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Free vibrations for some Koiter shells of revolution

Edoardo Artioli, Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, Harri Hakula, Carlo Lovadina
2008 Applied Mathematics Letters  
In particular, three types of shells of revolution are considered.  ...  The asymptotic behaviour of the smallest eigenvalue in linear Koiter shell problems is studied, as the thickness parameter tends to zero.  ...  Introduction and problem description In considering the free vibrations of shells using the Koiter model (see [8, 6, 5] , for instance), one is led to study the following eigenvalue problem in variational  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.aml.2007.10.030 fatcat:befyiqciqvda3gasmudo2pnco4

Page 2247 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 91D [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
Based on the latter, the next chapter lists Mechanics of structures 91d:73044 the governing equations for membrane shells, and to complete this part of the book, some practical examples are given.  ...  The remain- ing chapters treat shell vibrations and stability in an introductory fashion with the purpose of illustrating these phenomena.  ... 

Page 1626 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 50, Issue 5 [page]

1975 Mathematical Reviews  
TSlinskii], On the dynamics of a system of rigid bodies (pp. 141- 149); W. T. Koiter and J. G. Simmonds, Foundations of shell theory (pp. 150-176); Marten T.  ...  The general orthogonality condition satisfied by the free-vibration | modes associated with the forced-motion problem is derived and used to solve the general field equations for finite micropolar elastic  ... 

Page 1262 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 82c [page]

1982 Mathematical Reviews  
bending of cylindrical shells in absence of loads, and for the linear and nonlinear theories of axisymmetric deformation of shells of revolution.  ...  Verma (Haryana) Koiter, W.T. 82c:73066 The intrinsic equations of shell theory with some applications. Mechanics today, Vol. 5, pp. 139-154, Pergamon, Oxford, 1980.  ... 

Dynamics of composite, sandwich, and stiffened shell-type structures

1969 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets  
Doubly Curved Sandwich Shells Free vibrations of doubly curved shells of revolution were considered by Prusakov,” Il’gamov,”! and Suvernev.??  ...  free- vibration problems, simple closed-form solutions can some- times be obtained for simple shells (i.e., cylindrical) subject to simple boundary conditions (i.e., freely supported).  ... 
doi:10.2514/3.29830 fatcat:4zgzr4qimramvm4ad2hyvtajim

Page 116 of Mechanical Engineering Vol. 80, Issue 10 [page]

1958 Mechanical Engineering  
Zaid, Republic Aviation Corp (Paper No. 58—A-20) Limit Analysis of Symmetrically Loaded Thin Shells of Revolution,? by D.C. Drucker and R.T Shield, Brown Univ.  ...  Axially Symmetric Buckling of Shallow Spherical Shells Under External Pressure, by E Reiss NYU (Paper No. 58—A-14) On Influence Coefficients and Nonlinearity for Thin Shells of ——— by E.  ... 

Natural frequency analysis of shells of revolution based on hybrid dual-mixed hp-finite element formulation

Balázs Tóth
2021 Applied Mathematical Modelling  
relation for homogeneous and isotropic materials, thereby ensuring the volumetric locking-free characteristic of the shell model at theory level.  ...  The numerical performance of the shell finite element is analyzed comprehensively for natural frequency computations of clamped-free and simply supported, silicone, conoid, spherical and hyperboloid shells  ...  for h-but also for p-approximations in the free vibration analysis of various shells of revolution, independently of the thickness value.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.apm.2021.06.001 fatcat:znbst7fqt5frbi7ehvfwxdb7ba

Junctions in shell structures: A review

W. Pietraszkiewicz, V. Konopińska
2015 Thin-walled structures  
of junctions appearing in complex multi-shell structures.  ...  Many shell structures used in modern technology consist of regular shell parts joined together along their common boundaries.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The research reported in this paper was supported by the National Centre of Science of Poland with the grant DEC -2012/05/D/ST8/02298.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tws.2015.07.010 fatcat:flnrkh5wlrdmliplzrnrhge23m

