384š/2005-6, S. 55-60. 279 Sayyāḥ Maḥallātī, Moḥammad ʿAlī: Safarnāme  ... 
doi:10.20378/irbo-49253 fatcat:lthrsxmiyrawxflnlaghkvt4wi

Iranian Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology Editor-in-Chief Editorial Board FERDOWSI UNIVERSITY OF MASHHAD PRESS General Information On the Cover

Ahmad Movassaghi, Mohammad Aslani, Hassan Borji, Amir Hooshang, Fallah Rad, Alan Harvey, Pezhman Mirshokraei, Abolghasem Nabipour, Mahmood Panahi, Ali Sarchahi, Shahram Seyed, Shekarfroush (+4 others)
Ali Kargar for his assis- Acknowledgments We would like to greatfuly thank the Research Council of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran, for financial support  ...  Mohammadi, A., Mohammadi, Z., khosravi, A.,R. (2013) Collection and finger printing of the Iranian Salicornia. Spp using AFLP molecular marker. International conference program, Toronto, Canada.  ...  Two species including, S. persica and S. iranica, were reported as native species in Iran (Akhani. 2008; Mohammadi et al. 2013) .  ... 
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