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Finding images of difficult entities in the long tail

Bilyana Taneva, Mouna Kacimi, Gerhard Weikum
2011 Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management - CIKM '11  
In this paper, we propose a principled model for finding images of rare or ambiguous named entities.  ...  matches of keyphrases in the underlying Web pages.  ...  We focused on difficult entities in the long tail, and did not consider prominent entities such as "Niagara Falls".  ... 
doi:10.1145/2063576.2063608 dblp:conf/cikm/TanevaKW11 fatcat:nuzmzzfrczci7jyz3szj6cwh2u

Bipartite Graph Network with Adaptive Message Passing for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation [article]

Rongjie Li, Songyang Zhang, Bo Wan, Xuming He
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Despite recent tremendous progress, it remains challenging due to the intrinsic long-tailed class distribution and large intra-class variation.  ...  In addition, we propose an efficient bi-level data resampling strategy to alleviate the imbalanced data distribution problem in training our graph network.  ...  Moreover, as shown in Fig. 5 , we compute the mean recall on each long-tail category groups in SGGen subtask and find BGNN significantly outperforms the prior works [27, 39] on tail group, as a result  ... 
arXiv:2104.00308v2 fatcat:4b2uxyixerbftpfuvz5pf5g3pa

Extracting Radiological Findings With Normalized Anatomical Information Using a Span-Based BERT Relation Extraction Model [article]

Kevin Lybarger, Aashka Damani, Martin Gunn, Ozlem Uzuner, Meliha Yetisgen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Medical imaging reports distill the findings and observations of radiologists, creating an unstructured textual representation of unstructured medical images.  ...  We explore the extraction and normalization of anatomical information in radiology reports that is associated with radiological findings.  ...  Research and results reported in this publication were partially facilitated by the generous contribution of computational resources from the University of Washington Department of Radiology.  ... 
arXiv:2108.09211v1 fatcat:e7nsw5bzuvcl3lobajyykv6irm

"Snake": One more Terramorphic Entity of the Hypothetical Venus Fauna

Leonid Ksanfomality
2013 International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy  
Analysis of treated once gain VENERA-13 and VENERA-14 panoramic images revealed (among other hypothetic living entities) a 'snake' object about 40 cm in size possessing apparent terramorphic features.  ...  The 'snake' can be included into the list of the most significant findings of the hypothetical Venusian fauna.  ...  Compared with the original images, the brightness and contrast of the images in Fig. 4 have been leveled. The 'extraneous entity' is in the center of each shot.  ... 
doi:10.18052/ fatcat:ta25mgoc5revjja5y4vob3joi4

"Snake": New Object of Hypothetical Venusian Fauna

Leonid V. Ksanfomality
2014 International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics  
The "snake" can be included into the list of the most significant findings of the hypothetical Venusian fauna.  ...  Analysis of treated once again VENERA-14 panoramic images revealed a "snake" object about 40 cm in size possessing apparent terramorphic features.  ...  Compared with the original images, the brightness and contrast of the images in Figure 4 have been leveled. The "extraneous entity" is in the center of each shot.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ijaa.2014.41005 fatcat:cc6hit2qnrggbdq6aln5556b3y

Intraductal Tubular Carcinoma of the Pancreas: a Case Report with the Imaging Findings

Dae Kun Oh, Seong Hyun Kim, Seoung Ho Choi, Kee-Taek Jang
2008 Korean Journal of Radiology  
However, on the imaging findings, making the diagnosis of ITC from the imaging findings can be confused with that of an IPMN, and especially for the main duct type IPMN because of the similar imaging findings  ...  Based on the imaging findings of the present case, the imaging finding of an IPMN shows the dilatation of mainly the downstream main pancreatic duct, which is caused by the hypersecretion of mucin.  ... 
doi:10.3348/kjr.2008.9.5.473 pmid:18838860 pmcid:PMC2627216 fatcat:obcipgekwfczfo4keayunt4kbq

Exploring the Long Tail of Social Media Tags [chapter]

Svetlana Kordumova, Jan van Gemert, Cees G. M. Snoek
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we investigate what social tags constitute the long tail and how they perform on two multimedia retrieval scenarios, tag relevance and detector learning.  ...  We show common valuable tags within the long tail, and by augmenting them with semantic knowledge, the performance of tag relevance and detector learning improves substantially.  ...  This research is supported by the STW STORY project and the Dutch national program COMMIT.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-27671-7_5 fatcat:7jqeo62qcbcivf3ihru4ygsrwa

Pancreatic pseudopapillary tumour: A rare misdiagnosed entity

C.A. Affirul, F.N. Qisti, Z. Zamri, A. Azlanuddin, A.O. Hairol, J. Razman
2014 International journal of surgery case reports  
The common location in the pancreatic head and tail often necessitates surgical intervention.  ...  Nevertheless, it has been shown to be premalignant in nature. It is difficult to diagnose as the presentation varies from non-specific abdominal pain to incidental findings in asymptomatic patients.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijscr.2014.09.021 pmid:25462046 pmcid:PMC4245679 fatcat:cp6c7s4czze4nif6gw5gnxjhqa

