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Page 3740 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 58, Issue 5 [page]

1979 Mathematical Reviews  
Regular sets of generalized sequential machine (gsm) mappings are obtained by composition. With X a regular set of gsm-mappings and L a regular language, any type 0 language is of the form X(L).  ...  rewriting systems).  ... 

Structurally and Arithmetically Controlled Grammars

S Ashaari, SHERZOD TURAEV, A Okhunov
2016 International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing  
Thereby, in this paper, we briefly recapitulate the background of formallanguage theory and highlight the key results of multiset grammars, valence grammars and tree controlledgrammars.  ...  Over the quarter century, it is gratifying to note that the significance of regulated or controlledgrammars (i.e. grammars with regulated rewriting) has been recognized by many parties where it has beenused  ...  In the meantime, they have examined the use of valences in parallel systems [43] .  ... 
doi:10.31436/ijpcc.v2i2.39 fatcat:jwoix3ktnvbvfnv6ihpbedbuda

Grammars Controlled by Petri Nets [chapter]

J. Dassow, G. Mavlankulov, M. Othman, S. Turaev, M.H. Selamat, R. Stiebe
2012 Petri Nets - Manufacturing and Computer Science  
An additive valence grammar is a quintuple G = (V, Σ, S, R, v) where V, Σ, S, R are defined as for a context-free grammar and v is a mapping from R into Z.  ...  The families of languages generated by regularly controlled, matrix, vector, additive valence and positive valence grammars (with erasing rules) are denoted by rC, MAT, VEC, aV, pV (rC λ , MAT λ , VEC  ... 
doi:10.5772/50637 fatcat:6f2bgxy5trhqbnujie5dhcwjo4

Grammars With Regulated Rewriting [chapter]

Jürgen Dassow
2004 Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing  
Context-free grammars are not able to cover all linguistic phenomena. Thus we define some types of grammars where context-free rules are used and restriction imposed on the derivations.  ...  We illustrate the concepts by example, compare the generative power, give some closure and decidability properties and basic facts on syntactic complexity.  ...  inverse morphisms + + + + + + + + + + λ-free gsm-mappings + + + + + + + + + + gsm-mappings - + - + + + + ? + ? quotient by regular sets - + - + + + + + + ?  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-39886-8_13 fatcat:ma3ler6bpnfnjgp3kibu3rryxy

Russian syntax and semantics

Frederik Kortlandt
2008 Russian Linguistics : International Journal for the Study of the Russian Language  
(Kortlandt 1972 (Kortlandt , 1973a (Kortlandt , 1973b (Kortlandt , 1974 (Kortlandt , 1980 (Kortlandt , 1986 against the background of a theoretical framework which may be called radical structuralism and  ...  The basic idea behind this approach is that a sharp distinction must be made between the axiomatic foundation of a framework, the creative liberty allowed within the framework, and the observations which  ...  Q 1+2 for an element with two valences and A 2 for the element which fills the second valence.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11185-008-9024-5 fatcat:afgakpfqtjgpzhgmymtjr77ozy

Page 1114 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
., 89i:68078 Mansour, Y. see Attiya, Hagit, 89b:68031 Marcus, Monica (with Paun, Gh.) Valence GSM-mappings. 89f:68018 COMPUTER SCIENCE 1989 Margolis, S. W. (with Pin, J.-E.)  ...  (Russian) 89m:94020 Zwiers, Jakob * Compositionality, concurrency and partial correctness. 894:68061 68Q50 Grammars, rewriting systems Anisimov, A. V. (with Oleshchuk, V. A.)  ... 

Page 886 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(Jetty Kleijn) 89b:68044 68050 (68-02) — (with Marcus, Monica) Valence GSM-mappings. Bull. Math. Soc. Sci. Math. R. S. Roumanie (N.S.) 31(79) (1987), no. 3, 219-229. (1. M.  ...  (with Smith, R. R.) Multilinear maps and tensor norms on operator systems. J. Funct. Anal. 73 (1987), no. 2, 258-276.  ... 

