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Generalised species of rigid resource terms

Takeshi Tsukada, Kazuyuki Asada, C.-H. Luke Ong
2017 2017 32nd Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS)  
This paper introduces a variant of the resource calculus, the rigid resource calculus, in which a permutation of elements in a bag is distinct from but isomorphic to the original bag.  ...  It is designed so that the Taylor expansion within it coincides with the interpretation by generalised species of Fiore et al., which generalises both Joyal's combinatorial species and Girard's normal  ...  This is a generalised species by the action of isomorphisms to rigid resource terms defined in Section IV.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lics.2017.8005093 dblp:conf/lics/TsukadaAO17 fatcat:hcr2frnabjb4holpoeay77wucm

Quantitative semantics of the lambda calculus: Some generalisations of the relational model

C.-H. Luke Ong
2017 2017 32nd Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS)  
We then consider two recent generalisations of the relational model: first, R-weighted relational models where R is a complete commutative semiring, as studied by Laird et al.; secondly, generalised species  ...  We present an overview of some recent work on the quantitative semantics of the λ-calculus. Our starting point is the fundamental degenerate model of linear logic, the relational model.  ...  Acknowledgements Much of this work was done in collaboration with Takeshi Tsukada, and also with Kazuyuki Asada.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lics.2017.8005064 dblp:conf/lics/Ong17 fatcat:r6i7dr4wg5gnnfb7b563mtmpsy

Robustness of rigid and adaptive networks to species loss

Savannah Nuwagaba, Feng Zhang, Cang Hui, Irene Sendiña-Nadal
2017 PLoS ONE  
We also show that adaptive behaviour renders networks vulnerable to species loss at initial stages but enhances long term stability of the system.  ...  However, whether adaptive networks are more robust to species loss than rigid ones depends on the structure of the network.  ...  Krasnov for providing interaction matrices of 27 real host-parasite networks and two anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments. Author Contributions  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0189086 pmid:29216245 pmcid:PMC5720727 fatcat:rgf5txasvfchpnmqhzqq4kph7q

Non-breeding habitat preference affects ecological speciation in migratory waders

Ken Kraaijeveld
2007 Die Naturwissenschaften  
In this study, I test this hypothesis in waders of the sub-order Charadrii using the number of morphological sub-species per species as an index of diversity.  ...  Models of ecological speciation predict that certain types of habitat should be more conducive to species diversification than others.  ...  Acknowledgements I thank Martine Maan, David Roshier and Danny Rogers for their constructive comments on earlier versions of this paper. Apologies to Bertus de Lange for spoiling his copy of HBW.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00114-007-0326-z pmid:18087687 pmcid:PMC2270370 fatcat:66vks3j74bg45cnphrjcvg5h5e

Becker's thesis and three models of preference change

Richard Bradley
2009 Politics, Philosophy and Economics  
The ...nal model, that of generalised conditioning, allows for explanations in terms of changes in the values of all three variables.  ...  The ...rst, the classical conditioning model, explain all changes in preferences in terms of changes in the information held by the agent, holding fundamental beliefs and desires ...xed.  ...  The …nal model, that of generalised conditioning, allows for explanations in terms of changes in the values of all three variables.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1470594x09102238 fatcat:g43mzmrvqfauteo7oyfukhjuxm

Use of Game-Theoretical Methods in Biochemistry and Biophysics

Stefan Schuster, Jan-Ulrich Kreft, Anja Schroeter, Thomas Pfeiffer
2008 Journal of biological physics (Print)  
Thus, the outcome of the strategy adopted by one species (e.g., as a result of mutation and selection) depends on the strategy adopted by the other species.  ...  For example, some yeast species use metabolic pathways that waste nutrients, and in a dense tree canopy, trees grow taller than would be optimal for biomass productivity.  ...  The generalisation of the PD to more than two players has been termed "Tragedy of the Commons" [23] (see also [24] ).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10867-008-9101-4 pmid:19669489 pmcid:PMC2577752 fatcat:36p2sqdsijcgfanqreb4esuxgy

Factors Affecting Long-Term Compliance with Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lens Wear in Patients with Keratoconus

Yu Xue, Jiaqi Zhou, Zhi Chen, Feng Xue, Li Zeng, Xiaomei Qu, Xingtao Zhou
2022 Journal of Clinical Medicine  
The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors affecting long-term compliance with rigid gas-permeable contact lens (RGPCL) wear in patients with keratoconus (KC).  ...  A vision-related quality of life questionnaire was completed by all of the patients.  ...  RGPCL, rigid gas-permeable contact lens. * p < 0.05. Table 5 . 5 Generalised estimating equation of the demographic and clinical data of the respondents.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jcm11041091 pmid:35207362 pmcid:PMC8878038 fatcat:ytgih773vfdlzeq2re7vr2mzre

