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Identifying Cotton Fields from Remote Sensing Images Using Multiple Deep Learning Networks

Haolu Li, Guojie Wang, Zhen Dong, Xikun Wei, Mengjuan Wu, Huihui Song, Solomon Obiri Yeboah Amankwah
2021 Agronomy  
This study aims to utilize a deep learning-based framework for cotton crop field identification with Gaofen-1 (GF-1) high-resolution (16 m) imageries in Wei-Ku region, China.  ...  An optimized model for the pixel-wise multidimensional densely connected convolutional neural network (DenseNet) was used.  ...  GF-1 is a high-resolution remote sensing image containing richer spatial information than medium-resolution remote sensing images.  ... 
doi:10.3390/agronomy11010174 fatcat:chc6tmftezfipj2vert5x4lyhe

Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of the Ephemeral Gully Belt on the Plowed Slopes of River Basins in Natural and Anthropogenic Landscapes of the East of the Russian Plain

Evgeniya Platoncheva, Oleg Yermolaev, Benedict Essuman-Quainoo
2020 Geosciences  
For the initial material, satellite images of medium (30 m) and high resolution (0.5–1.5 m) were used in the work.  ...  The development of information technologies and the availability of high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution satellite images make it possible to solve the problems of ephemeral gully erosion belts identification  ...  the area images should be in the public domain and have high or medium spatial resolution [24] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/geosciences10050167 fatcat:5hmkjcxopzgopbbvygfxly47om

Google Earth Engine as Multi-Sensor Open-Source Tool for Supporting the Preservation of Archaeological Areas: The Case Study of Flood and Fire Mapping in Metaponto, Italy

Carmen Fattore, Nicodemo Abate, Farid Faridani, Nicola Masini, Rosa Lasaponara
2021 Sensors  
useful information for setting up strategies to mitigate damage and support the preservation of areas and landscape rich in cultural and natural heritage.  ...  This paper is focused on the use of the open-source Google Earth Engine tool herein used to analyze flood and fire events which affected the area of Metaponto (southern Italy), near the homonymous Greek-Roman  ...  For example, satellite imagery with both low spatial resolution and high temporal resolution, such as the MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS), Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21051791 pmid:33806568 fatcat:t7loeg2fubhazhwrsttos2dmy4

Lithology Classification Using TASI Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Data with Convolutional Neural Networks

Huize Liu, Ke Wu, Honggen Xu, Ying Xu
2021 Remote Sensing  
Hence, in this paper, lithology classification with CNNs was tested on thermal infrared hyperspectral data using a Thermal Airborne Spectrographic Imager (TASI) at three small sites in Liuyuan, Gansu Province  ...  It usually captures abstract features through a multilayer network, especially convolutional neural networks (CNNs), which have received more attention due to their unique advantages.  ...  ., K.W. and H.X.; methodology, H.L. and K.W.; writing-original draft preparation, H.L. and K.W.; writing-review and editing, Y.X. and H.X.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13163117 fatcat:mcbvvuijqbcmdb3btc2cijetke

Evolution and application of digital technologies to predict crop type and crop phenology in agriculture

A B Potgieter, Yan Zhao, Pablo J Zarco-Tejada, Karine Chenu, Yifan Zhang, Kenton Porker, Ben Biddulph, Yash P Dang, Tim Neale, Fred Roosta, Scott Chapman
2021 in silico Plants  
An integrated solution is proposed to allow accurate development, validation and scalability of predictive tools for crop phenology mapping at within-field scales, across extensive cropping areas.  ...  The advent of high temporal, spatial and spectral resolution remote sensing platforms, specifically during the last five years, and the advancement in software pipelines and cloud computing have resulted  ...  Secondly, this will enable the validation and out-scaling of such technologies using high-resolution RS across large regional scales.  ... 
doi:10.1093/insilicoplants/diab017 fatcat:h274vgwhmvdwbgublnbim4ob6q

A Framework for Optimizing Green Infrastructure Networks Based on Landscape Connectivity and Ecosystem Services

Xuemin Shi, Mingzhou Qin, Bin Li, Dan Zhang
2021 Sustainability  
To do this, we used a morphological spatial pattern analysis (MSPA) methodology and combined it with Procedure for mAthematical aNalysis of lanDscape evOlution and equilibRium scenarios Assessment (PANDORA  ...  Moreover, it establishes a direct connection between GI construction and ecosystem services, and improves biodiversity conservation by optimizing the network structure of GI.  ...  Grayish white with high brightness, block shape, no vegetation cover on the surface, flat surface.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su131810053 fatcat:bey6hhnapjb55g3csx4rsmgyku

Assessment of WorldView-3 Data for Lithological Mapping

Bei Ye, Shufang Tian, Jia Ge, Yaqin Sun
2017 Remote Sensing  
benefited by its high spatial resolution, as well.  ...  The WorldView-3 (WV-3) satellite is a new sensor with high spectral resolution, which equips eight multispectral bands in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) and additional eight bands in the shortwave  ...  Author Contributions: Shufang Tian, Bei Ye, Jia Ge, and Yaqin Sun conceived and designed the experiment; Yaqin Sun conducted the image pre-processing and field work; Bei Ye did lithological mapping experiment  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs9111132 fatcat:qipyw34ferhv7gf27njepjdcs4

