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Integrating information in the brain's EM field: the cemi field theory of consciousness

Johnjoe McFadden
2020 Neuroscience of Consciousness  
I point out that only energy fields are capable of integrating information in space.  ...  The cemi field theory proposes a scientific dualism that is rooted in the difference between matter and energy, rather than matter and spirit.  ...  References Integrating information in the brain's EM field | 11 Downloaded from by guest on 28 October 2020  ... 
doi:10.1093/nc/niaa016 pmid:32995043 pmcid:PMC7507405 fatcat:bx6cdlw6uzazdphdvk4ye7a4py

The Potential for Excess Correlation (Entanglement) between Flow States in Pairs of Gamers Sharing Specific Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields

Brendan S. Lehman, Michael A. Persinger
2016 Journal of Signal and Information Processing  
and the distribution of values from random number generators if both loci shared a specific type of rotational magnetic field.  ...  Excess correlation between the activity or properties of two particles separated by non-local distances has been demonstrated for photons, shifts in relative proton and hydroxyl ratios in spring water,  ...  The contributions of Viger M. Persinger are appreciated.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jsip.2016.73012 fatcat:b5se6a5qqfhy5mlfymguk7xmgy

Strategic Decision-Making In the Emerging Field Of E-commerce

Rodney Oudan
2011 International Journal of Management & Information Systems  
This is followed by a review of literature on the theoretical background of e-commerce an academic consideration on what are e-commerce strategies.  ...  This paper discusses how the nature of electronic commerce affects strategic decision-making.  ...  It reflects a paradigm shift driven by two primary factors, a wide range of converging technological developments and the emergence of a so-called "knowledge economy".  ... 
doi:10.19030/ijmis.v14i2.826 fatcat:wn5epdbttfgstdhnsfyr52bqcy

Towards an Archival Critique: Opening Possibilities for Addressing Neoliberalism in the Archival Field

Marika Cifor, Jamie A. Lee
2017 Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies  
Neoliberalism, as economic doctrine, as political practice, and even as a "governing rationality" of contemporary life and work, has been encroaching on the library and information studies (LIS) field  ...  The shift towards a conscious grappling with social justice and human rights debates and concerns in archival studies scholarship and practice since the 1990s opens the possibility for addressing neoliberalism  ...  Like other archival labors there is an increased emphasis on framing academic work around market measurable 'impacts.' 66 Over the past decade there have been numerous studies that in this paradigm seek  ... 
doi:10.24242/jclis.v1i1.10 fatcat:k6ck5fx4jrgvrcwzqxkp6g5wgi

Noisy Fields: Interference and Equivocality in the Sonic Legacies of Information Theory

Nicholas A. Knouf
2015 Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology  
Noisy Fields: Interference and Equivocality in the Sonic Legacies of Information eory discusses the ways in which noise causes interferences within disciplinary fields.  ...  Noise was a key point of contention in the early debates surrounding the development of information theory, and I examine some situations that provide alternatives to the standard formulations.  ...  In many ways we thus have a potentially constructive interference with Shannon' s approach to information theory discussed in Chapter 1; just as Shannon constructed information theory on the basis of the  ... 
doi:10.1162/leon_a_01110 fatcat:ufx4ddxx3bel3dsbpxo4h4aw4i

Viewing Systems as Services: A Fresh Approach in the IS Field

Steven Alter
2010 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
Despite wide agreement that we are in a service-dominated economy, there has been little movement toward treating service and service metaphors as core aspects of the IS field.  ...  of IT.  ...  A final section on implications and conclusions discusses a number of ways in which viewing systems as services could enrich the IS field. II.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.02611 fatcat:kclbmmqcovhgrbw73qcf6n45se

Nothing At The Center?: Academic Legitimacy in the Information Systems Field

Kalle Lyytinen, John King
2004 Journal of the AIS  
Researchers in the information system (IS) field have recently called for the field to legitimate itself by erecting a strong theoretical core at its center.  ...  This analysis suggests that to remain successful, the IS field needs intellectual discipline in boundary spanning across a "market of ideas" concerning the application of information technology in human  ...  John Leslie King is Dean and Professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1jais.00051 fatcat:6hyevrgypjedhpyxbyubvyidsu

The Ethnographic Paradigm(s)