A Survey on Mobile Social Signal Processing

Niklas Palaghias, Seyed Amir Hoseinitabatabaei, Michele Nati, Alexander Gluhak, Klaus Moessner
2016 ACM Computing Surveys  
Close collaboration with social sciences may provide the theoretical mapping among behavioural cues, social signals and social behaviours.  ...  In addition to the above requirements, researchers need to consider the intrusiveness, security and privacy of the system.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work is supported by European Commission through the FP7-SOCIOTAL-609112 EU Projects and also by the joint EU and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC, Japan), Research  ... 
doi:10.1145/2893487 fatcat:sijw4ls7wzgvnijwpifqwatdfa


Konstantin Preslavsky
2013 unpublished
grammar, and dissatisfaction with purely communicative approaches.  ...  records of student "texting" and "chatspeak" (GSM and online) and other channels where learners (even quite young) use some English in their "e-life."  ...  Not is not used with tell, and when it happens to be used with say there should be a modal in front of say (see Collin"s Cobuild English Grammar 1990: 392) .  ... 

Hybrid discourse modeling and summarization for a speech-to-speech translation system [article]

Jan Alexandersson, Universität Des Saarlandes, Universität Des Saarlandes
Desweiterenüberzeugten er und seine Kollegen Mats Wirén, Magnus "Eximanatorn" Merkel, Arne Jönsson and Lars Ahrenberg mich, dass Computerlinguistik viel mehr Spass macht als, z.B.  ...  Dialogue Grammars Another line of research is the one concerned with describing dialogues with a (context free) grammar, e. g., (Scha & Polanyi, 1988; Jönsson, 1993) .  ...  Finally, the fourth fact-verb-frame-defines the valence role of a verb, i. e., it states what arguments a verb, in this case treffen, has together with the conditions on the arguments.  ... 
doi:10.22028/d291-25861 fatcat:fjhjzcjtgfa45e6ohylnvxfar4

Abstracts for the 29th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society (Neuroscience2006)

2006 Neuroscience research  
Brain circuitry that mediates decision-making should reflect both sensory and value influences, and we have recently been able to demonstrate such effects at the behavioral and neurophysiological levels  ...  Psychophysicists and sensory physiologists emphasize the effects of sensory stimuli on decision-making.  ...  We introduce our recent BMI system with independent component analysis (ICA) and specific multi-electrodes and show some neuronal and behavioral data obtained by the BMI system.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neures.2006.04.004 fatcat:mja5yvu2tbcjrmfx3a7abvvicm

Technology Made Legible: A Cultural Study of Software as a Form of Writing in the Theories and Practices of Software Engineering

Federica Frabetti
I argue that such a critical intervention is essential if we are to take new technologies seriously, and if we are to engage with them on both the cultural and the political level.  ...  This involves going beyond studying the intertwined processes of its production, reception and consumption - processes that typically constitute the focus of media and cultural studies.  ...  GSM was resignified as the English acronym for Global System for Mobile Communications and Phase One of the GSM specifications were published in 1990.  ... 
doi:10.25602/gold.00028917 fatcat:zrqxxueulrcj5nnyefcjchq7am

Nominal classification and verbal nouns in Baïnounk Gubëeher

Alexander Yao Cobbinah
The genealogical links and subgrouping within Atlantic used today go back to Sapir, built on lexicostatistic methods. According to this model, the genealogical affiliation  ...  , DJI220312AC LM Passives and Reflexives DJI280212AC7 LM 2 2 2 2 Sketch grammar Sketch grammar Sketch grammar Sketch grammar Table ( 30) ( As Croft (1990) argues, core nouns, verbs and  ...  of grammar.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00017370 fatcat:furew75dvfcmhbcylzxph5w44e

Hungarian Peacekeepers in Africa and a Hungarian Perspective on the UN Mission in Mozambique

Besenyő János
2018 Figshare  
Most of the people know that 1 000 officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers can serve abroad at the same time.  ...  When transnational companies work together with organised crime, then on the world's map appear the so-called failed states.  ...  Nevertheless, the local commercial GSM network can be used in case of emergency.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7108646.v1 fatcat:ltmbq7644fbj3fywbusldmfh5u

Mobile communication and the associated health hazard : the relation of knowledge, beliefs, and affective evaluation to people's health concerns

M E Cousin
Mobile communication and the associated health hazard : the relation of knowledge, beliefs, and affective evaluation to people's health concerns.  ...  Mobile communication and the associated health hazard : the relation of knowledge, beliefs, and affective evaluation to people's health concerns Cousin, M E Cousin, M E.  ...  Nervous System To disrupt the nervous system, as it works also with electric impulses 4 2 To break down the blood-brain-barrier 1 To destroy the nervous system 3 To provoke or disturb brain waves 1 Cells  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-10044 fatcat:vq7cqtinanh4njcs7madzfuwhe
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