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Going faster: testing the Web application

E. Hieatt, R. Mee
2002 IEEE Software  
This article documents test-first design and the creation of testable code for Web applications.  ...  The authors explain how testing has been critical to building Evant's application at speed while maintaining a high degree of quality.  ...  They agree that our focus on tests and testability has helped us go faster than any project they have worked on in the past.  ... 
doi:10.1109/52.991333 fatcat:c7u3hte655fd3dmcpoz2lzn2ei

Classification and Evaluation of Cloud-Based Testing Tools: The Case Study of Web Applications' Security Testing

Martin Lněnička, Jan Čapek
2018 Acta Informatica Pragensia  
The purpose of the article is to give a survey of research fields related to test and manage applications from the cloud, i.e. cloud-based testing, so that it can facilitate security requirements associated  ...  with the testing.  ...  In the case of web applications, the main goal is to test them against a broad range of web technologies and protocols.  ... 
doi:10.18267/j.aip.113 fatcat:st6jn4q2jvd65njrwdy3atsj2e

Search-based security testing of web applications

Julian Thomé, Alessandra Gorla, Andreas Zeller
2014 Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Search-Based Software Testing - SBST 2014  
SQL injections are still the most exploited web application vulnerabilities. We present a technique to automatically detect such vulnerabilities through targeted test generation.  ...  Starting from an entry URL, our BIOFUZZ prototype systematically crawls a web application and generates inputs whose effects on the SQL interaction are assessed at the interface between Web server and  ...  This work was funded by an European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant "SPEC-MATE -Specification Mining and Testing".  ... 
doi:10.1145/2593833.2593835 dblp:conf/icse/ThomeGZ14 fatcat:nefk46prqrgqfjoqm5js3hnrnm

ISD faster better easier

Darryl L. Sink
2002 Performance Improvement  
Fortunately, more and more people are recognizing the need for the application of instructional design principles to this relatively new, dynamic delivery system-the web.  ...  The application of the principles of perception to instructional design were probably never more important in designing good, complete training programs than in web-based training.  ... 
doi:10.1002/pfi.4140410705 fatcat:dppjtl7kl5fftgj6otyn2kpn6a

An Oracle based on Image Comparison for Regression Testing of Web Applications

Akihiro Hori, Shingo Takada, Haruto Tanno, Morihide Oinuma
2015 Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering  
Then, after the Web application is modified, regression testing is conducted by comparing the output of the modified Web application against the expected output.  ...  We thus propose a test oracle for automatically determining the result of regression testing a Web application.  ...  As with any software, each time a Web application is modified, it must go under regression testing, which checks that functions that performed correctly before modification still do.  ... 
doi:10.18293/seke2015-17 dblp:conf/seke/Hori0TO15 fatcat:r74byya3kjhcbgxdkvcoz6mnhy

Faster Compressed Quadtrees [article]

Guillermo de Bernardo, Travis Gagie, Susana Ladra, Gonzalo Navarro, Diego Seco
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We then describe a new compact quadtree representation based on heavy path decompositions, which supports queries faster than previous compact structures.  ...  These datasets aim at testing the performance of our technique on a wide variety of real-world applications.  ...  Higher dimensions Finally, we test the applicability of our proposal to higher dimensions. We compare hpqt with an implementation of the k 3 -tree, the extension of the k 2tree to 3 dimensions.  ... 
arXiv:1411.2785v3 fatcat:uydsvdamtzfc7mo7t52epdxmty

SymJS: automatic symbolic testing of JavaScript web applications

Guodong Li, Esben Andreasen, Indradeep Ghosh
2014 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering - FSE 2014  
We present SymJS, a comprehensive framework for automatic testing of client-side JavaScript Web applications.  ...  We illustrate the effectiveness of SymJS on standard JavaScript benchmarks and various real-life Web applications.  ...  The following table shows how well random and symbolic testing work for pure JavaScript (JS) programs and Web applications.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2635868.2635913 dblp:conf/sigsoft/LiAG14 fatcat:635b36kmhvgw7aa7ceuy2nio4u

Faster Discovery of Faster System Configurations with Spectral Learning [article]

