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Gabriel-Constrained Parametric Surface Triangulation

Oscar E. Ruiz, Carlos Cadavid, Juan G. Lalinde, Ricardo Serrano, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnes
2008 Zenodo  
Lalinde, and Guillermo Peris. Parameter-independent, curvature-sensitive sprinkle and star algorithms for surface triangulation. Submitted to the Computer-Aided Design Journal at Elsevier editorial.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1056488 fatcat:oeuvxhutvrhq7ebrk6dofzoyp4

Euro Banknote Recognition System for Blind People

Larisa Dunai Dunai, Mónica Chillarón Pérez, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Ismael Lengua Lengua
2017 Sensors  
Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés contributed on the experimental trials. Ismael Lengua Lengua contributed on the manuscript edition and English reviewing and prototyping.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17010184 pmid:28117703 pmcid:PMC5298757 fatcat:ulnq2ivyfvfmxom2cdce2mgvqm

Virtual Sound Localization by Blind People

Larisa Dunai, Ismael Lengua, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Fernando Brusola
2015 Archives of Acoustics  
The paper demonstrates that blind people localize sounds more accurately than sighted people by using monaural and/or binaural cues. In the experiment, blind people participated in two tests; the first one took place in the laboratory and the second one in the real environment under different noise conditions. A simple click sound was employed and processed with non-individual head related transfer functions. The sounds were delivered by a system with a maximum azimuth of 32° to the left side
more » ... d 32° to the right side of the participant's head at a distance ranging from 0.3 m up to 5 m. The present paper describes the experimental methods and results of virtual sound localization by blind people through the use of a simple electronic travel aid based on an infrared laser pulse and the time of flight distance measurement principle. The lack of vision is often compensated by other perceptual abilities, such as the tactile or hearing ability. The results show that blind people easily perceive and localize binaural sounds and assimilate them with sounds from the environment.
doi:10.1515/aoa-2015-0055 fatcat:olbhwfwprbc7th3gogauhgp2qm

Virtual Moving Sound Source Localization through Headphones [chapter]

Larisa Dunai, Guillermo Peris-Fajarns, Teresa Magal-Royo, Beatriz Defez, Victor Santiago
2011 Advances in Sound Localization  
How to reference In order to correctly reference this scholarly work, feel free to copy and paste the following: Larisa Dunai, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Teresa Magal-Royo, Beatriz Defez and Victor Santiago  ... 
doi:10.5772/14643 fatcat:i3y2hrfimze5xobm6swu3ayr4u

Gabriel-constrained Parametric Surface Triangulation [chapter]

Oscar E., John E., Carlos Cadavid, Juan G., Guillermo Peris-Fajarnes, Beatriz Defez-Garcia, Ricardo Serrano
2009 Recent Advances in Technologies  
doi:10.5772/7401 fatcat:jricmlo5sje75ogiwagkgu7bkq


Cod. 9010 | Mecánica | 2205.11 Robótica aplicada nnnnartículo de investigación / research article Diseño de un exoesqueleto de extremidades inferiores Larisa Dunai Ismael Lengua y Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés  ...  Peris-Fajarnés y Beatriz Defes-García Mayo -Junio 2019 | Vol. 94 nº3 | 297/303 | Dyna | 303 El prototipo ha sido validado en un conjunto de usuarios, demostrando ciertas ventajas respecto a los diseños  ...  Características para el desarrollo del exoesqueleto Diseño de un exoesqueleto de extremidades inferiores Larisa Dunai Ismael Lengua y Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés y Beatriz Defes-García 300 | Dyna | Mayo  ... 
doi:10.6036/9010 fatcat:nondttkaevcsxn5iqvliyykhqe

Minimizing Shadow Area in Mountain Roads for Improving the Sustainability of Infrastructures

José Ángel Aranda, María Moncho Santonja, MÁ Gil Saurí, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés
2021 Sustainability  
The lack of sunlight on mountain roads in the wintertime leads to an increase in accidents. In this paper, a methodology is presented for the use of sunny and shady areas to be included as a parameter in road design. The inclusion of this parameter allows for the design of an iterative method for the projected infrastructures. The parameterization of the road layout facilitates the possibility of applying an iterative process of modifying the geometric elements that constitute it, examining
more » ... erent layout alternatives until a layout is achieved in which the surface area in the shady area is minimized, increasing the road safety and minimizing environmental impact. The methodology has been defined, generating and analyzing the results of the solar lighting study using a file in IFC format capable of integrating with the rest of the design elements (platform, signaling, structures, etc.) and thus obtaining a BIM format which allows the model to be viewed in three dimensions and moves towards 4D and 5D. The model used for the study was a high mountain road located in the province of Teruel (Spain). It is a road section characterized by successive curves in which several traffic accidents have occurred due to running off the road, partly because of the presence of ice on the platform.
doi:10.3390/su13105392 fatcat:pzgi6h4pd5cunkeloo3j5qpb4e

