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Grid Proximity Graphs: LOGs, GIGs and GIRLs

River Allen, Laurie J. Heyer, Rahnuma Islam Nishat, Sue Whitesides
2013 Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry  
This paper discusses three types of proximity graphs called LOGs, GIGs and GIRLs, defined on unit grids. We show that it can be decided in linear time whether a LOG graph is a GIG graph.  ...  We also show that it is NP-complete to recognize LOGs and GIGs, and explore the relationship between these graph classes and their properties. Enumeration results and open problems are also presented.  ...  We show that LOG graph and GIG graph recognition is NP-complete. We have also introduced generalizations of LOG graphs and a significant superclass of GIG graphs called the GIRL graphs.  ... 
dblp:conf/cccg/AllenHNW13 fatcat:z4ayqcmqvzfofmxbxqdto72ovu

Interventions for preventing obesity in children

Tamara Brown, Theresa HM Moore, Lee Hooper, Yang Gao, Amir Zayegh, Sharea Ijaz, Martha Elwenspoek, Sophie C Foxen, Lucia Magee, Claire O'Malley, Elizabeth Waters, Carolyn D Summerbell (+1 others)
2019 The Cochrane library  
Prevention of childhood obesity is an international public health priority given the significant impact of obesity on acute and chronic diseases, general health, development and well-being.  ...  The international evidence base for strategies to prevent obesity is very large and is accumulating rapidly. This is an update of a previous review.  ...  GIG also utilises engaging and interactive methods to help girls achieve skills, and girls are encouraged to come up with solutions (i.e. active).  ... 
doi:10.1002/14651858.cd001871.pub4 pmid:31332776 pmcid:PMC6646867 fatcat:hjjordw4jbhb3ghr3fxatupbti

Static, dynamic, and relational properties in vowel perception

Terrance M. Nearey
1989 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
A new experiment is presented that extends Lindblom and Studdert-Kennedy's finding [ B. Lindblom and M. Studdeft-Kennedy, J. Acoust. Soc.  ...  Am. 43, 840-843 (1967) ] of perceptual effects of consonantal context on vowel perception to/dVd/and/bVb/contexts.  ...  The high level of the ensemble factor consisted of the same grid but shifted up by three log steps.  ... 
doi:10.1121/1.397861 pmid:2659638 fatcat:irmiz7ze3fderkbc7azl4zi5ea

Redesigning Services for the Net-Gen and Beyond: A Holistic Review of Pedagogy, Resource, and Learning Space

Jill Beard, Penny Dale
2008 New Review of Academic Librarianship  
The recommendations do not provide a menu for choice; each is interdependent and necessary. Globally there is much good, but isolated work exploring the future shape and design of schools.  ...  The way that teachers are developed professionally, the school curriculum, assessment and testing systems, parental engagement, expectations and entitlements all intermesh with the design of schools.  ...  In other cases the school facility is adjacent to the centre of excellence and the gain comes from proximity.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13614530802518941 fatcat:ho2sb3qrdjfoblph3k5szr446q

A Study On Customers' Perception On Service Of Star Hotels In Coimbatore City

J.K. Bharath
2019 Zenodo  
more workers and staff to take care of their health.  ...  There are twenty five 4 star hotels and forty eight 3 star hotels are available in Coimbatore, out of it ten leading 3 star and 4 star hotels were selected for this study.  ...  Web log resources are web server log, web proxy log user, history files cookies files browser etc.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4301202 fatcat:hoihqmlounbbtbj5xiqpyp6354

The State of AI Ethics Report (June 2020) [article]

Abhishek Gupta
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We cover a wide set of areas in this report spanning Agency and Responsibility, Security and Risk, Disinformation, Jobs and Labor, the Future of AI Ethics, and more.  ...  Our goal is to help you navigate this ever-evolving field swiftly and allow you and your organization to make informed decisions.  ...  who were in close proximity to them.  ... 
arXiv:2006.14662v1 fatcat:q76dnqzh4ja5pofurjmpmyeyey

Digital Environments and the Future of Ethnography An Introduction [chapter]

Urte Undine Frömming, Steffen Köhn, Samantha Fox, Mike Terry, Urte Undine Frömming, Steffen Köhn, Samantha Fox, Mike Terry
2017 Digital Environments  
Also, they should live off the grid. Also, real MGTOW are child-free.  ...  Sandman responded in a post to ProlifeVegan Aryan: Between this and my full time gig I'm working 60+ hours a week [...]  ...  Part 2 Political Digital Environments and Activism Online Hair, Blood and the Nipple Instagram Censorship and the Female Body Gretchen Faust introDuCtion Everybody has the possibility of becoming a content  ... 
doi:10.14361/9783839434970-002 fatcat:gdok5nc5b5adrg7smb6ywtdy5y

