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A fatal case of urosepsis due to Corynebacterium riegelii

Gokhan Aygun, Kenan Midilli, Hatice Cilingir, Mesut Yilmaz, Aysegul Kutukcu, Engin Eker
2013 Brazilian Journal of Microbiology  
Corynebacterium species other than Corynebacterium diphtheriae rarely cause infections in human but rather reside in flora, however they have been reported to cause opportunistic infections in both immunocompromised and immunecompetent patients. Here we report for the first time a case of an elderly female patient presenting with a fatal urosepsis caused by a recently defined pathogen, Corynebacterium riegelii, identified on second day after patient hospitalization leading to a progressive worsening and death of the patient on 6th day.
doi:10.1590/s1517-83822013000200022 pmid:24294241 pmcid:PMC3833147 fatcat:7ysfxlehlfc7rg4244wngebjt4

The Smallest Workers in Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes

Özer ÖNER, Süleyman Gökhan KARA, İhsan KARAKAYA, Ayla EKER SARIBOYACI, Onur UYSAL, Sibel GÜNEŞ, Huseyin AVCİ
2022 Journal of Medical Innovation and Technology  
Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are secreted by cells into the extracellular space, which first discovered in 1967 as platelet dust. In recent years, the analysis of EVs treatment for various diseases has emerged in the studies to understand these vesicles' origin and biological functions. According to their size, biogenesis, content, release pathways and function, EVs have three main subtypes: microvesicle (MV), exosome (EX) and apoptotic body. EVs are found in all body fluids, including urine,
more » ... asma, and physiological fluids such as bronchial lavage. In addition, it is secreted by many cell types such as dendritic cells, B cells, T-cells, mast cells, tumour cells, and sperm. This review investigates the studies using stem cell-derived EVs in numerous clinical and preclinical research.
doi:10.51934/jomit.1016923 fatcat:7ir4elsamrhw7do6wrsi7fsvge

Ganoderma lucidum Metanolik Ekstraktının Fitotoksik Etkilerinin ve Antioksidan Potansiyelinin Araştırılması

Fuat Bozok, Tülin Eker, Gökhan Sezer, Adnan Bozdoğan, Hasan Hüseyin Doğan, Saadet Büyükalaca
2016 Turkish Journal of Agriculture: Food Science and Technology  
The aim of this study is to reveal allelopathic effects and antioxidant activities of methanolic extract of Ganoderma lucidum in Zorkun plateau (Osmaniye). It was determined that methanolic extract of G. lucidum has significantly phytotoxic effect by increasing the doses (1, 2, 4, 8 mg/mL) on Hordeum vulgare and Triticum aestivum. Total phenol and flavonoid amounts of G. lucidum were 114.55 mg/kg and 8.95 mg/kg, respectively. 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), scavenging activity (60%, 91%
more » ... d 92%), reducing power (0.83, 1.43 and 2.23 Abs), and nitric oxide (NO) scavenging activity (48%, 55% and 70%) of this mushroom at the different concentrations (1.25, 2.5 and 5 mg/mL) were determined, respectively. However, H2O2 scavenging activity of the different concentrations (0.0156-0.125 mg/mL) was found as 18%, 56%, 60% and 86%, respectively. Based on these findings, it can suggest that G. lucidum methanolic extract has significantly phytotoxic effect and antioxidant activity. The present study is the first report on the phytotoxic effects and antioxidant activities of G. lucidum which consumed and collected from Amanos Mountains.
doi:10.24925/turjaf.v4i3.163-170.568 fatcat:cwd3am3sj5dklbj4aozb6fxecq


2020 Eskişehir Technical University Journal of Science and Technology A - Applied Sciences and Engineering  
The present study was carried out to estimate gamma radiation shielding properties of natural glass obsidian. For this purpose, linear attenuation coefficient, mass attenuation coefficient, mean free path, half-value layer, tenth-value layer, effective atomic number and effective electron number values of obsidian samples in black and brown colors were experimentally measured for 661.66, 1172.23 and 1332.48 keV gamma ray energies obtained from 137 Cs, and 60 Co radioactive sources. Measurements
more » ... were performed at narrow-beam transmission geometry using a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector. In addition, all these parameters were theoretically calculated by using WinXCOM program in the energy region of 0.015 to 15 MeV. A good agreement was observed between theoretical and experimental values. Furthermore, energy absorption and exposure buildup factors (EABF and EBF) of obsidian specimens were determined in the energy range of 0.015 to 15 MeV using G-P fitting method. Finally, it can be concluded that these naturally occurring volcanic glasses can be used for radiation shielding applications.
doi:10.18038/estubtda.755217 fatcat:wmcax3xnxjax3ltykmkemkyaqa

