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Rough Neutrosophic Multisets Relation With Application In Marketing Strategy

Suriana Alias, Daud Mohamad, Adibah Shuib
2018 Zenodo  
The objective of this paper is to define the definition of rough neutrosophic multisets relation of Cartesian product over a universal set. Some of the relation properties are also defined.  ...  Finally, the application of rough neutrosophic multisets relation for multi criteria decision making in marketing strategy is presented.  ...  The approximation set boundary of rough neutrosophic multisets was applied for rough neutrosophic multisets relation.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1408753 fatcat:v7mrcueyvnhlfnfj2arjshkigy

Rough Neutrosophic Multisets Relation on Two Universal Sets

2020 ASM Science Journal  
The algebraic properties such as max, min, and composition of two rough neutrosophic multisets relation is examined. The inverse rough neutrosophic multisets relation is introduced and investigated.  ...  The concept of rough neutrosophic multisets relation is based on the definition of rough neutrosophic multisets.  ...  are respectively referred as lower and upper rough neutrosophic multisets approximation operators and the pair of ( ( ), ( )) is called the rough neutrosophic multisets (RNM) in ( , ) respectively.  ... 
doi:10.32802/asmscj.2020.sm26(5.29) fatcat:7quvxqdp6jawhbo7o52fuurvk4

Learning Rules from Very Large Databases Using Rough Multisets [chapter]

Chien-Chung Chan
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
LERS-M is based on rough multisets and it is formulated using relational operations with the objective to be tightly coupled with database systems.  ...  It can be implemented using objectrelational database systems, it can be used for distributed data mining, and it has a structure that matches well with parallel processing.  ...  In addition, the concepts of lower and upper approximations in rough sets are extended to multisets. Let M be a multiset, and let e be an element of M whose number of occurrences in M is w.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-27794-1_2 fatcat:zttjfrn6jbbvfeg43ly5eb6qoy

Multiset concepts in two-universe approximation spaces

O. A. Embaby, Nadya A. Toumi
2020 Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society  
The concept of two universe approximation is applied for defining lower and upper approximations of multisets.  ...  Rough set theory over two universes is a generalization of rough set model to find accurate approximations for uncertain concepts in information systems in which uncertainty arises from existence of interrelations  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the referees for providing very helpful comments and suggestions that helped in improving the quality of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42787-020-00104-5 fatcat:4qmfk7kv6vdkpajpg4bli4tdvu

Multisets and Fuzzy Multisets as a Framework of Information Systems [chapter]

Sadaaki Miyamoto
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper the basics of multisets and fuzzy multisets are reviewed, fundamental properties of fuzzy multisets are proved, and advanced operations are defined.  ...  Multisets are now a common tool and a fundamental framework in information processing. Their generalization to fuzzy multisets has also been studied.  ...  This research has partially been supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology, Japan, No.16650044.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-27774-3_4 fatcat:kld2cvc5djda7loxqi67txq3bm

Topological approximations of multisets

El-Sayed A. Abo-Tabl
2013 Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society  
In this paper, we define and investigate three types of lower and upper multiset approximations of any multiset.  ...  In addition, an illustrative example is given to illustrate the relationships between different types of generalized definitions of rough multiset approximations.  ...  Furthermore, an illustrative example is given in Section 6, in order to illustrate the relationships between different types of generalized definitions of rough multiset approximations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.joems.2012.12.001 fatcat:2vtxz6nyqbanjoogfphyanuzx4

Rough Multisets and Information Multisystems

K. P. Girish, Sunil Jacob John
2011 Advances in Decision Sciences  
Rough multiset is introduced in terms of lower and upper approximations and explores related properties. The paper concludes with an example of certain types of information multisystems.  ...  Information multisystems are represented using multisets instead of crisp sets. This paper begins with an overview of recent works on multisets and rough sets.  ...  Sreelatha for improving the linguistic quality of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2011/495392 fatcat:pit4zxq6sja5hn6rlvswcjuz64

Multigranulation rough set: A multiset based strategy

Xibei Yang, Suping Xu, Huili Dou, Xiaoning Song, Hualong Yu, Jingyu Yang
2017 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  
To solve such problem, by the motivation of the multiset, the model of the multiple multigranulation rough set is proposed, in which both lower and upper approximations are multisets.  ...  Optimistic and pessimistic multigranulation rough sets are two typical examples of such approach.  ...  In our multiple multigranulation rough set, both lower and upper approximations are multisets, which can reflect frequencies of occurrences of objects belonging to lower and upper approximations, respectively  ... 
doi:10.2991/ijcis.2017.10.1.19 fatcat:kh5ych5eubh6xbrgbaqax72u2m

Page 4732 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 92i [page]

1992 Mathematical Reviews  
are proved; and the basic properties and frequentist approximation of statistical decision functions defined by rough sets are shown.  ...  The pair (V,V) is called the rough set generated by V and ~.  ... 

