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Accelerated estimation and permutation inference for ACE modeling

Xu Chen, Elia Formisano, Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland, Lachlan T. Strike, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. Zubicaray, Paul M. Thompson, Margaret J. Wright, Anderson M. Winkler, Tian Ge, Thomas E. Nichols
2019 Human Brain Mapping  
There are a wealth of tools for fitting linear models at each location in the brain in neuroimaging analysis, and a wealth of genetic tools for estimating heritability for a small number of phenotypes.  ...  Here we present a simple method for heritability estimation on twins that replaces a variance component model-which requires iterative optimisation-with a (noniterative) linear regression model, by transforming  ...  ORCID Xu Chen Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland Lachlan T. Strike  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.24611 pmid:31037793 pmcid:PMC6680147 fatcat:dyyqidmvk5dkfgxbl5weqnzwuu

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Neuroimaging Phenotypes: A Meta-Analytical Perspective on Twin Imaging Studies

Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Katie L. McMahon, Margaret J. Wright
2012 Twin Research and Human Genetics  
The proportion of total variance accounted for by genes (A), shared environment (C), and unshared environment (E), was calculated by averaging A, C, and E estimates across studies from independent twin  ...  For many phenotypes there was also a significant influence of C. We now have good estimates of heritability for many regional and lobar CT measures, in addition to the global volumes.  ...  IP address:, on 04 Nov 2018 at 03:04:19, subject to the Cambridge Core terms of use, available at Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland et al.  ... 
doi:10.1017/thg.2012.11 pmid:22856370 pmcid:PMC4291185 fatcat:lbwr2mfmxngdzbk5tnhlqq6ojy

Modeling of the Hemodynamic Responses in Block Design fMRI Studies

Zuyao Y Shan, Margaret J Wright, Paul M Thompson, Katie L McMahon, Gabriella G A M Blokland, Greig I de Zubicaray, Nicholas G Martin, Anna A E Vinkhuyzen, David C Reutens
2013 Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism  
X M j¼1 e À 1 2 Dj ðAICÞ ; D i ðAICÞ ¼ AIC i À minðAICÞ; ð9Þ in which M is number of models tested and D i (AIC) is the difference between the AIC of each model and that of model with the smallest AIC  ...  Table 1 . 1 Summary of HRFs a M Equations k P 0 Bounds (LB; UB) Table 2 . 2 Akaike weights (W i ) for HRF models for computer simulations and real fMRI data a HRF model Simulation 1 Simulation  ... 
doi:10.1038/jcbfm.2013.200 pmid:24252847 pmcid:PMC3915209 fatcat:yc5sckbrlfejrnplnbspr42clu

Heritability of Neuropsychological Measures in Schizophrenia and Nonpsychiatric Populations: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Gabriëlla A M Blokland, Raquelle I Mesholam-Gately, Timothea Toulopoulou, Elisabetta C del Re, Max Lam, Lynn E DeLisi, Gary Donohoe, James T R Walters, Larry J Seidman, Tracey L Petryshen
2016 Schizophrenia Bulletin  
Thus, for family studies, A+C is almost entirely A, and "familiality" is a good proxy for heritability.  ...  Family studies without twins cannot distinguish the influences of A and C, therefore the estimate of familiality (A+C) was used as A.  ...  Finkel D and McGue M. The origins of individual differences in memory among the elderly: A behavior genetic analysis. Psychol Aging. 1993;8:527-537. Finkel D and McGue M.  ... 
doi:10.1093/schbul/sbw146 pmid:27872257 pmcid:PMC5472145 fatcat:37zpizc47vetva2tmxzlejcu64

Individual differences in trust evaluations are shaped mostly by environments, not genes

Clare A. M. Sutherland, Nichola S. Burton, Jeremy B. Wilmer, Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland, Laura Germine, Romina Palermo, Jemma R. Collova, Gillian Rhodes
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
People evaluate a stranger's trustworthiness from their facial features in a fraction of a second, despite common advice "not to judge a book by its cover."  ...  Our finding that variation in facial trustworthiness evaluation is driven mostly by personal experience represents a rare example of a core social perceptual capacity being predominantly shaped by a person's  ...  People evaluate a stranger's trustworthiness from their facial features in a fraction of a second, despite common advice "not to judge a book by its cover."  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.1920131117 pmid:32341163 fatcat:euaxghl2kzgxzpdjsxxrzfgiqi

Quantifying the heritability of task-related brain activation and performance during the N-back working memory task: A twin fMRI study

