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Plastid pigments quantity and some physiological parameters related to photosyntetic processes in triticale grown for green biomass

H. Nedeva, R. Ivanova, H. Yancheva
2016 Agricultural Science and Technology  
stages in the region of Southern Bulgaria.  ...  In both tested cultivars in heading stage the transpiration intensity was higher when rates of N were used, while in milk 200 maturity stage the highest values were in variant with N .  ...  Nearly 90% of the production of triticale in the world is concentrated in Europe, with about 7 million acres harvested per year. and harvesting stages in the region of Southern Bulgaria.  ... 
doi:10.15547/ast.2016.02.020 doaj:a3e4da8173a44d248e98f5ee08e67752 fatcat:nwkxja7hwnga7mh5anfvyhxd6u

The Key to the City: Using Digital Tools to Understand Tablet Provenience

Sara Brumfield
2019 Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History  
For an example of previous text mining analysis on cuneiform sources, see, ENEA's TIGRIS Virtual Lab ( With the ability to search for statistically significant  ...  Assyriologists have a variety of methods available to assign unprovenienced materials with educated certainty to its ancient site.  ...  However, these questions are guided by the contemporary English corpora they draw from.  ... 
doi:10.1515/janeh-2018-0012 fatcat:voip675d3jbcbexvpnzs4tew7e

Metabolomics-Driven Discovery of an Introduced Species and Two Malaysian Piper betle L. Variants

Muhamad Faris Osman, Soo Yee Lee, Shahrul Razid Sarbini, Siti Munirah Mohd Faudzi, Shamsul Khamis, Badrul Hisyam Zainudin, Khozirah Shaari
2021 Plants  
low acetic acid content, which was identified as Piper rubro-venosum hort. ex Rodigas based on DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) region.  ...  Principal component analysis (PCA) of the 1H-NMR spectral data showed quantitative differences in the metabolite profiles of "sirih melayu" and "sirih india" and revealed an ambiguous group of samples with  ...  Immediately after harvesting, the leaves were wiped clean with dry tissue paper and the petioles were removed manually.  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants10112510 pmid:34834873 pmcid:PMC8622403 fatcat:uy5zy5um4fgfziu5rlinl4ovbe

Interactive context-aware user-driven metadata correction in digital libraries

David Bainbridge, Michael B. Twidale, David M. Nichols
2012 International Journal on Digital Libraries  
Personal name variants are a common problem in digital libraries, reducing the precision of searches and complicating browsing-based interaction.  ...  In this paper we present a novel system for user-driven integration of name variants when interacting with web-based informationin particular digital librarysystems.  ...  Translation and transliteration from dierent alphabets can introduce name variants, as can the use of diacriticals in foreign names not used in the main language of the catalogue.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00799-012-0100-5 fatcat:mdflxc2vbrbnxkfpculniwrhpm

Effect of pre-sowing soil tillage for wheat on the crop structure and the yield components in Dobrudzha region

P. Yankov, M. Drumeva
2017 Agricultural Science and Technology  
: double disking at depth 10-12 cm (check variant); ploughing at 14-16 cm + disking; no-tillage (direct sowing) -pre-sowing treatment of the area with total herbicides.  ...  The emerging of the wheat plants, under the conditions of slightly leached chernozem soil in Dobrudzha region, was more uniform after sowing following disking, and after direct sowing.  ...  The obtaining of stable yields values of this index in the variant with direct sowing.  ... 
doi:10.15547/ast.2017.02.022 fatcat:adatc57ctbc27i4jrl4onlj6fy

Delivering a name-server for biodiversity information

C Hussey, S Wilkinson, J Tweddle
2006 Data Science Journal  
Names of organisms underpin access to information but present a number of unique problems when used as search terms.  ...  A simple solution is presented, based upon our experience working with "real-world" data in the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) in the United Kingdom.  ...  If this implements searching of remote datasets, as is done by the Taxonomic Search Engine (Page, 2005) and Species 2000 (n.d.), then there remains a likelihood that variant records in the remote datasets  ... 
doi:10.2481/dsj.5.18 fatcat:5u4m6b44lrczzgciwxkkxvl7rq

Nubian Toponyms in Medieval Nubian Sources

Richard, Holton Pierce
2017 Dotawo. A Journal of Nubian Studies  
A search of published gazetteers might yield some candidates, but such sources are not unbiased phonological guides.  ...  This research has had to cope with a timespan of five millennia and four written languages and their variants, each with its own distinct graphic and phonemic system.  ... 
doi:10.5070/d64110024 fatcat:kmdkzzf3hfevfbi6lphu6ytz6q

Islam's Encounter with English and Ismail al-Faruqi's Concept of Islamic English: A Postcolonial Reading

