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High-yield halide-free synthesis of biocompatible Au nanoplates

Guoqing Wang, Shengyang Tao, Yiding Liu, Lei Guo, Guohui Qin, Kuniharu Ijiro, Mizuo Maeda, Yadong Yin
2016 Chemical Communications  
We communicate an unconventional synthesis of Au nanoplates with high yield and excellent reproducibility through polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-assisted H2O2 reduction.
doi:10.1039/c5cc07957h pmid:26524080 fatcat:m3ip54xd2bb6rjrysvcvj5t7ce

Sensing Plant Physiology and Environmental Stress by Automatically Tracking Fj and Fi Features in PSII Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction [article]

Qian Xia, Jinglu Tan, Shengyang Cheng, Yongnian Jiang, Ya Guo
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Wet paper towels 1 8 6were applied on both sides of each leave sample to keep it moist(Guo et al., 2015).  ... 
doi:10.1101/362939 fatcat:xfyp4mswl5cdldyzh6rv4gtnce

LIN28 Expression in Rat Spinal Cord After Injury

Ying Yue, Dongmei Zhang, Shengyang Jiang, Aihong Li, Aisong Guo, Xinming Wu, Xiaopeng Xia, Hongbing Cheng, Tao Tao, Xingxing Gu
2014 Neurochemical Research  
LIN28, an RNA-binding protein, is known to be involved in the regulation of many cellular processes, such as embryonic stem cell proliferation, cell fate succession, developmental timing, and oncogenesis. However, its expression and function in central nervous system still unclear. In this study, we performed an acute spinal cord contusion injury (SCI) model in adult rats and investigated the dynamic changes of LIN28 expression in spinal cord. Western blot and immunohistochemistry analysis
more » ... led that LIN28 was present in normal spinal cord. It gradually increased, reached a peak at 3 day, and then nearly declined to the basal level at 14 days after SCI. Double immunofluorescence staining showed that LIN28 immunoreactivity was found in neurons, astrocytes and a handful of microglia. Interestingly, LIN28 expression was increased predominantly in astrocytes but not in neurons. Moreover, the colocalization of LIN28 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen was detected after injury. Western blot showed that LIN28 participated in lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced astrocytes inflammatory responses by NF-jB signaling pathway. These results suggested that LIN28 may be involved in the pathologic process of SCI, and further research is needed to have a good understanding of its function and mechanism.
doi:10.1007/s11064-014-1278-2 pmid:24700281 pmcid:PMC4000414 fatcat:2a6k5xeknvhmtnzauh64dj7qf4

The Integrative Regulatory Network of circRNA, microRNA, and mRNA in Atrial Fibrillation

Shengyang Jiang, Changfa Guo, Wei Zhang, Wenliang Che, Jie Zhang, Shaowei Zhuang, Yiting Wang, Yangyang Zhang, Ban Liu
2019 Frontiers in Genetics  
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common irregular heart rhythm which influence approximately 1-2% of the general population. As a potential factor for ischemic stroke, AF could also cause heart failure. The mechanisms behind AF pathogenesis is complex and remains elusive. As a new category of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), circular RNAs (circRNAs) have been known as the key of developmental processes, regulation of cell function, pathogenesis of heart diseases and pathological responses which
more » ... ld provide novel sight into the pathogenesis of AF. circRNAs function as modulators of microRNAs in cardiac disease. To investigate the regulatory mechanism of circRNA in AF, especially the complex interactions among circRNA, microRNA and mRNA, we collected the heart tissues from three AF patients and three healthy controls and profiled their circRNA expressions with circRNA Microarray. The differentially expressed circRNAs were identified and the biological functions of their interaction microRNAs and mRNAs were analyzed. Our results provided novel insights of the circRNA roles in AF and proposed highly possible interaction mechanisms among circRNAs, microRNAs, and mRNAs.
doi:10.3389/fgene.2019.00526 pmid:31249590 pmcid:PMC6584754 fatcat:2dd5reycineyle2ctyenex4rie

