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Formalization and Rules for Recognition of Satirical Irony

Lingpeng Kong, Likun Qiu
2011 2011 International Conference on Asian Language Processing  
Satirical irony(" ") is a very important language phenomena. Its recognition is of great importance to sentiment analysis.  ...  To solve these problems, we first give clear definitions of satirical irony. Then we discuss in what level satirical irony occurs. Finally, we propose some features of satirical irony.  ...  Definition of Satirical Irony and The Relationship between Irony and Satire According to the definitions of irony and satire we can see that irony is a formal one (It's a matter of form.), while satire  ... 
doi:10.1109/ialp.2011.14 dblp:conf/ialp/KongQ11 fatcat:nyel6c46cvefbhkkbr6vtc5n4q

Analysing Irony for Translation

Raymond Chakhachiro
2009 Meta : Journal des traducteurs  
Fowler (1981) argues that Austin's speech act theory (1975) can initiate a formal explanation of our recognition of the force of devices.  ...  However, suggesting the possibility of devising rules for grammatical categories in multifarious natural language situations, in ironic writing in particular, and, ultimately, to make use of these rules  ... 
doi:10.7202/029792ar fatcat:7ck4bruinjdbvn72zgnrth6ezi

From humor recognition to irony detection: The figurative language of social media

Antonio Reyes, Paolo Rosso, Davide Buscaldi
2012 Data & Knowledge Engineering  
The research described in this paper focuses on analyzing two playful domains of language: humor and irony, in order to identify key values components for their automatic processing.  ...  The results, apart from providing some valuable insights into the creative and figurative usages of language, are positive regarding humor, and encouraging regarding irony.  ...  The National Council for Science and Technology (CONA-CyT -Mexico) has funded the research work of Antonio Reyes.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.datak.2012.02.005 fatcat:4gubqdfvyre2pnhint7zznmnma

Making objective decisions from subjective data: Detecting irony in customer reviews

Antonio Reyes, Paolo Rosso
2012 Decision Support Systems  
The research described in this work focuses on identifying key components for the task of irony detection.  ...  Our objective is to gather a set of discriminating elements to represent irony. In particular, the kind of irony expressed in such reviews.  ...  Acknowledgments The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT -Mexico) has funded the research of the first author.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dss.2012.05.027 fatcat:hktsm5bhtnfu3aoiozc5jzhqlq

3. The Focus of Satire: Public Opinions of Propaganda in the U.S.A. of John Dos Passos [chapter]

2020 The Politics of Irony in American Modernism  
satire, for the claim is neither uniquely Frye's nor uniquely bound to New Criticism or to any other brand of formalism. 7 Like the "end of irony," the putative "end of satire" has a history, which suggests  ...  irony and satire.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780823255474-005 fatcat:boj4v5rd3fhcdb6imznfpcrvoi

American Critic: Satire and Political Discourse in Warren Beatty's Bulworth

Johan Nilsson
2009 American Studies in Scandinavia  
hat smire is unders10od, in quite unproblematic /erms, bo1h as a de/erminanl for and as aflributing a tone to the political discourse.  ...  This entails a consideration of contempormy American reviews, which are discussed in relation lo a concep111alizatio11 of satire in terms of a discursive practice. It is concluded !  ...  phase, an 'irony of conferral' ." 12 Satire requires that the irony is recognized and assigned to the text by the viewer, which also leaves room for a viewer to assign irony to a film w ithout it having  ... 
doi:10.22439/asca.v41i2.4577 fatcat:axapc63pjnh43dbszwnxvttdju

The Universal Literary Solvent: Northrop Frye and the Problem of Satire, 1942 to 1957

Duncan McFarlane
2011 English studies in Canada  
Even if Frye is speaking conventionally of the satiric use (and abuse) of irony as a literary device or technique, he immediately rules out the possibility: "We have said that satire is primarily directed  ...  sharply between attacks on corruptions and attacks on the structure itself. "10 But this highlights the problem of satiric irony for readers and for critics, rather than for satirists, who are only at  ... 
doi:10.1353/esc.2011.0019 fatcat:dzeushqxg5fl7eakxrhmthtwfm

