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Generic DPA Attacks: Curse or Blessing? [chapter]

Oscar Reparaz, Benedikt Gierlichs, Ingrid Verbauwhede
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Generic DPA attacks, such as MIA, have been recently proposed as a method to mount DPA attacks without the need for possibly restrictive assumptions on the leakage behaviour.  ...  Previous work identified some shortcomings of generic DPA attacks when attacking injective targets (such as the AES Sbox output).  ...  Echoing the title, generic attacks are certainly endowed with two-sided properties -curse or blessing depending on the concrete situation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-10175-0_8 fatcat:n77zjjrugnh7lo6wlpzs53nhrm

The Volvelle and the Lingga: The Use of Two Manuscript Ritual Devices in a Tibetan Exorcism [chapter]

Charles Ramble
2021 Exploring Written Artefacts  
One is a type of device known variously as a 'volvelle' or a 'wheel chart', among other names, that is used in various cultures to perform certain simple computations.  ...  Sprinkle whatever is left of that water around the house, and imagine that the place in which you are performing this ritual is blessed -then will you generate splendour and radiance for yourself.  ...  (Mantra) Here follows the general lustration of the lingga.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110753301-050 fatcat:n7hciuoavrehnk5zkoixw2oi4a

Nigeria's Niger Delta: Understanding the Complex Drivers of Violent Oil-related Conflict

C Obi
2010 Africa Development  
The transition from resistance -as-protest -to insurgency, as represented by attacks on state and oil company targets by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), is also critically  ...  While resource-endowment may be a curse for those that lose their land, homes and rights for oil extraction to take place, it is a blessing for those extractive external forces and their local allies that  ...  The Resource or Oil Curse The discourse on the oil-development nexus in Africa is often predicated on the view that oil breeds corruption, misgovernance, human rights abuses and violent conflict (Gary  ... 
doi:10.4314/ad.v34i2.57373 fatcat:fxkhgigipbbu7h67mo7xox2wgi

Page 134 of Christian Intelligencer Vol. 13, Issue 34 [page]

1833 Christian Intelligencer  
Ss me tacdly now, ] take but little; I do not call ‘total absli- [ or the Christian Intelligencer. ] he plac the withering and blighting curse of preju- dice—of political and religious hate.  ...  ns And I will hover ’round thy way, Or here—or in thy foreign home— Nor leave thee, through life’s fitful day. nence,’ temperance.  ... 

Generation Wall: Under 25 year olds on freedom after the wall

Tymoteusz Chajdas, Milana Knezevic, Ivett Korsoi, Victoria Pavlova
2014 Index on censorship  
As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's demolition, Index talks with Generation Wall, young people who have grown up in countries that were behind that division between east and west Generation  ...  "We started to fear our own shadows," says my mother, remembering that having family in the West was both a blessing and curse.  ...  "I thought the Russians were going to attack straight away.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0306422014539071 fatcat:xogczdeqcfcs3cuzcz3kex62rq

Page 1 of Anti-Slavery Bugle Vol. 9, Issue 40 [page]

1854 Anti-Slavery Bugle  
Wattles, West Point, Tippecanoe Co., Ia. | conversation that slavery is a curse to the State, retarding her progress, her intelligence, her popu- We are under obligation to the Sgecxrrary or!  ...  ST oid , ven otasee feble events in the zenith of the nineteenth ceutury, ly support and earnestly respond to these views. dpa 8 : ' fit?  ... 

Page 1 of Anti-Slavery Bugle Vol. 5, Issue 10 [page]

1849 Anti-Slavery Bugle  
DPa.  ...  Ilappy was Vax Winkle while slumbering for twenty years in blessed unconsciousness of all passing events— alike ignorant of the fortunes or of the miseries of the rest of human kind.  ... 

Hellenism and Hebraism

John E. McFadyen
1904 The American Journal of Theology  
Now, of form, in the classical sense of the word, Hebrew has little or none.  ...  We can hope to do no more than point out one or two of the more salient features that distinguish the Hellenic from the Hebraic type of thought.  ...  Homer and Hesiod, for example, are fiercely attacked by the poet-philosopher Xenophanes for having "ascribed to the gods all that is blame and shame among men-theft, adultery, and mutual deceit."  ... 
doi:10.1086/478417 fatcat:qbxqwwzvcrdvzbrr7hhgivwgke

Hellenism and Hebraism

John E. McFadyen
1904 The American Journal of Theology  
Homer and Hesiod, for example, are fiercely attacked by the poet-philosopher Xenophanes for having "ascribed to the gods all that is blame and shame among men-theft, adultery, and mutual deceit."  ...  Plato, in the Phedo, works out the thought expressed in the proverb ac^dpa a ^a, that the body is a prison; Paul, too, cries in a moment of transport: "Who shall deliver me from the body of this death  ...  Sadness there must be in any true transcript of life; and most of all where men deeply feel, as the Hebrews did, the sin or transiency of the world.  ... 

The Way Home: Peaceful Return of Victims of Ethnic Cleansing

Djordje Stefanovic, Neophytos Loizides
2011 Human Rights Quarterly  
Furthermore, strong social capital could be both a blessing and a curse.  ...  The sense of vulnerability to attack may be increased by a village's geographic position (villages surrounded by ethnic others are more vulnerable to attack than those surrounded by co-ethnics), the residence  ... 
doi:10.1353/hrq.2011.0029 fatcat:pmkmbg6ngjeknhqxu7qdrojy54

Page 1 of Boston Commonwealth Vol. 2, Issue 47 [page]

1864 Boston Commonwealth  
The general judgment proclaims him to be a er well or ill we know not.  ...  They come promptly to roll-call, receive their orders for the day, repair to the field, and there perform their dates faithfully, without driver, without curse, or kick, or lash, humming merri- | ly —  ... 

The Effect of the College Experience upon Students' Concepts of God

Arthur C. Wickenden
1932 The Journal of Religion  
*Ariwv Adipw xaipev. mdavra imepOinevos tavriis dpa 7 Aa Bey ce TadTa pov Ta ypdypata yévou mpos éue érel GdeAGH cov vwOpeverar.  ...  Even Hosea, in the following century, labored hard to convince the people that it was Jehovah’s power that blessed the soil.  ... 
doi:10.1086/481162 fatcat:g6emvv5qw5hzfi7o4askg6zpvi

Judaism in New Testament Times

Frank C. Porter
1928 The Journal of Religion  
He has hardly any par- vi, 9. 32 THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF THEOLOGY ticle to correspond to the Greek dpa or otv; when he says ‘“‘therefore,”’ =P} he is usually not concluding an argument, but denouncing  ...  Other fields of inquiry are said to yield the same general result.  ... 
doi:10.1086/480709 fatcat:sxdpqyckxjffrktzkuyam2vodu

Interpellation and Affect

Daniel Allen Solomon
2016 Humanimalia - a journal of human/animal interface studies  
at Railway Station"), or even creating havoc at polls (DPA).  ...  mate, they failed to understand his purpose and attacked him.  ... 
doi:10.52537/humanimalia.9651 fatcat:tt5diccgufctzbl57k2bdcrcny

I.—The "Ritual Ordinance" of Neophytus

Frederick Edward Warren
1882 Archaeologia  
Solemn invocation of " " , , , , v , v , v , , a curse on those who oeXaJV Ta? TU>V ayuov rpiaKoaMV deica KCLL OKTCO ueocpopwv irarpcov r a ?  ...  In his early youth he cherished a general discontent with the world, and formed a secret resolution to become a monk.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0261340900011802 fatcat:ltcnfetyqvgdlbbs6oezypoada
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