Recognition of Abnormal Uptake through 123I-mIBG Scintigraphy Entropy for Paediatric Neuroblastoma Identification

Milagros Martínez-Díaz, Rafael Martínez-Díaz, Luis Sánchez-Ruiz, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés
2016 Entropy  
Whole-body 123 I-Metaiodobenzylguanidine (mIBG) scintigraphy is used as primary image modality to visualize neuroblastoma tumours and metastases because it is the most sensitive and specific radioactive tracer in staging the disease and evaluating the response to treatment. However, especially in paediatric neuroblastoma, information from mIBG scans is difficult to extract because of acquisition difficulties that produce low definition images, with poor contours, resolution and contrast. These
more » ... roblems limit physician assessment. Current oncological guidelines are based on qualitative observer-dependant analysis. This makes comparing results taken at different moments of therapy, or in different institutions, difficult. In this paper, we present a computerized method that processes an image and calculates a quantitative measurement considered as its entropy, suitable for the identification of abnormal uptake regions, for which there is enough suspicion that they may be a tumour or metastatic site. This measurement can also be compared with future scintigraphies of the same patient. Over 46 scintigraphies of 22 anonymous patients were tested; the procedure identified 96.7% of regions of abnormal uptake and it showed a low overall false negative rate of 3.3%. This method provides assistance to physicians in diagnosing tumours and also allows the monitoring of patients' evolution.
doi:10.3390/e18100349 fatcat:w3jfkettqfd4fomwtka26rgtuq

Hough Transform Sensitivity Factor Calculation Model Applied to the Analysis of Acne Vulgaris Skin Lesions

María Moncho Santonja, Bàrbara Micó-Vicent, Beatriz Defez, Jorge Jordán, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnes
2022 Applied Sciences  
The number of infectious spots or pathological structures recorded on dermatological images is a tool to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression. Dermatological images for the detection and monitoring of the evolution of acne infections are evaluated globally, comparing whether the increase or decrease in infectious lesions appearing on an image is significant. This evaluation method is only indicative since its accuracy is low. The accuracy problem could be improved by an
more » ... ct count of the number of structures and spots appearing on the image. The mathematical function circular Hough transform (CHT) function implemented in MATLAB is here applied to develop a procedure for counting these structures. CHT has been used in the recognition of benign and distorted red blood cells, in the detection of pellet sizes in industrial processes and in the automated detection and morphological characterization of breast tumor masses from infrared images, as well as for the detection of brain aneurysms and use in magnetic resonance imaging. The sensitivity factor is one of the many parameters required to feed the CHT algorithm. Its choice is unclear as there is no proper methodology to select an optimum value suitable for each image. In this work, a procedure for determining the optimal value of the sensitivity factor is proposed The approach is validated by comparison with the results of the manual counting of the points (ground truth).
doi:10.3390/app12031691 fatcat:t5cfbz7xpfbbxbirauwgrkskru

Simulation of the Evolution of Floor Covering Ceramic Tiles During the Firing

Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Beatriz Defez, Ricardo Serrano, Oscar E. Ruiz
2012 Journal of materials engineering and performance (Print)  
In the context of the firing of ceramic tiles the problem of simulating the final shape of the body is relevant because several defects can occur and the tile can be rejected if the conditions of the firing are inadequate for the geometry and materials of the tile. The existing literature on this problem indicates that previous works present limitations in aspects such as not using a model characteristic of ceramics at high temperatures and oversimplifying the problem. As a response to such
more » ... tcomings, this article presents a simulation with a 3-dimensional Norton's model, which overcomes the difficulties because it is characteristic of ceramics at high temperatures. The results of our simulated experiments show advantages with respect to the identification of the mechanisms that contribute to the final shape of the body. Our work is able to divide the history of temperatures in stages where the evolution of the thermal, elastic and creep deformations is simplified and meaningful. That is achieved because our work found that curvature is the most descriptive parameter of the simulation, the most important contribution of this article. Future work is to be realized in the creation of a model that takes into account that the shrinkage is dependent on the history of temperatures. The main shortcoming of the paper is the lack of physical experiments to corroborate the simulations.
doi:10.1007/s11665-012-0354-5 fatcat:lj2qmbnc3zeu3on3rle3gstyra

Spanish students and teachers' preferences towards computer-based and paper-and-pencil tests at universities

