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GarNet: A Two-Stream Network for Fast and Accurate 3D Cloth Draping [article]

Erhan Gundogdu, Victor Constantin, Amrollah Seifoddini, Minh Dang, Mathieu Salzmann, Pascal Fua
2019 arXiv   pre-print
While Physics-Based Simulation (PBS) can accurately drape a 3D garment on a 3D body, it remains too costly for real-time applications, such as virtual try-on.  ...  The resulting two-stream architecture, which we call as GarNet, is trained using a loss function inspired by physics-based modeling, and delivers visually plausible garment shapes whose 3D points are,  ...  Realistic simulation of cloth draping over the human body requires accounting for the global 3D pose of the person and for the local interactions between skin and cloth caused by the body shape.  ... 
arXiv:1811.10983v3 fatcat:zbcqmazk6nhuxfiwtr747flyvq

GarNet++: Improving Fast and Accurate Static3D Cloth Draping by Curvature Loss [article]

Erhan Gundogdu, Victor Constantin, Shaifali Parashar, Amrollah Seifoddini, Minh Dang, Mathieu Salzmann, Pascal Fua
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce a two-stream deep network model that produces a visually plausible draping of a template cloth on virtual 3D bodies by extracting features from both the body and garment shapes.  ...  In this paper, we tackle the problem of static 3D cloth draping on virtual human bodies.  ...  , but with two: one for the body and the other for the garment, which are combined in our novel two-stream architecture to account for both shapes. 3D GARMENT FITTING To fit a garment to a body in a  ... 
arXiv:2007.10867v1 fatcat:nbx4sfgcqnembjq5ywiwrvr5pu

Multi-feature super-resolution network for cloth wrinkle synthesis [article]

Lan Chen, Xiaopeng Zhang, Juntao Ye
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we propose a deep learning based method for synthesizing cloth animation with high resolution meshes.  ...  To do this we first create a dataset for training: a pair of low and high resolution meshes are simulated and their motions are synchronized.  ...  Garnet: A two-stream network for fast and accurate 3d cloth draping. tion with a new observation model.  ... 
arXiv:2004.04351v1 fatcat:v3fnxtdtpbdlxmpejndslu7ghu

Smart Fashion: A Review of AI Applications in the Fashion Apparel Industry [article]

Seyed Omid Mohammadi, Ahmad Kalhor
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Furthermore, we provide a list of 86 public fashion datasets accompanied by a list of suggested applications and additional information for each.  ...  For each task, a time chart is provided to analyze the progress through the years.  ...  Two-stream, GarNet, Spatial transformer network, MLP 3D draping, 100x faster than physics-based 28 Xu [159] Multi-task learning, JFNet, ASPP, ResNet101, MLS Two images-3D garment 29 Pumarola [280]  ... 
arXiv:2111.00905v2 fatcat:6n6d62lntjfu5pxmjzgi4mpv6i

First working version of the avatar-garment simulation software

Dongjoe Shin, David Gavilan, Robert Boland, Jim Downing, Elisavet Chatzilari, Thomas De Wilde
2021 Zenodo  
We have built a framework for evaluating the results and will use this t [...]  ...  We identify vertex movement of the garment for a given animation and then use Nevergrad optimisation to work out the optimal Obi parameters for that garment on a given avatar.  ...  At this stage, we plan to develop a simpler model that works for mobile environments, so we will try other network techniques to improve base GarNet.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5795075 fatcat:xvagg3vff5e23j6ejakprfzef4

Modern Augmented Reality: Applications, Trends, and Future Directions [article]

Shervin Minaee, Xiaodan Liang, Shuicheng Yan
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Although it has been around for nearly fifty years, it has seen a lot of interest by the research community in the recent years, mainly because of the huge success of deep learning models for various computer  ...  We then give an overview of around 100 recent promising machine learning based works developed for AR systems, such as deep learning works for AR shopping (clothing, makeup), AR based image filters (such  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank Iasonas Kokkinos, Qi Pan, Lyric Kaplan, and Liz Markman for reviewing this work, and providing very helpful comments and suggestions.  ... 
arXiv:2202.09450v2 fatcat:x436ycnvxnhdpfdvhnxkzgbqce

HUMBI: A Large Multiview Dataset of Human Body Expressions and Benchmark Challenge [article]

Jae Shin Yoon, Zhixuan Yu, Jaesik Park, Hyun Soo Park
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents a new large multiview dataset called HUMBI for human body expressions with natural clothing.  ...  With the multiview image streams, we reconstruct high fidelity body expressions using 3D mesh models, which allows representing view-specific appearance.  ...  Salzmann, and P. Fua. Garnet++: Improving fast [41] H. Joo, T. Simon, X. Li, H. Liu, L. Tan, L. Gui, S. Banerjee, T. S. and accurate static 3d cloth draping by curvature loss.  ... 
arXiv:2110.00119v2 fatcat:bakqd343fzfonl3sv2f4zw4rra

A Year of Great Activity and Achievement

Jason Morgan, Ted Rose, Paulo Pereira, Claire Belcher, William Bond, Barry Lomax, Derek Siveter, Deborah Martin, Laura Mcparland, Chris Roos, Margaret Collinson, Jean Galtier (+7 others)
2012 unpublished
as cheerfully as possible a large administrative burden, and worked to become an even stronger place for the future.  ...  Our staff and support staff have put in extra-hard hours this year to cover gaps during our transition in personnel, and host, for one example, a superb Petroleum Geoscience symposium.  ...  weeks of damp clothes infused with sweat.  ... 

Instruments for image guided procedures - IIGP - review papers : student papers and poster : WS 2016/2017 - ADD-ON [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Martin-Luther Universität, Michael Friebe
In the coming semesters the assignments below average will be replaced and also many new topics from the exciting field of IMAGE GUIDED PROCEDURES will be added.  ...  Neodymium yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) type of laser is often used for this procedure with a wavelength of 1,064nm.  ...  GENERATION OF 3D OBJECTS Source data acquired from an imaging modality which is visualized in two dimensions.  ... 
doi:10.25673/4572 fatcat:c5dohapqprcjxb4hugbbutbg6e