Isolation and in vitro characterisation of dental pulp stem cells from natal teeth

Erdal Karaöz, Burcu Nur Doğan, Ayça Aksoy, Gülçin Gacar, Serap Akyüz, Selda Ayhan, Zehra Seda Genç, Sinan Yürüker, Gökhan Duruksu, Pınar Çetinalp Demircan, Ayla Eker Sarıboyacı
2009 Histochemistry and Cell Biology  
Dental pulp stem cells were primarily derived from the pulp tissues of exfoliated deciduous teeth, primary incisors and permanent third molar teeth. The aim of this study was to isolate and extensively characterise SCs derived from human natal dental pulp (hNDP). For characterisation, proliferation capacity, phenotypic properties, ultrastructural and diVerentiation characteristics and gene expression proWles were utilised. A comparison was done between the properties of NDP-SCs and the
more » ... s of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from bone marrow (BM) of the human. Stem cells isolated from hNDP and hBM were analysed by Xow cytometry, reverse transcriptase-PCR, Real Time-PCR, and immunocytochemistry. Both cell lines were directionally diVerentiated towards adipogenic, osteogenic chondrogenic, myogenic and neurogenic lineages. hNDP-SCs and hBM-MSCs expressed CD13, CD44, CD90, CD146 and CD166, but not CD3, CD8, CD11b, CD14, CD15, CD19, CD33, CD34, CD45, CD117, and HLA-DR. Ultrastructural characteristics of hNDP-SCs showed more developed and metabolically active cells. hNDP-SCs and hBM-MSCs expressed some adipogenic (leptin, adipophilin and PPAR ), myogenic (desmin, myogenin, myosinIIa, and -SMA), neurogenic ( -enolase, MAP2a,b, c-fos, nestin, NF-H, NF-L, GFAP and betaIII tubulin), osteogenic (osteonectin, osteocalcin, osteopontin, Runx-2, and type I collagen) and chondrogenic (type II collagen, SOX9) markers without any stimulation towards diVerentiation under basal conditions. Embryonic stem cell markers Oct4, Rex-1, FoxD-3, Sox2, and Nanog were also identiWed. The diVerentiation potential of hNDP-SCs and hBM-MSCs to adipogenic, osteogenic, chondrogenic, myogenic and neurogenic was shown. This report described the Wrst successful isolation and characterisation of hNDP-SCs.
doi:10.1007/s00418-009-0646-5 pmid:19816704 fatcat:nsw262okfvca7oahetuc42nrku

Mean Platelet Volume Associated with Aortic Distensibility, Chronic Inflammation and Diabetes in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease

Durmuş Yıldıray Şahin, Mustafa Gür, Zafer Elbasan, Arafat Yıldırım, Rabia Eker Akıllı, Nermin Yıldız Koyunsever, Betül Özaltun, Gökhan Gözübüyük, Ali Kıvrak, Murat Çaylı
2013 Journal of the American College of Cardiology  
Volume Associated with Aortic Distensibility, Chronic Inflammation and Diabetes in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease Durmuş Yıldıray Şahin, Mustafa Gür, Zafer Elbasan, Arafat Yıldırım, Rabia Eker  ...  Akıllı, Nermin Yıldız Koyunsever, Betül Özaltun, Gökhan Gözübüyük, Ali Kıvrak, Murat Çaylı Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital, Department of Cardiology, Adana Background: The patients with increased  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2013.08.596 fatcat:h2kptzlrunghzdrnxancwqosoa

Aortic Distensibility and Extent and Complexity of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Stable Hypertensive and Nonhypertensive Coronary Artery Disease