De-Siqueira, Jose Macario, Peris-Fajarnes, Guillermo, Gimenez, Fernando, Magal-Royo, Teresa
2009 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
This study was conducted to identify and analyze some significant features that influence students and teachers about computerbased tests (CBT) and paper-and-pencil tests (P&P) at the context of the PAULEX Project. In order to do that, a large experiment has been developed at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia), Spain, in which several students and professors have answered a validated questionnaire about their usage of technology, feelings and
more » ... . They also compared their preferences after doing two similar basic tests, CBT and P&P.
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2009.01.145 fatcat:ft56hgc6mvahlljw3peklog2ke


2012 International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems  
Peris-Fajarnés, L. Dunai  ...  Peris-Fajarnés, L. Dunai Fig. 4 . 4 Examples of testing images set. Brighter areas show higher certainties of the detected areas to be free paths.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0218488512500122 fatcat:gqbkxokfrjcqfhq43lepdss2jq

Optimal design of deep back relief in ceramic floorings by means of the finite element method

Beatriz DEFEZ, Guillermo PERIS-FAJARNES, Ignacio TORTAJADA, Fernando BRUSOLA, Larisa DUNAI
2008 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
The ceramic tile industry faces up to a saturated market and needs to offer innovative products constantly, competitive in quality and optimal from the economic and environmental point of view. Ceramic tiles lightened by the execution of a deep back relief could be manufactured with less raw material than the traditional one, which has an effect in the saving of weight and energy. Additionally, a lighter final product improves working conditions on the shopfloor and at the building site.
more » ... eless, lightened tiles are structurally different, and so is their mechanical and thermic behaviour. Because it is a constructive element it is necessary to know its response under typical loads and assure fulfilment of the valid standards. This paper aims at the objective of evaluating lightened ceramic floorings employing solid three-dimensional modelling and finite elements method (FEM), establishing an optimal definition of the back relief. In order to achieve this objective, 1 reference model and 56 different relief versions were defined, which underwent 4 structural tests. After deciding that both mass and principal stresses (Rankine criterion), were the magnitudes to consider in the study, the maximal stresses of each version for each test were calculated, as much as their distribution. Next, 4 comparison coefficients were defined and a suitability order was established. Finally, thanks to the collaboration with a ceramic company it was verified that the employed methodology was appropriate. Altogether, it has been concluded that lightened tiles could improve both raw material consumption and structural response simultaneously. A set of fundamental behaviour guidelines has been extracted and could be taken as a basis for the back relief design of any enterprise. Regardless these guidelines, this paper proposes a methodology for the geometric evaluation of floorings that could be extended to other kinds of products and design variables.
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.116.941 fatcat:s36fufdjffcdpjyej22qiyqeyy


Rafael Martínez-Díaz, Julia Balaguer, Luis Manuel Sánchez-Ruiz, Pilar Bello, Victoria Castel, Antonio Rivas, Adela Cañete, Marina Falgas, Jose Luis Loaiza, Guillermo Perís-Fajarnés
2015 Image Analysis and Stereology  
Whole-body 123I-Metaiodobenzylguanidine (mIBG) scintigraphy is used as the primary image modality in neuroblastoma detection. It is the most sensitive and specific method for staging and response evaluation. Validated semi-quantitative scoring methods with low interobserver variability and high reproducibility have shown to be indispensable for the evaluation of response to therapy. However, low resolution, noise and acquisition difficulties, specially in children, make low definition scans.
more » ... se facts increase observer dependent interpretations that limit assessment and complicate to put a scoring method successfully into practice. It is essential to have an objective and reliable measure of response to test the activity of therapies. In this paper we propose the use of a quantitative observer-independent measurement of the strength of uptake to be used as an additional tool for assisting the International Society of Paediatric Oncology Europe Neuroblastoma Group (SIOPEN) semi-quantitative scoring method. This is the scoring method recommended by the SIOPEN Nuclear Medicine and Physics Committee, in collaborative work with the Children's Oncology Group, as the standard one for acquiring and reporting diagnostic paediatric mIBG scans across Europe. Our proposed method is based on the ratio between the amount of specific uptake at tumours and the amount of non-specific uptake at SIOPEN anatomical sectors which has shown to be constant in all the scans of the patients.
doi:10.5566/ias.1219 fatcat:j7ovqdkajjckpgydnc4spvg3pi

Desarrollo computacional de piezas de fachada ventilada para la mejora de su respuesta a flexión

Beatriz Defez, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Ismael Lengua, Víctor Santiago-Praderas, José Manuel Soria
2013 Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio  
doi:10.3989/cyv.2013.v52.i5.1232 fatcat:xhdsdsagjnez7a57eunkdmyq24
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