Gabriëlla A.M. Blokland, Katie L. McMahon, Jan Hoffman, Gu Zhu, Matthew Meredith, Nicholas G. Martin, Paul M. Thompson, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Margaret J. Wright
2008 Biological Psychology  
Blokland et al. / Biological Psychology 79 (2008) 70-79  ...  Over a continuous imaging run, we acquired 127 axial brain volumes, one volume every 2.1 s, with 36 coronal slices of 3 mm thickness (64  64 matrix; voxel size 3.6 mm  3.6 mm  3.0 mm), and with a 20%  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2008.03.006 pmid:18423837 pmcid:PMC2562930 fatcat:boide3lt6jbslb3l4bcnxl2rb4

A New MRI Masking Technique Based on Multi-Atlas Brain Segmentation in Controls and Schizophrenia: A Rapid and Viable Alternative to Manual Masking

Elisabetta C. del Re, Yi Gao, Ryan Eckbo, Tracey L. Petryshen, Gabriëlla A.M. Blokland, Larry J. Seidman, Jun Konishi, Jill M. Goldstein, Robert W. McCarley, Martha E. Shenton, Sylvain Bouix
2015 Journal of Neuroimaging  
Masks generated using MABS, in contrast, resemble more closely the gold standard of manual masking, thereby offering a rapid and viable alternative.  ...  METHODS-Images were acquired on a 3-Tesla MR Echospeed system General Electric scanner on five control and five schizophrenia subjects matched on age, sex, and IQ.  ...  The Bet2 option was utilized with the −m input to generate binary masks. A comparison of masking outcomes is presented in Figure 4 .  ... 
doi:10.1111/jon.12313 pmid:26585545 pmcid:PMC5356023 fatcat:2n2rcpfhzzda5mggocwymqg34m

Enlarged lateral ventricles inversely correlate with reduced corpus callosum central volume in first episode schizophrenia: association with functional measures

Elisabetta C. del Re, Jun Konishi, Sylvain Bouix, Gabriëlla A. M. Blokland, Raquelle I. Mesholam-Gately, Jill Goldstein, Marek Kubicki, Joanne Wojcik, Ofer Pasternak, Larry J. Seidman, Tracey Petryshen, Yoshio Hirayasu (+3 others)
2015 Brain Imaging and Behavior  
MR images were acquired on a 3-Tesla MRI at baseline and ~1.2 years later. FreeSurfer v. 5.3 was employed for segmentation.  ...  Conclusions-Significant correlations were observed for abnormalities of central CC, LVs and third ventricle volumes in FESZ, suggesting a common neurodevelopmental origin in schizophrenia.  ...  Giuliano, PhD, Matcheri Keshavan, MD, Janine Rodenhiser-Hill, PhD, Kristen A.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11682-015-9493-2 pmid:26678596 pmcid:PMC5538144 fatcat:lnnpeup5fnfvlikof3ti5wk7xm

Examining sex-differentiated genetic effects across neuropsychiatric and behavioral traits [article]

Joanna Martin, Ekaterina A Khramtsova, Slavina B Goleva, Gabriëlla A M Blokland, Michela Traglia, Raymond K Walters, Christopher Hübel, Jonathan R I Coleman, Gerome Breen, Anders Børglum, Ditte Demontis, Jakob Grove (+21 others)
2020 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
Given established genetic contributions and correlations across these traits, we tested for a sex-differentiated genetic architecture within and between traits.  ...  Helena Gaspar for providing a python script that was used to estimate differences in linkage disequilibrium score regression genetic correlation across sex and Donald Hucks for computing population prevalence  ...  ) Number of Children Ever Born NEB 225,230 103,909 0.46 General population (27) Neuroticism NEU 144,660 142,875 0.99 General population (UK) (29) F, female; M, male; N/A, not applicable  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.05.04.076042 fatcat:776mbhhvgncq5peca7yrksvrem

The Genetics of Endophenotypes of Neurofunction to Understand Schizophrenia (GENUS) consortium: A collaborative cognitive and neuroimaging genetics project

