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Evolutionary explanations in medicine: How do they differ and how to benefit from them

George A. Lozano
2010 Medical Hypotheses  
They must differ from those of arising from other hypotheses and must not only be interesting to evolutionary biologists, but also useful to medical practitioners.  ...  Adaptive explanations must be consistent with basic evolutionary concepts and must adhere to the physical reality of the phenomenon in question.  ...  LaFleur for offering their views on this paper, from an ecological, veterinary and medical perspective, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2009.11.003 pmid:19963325 fatcat:jatgkfcbaffwnnc3ooiey6rz24

A Clinical Perspective in Evolutionary Medicine: What We Wish We Had Learned in Medical School

Joe Alcock, Mark D. Schwartz
2011 Evolution: Education and Outreach  
Although we often integrate evolutionary concepts when we teach medical students and residents, the vast majority of medical students never receive any instruction on evolution.  ...  Medical students have much to gain by understanding how evolutionary principles affect human health and disease.  ...  Each of these questions can generate multiple hypotheses, many suitable for testing by the next generation of clinician scientists.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12052-011-0362-1 fatcat:zirgisozwjfyhawc2v3xq5u37q

Evolutionary science as a method to facilitate higher level thinking and reasoning in medical training

Joseph L. Graves, Chris Reiber, Anna Thanukos, Magdalena Hurtado, Terry Wolpaw
2016 Evolution, Medicine and Public Health  
These concepts are designed to be authoritative and at the same time easily accessible for anyone with the general biological knowledge of a first-year medical student.  ...  To facilitate the learning of evolutionary principles, concepts derived from evolutionary science that medical students and professionals should understand are outlined.  ...  Based on evolutionary concepts such as natural selection, students should expect that patients carry medically relevant genetic variants and that these variants are unlikely to conform to socially defined  ... 
doi:10.1093/emph/eow029 pmid:27744353 pmcid:PMC5101907 fatcat:qxdsi4kgv5b6faxysnxypmlhey

Evolutionary explanations in medical and health profession courses: are you answering your students' "why" questions?

Eugene E Harris, Avelin A Malyango
2005 BMC Medical Education  
Summary: In giving students evolutionary explanations professors should underscore principles of natural selection, since these can be generalized for the analysis of many medical questions.  ...  Medical and pre-professional health students ask questions about human health that can be answered in two ways, by giving proximate and evolutionary explanations.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank two reviewers who generously gave thoughtful suggestions that helped us improve the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1472-6920-5-16 pmid:15885137 pmcid:PMC1142319 fatcat:etnapaxxojc4notzjbyljva6de

A theoretical review on the origin of medicinal practices in humans: echoes from evolution

Washington Soares Ferreira Júnior, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque
2018 Ethnobiology and Conservation  
The emergence of medical systems, which integrate knowledge and practices related to health management, can be assumed as one of the reactions of the human species to respond to the pressures of diseases  ...  Humans have been coping with diseases throughout the evolutionary history.  ...  The hypothesis based on natural selection suggests a different situation, indicating that the origin of medical systems is not necessarily based on learning.  ... 
doi:10.15451/ec2018-02-7.03-1-7 fatcat:bj5tcnqfmjevffqnmhsfidhc5a

Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine: Publication Trends from 1991–2010

Joe Alcock
2012 Journal of Evolutionary Medicine  
Evolutionary medicine, the intersection of evolutionary biology and medical sciences, has grown in the last two decades.  ...  These results support the view that evolutionary medicine is a well-grounded concept that has emerged as a distinct area of scientific inquiry.  ...  " or "Darwinian medicine" 1.366 0.00419 Journal of Virology Selection, Genetic 5.189 0.2123 Medical Hypotheses "Evolutionary medicine" or "Darwinian medicine" 1.389 0.0127 PLoS One "Evolutionary medicine  ... 
doi:10.4303/jem/235572 fatcat:ogx6ubb6zbfm5ly2nbhetq3bgm

Emerging programmed aging mechanisms and their medical implications

Theodore C. Goldsmith
2016 Medical Hypotheses  
For many generations programmed aging in humans was considered theoretically impossible and medical attempts to treat or delay age-related diseases were based on non-programmed aging theories.  ...  This article describes the very different disease mechanism concepts that logically result from the theories and the impacts emerging programmed aging mechanisms will have on funding and performing medical  ...  [1, 2, 3] ) are based on the idea that each species has an evolutionary need to survive and reproduce for a particular species-specific period and that beyond that period there is no net evolutionary  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2015.10.015 pmid:26547271 fatcat:o7nmmu4gejbyjccacsegwckwrq

Evolutionary medicine: update on the relevance to family practice

Christopher T Naugler
2008 Canadian Family Physician  
Its practical utility will be proven through the generation of testable hypotheses and their application in relation to disease causation and possible prevention.  ...  Evolutionary medicine should be studied further and incorporated into medical training and practice.  ...  Physicians, however, are in general poorly prepared to evaluate literature on evolutionary medicine, possibly in part because of a lack of exposure to evolutionary medicine during training.  ... 
pmid:18791103 pmcid:PMC2553465 fatcat:o7ulhnft6feqjilxcqyjnjv54e


