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Engineering Trustworthy Systems by Minimizing and Strengthening their TCBs using Trusted Computing

Andreas Fuchs
in Plug and Charge controllers, the recording of audit trails over attestation data and a very generic role-based access management.  ...  Worst case scenario is for the TCB to span the complete IT system. Best case is for the TCB to be reduced to only a strengthened Root of Trust such as a Hardware Security Module (HSM).  ...  This new extension HIP "HSM-based Identities for Plug-and-Charge" require minor modifications to the PnC protocol but for the benefit of allowing complete confidentiality of the private keys, even from  ... 
doi:10.26083/tuprints-00019676 fatcat:5h3kl7s2wfhldnix7v4lk3fbnu

Oral abstracts

2010 Vox Sanguinis  
The aging of the population in developed countries is associated with a decrease of young individuals being potentially eligible to donate blood and an increase of older individuals which might be in the  ...  Future plans include obtaining funding for masters and doctoral level training of promising candidates, and starting a web-based system for networking and communication among former trainees.  ...  Supported by an ISBT Foundation Grant, Blood Systems Research Institute, UCSF Center for AIDS Research, an educational grant from Novartis and NIH grants K24-HL-075036, D43-TW000003 and D43-TW05799.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1423-0410.2010.01343_1.x pmid:20591082 fatcat:tup6xpf3m5eblgwg56fg4pmudq

Subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression: a multisite, randomised, sham-controlled trial

Paul E Holtzheimer, Mustafa M Husain, Sarah H Lisanby, Stephan F Taylor, Louis A Whitworth, Shawn McClintock, Konstantin V Slavin, Joshua Berman, Guy M McKhann, Parag G Patil, Barry R Rittberg, Aviva Abosch (+18 others)
2017 Lancet psychiatry  
We thank Li-Yin Lee, PhD (Abbott) for performing the additional required statistical analysis and Kristina Davis, PhD (Abbott) for her assistance with the graphs.  ...  We thank all members of the research teams who devoted significant time and energy to this project, including the study psychiatrists, device programmers, case workers, research nurses and study coordinators  ...  HSM, RG, CH).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s2215-0366(17)30371-1 pmid:28988904 fatcat:li4bhsztvfdbhdi5mtguspssni

Statistical Learning for Structural Patterns with Trees

Xiaohan Yan
C.0.2 Treatment of Environemental Covariates in (4.4) and (4.2) viii CHAPTER 2 A CHOICE OF TWO REGULARIZERS IN HIERARCHICAL SPARSE MODELING Portions of this chapter were published in Yan and Bien (2017  ...  Plugging β0 in Problem ( Thus, B satisfies the two requirements for B * . Suppose B * and B * are different aggregating sets for β * .  ...  coordinate descent scheme for general HSM structures.  ... 
doi:10.7298/x4kk9910 fatcat:z2ks5nvnl5awpokxgmnzq5bvue

Report of the Uniform Type Committee

1913 Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness  
; for its 4th and 5th base characters are acknowledged to be less legible than those of the 3d-base, while the sum of all 1st, 2d and 3d-base characters is only thirty-nine.  ...  For lists, see Appendix E. For results, see table below. The time for the b sheet is less than for the t sheet, and is taken for the base, and represented by 190 per cent in the per cent column.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0145482x1300700202 fatcat:5lun7m2ozjdfnbvn36pf3slcoq

2019 CIS Annual Meeting: Immune Deficiency & Dysregulation North American Conference

2019 Journal of Clinical Immunology  
1 Genetic Counselor, Co-Director of Personalized Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology/BMT and the Institute for Genomic Medicine, Nationwide Childrens Hospital 2 Genetic Counselor, Division of Hematology  ...  Raif Geha and Janet Chou at the Division of Immunology, Allergy, Rheumatology and Dermatology, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. The following grants are acknowledged: 1.  ...  CHD7 is typically associated with CHARGE syndrome, and while this patient has some dysmorphic features, she is not typical for CHARGE syndrome.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10875-019-00597-5 pmid:30809743 fatcat:ophhlkvazzhjxl4t4eoct3tfna

Impact of Knee Joint Loading on Site-Specific Cartilage Gene-Expression in a Porcine Model [article]

Baaba Otoo, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Leping Li
of load magnitude, frequency and time.  ...  In previous studies, cartilage explants were used for loading tests to investigate cartilage biological response to mechanical loading, which did not reflect well the loading conditions in a joint.  ...  The orientations of the plugs (medial, lateral, anterior and posterior) were considered for plugs that had to be split for further tests (dead-live cell staining).  ... 
doi:10.11575/prism/26460 fatcat:vhpylyu7ozekjeuziddcodc2y4

Children's Music, MP3 Players, and Expressive Practices at a Vermont Elementary School: Media Consumption as Social Organization among Schoolchildren