Gabriëlla A.M. Blokland, Elisabetta C. del Re, Raquelle I. Mesholam-Gately, Jorge Jovicich, Joey W. Trampush, Matcheri S. Keshavan, Lynn E. DeLisi, James T.R. Walters, Jessica A. Turner, Anil K. Malhotra, Todd Lencz, Martha E. Shenton (+62 others)
2018 Schizophrenia Research  
Conclusions: The Consortium is investigating the genetic contribution to brain phenotypes in a schizophrenia sample collection of N 10,000 participants.  ...  Full terms of use are available: Background: Schizophrenia has a large genetic component, and the pathways from genes to illness manifestation are beginning to be identified.  ...  (h 2 = 0.6-0.8) (Blokland et al., 2012 (Blokland et al., , 2017 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.schres.2017.09.024 pmid:28982554 pmcid:PMC5882601 fatcat:qityv7j3kngvzgea3zvdvfxpty

Page 4306 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004e [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
W. 37096 30040,30046 . 60146 35205 35055 20068 15017 92018 33010 74004 van Blokland-Vogelsgang, Rian A. W. . See van Blokland-Vogelesang, Rian A. W.  ...  A. Blau, Matthias Blazsik, Zoltan . Bleher, Pavel Blinco, Andrew Bloch, Anthony M. ........._ * 37099-37100 Blok, Rieuwert J. ............. 05205,51014 van Blokland-Vogelesang, Rian A.  ... 

Sex-Dependent Shared and Non-Shared Genetic Architecture Across Mood and Psychotic Disorders [article]

Gabriëlla AM Blokland, Jakob Grove, Chia-Yen Chen, Chris Cotsapas, Stuart Tobet, Robert Handa, David St Clair, Todd Lencz, Bryan J Mowry, Sathish Periyasamy, Murray J Cairns, Paul A Tooney (+123 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Secondary analysis of the SCZ PGC dataset detected a noteworthy interaction (rs13265509; p=1.1x10-7) in a locus containing IDO2, a kynurenine pathway enzyme with an immunoregulatory function previously  ...  Most significant in SCZ was a locus in the MOCOS gene (rs11665282; p=1.5x10-7), implicating vascular endothelial cells.  ...  , Beta (Standard Error) for male-stratified association; P M , pvalue for male-stratified association; Z FM , Z-score heterogeneity females-males; P FM , p-value heterogeneity females-males .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.08.13.249813 fatcat:ifondge4qrfw3c56cqt7e64i7a

Genome-wide association study of working memory brain activation

Gabriëlla A.M. Blokland, Angus K. Wallace, Narelle K. Hansell, Paul M. Thompson, Ian B. Hickie, Grant W. Montgomery, Nicholas G. Martin, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Margaret J. Wright
2017 International Journal of Psychophysiology  
A search of 529,379 genomic markers resulted in discovery of 31 independent single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with BOLD signal change at a discovery level of p<1×10 −5 .  ...  Two SNPs (rs7917410 and rs7672408) were associated at a significance level of p<1×10 −7 .  ...  In this task, a number ( (Blokland et al., 2008; .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2016.09.010 pmid:27671502 pmcid:PMC5364069 fatcat:yttrd2sq7rbsnaphhn5shzfhlm

Genes influence the amplitude and timing of brain hemodynamic responses

Zuyao Y. Shan, Anna A.E. Vinkhuyzen, Paul M. Thompson, Katie L. McMahon, Gabriëlla A.M. Blokland, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Vince Calhoun, Nicholas G. Martin, Peter M. Visscher, Margaret J. Wright, David C. Reutens
2016 NeuroImage  
The HRF may be used in the genetic analysis of diseases with a cerebrovascular etiology.  ...  ApEn was calculated as: ApEn(S, m, r) = ln C m (r) C m+1 (r) é ë ê ù û ú , C m (r) = C im i=1 N -m+1 å (r) N -m +1 , and C im (r) = n im (r) N -m +1 where S represents neuronal activity changes, m is the  ...  working memory task (Blokland et al., 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.09.016 pmid:26375212 pmcid:PMC4859312 fatcat:5gfqqyzqizebbctgcbdt47a43m

Page 5042 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 12 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
., 37912 Vieregge, A., 37488 Vieta, Eduard, 36904, 37795, 37796 Vigano, Antonio, 37902 Vigliocco, Gabriella, 35763 Viguera, Adele C. , 37716 Vila, L., 36281 Vilgon, Mats, 38682 Villa, G., 37489 Vincent  ...  ., 37332 Vernon, Jeffrey, 35996 Vernon, Philip A., 37112 Verres, Rolf, 37850 Verschaffel, Lieven, 38439 Vertommen, Hans, 37218 Vester-Blokland, Estelle, 37732 Vetere, Arlene, 37678 Vevera, J., 37972 Vianna  ... 
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