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Page 241 of Journal of Personality Vol. 25, Issue 2 [page]

1956 Journal of Personality  
Conversely, subjects scoring high and low in dogmatism do not differ from each other in ease of overcoming indi- vidual sets, but they do differ from each other in speed of integrating the new beliefs  ...  In support of the main findings, it was found that the low and high dogmatic groups differ significantly from each other in the frequency with which such rejecting remarks were made.  ... 

Page 1515 of Annals of Internal Medicine Vol. 13, Issue 8 [page]

1940 Annals of Internal Medicine  
This we find difficult ti S accept since after all savages are integrated with their own civilizations, whereas the distinguishing feature of the psychotic individual in any social grou is failure t to  ...  integrate himself with that group.  ... 

Page 40 of Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management Vol. 8, Issue 9 [page]

2001 Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management  
with physical examination, laboratory, endoscopic, and pathologic findings.  ...  In order to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease and to distinguish ulcerative colitis from other diarrheal disorders, the physician must review the patient's history and integrate his- torical information  ... 

Hard-to-reach? Using health access status as a way to more effectively target segments of the Latino audience

H. A. Wilkin, S. J. Ball-Rokeach
2011 Health Education Research  
Findings suggest that Latinos who are connected to an integrated storytelling network report marginally greater ease finding healthcare, despite not being any more likely to have insurance or a regular  ...  Health issues disproportionately affect Latinos, but variations within this ethnic group may mean that some Latinos are harder to reach with health messages than others.  ...  ease finding medical care connect to Spanish-language television for health) and Spanish-language newspapers (14% of those reporting difficulty finding medical care compared with 8% of those reporting  ... 
doi:10.1093/her/cyq090 pmid:21303816 fatcat:axtua2e6b5g6ligmuvpleuay7m

How Much Vertical Integration? Contractual Choice and Public–Private Partnerships in the United States

Daniel Albalate, Germà Bel, R. Richard Geddes
2016 Review of Industrial Organization  
We are grateful to Bill Reinhardt, the editor of Public Works Financing Newsletter, for providing us with access to his database, and also for his detailed information on how the data base is built.  ...  Strong integration is highly correlated with asset specificity, but unaffected by measurement ease.  ...  We there find a positive correlation with contracts that bundle operational tasks only.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11151-016-9540-1 fatcat:7zxl2p7shzd3vgocetw3m5nlem

European Science Editing is in full open access now

Ksenija Bazdaric
2020 European Science Editing  
Together with the EASE president Pippa Smart and EASE Council, we decided to transform ESE into a fully open access online journal.  ...  These sections, which our readers consider particularly valuable, will now be published in EASE Digest with a few selected articles from ESE. The Digest will be available to EASE members only.  ...  The visual identity of the journal retains the classic EASE format, with blue and white dominating the cover. We hope you will find the new site informative and easy to use.  ... 
doi:10.3897/ese.2020.e50566 fatcat:cyraciiverbk3npy54qfuwfcqa

Page 587 of The Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology Vol. 49, Issue 3 [page]

1940 The Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology  
ease.  ...  The cytologic findings, therefore, give important diagnostic information.  ... 

Modelling the factors that influence mobile phone adoption

Judy van Biljon, Paula Kotzé
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 annual research conference of the South African institute of computer scientists and information technologists on IT research in developing countries - SAICSIT '07  
Based on the literature study we integrate three existing technology adoption models and then evaluate the proposed model with interviews and a survey.  ...  What is lacking is a model integrating all these factors influencing mobile phone adoption.  ...  In the second phase these findings were integrated to propose the mobile phone technology adoption model (MOPTAM). This model is our response to the second research sub-question.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1292491.1292509 dblp:conf/saicsit/BiljonK07 fatcat:tcvbc2eozjdnrmgjabvfsk4voi

Keun Lee Comments on Financial Spillover in Emerging Asia: A Tale of Three Crises

2021 Asian Economic Papers  
Second, given that EA includes a diverse range of countries (e.g., Korea and India), with each at a different level of development or macro-financial openness and integration, this paper could have hypothesized  ...  GFC was immediately followed by extraordinarily strong macro-stabilization measures across the world, rendering economic outcomes to reflect both GFC and dramatic policy reactions like the quantitative easing  ...  In sum, I find that the paper deals with important and timely issues but that it leaves more questions than it answers.  ... 
doi:10.1162/asep_a_00828 fatcat:zrs4vo6wizglnnb32xbktya46q

Page 155 of Primary Cardiology Vol. 7, Issue 11 [page]

1981 Primary Cardiology  
Early endocrinology textbooks dutifully devoted a paragraph to the dis- ease, usually with an admonition that the reader would seldom, if ever, encounter it.  ...  It is therefore important to distinguish between primary idiopathic Continued on page 163  ... 

Page 152 of Journal of Personality Vol. 7, Issue 2 [page]

1938 Journal of Personality  
arouses certain needs for integrity or security which conflict with the sexual needs.  ...  For example, a man is much attracted by a woman erotically but cannot find satisfaction because, whether with more or less consciousness, she is identified in his mind with his mother or sister and thus  ... 

Page 680 of The New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 185, Issue 23 [page]

1921 The New England Journal of Medicine  
Recklinghausen’s fibrous osteitis is a peculiar form of osteomalacia with transforma- tion of fibrous marrow into fibre marrow and formation of tumors, which, however, do not necessarily form an integral  ...  Kammerer’s did, and from the pathological findings it would seem that a diagnosis of osteitis fibrosa was entirely justified.  ... 

The integration of GIS, remote sensing, expert systems and adaptive co-kriging for environmental habitat modeling of the Highland Haggis using object-oriented, fuzzy-logic and neural-network techniques

Oleg McNoleg
1996 Computers & Geosciences  
This evolutionary adaptation allows it to walk with ease around the very steep mountainous regions that compose its natural habitat.  ...  Hence, from birth, each Haggis will find a niche, that is, a traversal around a mountain, with a favorable gradient and free from any other Haggis. ternail $No, I do not know what  ... 
doi:10.1016/0098-3004(95)00131-x fatcat:w7x37v2kfbblrptlstecjqfpxi

Distinguishing integration and prediction accounts of ERP N400 modulations in language processing through experimental design

Francesco Mantegna, Florian Hintz, Markus Ostarek, Phillip M. Alday, Falk Huettig
2019 Neuropsychologia  
By employing rhyming sentence completions, we kept the ease of integration constant across conditions that differed in word predictability only.  ...  Here we explored whether it is possible to distinguish integration and prediction accounts of ERP N400 modulations in language processing through experimental design.  ...  This allowed us to distinguish prediction from integration accounts because the crucial conditions differed on lexical predictability but not plausibility of the rhyme word: by keeping the ease of integration  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2019.107199 pmid:31545965 fatcat:lvlq3y3wqbf5xboasoshpdhlhm

Architectural Design Optimization—Results from a User Survey

Thomas Wortmann
2019 KnE Social Sciences  
This paper presents results from a user study of ADO in Grasshopper and compares them with previous studies.  ...  But, despite Grasshopper's seamless integration and visual interface, some respondents find optimization tools difficult to use.  ...  (The latter question did not distinguish using a multi-objective algorithm from using penalty functions, weighted sums or weighted products with a single-objective algorithm.)  ... 
doi:10.18502/kss.v3i27.5550 fatcat:unv3krfbhjfqleldhm47oqa3ay
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