Tyler Bickford
The designation "tween," which one marketer refers to as kids "too old for Elmo but too young for Eminem," has become a catchall category that includes kids as young as four and as old as fifteen.  ...  The increasing availability of portable media devices, along with the widespread installation of Internet terminals in schools and educators' turn toward corporate-produced "edutainment" for lessons, has  ...  HSM stars Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale (among others), have all had independent careers subsequent to HSM, but for years they also continued to star in HSM sequels and routinely appear  ... 
doi:10.7916/d800081s fatcat:d262mgyn7nfcxdqv46hy46yvxi

Society of general internal medicine 24 th annual meeting San Diego, California May 2–5, 2001

2001 Journal of general internal medicine  
They are always associated with and wax and wane with acute exacerbations of lung disease(infections).  ...  Immunofluorescence and ultrastructural studies documented immunoglobulins (IgG), complement components (C1q, C3) and fibrin deposits within postcapillary venule walls.  ...  The time course for the paralysis was too rapid for HTLV-1 infection, and the normal sphincter tone and hip function argued against spinal cord compression.  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1525-1497.2001.0160s1023.x fatcat:m2qpw74icnauxhrehverojgccm

Application of three phase ebullited bed reactors to petroleum upgrading

Deepak Anant Deshpande
This dissertation has been read by each member of the following supervisory committee and by majority vote has been found to be satisfactory. Chair:  ...  W ith this information and with «&r being identical for the two systems, Equations 3.55 and 3.56 can be solved to obtain the values of (ui)m and (ug)m for identical holdups between the commercial and laboratory  ...  Low micromixing, yielding small axial dispersion o f the phases and high reac tant conversion for reaction kinetics favoring plug flow pattern. 2.  ... 
doi:10.26053/0h-tnqp-zy00 fatcat:aj2vca42yneahofws7jssi4b4i

Mineral surfaces - from atomic processes to industrial application : status seminar 26 - 27 october 2010 Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz ; Programme & Abstracts

Münch U., Dransch Werner, U. Münch, Werner Dransch
The object of research is the better understanding of the multiple physical and chemical reactions at mineral surfaces.The abstract volume summarizes the scientific results presented during the statusseminar  ...  Ar vidson and Everett Salas (Rice Univ., Houston) for analytical help and fruitful discussions. We thank for financial support (grant # 03G0719A) coming from GEOTECH-NOLOGIEN R&D program.  ...  Cremmel (ETH Zürich, Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology) for the ceramic replicas. Acknowledgements We wish to thank Dr. Dmitrii Kulik, Dr.  ... 
doi:10.2312/ fatcat:ldqcpdstjbao5gkpebcpqsg4va

News production practices in Indian television: An ethnography of Star News and Star Ananda

Somnath Batabyal
Secondly, journalists imagine themselves as the audience and produce content they think they and their families will like.  ...  With over 90 recorded interviews with senior journalists and media managers, this thesis will provide rich empirical material and in depth case studies.  ...  Hindi Speaking M arket (HSM).  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00028730 fatcat:doepmjsj6va2lc6sun5mn5ivhy

Abkürzungen [chapter]

Medizin im Ausland  
subluxation; atypical absence seizure AAT activity as tolerated; alpha-antitrypsin; at all times; atypical antibody titer AAU acute anterior uveitis AB abortion; antibiotic; antibody; apical beat A/B acid-base  ...  and battery (Körperverletzung) ABC abbreviated/automated blood count; advanced breast cancer; airway, breathing and circulation; all but code (Reanimation); aneurysmal bone cyst; apnea, bradycardia, and  ...  Control and Prevention CDD Certifi cate of Disability for Dis- charge; Clostridium diffi cile disease CDE canine distemper (Hundestaupe) encephalitis; common duct explora- tion CDGP constitutional  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-28850-3_13 fatcat:tg6jadecdzb7dbg6u5zjgxbtce

The Influence of Music Congruence and Message Complexity on the Response of Consumers to Advertisements [article]

Buddhakoralalage Leelanga Dananjaya Seneviratne, University Of Canterbury
online experiment (using a 2 x 2 between-subject x 2 with-in subject mix design) was conducted, in which a mixed sample of 284 subjects was exposed to a set of audio advertisements especially designed for  ...  ) and cognitive (encoding, storage, and retention) responses.  ...  Those who had elected to proceed did a test audio for ensuring proper functionality of the audio plug-in and adjusting the volume to a comfortable level.  ... 
doi:10.26021/5274 fatcat:vuwmzt3oi5axbeoc42zfsed464

The Superintendent of Documents

M Silberberg, J Mitchell, R Meyer, C Ryder, M Silberberg, J Mitchell, R Meyer, C Ryder, Sý Rte
The National Technical Information Service   unpublished
plugged by aerosols.  ...  The results of the standard problem were identical. This provides confidence that the results are not dependent on the laboratory where the code is run for identical assumptions and code version.  ...  Term Code Package), which models key aspects of fission product behavior under severe accident conditions, and (3) a number of detailed mechanistic codes that bridge the gap between the data base and  ... 
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