Michael F. Antolin, Kristin P. Jenkins, Carl T. Bergstrom, Bernard J. Crespi, Subhajyoti De, Angela Hancock, Kathryn A. Hanley, Thomas R. Meagher, Andres Moreno-Estrada, Randolph M. Nesse, Gilbert S. Omenn, Stephen C. Stearns
2012 Evolution  
Here, we frame key evolutionary concepts in terms of human health, so that biomedical examples may be more easily incorporated into evolution courses or more specialized courses on evolutionary medicine  ...  We advocate that understanding the natural history and evolutionary biology of humans and their pathogens gives perspective to the medical sciences, with the potential to inform medical practice on many  ...  Students who are not typically excited by basic evolutionary concepts may be drawn in by focusing on human health.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1558-5646.2011.01552.x pmid:22671563 fatcat:ehqdqi2rzvhzlmpfwsqxf3r3re

204 - Social Health and Dementia

2020 International Psychogeriatrics  
Dr., Department of Psychiatry, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland, and on behalf of the SHARED ConsortiumIntroduction:Over the past years the scientific discourse on health  ...  In a final third phase we integrated both strands, agreed on the knowledge base by stepwise discursive consensus and created the CLD.Results:The CLD model includes 73 unique factors directly or indirectly  ...  In a final third phase we integrated both strands, agreed on the knowledge base by stepwise discursive consensus and created the CLD.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1041610220001945 fatcat:plpgo6oimzft3ov64spunhhsbm

Understanding pathogens in the era of next generation sequencing

Pierre-Olivier Méthot
2012 Journal of Infection in Developing Countries  
Finally, it is hypothesized that a microorganism can, through evolutionary time, switch between commensal and pathogenic states [7] .  ...  Moreover, a generally accepted definition is not forthcoming among medical microbiologists, immunologists, and physicians.  ... 
doi:10.3855/jidc.3012 pmid:23000871 fatcat:5fsy6dhxgbhxfe7xv422ybtprm

Reflections on the use of hypotheses in ethnobotany: A response to Leonti et al. (2020)

Washington Soares Ferreira Júnior, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Patrícia Muniz Medeiros
2021 Ethnobotany Research and Applications  
In this article, we examine the review by Leonti et al. (2020) on the use of hypotheses in ethnobotany and we argue that the authors presented two main argumentative deficiencies on their analysis: superficiality  ...  We discussed the main criticisms of the diversification hypothesis, the utilitarian redundancy model and the availability hypothesis and reinforced the importance of using ecological and evolutionary scenarios  ...  With the proposal to review some of the hypotheses developed in ethnobotany, and which are based on ecological and evolutionary scenarios, Leonti et al. (2020) argue that they do not contribute to advance  ... 
doi:10.32859/era.21.18.1-5 fatcat:dk4lzwdikvceppjwwzeyjxp32e

The history, status and teaching of Darwinian medicine in Norway

Iver Mysterud
2009 Norsk Epidemiologi  
These ideas found their</p><p align="left">way into textbooks in 1996, and are also evaluated for inclusion in the curricula at several Norwegian</p><p align="left">medical and nursing schools.  ...  This paper also presents how, in one of the textbooks, Darwinian medicine</p><p>is integrated into an ecological health theory within the framework of human-environment interaction.</p></span></span>  ...  It is my experience that medical personnel immediately grasp the value of the evolutionary approach, even though they may be reluctant to accept the various hypotheses (which is a sound attitude since  ... 
doi:10.5324/nje.v8i1.434 fatcat:46sz7w22wra3dhijn4du4n3x7i

Islamic Medicine and Evolutionary Medicine: A Comparative Analysis

Arthur Saniotis
2012 Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America  
One of the strengths of evolutionary medicine is that it follows a multi-disciplinary approach. Such an approach is vital to future biomedicine as it enables for the infiltration of new ideas.  ...  The advent of evolutionary medicine in the last two decades has provided new insights into the causes of human disease and possible preventative strategies.  ...  I would also argue that evolutionary medicine can draw upon concepts of Islamic medicine in order to make the former's hypotheses more rigorous.  ... 
doi:10.5915/44-1-8780 pmid:23864992 pmcid:PMC3708639 fatcat:ed4yw3qarvfwzmpdbjqh42qmey

Protective effects of vaccinations and endemic infections on COVID-19: A Hypothesis

Ramachandran Meenakshisundaram, Subramanian Senthilkumaran, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
2020 Medical Hypotheses  
Extended evolutionary synthesis (EES) Overall the organisms and individuals based on previous exposure to vaccines and infections come from the environment, internal sensors, memorized experience, and  ...  We would like to highlight on possible reasons and the extended evolutionary synthesis (EES) to support our views.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2020.109849 pmid:32480250 pmcid:PMC7248637 fatcat:4jyridodefevnbnmsf6y62y6ai
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