Multiple kernel learning from sets of partially matching image features

Siyao Fu, Guo ShengYang, Zengguang Hou, Zize Liang, Min Tan
2008 Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Proceedings of the International Conference on  
Kernel classifiers based on Support Vector Machines (SVM) have achieved state-ofthe-art results in several visual classification tasks, however, recent publications and developments based on SVM have shown that using multiple kernels instead of a single one can enhance interpretability of the decision function and improve classifier performance, which motivates researchers to explore the use of homogeneous model obtained as linear combinations of kernels. Multiple Kernel Learning (MKL) allows
more » ... e practitioner to get accurate classification results and identify relevant and meaningful features. However, the use of multiple kernels faces the challenge of choosing the kernel weights, and an increased number of parameters that may lead to overfitting. In this paper we show that MKL problem can be formulated as a convex optimization problem, which can be solved efficiently using projected gradient method. Weights on each kernel matrix (level) are included in the standard SVM empirical risk minimization problem with a L 2 constraint to encourage sparsity. We demonstrate our algorithm on classification tasks, including object recognition and classification, which is based on a linear combination of histogram intersection kernels, computed at multiple pyramid levels of image encoding, and we show that the proposed method is accurate and significantly more efficient than current approaches.
doi:10.1109/icpr.2008.4761342 dblp:conf/icpr/FuSHLT08 fatcat:dnd4jik7abcyfedqhcuxlh2tli

Characterization and validation of long noncoding RNAs as new candidates in prostate cancer

Shengyang Ge, Yuanyuan Mi, Xiaojun Zhao, Qingfeng Hu, Yijun Guo, Fan Zhong, Yang Zhang, Guowei Xia, Chuanyu Sun
2020 Cancer Cell International  
Background Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been proved to be an important regulator in gene expression. In almost all kinds of cancers, lncRNAs participated in the process of pathogenesis, invasion, and metastasis. Meanwhile, compared with the large amounts of patients, there is rare knowledge about the role of lncRNAs in prostate cancer (PCa). Material/Method In this study, lncRNA expression profiles of prostate cancer were detected by Agilent microarray chip, 5 pairs of case and control
more » ... cimens were involved in. Differentially expressed lncRNAs were screened out by volcano plot for constructing lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA central network. Then, the top ten up-regulated and down-regulated lncRNAs were validated by qRT-PCR in another 5 tumor specimens and 7 para-cancerous/benign contrasts. Furthermore, we searched for the survival curve of the top 10 upregulated and downregulated lncRNAs. Results A total of 817 differentially expressed lncRNAs were filtered out by the criteria of fold change (FC) and t-test p < 0.05. Among them, 422 were upregulated, whereas 395 were downregulated in PCa tissues. Gene ontology and KEGG pathway analyses showed that many lncRNAs were implicated in carcinogenesis. lnc-MYL2-4:1 (FC = 0.00141, p = 0.01909) and NR_125857 (FC = 59.27658, p = 0.00128) had the highest magnitude of change. The subsequent qPCR confirmed the expression of NR_125857 was in accordance with the clinical samples. High expression of PCA3, PCAT14 and AP001610.9 led to high hazard ratio while low expression of RP11-279F6.2 led to high hazard ratio. Conclusions Our study detected a relatively novel complicated map of lncRNAs in PCa, which may have the potential to investigate for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in PCa. Our study revealed the expression of NR_125857 in human PCa tissues was most up-regulated. Further studies are needed to investigate to figure out the mechanisms in PCa.
doi:10.1186/s12935-020-01615-y pmid:33292248 fatcat:yb3cvmu3sbbszjjyk6z7krwsry

Electrochemical C–N bond activation for deaminative reductive coupling of Katritzky salts

Yeqing Liu, Xiangzhang Tao, Yu Mao, Xin Yuan, Jiangkai Qiu, Linyu Kong, Shengyang Ni, Kai Guo, Yi Wang, Yi Pan
2021 Nature Communications  
Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to Shengyang Ni, Kai Guo or Yi Wang.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-021-27060-7 pmid:34799580 pmcid:PMC8604921 fatcat:chhlmhdkzffwnlq3gekcxgmehu