Md. Mahmudul Hasan
2014 American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences  
In the past, many Muslims maintained strong reservations about using English as a means of communication, interaction, and intellectual practices mainly due to its association with British colonialism.  ...  However, Ismail al-Faruqi (1921-86) sees a serious anomaly in how Muslim names and Islamic theological terms are transliterated and translated, as the dominant practice shows not a loyalty to meaning,  ...  When a Muslim baby is born, the parents and relatives search for good names with good meanings.  ... 
doi:10.35632/ajiss.v31i2.287 fatcat:w5i5egw7y5fpxjcg547ue32pg4

Use of recurrent selection of early flowering in late maize synthetic population. Results of second cycle of breeding

N. Petrovska, V. Valkova
2017 Agricultural Science and Technology  
The experiments are carried out by a block method, on a test plot of 10 m , with three replications, and the respective for the region agricultural equipment.  ...  As a direct result of the work of improvement, progeny with a period of days until silking averagely shorter with 5 days and grain moisture lowered by 1.1% are obtained.  ...  the aim of pointing out inbred lines with a grain moisture at harvest is calculated by an electronic hygrometer. shorter vegetative period and using them as parental forms for obtaining high-yielding mid-late  ... 
doi:10.15547/ast.2017.01.003 fatcat:y3l7o4sikre3rd6kxm4pfdiove


Balaganesh Balaganesh, Lincoln University College
2013 International Journal of Information Systems and Engineering  
Organizational standards, research experience, and peer recommendations guide the selection of which search engine to use [1] in any particular Situation.  ...  Variants Intelligence personnel use terms that are common to their language, culture, or geographic area.  ...  6.4 Regional and Global Relationships Regional and global relationships include political, economic, military, or cultural mergers and partnerships.  ... 
doi:10.24924/ijise/2013.11/v1.iss2/36.50 fatcat:tmyqksm5yjdwhishv6txx7lnh4

Phytosanitary status and yield of kamut (Triticum turgidum polonicum L.) grown in organic and biodynamic farming

V. Maneva, D. Atanasova, T. Nedelcheva
2017 Agricultural Science and Technology  
Kostadinova Haematological investigations upon acute intoxication with carbofuran in dogs R. Binev, I. Valchev, R. Russenov, Y.  ...  Enchev Accumulation of astaxanthin and canthaxanthin in muscle tissues of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.) fed with xanthophyll supplemented feed M.  ...  After harvesting in the studied years, yield was obtained from the two types of farming.  ... 
doi:10.15547/ast.2017.01.007 fatcat:mnhmsvaaorfv5itxc73uqudgeq

Norwegian Artist Names Authority List of Artists in Norwegian Art Collections

Yvonne Brenden Hansen, Dag Hensten, Gro Benedikte Pedersen, Magnus Bognerud
2019 Heritage  
With the help of other public collections in Norway, the purpose is to make the new resource as complete as possible and available in both human- and machine-readable formats.  ...  We could now search for cells with missing values.  ...  and metadata harvesting.  ... 
doi:10.3390/heritage2010033 fatcat:ctfwqlnttjcl3gftesd5tjdqse

stringi: Fast and Portable Character String Processing in R

Marek Gagolewski
2022 Journal of Statistical Software  
Pattern searching, string collation and sorting, normalization, transliteration, and formatting are ubiquitous in text mining, natural language processing, and bioinformatics.  ...  The author wishes to thank Hadley Wickham for coming up with the original stringr package API (see Table 1 ).  ...  variants.  ... 
doi:10.18637/jss.v103.i02 fatcat:wjv6k62dsjfd7acaxv2t2hygna

Token Level Identification of Linguistic Code Switching

Heba Elfardy, Mona T. Diab
2012 International Conference on Computational Linguistics  
search strategy improved ASR performance significantly.  ...  Letter(s) Variants Letter(s) Variants Letter(s) Variants 2 : SCR rules used to expand the coverage of the MSA morphological Analyzer. 2011).  ... 
dblp:conf/coling/ElfardyD12 fatcat:saj7ql7xenepznikeb5qz2mdry

Patterns of Knowledge Circulation in Early Modern East-Central Europe: Tracing Jewish Kabbalistic Textual Units in Multiple-Text Manuscripts [article]

Agata Paluch
2020 Zenodo  
In doing so, the study makes use of network analysis methods and utilises digital database environment (provided by LAB 1100) that facilitates analysis and visualisation of data with complex temporal,  ...  large data sets of quite variegated material following the discussion of joe goldie on critical search and guided reading in large scale textual corpora i'd like to point to the biases resulting from  ...  reading is therefore unquote a harvesting process in itself laden with bias which presents an opportunity for a scholar to explain in passing what was left out how much of the result as shown are the  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4264798 fatcat:hiof5xaf2rg5zg6oai4gwsytfi
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