Leveraging Semantic Annotations for Event-focused Search & Summarization [article]

Arunav Mishra, Universität Des Saarlandes, Universität Des Saarlandes
We employ an exhaustive grid search to find most suitable mixing parameter values of α, β, and γ for our data.  ...  Starting with this, we can make the following derivation: scor e(q, d ) ≡ w∈V P (w|Q) · log P (w|D) = w∈V count (w, q) |q| · log P (w|D) ≈ w∈V count (w, q) · log P (w|D) = log P (q|D) Finally, in the derivation  ... 
doi:10.22028/d291-27108 fatcat:kwkdprnrivfdvi3rtazu4gbcfu

The Next Generation Internet: a selection of contributions to the debate

Nadia El-Imam
2021 Zenodo  
Care and Welfare, Work, Livelihoods and Business, Freedom, Control and Justice, Polities, Politics and Democracy.  ...  The selection of authors, interviewees and the subjects of their contributions to include in this publication took place after the conversations on the platform were already underway, and a first round  ...  Acknowledgement : This Report is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº825652.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6320727 fatcat:ghuvcxm5pjhlhi6cfn6dpf2aou

Learning Race and Ethnicity: Youth and Digital Media

Barbara Crow
2009 Information, Communication & Society  
and social communication.  ...  and share with others.  ...  If you are recognizably Korean and you have a presence on one of these  ... 
doi:10.1080/13691180802552908 fatcat:f2tko4i24fcc5nxrcgcua4mtju

Smooth regression quantile estimation

Keming Yu
The method proposed, which is still a semi-parametric one, is based on a general idea of local linear kernel approach of log-likelihood model.  ...  Three methods are recommended for quantile regression in practice, and they are double kernel method, LMS method and Box partition kernel method (BPK).  ...  Tables 7.17 with c-E(1) -log(2), and XN U(0,5), then m(x) =2+x+ e-x(1 -log(2)) qp(x) =2+x- e-xlog(2(l -p)) q''(x) =1+ e-xlog(2(1 -p)) qp(x) = -e-'log(2(1 -p)) Figure 1 (d) shows the graphs of 10th  ... 
doi:10.21954/ fatcat:dzq5hi7jjbfgbbbyzc4ftfubzu

A Message from the Director NCAR Annual Report ASP Report CISL Report EOL Report NESL Report RAL Report About NCAR NCAR Annual Report ASP Report CISL Report EOL Report NESL Report RAL Report

Eric Barron
2009 unpublished
[left] from the NNRP-forced WRF runs, over the period 1991-1999; [right] from Brooks and Stensrud (2000), based on the period 1948-1993.  ...  NCAR's mission is to understand the behavior of the atmosphere and related physical, biological and social systems; to support, enhance and extend the capabilities of the university community and the broader  ...  scientific community -nationally and internationally; and to foster the transfer of knowledge and technology for the betterment of life on Earth.  ... 

Doing Sound: An Ethnography of Fidelity, Temporality, and Labor Among Live Sound Engineers

Whitney Jesse Slaten
In particular, these engineers also work to sonically and visually mask themselves and their equipment.  ...  I argue that fidelity dynamically oscillates as struggle and satisfaction in live sound engineers' theory of labor and resonates with their phenomenological encounters with sounds and social positions  ...  Musicians and Gigs at Jazzmobile !  ... 
doi:10.7916/d87s94vd fatcat:axwbuuvwv5bila5apxgufwqls4

Factors that Encourage and Facilitate Female Students to Participate and Engage in Technology Education

Vicki Knopke, University, My, Glenn Finger
In doing so, the ecology of the learning environment, the context of the learning and social interactions were analysed and triangulated from the staff, student, and administrators perspectives.  ...  The second research question asked - how teaching and learning was conducted and approached in selected Technology Education classrooms?  ...  That's a big gig (T2). T2's comments were relevant in terms of the pedagogy that was used in the class.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3286 fatcat:i3z7q7jquremdkx5tn2rjijqpe

Recommended Citation Sohval, Daniel

Daniel Sohval
2013 unpublished
Where several men much larger and wider than him, sporting shoulder tattoos of Virgin Maries and the cursive names of exgirlfriends, pump iron.  ...  Because the whole human family, folk and adjunct professors of neurolinguistics alike came from the same crop of hominids in the Savannah, right? Zfdel approaches the barbell racks.  ...  His face was calm and cool if not a bit nervous and his shirt already seemed to be logged with sweat.  ... 
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