Potential Alterations of Functional Connectivity Analysis in the Patients with Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Shengyang Ge, Qingfeng Hu, Yijun Guo, Ke Xu, Guowei Xia, Chuanyu Sun, Xu-Yun Hua
2021 Neural Plasticity  
Background. Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is one of the most common diseases in urology, but its pathogenesis remains unclear. As a kind of chronic pain which the patients suffered for more than 3 months, we investigated the influence on patients' brain functional connectivity in resting state. Methods. We recruited a cohort of 18 right-handed male patients with CP/CPPS and 21 healthy male right-handed age-matched controls. Their resting-state fMRI data and
more » ... l MRI data were preprocessed and processed by RESTPlus V1.22. To assess the integrity of the default mode network (DMN), we utilized the voxel-wised analysis that we set medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and posterior cingulate gyrus (PCC) as seed points to compare the global functional connectivity (FC) strength. Results. Compared with healthy control, the FC strength between left mPFC and posterior DMN decreased in the group of CP/CPPS ( P < 0.05 , GFR correction, voxel P < 0.01 , cluster P < 0.05 ), and the FC strength between the left anterior cerebellar lobe and posterior DMN increased ( P < 0.05 , GFR correction, voxel P < 0.01 , cluster P < 0.05 ). In the patient group, there was a positive correlation between the increased FC strength and the score of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) anxiety subscale ( r = 0.5509 , P = 0.0178 ) in the left anterior cerebellar lobe, a negative correlation between the decreased FC strength and the score of the National Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index ( r = − 0.6281 , P = 0.0053 ) in the area of left mPFC, and a negative correlation between the decreased FC strength and the score of HADS anxiety subscale ( r = − 0.5252 , P = 0.0252 ). Conclusion. Patients with CP/CPPS had alterations in brain function, which consisted of the default mode network's compromised integrity. These alterations might play a crucial role in the pathogenesis and development of CP/CPPS.
doi:10.1155/2021/6690414 pmid:34035803 pmcid:PMC8121565 fatcat:fo3ocwkxfbfpbmy4fbser2yrb4

The anion exchange strategy towards mesoporous α-Ni(OH)2 nanowires with multinanocavities for high-performance supercapacitors

Zhongchun Li, Jie Han, Lei Fan, Minggui Wang, Shengyang Tao, Rong Guo
2015 Chemical Communications  
Mesoporous α-Ni(OH)2 nanowires with multinanocavities in surfaces as high-performance supercapacitors have been successfully developed.
doi:10.1039/c4cc09225b pmid:25567234 fatcat:tl75gxaixjd55d6jognfruyk4u

Psychological Distress Was Still Serious Among Anesthesiologists Under the Post COVID-19 Era

Fei Guo, Ruili Han, Ting Luo, Shengyang Jin, Yuting Yan, Jun Wang, Xude Sun, Changjun Gao
2022 Psychology Research and Behavior Management  
This study aims to evaluate the psychological status and the attitudes toward the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine among anesthesiologists. We expected to analyze related factors and offer them some strategies to prevent and manage psychological issues under the post COVID-19 era. Based on the Checklist for Reporting Results of Internet E-Surveys (CHERRIES), an online survey was designed and conducted among anesthesiologists in Shaanxi, China. Participants were asked to
more » ... a validated questionnaire voluntarily. The following tests were performed: Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21), Primary Care Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Screen (PC-PTSD), and the attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccine. A total of 795 anesthesiologists completed the survey, the majority of them were female, young and middle-aged, well educated, and married. The prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress in this sample were 26.5%, 35.5%, and 19.9%, respectively. Longer daily working time, concomitant basic chronic disease, and COVID-19 exposure were extracted as risk factors for the psychological symptoms, while vaccination, elder age, and married status were negatively associated with them. An unsatisfied vaccination rate (71.9%) which might be linked with inadequate awareness and perception of the COVID-19 vaccine was also detected in this study. Anesthesiologists are still under rising pressure of psychological symptoms in the post COVID-19 era. It is imperative to afford continuous psychological support to them and ensure their mental health and professional performance.
doi:10.2147/prbm.s357566 pmid:35368423 pmcid:PMC8974417 fatcat:itgpjlrwrffc3kujmd2s2coqr4