VideoLT: Large-scale Long-tailed Video Recognition [article]

Xing Zhang, Zuxuan Wu, Zejia Weng, Huazhu Fu, Jingjing Chen, Yu-Gang Jiang, Larry Davis
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Through extensive studies, we demonstrate that state-of-the-art methods used for long-tailed image recognition do not perform well in the video domain due to the additional temporal dimension in video  ...  While long-tailed recognition has been extensively studied for image classification tasks, limited effort has been made for video domain.  ...  Acknowledgement This work was supported in part by National Natural Science Foundation of China (#62032006).  ... 
arXiv:2105.02668v3 fatcat:dcdyscg2w5fhvftsuppyv2j4ue

Giant ranula of the neck: differentiation from cystic hygroma

Andre J Macdonald, Karen L Salzman, H Ric Harnsberger
2003 American Journal of Neuroradiology  
Our purpose was to review the imaging findings of giant ranula and compare them with those of cystic hygroma to define those features that are helpful in differentiating these different disease entities  ...  Although giant ranulas may superficially resemble cystic hygroma, several imaging features allow confident differentiation of these two entities.  ...  Giant Ranula Imaging Findings The imaging findings of all cases of giant ranula (six of six cases) were similar.  ... 
pmid:12695218 pmcid:PMC8148681 fatcat:igmsxjgdavg4xpw6jo3ha65rdy

A case report with sacral appendage: is it accessory penis or human tail?

Canan Kocaoğlu, Çelebi Kocaoğlu, İbrahim Akkoyun, İlkay Eren Karaniş
2017 Turkish Journal of Pediatrics  
However, if this lesion is a pseudotail, it may be an anomalous prolongation of the coccygeal vertebra, lipoma, teratoma, condrodystrophy or parasitic fetus.  ...  It is difficult to say that they are a evolutionary inheritance (tail) from our ancestors or an anomaly (pseudotail) occuring during embrional development.  ...  Discussion The fetal tails usually disappear by the end of the gestational 8th week in human beings. After delivery, the caudal appendage resembling a tail is a quite rare entity 1 .  ... 
doi:10.24953/turkjped.2017.03.017 pmid:29376582 fatcat:sdgnzzt65bf3dhpjdvnbd73uai

Intraductal Tubulopapillary Neoplasm: An Unusual Presentation of a Rare Tumor

Emmanuel Gabriel, Eisar Al Sukhni
2016 Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis  
Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm (ITPN) of the pancreas is a relatively new entity with approximately 60 reported cases in the literature.  ...  However, the histopathological characteristics of ITPN are better characterized, lending aid in establishing the diagnosis.  ...  Kazunori Kanehira for providing the high quality histopathologic images.  ... 
doi:10.4172/2155-9929.1000286 fatcat:ad3dlag2pzfb5omapmwv2uwhki

Imaging findings of intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm (ITPN) of the pancreas

Jingjing Zhang, Shuai Ren, Jianhua Wang, Dandan Ye, Huifeng Zhang, Wenli Qiu, Zhongqiu Wang
2019 Medicine  
It is difficult to make accurate diagnosis of ITPN before surgery even though various imaging modalities are used in combination.  ...  Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm (ITPN) is a rare type of pancreatic epithelial neoplasm. We report 2 cases of ITPN and detail the imaging findings.  ...  Discussion Imaging findings of ITPN The ITPN is a rare and newly defined entity of the pancreas. Yamaguchi et al [2] 1st reported 10 cases of pancreatic ITPN.  ... 
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000014426 pmid:30732200 pmcid:PMC6380796 fatcat:2l4qo6y7bjhxfm4nmulpwofw6u

Frontal Giant Cell Reparative Granuloma Invading Orbit Mimicking Meningioma Radiologically

2015 Journal of Case Reports  
On magnetic resonance images this lesion had a dural tail which is a typical finding of meningioma.  ...  We report a case of giant cell reparative granuloma (GCRG) arising in the left frontal and superior orbital region of a 20 year old woman.  ...  Dural-tail type contrast enhancement which is a typical finding of meningioma was also seen in this lesion [ Fig.1 ].  ... 
doi:10.17659/01.2015.0093 fatcat:lcn26xsenfc6vmjmliqwberk2u

Second brachial cleft cyst mimic: case report

Philip D Lanham, Curtis Wushensky
2005 American Journal of Neuroradiology  
We report the CT findings in a patient with a lateral neck mass histologically shown to be a schwannoma but having certain radiographic features commonly considered pathognomonic for a type III second  ...  Our case, therefore, represents an exception to this long-established rule.  ...  Consequently, although this "tail sign" is still strongly suggestive of a type III second BCC, it can no longer be considered pathognomonic for that disease entity.  ... 
pmid:16091545 pmcid:PMC7975143 fatcat:nglob7wfsrbgngznecjmiypgk4
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