Peggy Reeves Sanday
1979 Administrative Science Quarterly  
During the 1920s the interaction of Mead, Benedict, and Boas led to a shift in the particularist framework.  ...  According to Geertz "doing ethnography" is not a matter of methods -of establishing rapport, selecting informants, transcribing texts, taking genealogies, mapping fields, keeping a diary, and so on.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2392359 fatcat:5dz3ujxa45bdfpqkymoq3z5tba

Typological Design Strategy of FOA′s Architecture

Jonghoon Im, Jiae Han
2015 Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering  
Despite the criticism of traditional typology, the works of FOA provide a clue to redefining and reinterpreting the subject of typology, which enables us to operate appropriately in constantly shifting  ...  The use of 'type' as a tool in the design process has led to 'typification' of design that discourages the emergence of new formal structures.  ...  Phylogenesis Based on the Concept of Species FOA's book Phylogenesis published in 2003 e x a m i n e s t h e i n t e r n a l c o n s i s t e n c y o f F O A ' s architectural works and presents a phylogenetic  ... 
doi:10.3130/jaabe.14.443 fatcat:efagxr3offan5kgv2xm36h77l4

The epistemology(s) of volunteered geographic information: a critique

Renée E Sieber, Mordechai Haklay
2015 Geo: Geography and Environment  
We contend that VGI is itself a socially constructed epistemology crafted in the discipline of geography, which when re-examined, does not sit comfortably with either GIScience or critical GIS scholarship  ...  The paper concludes with implications of this epistemological turn and prescriptions for designing systems and advancing the field to ensure nuanced views of participation within the core conceptualisation  ...  We thank Myriam Houssay-Holzschuch and Levi Graham for their help in editing. We received helpful comments from three anonymous reviewers and these helped us in improving the arguments of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1002/geo2.10 fatcat:g7s66h6csndhxgaoipu2wf67gu

Theorizing Order(s) on the Internet [chapter]

Matthias C. Kettemann
2020 The Normative Order of the Internet  
Chapter 5 shows the potential of theoretical approaches to solving the normative crisis on the internet. In turn, key theories of order in the broader sense are presented and discussed.  ...  Though the majority of these theories were not posited with a view to the internet, the present study draws from their epistemic potential for the regulation of the internet.  ...  Not every political change indicates a revolution. Not every anomaly in science points to a paradigm change, in Thomas S. Kuhn's sense.  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780198865995.003.0005 fatcat:5az7cg2cufadbltfbx3zjhdimq

Comparative Literature: Reading the Canadian Nation(s)

Paul D. Morris
2017 Canadian Review of Comparative Literature  
signs of a deeper shifting of the tectonic plates of the Canadian nation.  ...  7) Day and Sadik do not describe in detail the features of Indigenous nationhood, or indeed indicate whether such a paradigm would apply equally to all Indigenous nations across Canada. 13 Framed at  ... 
doi:10.1353/crc.2017.0016 fatcat:5oq6jeqtiza5bj7s3gslueyvku

A work-stealing scheduler for X10's task parallelism with suspension

Olivier Tardieu, Haichuan Wang, Haibo Lin
2012 Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming - PPoPP '12  
A crucial aspect of X10's runtime system is the scheduling of concurrent tasks.  ...  We show that this engine improves the run time of a series of benchmark programs by several orders of magnitude when used in combination with the C++ backend compiler and runtime for X10.  ...  Acknowledgments This material is based upon work supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under its Agreement No. HR0011-07-9-0002.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2145816.2145850 dblp:conf/ppopp/TardieuWL12 fatcat:elwpnjaysfannbg5cutr5vpjhq

Interview: Mark D'Esposito with Michael S. Gazzaniga

2004 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
If there have been paradigm shifts, and so forth, what were the most important?  ...  What is so gratifying al the work though is the unsolicited letters one receives from the army of really bright people in this world who keep informed on all kinds of matters.  ... 
doi:10.1162/089892904322755494 pmid:15006030 fatcat:isbeqpkgnjggrmdboujbirzb7m

Conceptualizing Student Affairs Graduate Preparation as Activity System(s)

Graham Hunter, University of Dayton
2022 Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs  
Finally, the article provides a discussion of how the conceptual model can guide future research on graduate training and strengthen student learning and development within training programs.  ...  Utilizing literature on student affairs graduate preparation and cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT), this article offers a conceptual model of student affairs graduate preparation as sociocultural  ...  Scholars often depict the construct of mediated action in the form of a triangle. The subject refers to the individual(s) engaged in the activity.  ... 
doi:10.20429/gcpa.2022.380101 fatcat:ueitxgmcnzc3lcodhcd634p3ui
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