Viral Etiology of acute respiratory tract infections in hospitalized children and adults in Shandong Province, China

Ti Liu, Zhong Li, Shengyang Zhang, Shaoxia Song, Wu Julong, Yi Lin, Nongjian Guo, Chunyan Xing, Aiqiang Xu, Zhenqiang Bi, Xianjun Wang
2015 Virology Journal  
The dominant viral etiologies responsible for acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are poorly understood, particularly among hospitalized patients. Improved etiological insight is needed to improve clinical management and prevention of ARIs. Methods: Clinical and demographic information and throat swabs were collected from 607 patients from 2011 to 2013 in Shandong Province, China. Multiplex RT-PCR (SeeplexTM RV detection, Seegene) was performed to detected 12 respiratory viral pathogens.
more » ... : A total of 607 hospitalized patients were enrolled from 2011 to 2013. Viruses were identified in 35.75 % (217/607) of cases, including 78 influenza virus A and B (IVA and IVB), 47 para-influenza viruses (PIVs), 41 respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and 38 adenovirus (ADV). For the children under 15 year old, the common detected viruses were influenza viruses, RSV, PIVS and ADV, while the principal respiratory viruses were human coronaviruses (HCoV), PIVs, influenza viruses for the old adults. Co-infections with multiple viruses were detected in 15.67 % of patients. Children under 5 years were more likely to have one or more detectable virus associated with their ARI. The peak of ARI caused by the respiratory viruses occurred in winter. Conclusion: This study demonstrated respiratory viruses were the major cause of hospitalized ARI patients in Shandong Province, influenza virus was the most common detected, RSV was the highest incidence among the young children (≤5 years). These findings also gave a better understand of virus distribution among different age and seasons, which help to consider potential therapeutic approaches and develop effective prevention strategies for respiratory virus infection.
doi:10.1186/s12985-015-0388-z pmid:26467854 pmcid:PMC4606902 fatcat:mvnu3vb5n5fc7orjp4nvolcdmy

Genome-Wide Identification, Characterization and Expression Analysis of Soybean CHYR Gene Family

Bowei Jia, Yan Wang, Dajian Zhang, Wanhong Li, Hongli Cui, Jun Jin, Xiaoxi Cai, Yang Shen, Shengyang Wu, Yongxia Guo, Mingzhe Sun, Xiaoli Sun
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
The CHYR (CHY ZINC-FINGER AND RING FINGER PROTEIN) proteins have been functionally characterized in iron regulation and stress response in Arabidopsis, rice and Populus. However, their roles in soybean have not yet been systematically investigated. Here, in this study, 16 GmCHYR genes with conserved Zinc_ribbon, CHY zinc finger and Ring finger domains were obtained and divided into three groups. Moreover, additional 2–3 hemerythrin domains could be found in the N terminus of Group III.
more » ... tic and homology analysis of CHYRs in green plants indicated that three groups might originate from different ancestors. Expectedly, GmCHYR genes shared similar conserved domains/motifs distribution within the same group. Gene expression analysis uncovered their special expression patterns in different soybean tissues/organs and under various abiotic stresses. Group I and II members were mainly involved in salt and alkaline stresses. The expression of Group III members was induced/repressed by dehydration, salt and alkaline stresses, indicating their diverse roles in response to abiotic stress. In conclusion, our work will benefit for further revealing the biological roles of GmCHYRs.
doi:10.3390/ijms222212192 pmid:34830077 pmcid:PMC8625759 fatcat:hntaqwkkynar5orw5hfa2nkoiy

Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification by Multiple Granularity Semantic Learning