Stability of EG cylindrical shells with shear stresses on a Pasternak foundation

A.M. Najafov, A.H. Sofiyev, D. Hui, Z. Karaca, V. Kalpakci, M. Ozcelik
2014 Steel and composite structures  
The novelty of present work is to achieve closed-form solutions for critical hydrostatic pressures of EG orthotropic cylindrical shells resting on Pasternak elastic foundation based on FOSDT.  ...  The expressions for critical hydrostatic pressures of EG orthotropic cylindrical shells with and without an elastic foundation based on CST are obtained, in special cases.  ...  Tornabene (2011) investigated free vibrations of anisotropic doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution with a free-form meridian resting on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundations.  ... 
doi:10.12989/scs.2014.17.4.453 fatcat:7awessbjnzet7cqxvcty6uvo6u

Damage detection of circular cylindrical shells by Ritz method

L Sarker, Y Xiang, B Uy, X Zhu
2011 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Cheung et al. (1989) applied the spline finite strip method for the free vibration analysis of singly curved shell panel.  ...  Later Au and Cheung (1996) applied the isoparametric spline finite strip method for the free vibration and stability analysis of shells.  ...  Thus, for example one can get a wavelet spectrum instead of getting a frequency spectrum. For processing non stationary signals wavelets are very useful.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/305/1/012117 fatcat:smvxjowluzavpcx2mleforvetq

Closed-form solutions for the free-vibration problem of multilayered piezoelectric shells

M. D'Ottavio, D. Ballhause, B. Kröplin, E. Carrera
2006 Computers & structures  
This paper addresses the free-vibration problem of multilayered shells with embedded piezoelectric materials.  ...  Closed-form solutions are given for the free-vibration problem of simply supported, orthotropic piezoelectric laminates.  ...  Closed spheres and general shells of revolution, for which the radius of curvature is a function of the distance from the axis are not accounted for.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compstruc.2006.01.030 fatcat:ipncjowudvg7zbkzxqf52xlj6i

FUNDAMENTAL STUDY ON TOROIDAL SHELL : Donnell theory in some problems and buckling loads
トロイダルシェルに関する基礎的研究 : Donnell 仮定・座屈荷重の検討

1984 Transactions of the Architectural Institute of Japan  
. , " Nonlinear Tlleories for Thill General Equations Qf E 且 astic Stability for Thin Shells " , Proc . Symposium Qn the The ⊂ )ry of Shells, to honer L . II .  ...  .: " Stubility o ∫ Shells of Revolution : General Theory and Application to thc Torlls " , ph , D . Dissertati [ ⊃n , Stanforfl Univ . March .1965 1g ) Sobel, L .  ...  For thjs purpose , the numerical results of some problems by means of Donnell theory are compared by other theories , that is , Sanders − Koiter Lheory and Love theory .  ... 
doi:10.3130/aijsaxx.335.0_22 fatcat:esvczghgo5d6tbtpeitcsasxo4

Buckling analysis of laminated composite cylindrical shell subjected to lateral displacement-dependent pressure using semi-analytical finite strip method

Majid Khayat, Davood Poorveis, Shapour Moradi
2016 Steel and composite structures  
The load stiffness matrix, which is responsible for variation of load direction, is also derived for each strip and after assembling, global load stiffness matrix of the shell is formed.  ...  The load stiffness matrix, which is responsible for variation of load direction, is also throughout the deformation process.  ...  Tornabene et al. (2014) evaluated the free vibration of free-form doubly-curved shells made of functionally graded materials using higher-order equivalent single layer theories.  ... 
doi:10.12989/scs.2016.22.2.301 fatcat:habtiftoabcrfnkyke3hjtggmm

Non-linear vibrations of free-edge thin spherical shells: modal interaction rules and 1:1:2 internal resonance

Oliver Thomas, C. Touzé, A. Chaigne
2005 International Journal of Solids and Structures  
The analog for thin shallow shells of von KármánÕs theory for large deflection of plates is used.  ...  The governing partial differential equations are expanded onto the natural modes of vibration of the shell.  ...  Acknowledgement The authors want to thank É ric Luminais for the scrupulous reading of the manuscript he has made.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2004.10.028 fatcat:fg5igraaqrg2fggj2hjccl7hze

Thin Plates and Shells [chapter]

Phillip L. Gould
2012 Introduction to Linear Elasticity  
As a textbook, it contains enough materal for a two-semester senior or graduate course on the theory and applications of thin plates and shells.  ...  Thin-walled structures in the form of plates and shells are encountered in many branches of technology, such as civil, mechanical, aeronautical, marine, and chemical engineering.  ...  The equations of free vibrations of thin elastic shells were first derived by Love [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-4833-4_8 fatcat:lcgj45efsvdmtnkyauluavskai
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