Vivek Nair, Tim Menzies, Norbert Siegmund, Sven Apel
2017 arXiv   pre-print
WHAT's innovation is the use of the spectrum (eigenvalues) of the distance matrix between the configurations of a configurable software system, to perform dimensionality reduction.  ...  Both these problems can be avoided using the WHAT spectral learner.  ...  The user can use this model to decide whether to go ahead and build the predictive model.  ... 
arXiv:1701.08106v1 fatcat:uqceq2rcfnfpfo7xgruck7dbmy

Twitter is Faster

Zhengyu Deng, Ming Yan, Jitao Sang, Changsheng Xu
2015 ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)  
faster than the earthquake waves 4 .  ...  According to our cross-platform data analysis, the information emergence and propagation is faster in social textual stream-based platforms than that in multimedia sharing platforms at micro user level  ...  of G-Twitter-LDA in our application.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2637285 fatcat:3qcvb2vcxjebvetmjx3d6kaj54

Faster than Smoke? More Blinding than Mirrors?

Greg Goth
2007 IEEE Distributed Systems Online  
A new version of the cable television industry's data transport standard might drastically slash the time it takes to download anything from a text file to a movie to a full encyclopedia.  ...  It also supports IPv6 addressing and the Advanced Encryption Standard, both envisioned to be critical components of future business and residential networks.  ...  The tests involved 40,000 people using the magazine's self-developed SurfSpeed (,1895,2139423,00.asp) application. SurfSpeed connects to 10 popular Web sites.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mdso.2007.42 fatcat:4kry6ngq5zh4jisuhper7vcqta


Pradeek P Mohandas .
2016 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Thus fast internet access has become one of the highest priorities. Every company is in race to provide faster loading web pages. There are many methods in existence to load a web page faster.  ...  Paper also discuss about the practices that a developer can follow to create faster loading pages.  ...  For this reason, a lot of research performed at application layer and network level with the goal to make the web faster.  ... 
doi:10.15623/ijret.2016.0531008 fatcat:hhhea42aenhmzdx444ewj5nxa4

Faster Text-to-Speeches

João Guerreiro, Daniel Gonçalves
2015 Proceedings of the 17th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers & Accessibility - ASSETS '15  
The use of faster speech rates is one of the main techniques to speed-up the consumption of digital information.  ...  Results show that concurrent voices with speech rates slightly faster than the default rate, enable a significantly faster scanning for relevant content, while maintaining its comprehension.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank Fundação Raquel e Martin Sain, Carlos Bastardo and all participants.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2700648.2809840 dblp:conf/assets/Guerreiro015 fatcat:72gpi64itfct7fdfr73flaruxa

Analysis of A Statistical Hypothesis Based Learning Mechanism for Faster Crawling

Sudarshan Nandy
2012 International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications  
The growth of world-wide-web (WWW) spreads its wings from an intangible quantities of web-pages to a gigantic hub of web information which gradually increases the complexity of crawling process in a search  ...  The high speed performance is observed after scaling, and the retrieval of relevant web-resource in such a high speed is analyzed.  ...  The proposed method is incorporated in the standard focused crawling method for faster retrieval of web-resource.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijaia.2012.3409 fatcat:b3t3dqlpuzagbkk5yzkov2hkwe

Faster Base64 Encoding and Decoding Using AVX2 Instructions

Wojciech Muła, Daniel Lemire
2018 ACM Transactions on the Web  
Web developers use base64 formats to include images, fonts, sounds and other resources directly inside HTML, JavaScript, JSON and XML files.  ...  We are motivated to improve the efficiency of base64 encoding and decoding. Compared to state-of-the-art implementations, we multiply the speeds of both the encoding (~10x) and the decoding (~7x).  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank M. Howard, A. Klomp, and N. Kurz for their software contributions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3132709 fatcat:6ousmcmmtjg2bliinnpwws6pgy

Faster Internet system will overcome congestion

Colin Macilwain
1998 Nature  
Gore also announced last week the award of 27 major research grants by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, worth $50 million over three years, to develop applications for this still-faster network  ...  Gore extolled the new agreement as "a startling advance" and predicted that advances in voice interaction technology would soon make the World Wide Web available to "hundreds of millions of people".  ... 
doi:10.1038/33745 fatcat:35iblfi6fbbozla6b2hezyvsvi
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