Zafer Elbasan, DurmusYildiray Sahin, Mustafa Gür, Gökhan Gözübüyük, Rabia Eker Akilli, Nermin Yildiz Koyunsever, Caner Türkoglu, Ali Kivrak, Arafat Yildirim, Murat Çayli
2013 Medical Principles and Practice  
ly related to age (β = -0.104, p = 0.019), hypertension (β = -0.202, p < 0.001) and SS (β = -0.457, p < 0.001) and was more strongly associated with SS in hypertensive patients compared to nonhypertensive patients (r = -0.524 vs. r = -0.414, p < 0.001 for all). Conclusion: The findings showed that impaired AD might be an independent predictor for the severity of coronary atherosclerosis, particularly in patients with hypertension. Abstract Objective: To assess the relationship between aortic
more » ... tensibility (AD) and the extent and complexity of atherosclerotic lesions assessed with SYNTAX score (SS) in patients with stable coronary artery disease. Subjects and Methods: Three hundred and seventy-six consecutive patients (230 males and 146 females; mean age: 61.6 ± 9.9 years) with angiographically proven coronary artery disease were included in the study. The SS was calculated using the SS algorithm on the baseline diagnostic angiogram in the 376 patients. AD was calculated from the echocardiographically derived ascending aorta diameters and hemodynamic pressure measurements in all patients. Frequencies of risk factors, biochemical and hematological data were recorded. The patients were divided into two groups according to the median AD value as AD low and AD high groups. Results: The SS was higher in the AD low group compared with the AD high group (18.5 ± 10.2 vs. 8.3 ± 5.9, p < 0.001). The AD was independent-
doi:10.1159/000345842 pmid:23327860 pmcid:PMC5586749 fatcat:bnloww5xlneu5gtldzk7rqee6m

ASAS Census of Twins [article]

Volkan Bakış, Zeki Eker, Oguzhan Sarı, Gökhan Yücel, Eda Sonbaş
2020 pre-print
The most recent MLR for main-sequence stars in the mass range 0.179-31 M ⊙ is obtained by Eker et al. (2018) .  ...  Twins in the list of absolute parameters of 509 main-sequence stars (Eker et al. 2018) . T e f f 1 T e f f 2 log g r 1 /r 2 M 1 /M 2 V r ot Phase ∆V Sp.  ... 
doi:10.1093/mnras/staa1587 arXiv:2006.08271v1 fatcat:6moh4ivqgvdplmla644wkc2mxe


Bülent Eker, Gökhan Cavaş
Remote detection is the science of obtaining information about objects without directly touch. There are lots of satellites in the space-orbiting earth or turning simultaneously with the earth-installed by humans for various reasons. In this study, 3-4-5 band combinations of satellite images of Landsat 7 TM and Landsat 5 TM were used to determine cotton plant fenologically by spectral reflection values in research area. Ground control points of spectral reflection values for control were taken
more » ... y Magellan 315 model with 5-15 m accuracy. With sampling method conducted at study area, educated-controlled classification analysis was made and color definitions were entered to determine the plant type to be defined. With this paper, it was put forward that by analyzing Remote Detection data, agricultural products can be analyzed and controlled much more quicker and ideally.


Pamukkale Üniversitesi Mühendislik Bilim Dergisi
2009 Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences  
HAKEMLER / REVIEWERS Yayın Kurulu 6061 Alüminyum Alaşımının Sürtünme Karıştırma Kaynak Yöntemi ile Kaynak Edilebilirliğinin İncelenmesi (Alfabetik Sırada) İlker EKER ve İbrahim SEVİM 137 ASJ ACAROĞLU Mustafa  ...  Basit Mesnetli Kirişlerde Eğilme ve Kaymadan Dolayı Oluşan Sehim Denklemlerinin Bulunması 187 Ümran ESENDEMİR Şev Stabilitesi Kazıklarına Etkiyen Yatay Yüklerin Belirlenmesi 194 Mehmet Rıfat KAHYAOĞLU, Gökhan  ... 
doaj:e5fa7aba5e214ac08c4d735d3bcc8a21 fatcat:5zcqdi24rnex5n5u43qbalyn6m

Can 1st and 6th month pulmonary function test follow-ups give an idea about the long-term respiratory effects of COVID-19 pneumonia?