Humans on Earth: Global extents of anthropogenic land cover from remote sensing

Christopher Small, Daniel Sousa
2016 Anthropocene  
To accommodate the challenges inherent to mapping any land cover at widely varying scales, we compare size distributions of spatially contiguous land cover (rather than total area) for several global land  ...  A B S T R A C T This review provides a perspective of the current state of the art in remote sensing of anthropogenic land cover and human-modified landscapes at global scales.  ...  Acknowledgements Much of the research summarized in this review was funded by NASA, and by the NASA Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC) program in particular.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ancene.2016.04.003 fatcat:tcelmaun4vfr7p4n7dyevag4iu

Daljinska istraživanja kao preliminarna metoda za otkrivanje aktivnih tektonskih struktura: primjer albanskog orogena

Andrea Favretto, Riccardo Geletti, Dario Civile
2013 Geoadria  
Acknowledgements The ASTER L1B data were obtained through the online Data Pool at the NASA Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC), USGS/Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS  ...  Besides the two multispectral, medium spatial resolution images, we also used a DEM of the same area.  ...  This visual discontinuity of the pixel at the side areas of image happens: -in the case of a different spatial resolution band composite image;-in the case of a mosaic in a color composition of bands with  ... 
doi:10.15291/geoadria.165 fatcat:ariv6h76fnhkxie2dsy2uixhxq


I. Noaje, I. G. Sion
2012 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
The first 25 years of the study period are characterized by growth of industrial areas, high density apartment buildings residential areas and leisure green areas by demolition of cultural heritage areas  ...  This paper presents a multisensor study relying on multiple data sets, both analogical and digital: satellite images (Corona -1964 panchromatic, SPOT HRV -1994 multispctral and panchromatic, IKONOS -2007  ...  In order to improve classes definition a vegetation map at 1:2,000 scale, realized in 1993 has been used.  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-xxxix-b7-329-2012 fatcat:gxzrg54ykjh5hey2u6s5bm6uqi

Appraisal of fracture sampling methods and a new workflow to characterise heterogeneous fracture networks at outcrop

Hannah Watkins, Clare E. Bond, Dave Healy, Robert W.H. Butler
2015 Journal of Structural Geology  
We develop a workflow for fracture data collection in a region of heterogeneous fractures in a fold and thrust belt, which we believe has applicability to a wide variety of fracture networks in different  ...  Characterising fractures at outcrop for use as analogues to fractured reservoirs can use several methods.  ...  The authors would like to thank Midland Valley Exploration for the use of their Move software ( for field mapping, cross section construction, and fracture orientation data plotting.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2015.02.001 fatcat:pzyiqqpalbg3tpbfx4lpkhyrdy

Nanosatellites applied to optical Earth observation: a review

Gustavo Willy Nagel, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes Novo, Milton Kampel
2020 Revista Ambiente & Água  
The unprecedented combination of high spatial and temporal resolution from nanosatellite constellations associated with improvement efforts in sensor quality is promising and may represent a trend to replace  ...  Then a systematic review of published articles using the most successful private constellation (PlanetScope and Doves) is presented and the principal papers are discussed.  ...  would like to acknowledge financial support from the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior -Brasil (CAPES) and  ... 
doi:10.4136/ambi-agua.2513 fatcat:ebti677wvvc3lfnpa3s3t67yte

Active Tectonics of the Frontal Himalayas: An Example from the Manzai Ranges in the Recess Setting, Western Pakistan

Kamil A. Qureshi, Shuhab D. Khan
2020 Remote Sensing  
Two frontal thrust faults (Khirgi and Jandola) were mapped using Sentinel-2B band ratios in the study area.  ...  We mapped a segment (Manzai Ranges) of the MFT at the western margin of the Himalayas and analyzed its deformation mechanism and active tectonics using geomorphic indices and the Interferometric Synthetic  ...  Acknowledgments: K.A.Q. thanks Mehdi Darveshi, John Suppe, Onur Karaca and Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy for their help and discussions on various aspects of this research.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12203362 fatcat:iwvvy75adrhrtccxysgxb4fgpe

The role of space-based observation in understanding and responding to active tectonics and earthquakes

J.R. Elliott, R.J. Walters, T.J. Wright
2016 Nature Communications  
We now routinely respond to earthquakes using satellites, mapping surface ruptures and estimating the distribution of slip on faults at depth for most continental earthquakes.  ...  The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-prot purposes  ...  Most figures were made using the public domain Generic Mapping Tools 118 . We thank S.K. Ebmeier for proof-reading this review, and R.  ... 
doi:10.1038/ncomms13844 pmid:28004655 pmcid:PMC5192184 fatcat:xwai6nv6sjdezcb4qoizo65gry

Assessing Land Cover and Ecological Quality Changes under the New-Type Urbanization from Multi-Source Remote Sensing

Fang Shi, Mingshi Li
2021 Sustainability  
We first established a LC database using an object-oriented classification of multi-source high-resolution satellite images.  ...  The average RSEI values of the study area were 0.583, 0.559, and 0.579, respectively. The spatial auto-correlation analysis indicated a strong positive correlation between the ecological qualities.  ...  Thus, high-resolution imagery provides new opportunities for highly accurate and detailed LC mapping at regional scales [17] [18] [19] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/su132111979 fatcat:h7z57f3zmzbajlve6o63pisgz4
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