Effects of Turtle Excluder Devices on bycatch and discard reduction in the demersal fisheries of Mediterranean Sea

Antonello Sala, Alessandro Lucchetti, Marco Affronte
2011 Aquatic Living Resources  
Among the four TEDs tested, both the semi-rigid TED and the Supershooter performed in accordance with the design objectives: total discards were reduced but total commercial catches were not significantly  ...  Due to lack of entry of turtles it was not possible to evaluate the ability of the different TEDs to release turtles, but one large loggerhead turtle (C. caretta) was captured during the experimental tows  ...  We would also like to thank Louise Henson (British Institutes, Italy) for helpful revision of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1051/alr/2011109 fatcat:tklubcl2mne5xb72ruh5zhanxm

The Process of Handling an Excess of Complex and Interdisciplinary Information in a Decision Support Research Situation

Fredrik Moltu Johnsen
2017 Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems  
The process involves moving to a higher level of generalisation in order to gain a better overview and potentially invent new concepts, and next moving back to a more detailed level in order to communicate  ...  This may prove challenging: typically, a lack of cohesion between the pieces of information investigated in the starting phase may cause confusion.  ...  , human health and resource depletion.  ... 
doi:10.7906/indecs.15.2.4 fatcat:u2wmhzxc45f2jb6pqxfnjzfkv4

Shrub encroachment in pastures in the Alps

Olivier Camacho, Laurent Dobremez, Alain Capillon
2008 Revue de Géographie Alpine  
resource, even if compensatory practices help to prevent the dynamics of woody species.  ...  Cutting, generalised in the FV and Splat IUA, makes it possible to control the dynamics of woody species.  ...  The impact of grazing on the dynamics of woody species is not just limited to the consumption of grass (and young woody plantlets).  ... 
doi:10.4000/rga.575 fatcat:ltxrvh3u2zaahd5uexhq5mzf3a

Northern fisheries: managing income, nutrition and cultural values

Maria Nakhshina, Franz Krause
2014 Polar Record  
Franz Krause gratefully acknowledges his affiliation as Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Anthropology of the University of Aberdeen, UK, from which his input into this collection has benefited  ...  of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS VII) that took place in Akureyri, Iceland in June 2011.  ...  'Navigating the rules' can become a necessity for dealing with a rigid centralised system of resource management that is not responsive to local specificities.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0032247414000308 fatcat:e5qt5d2mhbemlgm3o5naoynjtq

Instability of Mixed Nash Equilibria in Generalised Hawk-Dove Game: A Project Conflict Management Scenario

2017 Games  
the stability of Nash equilibria.  ...  This paper generalises the Hawk-Dove evolutionary game by introducing cost sharing ratios for both players, and applies the generalised Hawk-Dove model to conflict management in projects through investigating  ...  The payoffs for a hawk encountering a dove reflect the discrepancy of the fighting ability for the two species so that the hawk receives the resource v in full while the dove has nothing.  ... 
doi:10.3390/g8040042 fatcat:3x4huzejtjetnokp4m6gtcvxvu

Two Applications of Information Extraction to Biological Science Journal Articles: Enzyme Interactions and Protein Structures

Kevin Humphreys, George Demetriou, Robert Gaizauskas
1999 Biocomputing 2000  
In this paper we consider the application of this technology to the extraction of information from scienti c journal papers in the area of molecular biology.  ...  The only other application of IE techniques to texts in the biological sciences of which w e are aware is the work of Fukada et al. on identifying protein names in MEDLINE abstracts 5 .  ...  at the University of She eld.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789814447331_0048 fatcat:g3inqml3vjdbzipqdhcfzo5p6i


Louis-Félix Bersier
2007 Biological Networks  
Typically, the term community defines the set of all species living in a given location (4) .  ...  Analyses of early collections of food-webs revealed a strong excess of rigid nicheoverlap graphs, of resource graphs without holes, and of interval food-webs (as in the below food-web) The topological  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812772367_0011 fatcat:2n2sj4vhhjew3f2xqitmj55wlq

Top‐down effects of foraging decisions on local, landscape and regional biodiversity of resources (DivGUD)

Jana A. Eccard, Clara Mendes Ferreira, Andres Peredo Arce, Melanie Dammhahn, Andrew Sih
2021 Ecology Letters  
trait composition of resource species and consumer communities, and effects of inter-individual differences among foragers on the biodiversity of resource communities.  ...  Variation in foraging behaviour has cascading effects on abundance, diversity, and functional trait composition of the community of resource species.  ...  , scales, and interpretations of species diversity research Behavioural ecology Community ecology Temporal scale of observation Short-term result of foraging process Long-term patterns of species  ... 
doi:10.1111/ele.13901 pmid:34713543 fatcat:75otj4oxfbenpjvmc2gqr7ejhi
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