Intrusion detection using rough set classification

Lian-hua Zhang, Guan-hua Zhang, Lang Yu, Jie Zhang, Ying-cai Bai
2004 Journal of Zhejiang University: Science A  
In this paper, rough set classification (RSC), a modern learning algorithm, is used to rank the features extracted for detecting intrusions and generate intrusion detection models.  ...  The models generated by RSC take the form of "IF-THEN" rules, which have the advantage of explication.  ...  Liu Dong-xi, Research Fellow from the Department of Computer Science School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore.  ... 
doi:10.1631/jzus.2004.1076 pmid:15323002 fatcat:p5h4luf2jva4fmgzzw46356spa

A Comprehensive Literature Review of 50 Years of Fuzzy Set Theory

Cengiz Kahraman, Başar Öztayşi, Sezi Çevik Onar
2016 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  
This literature review also analyzes the chronological development of these extensions. In the last section of the paper, we present our interpretations on the future of fuzzy sets.  ...  It found many application areas in both theoretical and practical studies from engineering area to arts and humanities, from computer science to health sciences, and from life sciences to physical sciences  ...  Miyamoto [142] proposed a class of generalized multisets that includes real-valued multisets, fuzzy number-valued multisets, and fuzzy multisets and defined upper and lower approximations of the generalized  ... 
doi:10.1080/18756891.2016.1180817 fatcat:k5rtjlmy4ncivn2ejvxyitwd3y

A Multiset Rule Based Petri net Algorithm for the Synthesis and Secretary Pathway of Plasma Membrane - Glycoprotein

Persis Glory, Emerald, David
2011 International Journal of Soft Computing  
The algorithm uses symbolic representations of multisets of rules to efficiently generate all the regions associated with the membrane.  ...  In this paper, we consider a uniform way of treating objects and rules in P Systems with the help of Multiset rewriting rules.  ...  The algorithm is easy to use and can be easily An algorithm is presented for the general Petri net based on a generalization of the basic Multiset rule construction for the synthesis of Glycoprotein  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijsc.2011.2403 fatcat:wugtwjoc3nadjetxyykbh4yl74

On the Knowledge-Based Dynamic Fuzzy Sets [chapter]

Rolly Intan, Siana Halim, Lily Puspa Dewi
2019 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
A rough set is expressed conceptually as an approximation of a given crisp set into two subsets of approximation, called lower and upper approximations.  ...  Rough sets are a generalization of crisp sets by introducing a formulation of sets with imprecise boundaries.  ...  ), ∀ ∈ , 1 , 2 ∈ , , ∀ ∈ , ∈ {1,2,3}, where and are general fuzzy sets as given in (8), (9) and (10) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-13-6861-5_25 fatcat:7npofwuaendivluuzl76mq5hii

An Outline of the Development of the Concept of Fuzzy Multisets

Dasharath Singh, Alhaji Alkali, Adeku Musa Ibrahim
2013 International Journal of Innovation Management and Technology  
Finally, it explicates the relevance of generalizing fuzzy sets to fuzzy multisets.  ...  Further, it describes how by relaxing the restrictions of definiteness and distinctness imposed on the nature of objects to form a cantorian set, the notions of fuzzy sets and multisets respectively get  ...  In view of overriding influence of fuzzy set theory, generalizations such as rough fuzzy sets and fuzzy rough sets [28] , fuzzy soft sets [29] , etc., have also been undertaken.  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijimt.2013.v4.393 fatcat:klx5ngmhjrb5xjavnngcprxstq

Page 7911 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99k [page]

1999 Mathematical Reviews  
Rough set representations and belief functions (122- 140); Sadaaki Miyamoto, Fuzzy multisets and a rough approxi- mation by multiset-valued function (141-159); Mikhail Moshkov, On time complexity of decision  ...  Wong, A rough-set model for reasoning about knowledge (276-285); Y. Y. Yao, Generalized rough set models (286-318). Part 3. Jan G.  ... 
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