Serkan Emre Eroglu, Enis Ademoglu, Seyma Baslilar, Gokhan Aksel, Aysen Eker, Abdullah Algın, Mehmet Muzaffer Islam, Serdar Ozdemir
The aim of this study was to ascertain the long-term respiratory effects of COVID-19 pneumonia through pulmonary function tests in follow-ups at 1 and 6 months. Our study was conducted between August 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021. At 1 month after discharge, follow-up evaluations, PFTs, and lung imaging were performed on patients aged above 18 years who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia. In the 6th month, the PFTs were repeated for those with pulmonary dysfunction. A total of 219 patients
more » ... (mean age, 49±11.9 years) were included. Pathological PFT results were noted in the 1st month for 80 patients and in the 6th month for 46 (7 had obstructive disorder, 15 had restrictive disorder, and 28 had small airway obstruction) patients. A significant difference was found between abnormal PFT results and patient-described dyspnea in the 1st month of follow-up. The 6-month PFT values (especially those for forced vital capacity) were statistically significantly lower in the patients for whom imaging did not indicate complete radiological improvement at the 1-month follow-up. No statistically significant difference was found between the severity of the first computed tomography findings or clinical condition on emergency admission and pulmonary dysfunction (Pearson's chi-square test, P=0.904; Fisher's exact test, P=0.727). It is important that patients with COVID-19 pneumonia be followed up for at least 1 month after discharge to be monitored for potential long-term lung damage. PFTs should be administered to those in whom ongoing dyspnea, which started with COVID-19, and/or full recovery were not identified in pulmonary imaging.
doi:10.1590/1806-9282.20210890 pmid:35239879 fatcat:x5sjsnprwnejfdkvgfmt3yxfe4


Tarık AK, Gökhan SARI
2018 Uluslararası Bilimsel Araştırmalar Dergisi  
Bu bölgelerde, çıkarlarına uygun olan etnik yapılar, radikal gruplar ve suç örgütleri desteklenmiştir (Yalçınkaya & Türkeş, 2008, s.84; Karaosmanoğlu, 2011, s.11; Gürcan, 2011, s.155; Eker, 2015, s.40  ...  değişken olmakla birlikte devamlılığı, ülkelerin ekonomisine, siyasetine ve toplumuna maliyetli hale gelmiş, savaşların kazananını belirsizleştirmiştir (Gürcan, 2012, s.100-107; Yayla, 2013: 183-189; Eker  ... 
doi:10.21733/ibad.474608 fatcat:dk4wywkwmbclzh5afggx4baegq


Unknown Unknown
1998 Milletleraras  
Çetinsaya, Gökhan, "Huntington, özakpınar ve Türkiye", Türk Yurdu, Vol. 18 (127/128), March/April 1998, pp. 93-95.  ...  Eker, Aytaç and Uğur Kılınç, "Dış Politikada Gelişmeler ve Türk Dış Politika Perspektifleri", Yeni Türkiye, Vol. 4 (23-24), September-December 1998, pp. 1327-1337.  ... 
doi:10.1501/intrel_0000000001 fatcat:w75ha3y7m5eozhigwpiujrcixe

Kapak ve İçindekiler

Kapak ve İçindekiler
2018 Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi  
Çökellerinin Jeokimyasal Özellikleri .............................................................. 717-726 Geochemical Properties of Pleistocene-aged Terrace Deposit of the Ankara Stream Çiğdem SAYDAM EKER  ...  GÖRHAN, Gökhan KÜRKLÜ Enhancement Physical Performance of Nanostructured CuO Films via Surfactant TX-100 ...................................... 545-551 Nanoyapılı CuO Filmlerin Fiziksel Performansının  ... 
doi:10.19113/sdufbed.66256 fatcat:zn5ncdmmjvbjpfckxo7mxo7gvm

Scientific Programme

2021 Turk biyokimya dergisi = Turkish journal of biochemistry  
30 min Coffee Break & Exhibition Area & Posters Visit 12:30 -13:30 60 min Lunch Break I Exhibition Area & Poster Visit 14:15 -15:45 90 min Oral Presentation Session 3 Chairpersons: Nuray Ulusu & Pinar Eker  ...  WITH SEVERE ACNE VULGARIS, Betul Calis S-049 EVALUATION OF PANNEKSIN-1 LEVEL IN COVID-19 PATIENTS, Kubra Dogan S-051 THIOL LEVEL AND TOTAL OXIDANT/ANTIOXIDANT STATUS IN PATIENTS WITH COVID-19 INFECTION, Gokhan  ... 
doi:10.1515/tjb-2021-46s203 fatcat:l6r3v3ellzdo5jm4v6kqm5obkq
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