Open Secrets and Knowing Smiles

Alena Ledeneva
2011 East European Politics and Societies  
When I did my fieldwork there in the 1990s and asked people to talk to me about blat-the use of personal networks for obtaining goods and services in short supply and for circumventing formal procedures-they  ...  Given the importance of informal ways of getting things done in postsocialist societies, research into the field of unwritten rules and informal practices has been slow to develop.  ...  of formal rules; and especially where formal rules and informal codes do not constitute coherent rules of the game.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0888325410388558 fatcat:anogr4veo5eafj3gn6or5eufk4

Lingüística y análisis del comportamiento de la ironía

Luciana Messa, Elizeu Borloti, Ana Cristina Carmelino
2014 European Journal of Child Development Education and Psychopathology  
Hence, according to the author, satire, fable and allegory are types of irony.  ...  , 2011, and Skinner's formation of the irony concept in the verbal repertoire of researchers were under the control of the rules that define the operation and are controlled by the consequences of having  ... 
doi:10.30552/ejpad.v2i3.18 fatcat:2rbiwxuxaffzpbi6k4arblw3wu

Satire and definition

Conal Condren
2012 Humor: An International Journal of Humor Research  
It argues that a characterisation in terms of family resemblance is more helpful for a strictly historical understanding than formal definitions and that it is misleading to take satire as a genre, let  ...  and the provocation of amusement allow for a unifying definition over the long term.  ...  It makes intelligible, for example, Hayden White's perceptive characterization of Jacob Burckhardt's historical vision as satiric because of his recognition of the irony of unintended consequence (White  ... 
doi:10.1515/humor-2012-0019 fatcat:l6yumlhhyzhcrfy5lv4dciunia

Vizualinės ironijos žanrai memuose: dekonstruojant Rožinio pudelio mados memus

Kristina Stankevičiūtė
2021 LOGOS  
the mix of humour genres in the visual domain by following the scheme of kreuz and Roberts which was produced for literary genres of irony such as satire, sarcasm, and parody (1993). the analysis is based  ...  among irony, parody, sarcasm and satire in the visual domain of memes. santRauka straipsnyje siekiama išskirti vizualaus humoro žanrų ribas, naudojantis schema, sukurta kreuzo ir Roberts ironijos skirtumams  ...  The power of irony, beyond its entertainment value, rests in its ability to convey "a broader comprehension of social reality, political preferences, and power, all by manipulating the rules of language  ... 
doi:10.24101/logos.2021.64 fatcat:qjuq5eeirna7jh3xmc3kjnwueq

Satire and Censorship in Tchicay U Tam'si's Le Destin Glorieux Du Maréchal Nnikon Nniku, Prince Qu'on Sort

Katheryn Wright
1991 Ufahamu  
In Destin, this ambiguity functions as a major structural component for the play's satire and establishment of ironies.  ...  In his view, generic satire (which also contains modal satire) follows certain rules of a host genre, for example, classical rhetoric, but "transform~" the genre into satire by "deforming the rhetorical  ... 
doi:10.5070/f7192-3016791 fatcat:rl2liivu3zewvbmvfmwsksy7ky

Satire: a critical reintroduction

1994 ChoiceReviews  
One result of broadening our recognition of satiric forms is to be reminded of satire's immense and perhaps incomprehen~ sible variety: (in verse alone) formal satire, epistle, letter from the country,  ...  irony-and to satire.  ...  In his terms the play is not satiric; in mine (as will be seen) it is. Satire 11. For a recent survey of satiric themes and stratagems in modern fiction, see Clark, Modem Satiric Grotesque.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.32-0730 fatcat:mpgfbbwajzf7beypisan2jvxba

Notes [chapter]

2020 The Politics of Irony in American Modernism  
Colebrook is a rare exception when she warns against drawing a "distinction between irony as a figure of speech and irony as a theory of meaning" because "such a distinction is neither possible nor valuable  ...  I believe I am the first to take her at her word as a methodology for sustained literary analysis.  ...  Redistribution or Recognition?  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780823255474-008 fatcat:6y37uspdznd5bddiu72qabpiq4

Ironies of the Romance and the Romance with Irony: Some Notes on Stylization in the Historiography of American Education Since 1960

Richard Angelo
1990 Educational Theory  
They are the literary equivalents of rhythm and key in music, formally limited but artistically inexhaustible. (3) The conventions or rules of good story-telling are everywhere the same.  ...  That is, the writer "emplots" the "found" data of the historical record in accord with the formal narrative constituents of Romance, Comedy, Tragedy and Satire. (2) The completed historical work points  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1741-5446.1990.00443.x fatcat:cdgnmkobdzdtho5m6ojhcx6uyy
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