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Simulating humans: computer graphics animation and control

1994 ChoiceReviews  
Likewise we learn how to describe the actions and behaviors of others without consciously struggling with the processes of perception, recognition, and language.  ...  The very ubiquitousness of other people in our lives poses a tantalizing challenge to the computational modeler: people are at once the most common object of interest and yet the most structurally complex  ...  John is a 50 percentile male. Jane is a 50 percentile female. John, look at switch twf-1. John, turn twf-1 to state 4. Jane, look at twf-3. Jane, look at tglJ-1. Jane, turn tglJ-1 on.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.31-2728 fatcat:r2oehymzrvb27mchwharo6fesm

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Brian Macaskill
2015 MediaTropes  
And so, for example, a nonhuman animal cannot therefore be responsible before the law, though an animal's owner can be held legally responsible, as happened recently in Australia when a goat named Gary  ...  between Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy, during which, thinking not only of all the work from many hands that had gone and that always go into various preparations for and presentations at a conference  ...  The edition proper inaugurates itself beyond these prefatory remarks with an extract from one of the short fictions in Coetzee's most recent publication, Three Stories: "Nietverloren," first published  ... 
doaj:b8efd9da8d184575b2beeb946c6f4b79 fatcat:uk3fnibuqna4bhau4ecin4xsti

Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Composition: Processing, Distancing, and Modeling

Ralph F. Voss, Miles Myers, James Gray
1984 College composition and communication  
Part three, dealing with distancing, contains two articles defining "talk-write" as a behavioral pedagogy for composition and explaining its application in ti-e classroom; and five articles on function  ...  The Fact That or That transformation: A. Jim and Bill knew something. 0. J. Simpson scored three touchdowns. (That) Answer: Jim and Bill knew that 0. J. Simpson scored three touchdowrr Or: Jim ane.  ...  Phyllis Brooks is Lecturer in the Subject A Department, University of Cali- James Pierce is Chair of the English Department, Redwood High School, Larkspur, California, and Consultant to the Bay Area Writing  ... 
doi:10.2307/357808 fatcat:3jyq3bl555hghcfsmyzvid7bp4

Rasp: Robotics and animation simulation platform

Gene S. Lee
The RASP toolkit is highlighted by the following set of features: (a) IMVCD - a framework for the construction of time-varying systems; (b) Connection Paradigm - a "port"-based approach to data communication  ...  To resolve this problem, this thesis presents the RASP (Robotic and Animation Simulation Platform) toolkit - an extensible collection of primitives, functions, and essential abstractions for the creation  ...  SUMMARY This chapter has presented a brief summary of a variety of three-dimensional computer graphics toolkits.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0051180 fatcat:cwlz5ml35bfkphemfg2ulg7ttu

New Methods for Large-Scale Analyses of Social Identities and Stereotypes

Kenneth Joseph
In this thesis, I first develop three novel computational tools that further our ability to test and utilize existing social theory on identity and stereotypes.  ...  These tools include a method to extract identities from Twitter data, a method to infer affective stereotypes from newspaper data and a method to infer both affective and semantic stereotypes from Twitter  ...  Instead, we place identities and behaviors into a more empirically consistent three-dimensional latent, affective space.  ... 
doi:10.1184/r1/6720830 fatcat:ngpxbqheznfu5elunccyekd5ee

Breaking the time barrier

Michaela Gertrude Schober
2012 unpublished
Would there be, for instance, a difference between travelling with and without a time machine? If so, does this also relate in any way to time travel paradoxes, and if yes, to which?  ...  In the second part a number of primary sources will be analysed and interpreted against the background of the theoretical concepts that have been discussed before.  ...  Apart from drawing a rather sorry picture of the human race, the text tunes down even further the interaction between time traveller (or in this case, rather time travelling device) and its surroundings  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.20538 fatcat:7i3lpq5vrvee3hfka7luhhgsde

Telepresence: Joan Jonas and the Emergence of Performance and Video Art in the 1970s

Gillian Turner Young
In contrast, I argue that what at stake in the proliferation of live artworks by Jonas and others that merged performance and video was not a reserve of unmediated experience, but a presence that was newly  ...  as a seemingly very contemporary (and increasingly pervasive) category of experience.  ...  of a long-distance view to the three-dimensional experience of sculpture.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8qr6dk0 fatcat:ctzcydddhzar3b7rpe3pos3434

Samples 18 (2020) [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, Universitätsbibliothek Gießen, Gesellschaft Für Popularmusikforschung E.V. (GfPM)
Im Song »Mind of a King« spielt Protoje hierauf an: I do this for my culture, for my heritage Gramps, Peetah Morgan and my relatives Oh, they robbed my mommy in the seventies Not a cent, no dollar, not  ...  »real« connoisseur, not for the casual fans.  ... 
doi:10.22029/jlupub-879 fatcat:x7pwe52bpvayzprvt4upyecjmu