Weilong Guo, Shengyang Li, Jian Yang, Zhuang Zhou, Yunfei Liu, Junjie Lu, Longxuan Kou, Manqi Zhao
2022 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
Remote sensing image scene classification faces challenges such as the difference in semantic granularity of different scene categories and the imbalance of the number of samples, which cause the wrong features learning for deep convolutional networks (DCNs). This paper proposes a multiple granularity semantic learning network (MGSN), including multiple granularity semantic learning (MGSL) and nonuniform sampling augmentation (NUA) modules. Specifically, the MGSL module makes full use of
more » ... nt granularities of semantic information of scenes, guiding the network to learn global and local features simultaneously. And the relationship between semantic features of different granularity has been explored, based that the learning of coarse-grained features helps to improve the learning of fine-grained semantic features. It shows that learning fine-grain semantics can inhibit learning coarse-grain semantic features. The NUA module combines sampling and sample augmentation to balance the sample distribution, which can avoid overfitting caused by oversampling. The proposed MGSN achieved state-ofthe-art classification accuracy on two large-scale remote sensing image scene classification datasets, Million-AID and NWPU-RESISC45. Under 10% and 20% training samples of NWPU-RESISC45 dataset, MGSN achieves 91.92% and 94.33% top1 accuracy respectively. In experiments conducted on the Million-AID dataset, the proposed MGSN performed best among 18 DCNs. In comparison to the baseline, FixEfficientNet, MGSN improved the accuracy of top1 and top5 by 10.63% and 5.47%, respectively, with low complexity costs.
doi:10.1109/jstars.2022.3158703 fatcat:a22v5lckbbdbnh2smbmhhquvby

VLN2Regulates Plant Architecture by Affecting Microfilament Dynamics and Polar Auxin Transport in Rice

Shengyang Wu, Yurong Xie, Junjie Zhang, Yulong Ren, Xin Zhang, Jiulin Wang, Xiuping Guo, Fuqing Wu, Peike Sheng, Juan Wang, Chuanyin Wu, Haiyang Wang (+2 others)
2015 The Plant Cell  
DOI 10.1105/tpc.15.00581 ; originally published online October 20, 2015; 2015;27;2829-2845 Plant Cell Wu, Peike Sheng, Juan Wang, Chuanyin Wu, Haiyang Wang, Shanjin Huang and Jianmin Wan Shengyang Wu,  ...  Yurong Xie, Junjie Zhang, Yulong Ren, Xin Zhang, Jiulin Wang, Xiuping Guo, Fuqing Transport in Rice Regulates Plant Architecture by Affecting Microfilament Dynamics and Polar Auxin VLN2 This information  ... 
doi:10.1105/tpc.15.00581 pmid:26486445 pmcid:PMC4682327 fatcat:rcs2r2w5orhovbzaobapckk5vi

Electricity generation and pollutants removal of landfill leachate by osmotic microbial fuel cells with different forward osmosis membranes

Nan Jiang, Li Huang, Manhong Huang, Teng Cai, Jialing Song, Shengyang Zheng, Jili Guo, Zhuang Kong, Liang Chen
2021 Sustainable Environment Research  
AbstractIn this study, thin-film composite with embedded polyester screen, cellulose triacetate with a cast nonwoven and cellulose triacetate with embedded polyester screen (CTA-ES) was examined as the intermediate membranes in osmotic microbial fuel cells (OsMFCs). The reactors were fed with actual landfill leachate and the performance was studied in two operation modes: active layer facing draw solution and active layer facing feed solution (AL-FS). The OsMFC with CTA-ES exhibited the best
more » ... rgy generation (maximum power density: 0.44 W m− 2) and pollutant removal efficiency (ammonia nitrogen: 70%, total nitrogen: 74%) in the AL-FS mode, which could be ascribed to the lowest internal resistance (237 Ω) and highest microbial richness. Pseudomonas was the highest proportion of microbial in OsMFCs. The result of this study has demonstrated the potential of OsMFCs for landfill leachate treatment.
doi:10.1186/s42834-021-00095-7 fatcat:6fs6277s7bhm7cshfugumgknaa
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