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Gage MPC: Bypassing Residual Function Leakage for Non-Interactive MPC

Ghada Almashaqbeh, Fabrice Benhamouda, Seungwook Han, Daniel Jaroslawicz, Tal Malkin, Alex Nicita, Tal Rabin, Abhishek Shah, Eran Tromer
2021 Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies  
Existing models for non-interactive MPC cannot provide full privacy for inputs, because they inherently leak the residual function (i.e., the output of the function on the honest parties' input together  ...  We thus construct non-interactive MPC protocols with strong security guarantees (full security, no residual leakage) in the short term.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Craig Gentry for helping with some probability computations.  ... 
doi:10.2478/popets-2021-0083 fatcat:254qdv2535aihjyr66m6qsyqom

2010 American College of Veterinary Surgeons Veterinary Symposium October 21-23, Seattle, WA

2010 Veterinary surgery  
In conclusion, the vascular occlusion and bypass techniques are suggested to be clinically useful for en bloc resection of massive hepatic/adrenal tumors in dogs.  ...  A significant difference existed in blade temperature with non-irrigation (P = .0156).  ...  THE USE OF A SUBCUTANEOUS URETERAL BYPASS DEVICE FOR URETERAL OBSTRUCTIONS IN CATS. Allyson C.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1532-950x.2010.00716.x fatcat:gv3k2trk3neg7fvsgqbaeldzjy

First results from the HAYSTAC axion search [article]

Benjamin M. Brubaker
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The axion is a well-motivated cold dark matter (CDM) candidate first postulated to explain the absence of CP violation in the strong interactions.  ...  This dissertation reports on the design, commissioning, and first operation of the Haloscope at Yale Sensitive to Axion CDM (HAYSTAC), a new detector designed to search for CDM axions with masses above  ...  Contemporary measurements of the proportionality factor yield H 0 = 70 ± 3 km/s/Mpc. 2 H 0 is called the Hubble constant, but it is actually a function of time.  ... 
arXiv:1801.00835v1 fatcat:pot2thbsdrfbfcmc2ck4mvdf2i

Coriolis effects in bladed discs

Valentina Ruffini, Christoph W. Schwingshackl, Peter Cawley, Rolls-Royce Ltd
This calls for a new focus on phenomena that have been little investigated in the past due to their minor relevance for traditional designs, like the Coriolis effect.  ...  Experimental modal tools for the detection and identification of the Coriolis effect are also needed, to provide accurate interpretation of the data for model validation and updating.  ...  Time A mix of residual vibration and noise is present up to and after the end of the blocksize. To avoid leakage, an exponential window was applied to the raw time signals.  ... 
doi:10.25560/61825 fatcat:xyxupiphvndufl6g2htffb6uuu

The DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design [article]

DESI Collaboration: Amir Aghamousa, Jessica Aguilar, Steve Ahlen, Shadab Alam, Lori E. Allen, Carlos Allende Prieto, James Annis, Stephen Bailey, Christophe Balland, Otger Ballester, Charles Baltay, Lucas Beaufore, Chris Bebek, Timothy C. Beers (+248 others)
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The DESI collaboration will also deliver a spectroscopic pipeline and data management system to reduce and archive all data for eventual public use.  ...  Figure 2 .4 shows the residual chief ray tilt as a function of field angle.  ...  Figure 2 .5 shows the anamorphic (non-symmetric) distortion of the f/# cone that is present as a function of focal plate coordinate.  ... 
arXiv:1611.00037v2 fatcat:qupbf5xl2beaxb5fjkl2ptdkz4

Fabrication Processes [chapter]

2016 Plastics Fabrication and Recycling  
non-flammability.  ...  A few grades of channel blacks (HPC, MPC, or EPC corresponding to hard, medium, or easy processing channel) are used in the rubber industry.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9781420080636-4 fatcat:h72azxiwknahhnf2m67gr3miai

Removal of Copper from Simulated Wastewater by Applying Electromagnetic Adsorption for Locally Prepared Activated Carbon of Banana Peels ‫ممتسة‬ ‫مادة‬ ‫باستخذام‬ ‫الكهرومغناطيسي‬ ‫األمتساز‬ ‫تقنيت‬ ‫بأستخذام‬ ‫المياه‬ ‫من‬ ‫النحاش‬ ‫إزالت‬ ‫من‬ ‫محليا‬ ‫منتجت‬ ‫المىز‬ ‫قشىر‬

Hayder Mohammed, Abdul-Hameed
2017 Number 1 Journal of Engineering   unpublished
The fixed bed breakthrough curves for the copper ions were investigated. The adsorption capacity for Cu (II) was investigated.  ...  sides to prevent oil leakage.  ...  F = output frequency due to cage defect, Hz. = non-linear transfer function, dimensionless. H.L = half load, dimensionless. Ii = the input data, dimensionless.  ...