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GDot-i: Interactive System for Dot Paintings of Graphs

Peter Eades, Seok-Hee Hong, Martin McGrane, Amyra Meidiana
This poster presents GDot-i, an interactive system visualizing graphs and networks as dot paintings, inspired by the dot painting style of Central Australia.  ...  We describe the implementation of GDot-i, a web-based interactive system, including the user interface and typical use cases.  ...  This research was supported from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project LP160100935 with Oracle Labs Australia, and ARC Discovery Project DP190103301.  ... 
doi:10.2312/evp.20221106 fatcat:6yjzu7zv4zegnllk4kwjq3en64

Conference on Autonomous and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Autonomous and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure

David White, Ahmad Alhasan, Pavana Vennapusa
The authors would like to thank Ahmad Abu-Hawash, Justin Spencer, and Michael Todsen from Iowa DOT for their continuous support by providing us with data, and for sharing their expertise and experience  ...  Lawrence Jetter and Mr. Jimmy Allen for their help with the AECT Impact 2001A press and to Mr. Adam de Jong for his help with the Vermeer BP714 press.  ...  The left graph shows the translational error, and the right graph shows the rotational error when the robot is supposed to build the artifact with SLAM and stigmergy.  ... 

Information/Education Synthesis on Roundabouts

Supplementary Notes Research performed in cooperation with the Montana Department of Transportation and the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.  ...  and as an effective safety countermeasure. 17.  ...  They also wish to thank the project technical panel, including Kris Christensen, Roy Peterson, Jim Skinner, Shane Stack, and Ivan Ulberg, for their oversight, assistance, and feedback on this work.  ... 
doi:10.21949/1518267 fatcat:5qc3wstmtvcyvo77vix7pbvdwq


Paulo Sousa, Neves Da, Silva 0603527a
A dot density index was used, as indicated in the mapping one dot represents an estimated number.  ...  CIRCULAR & ELIPTICAL GEOMETRY EXPLORATION This sketch attempts to explore combining circles with elipses and alocating a decade to each one.  ... 

Non-Contact Evaluation Methods for Infrastructure Condition Assessment

Sattar Dorafshan
Inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of these infrastructure in the traditional manner can be expensive, dangerous, time-consuming, and tied to human judgment (the inspector).  ...  The United States infrastructure, e.g. roads and bridges, are in a critical condition.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors extend their gratitude to: Matt Farrar, Alan Buerig, and Don Gorely at Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) for providing the fatigue crack specimen and allowing inspection  ... 
doi:10.26076/ca97-804d fatcat:hpuzypksqfb3bhymr7iaiu3pxq

Adhesive dynamics simulations of transport and adhesion of circulating tumor microemboli

Kevin Jamahl Anderson
The bond lengths and lifespans were measured, and the distribution of lengths and lifespans correlated with the types of adhesion interactions observed.  ...  Aggregates consisting of 3 cells exhibited the most stable rolling, and rod-like 4-mer particles were unable to form substantial tethers with the surface.  ...  For initial heights marked with a circle, no collisions were observed during the entirety of the simulation.  ... 
doi:10.7298/x4833q12 fatcat:m3h7wfcvkzcklnnbsizx7b3gou

Medicinal Vessels of the First Gilded Age (1870-1929): Properties of Promise or Hokum of False Hope?

David Cook
s growth and medicine producers.  ...  s oldest and most popular medicines has been analyzed.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The following people have lent to me their time and considerable expertise: Dr. Jeffrey B.  ... 
doi:10.57709/6430686 fatcat:44dd273kgrbspfq6c2q4gaeeky

BYU ScholarsArchive Principles of Learning: A Conceptual Framework for Domain-Specific Theories of Learning Principles of Learning: A Conceptual Framework for Domain-Specific Theories of Learning Principles of Learning: A Conceptual Framework for Domain-Specific Theories of Learning

Christian Weibell, Christian Weibell, Paul Merrill, David Wiley, Peter Rich, Norman Evans, C Graham, Christian Weibell
2011 unpublished
They have been sought through careful review and analysis of both theoretical and empirical literature by methods of textual research (Clingan, 2008) and constant comparative analysis (Glaser & Strauss  ...  As an alternative to any supposed grand theory of learning-and following the lead of prominent thinkers in the fields of clinical psychology and language teaching-this study proposes a shift toward principles  ...  contiguity (sCr), and this sCr is closely associated with the diminution of a need (G) or with a stimulus which has been closely and consistently associated with the diminution of a need (Gdot), there  ...