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Page 2224 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 93d [page]

1993 Mathematical Reviews  
Hans Sachs (A-MNT) 93d:70006 70B15 70-04 70-08 70Q05 90C90 Schwartz, Jacob T. (1-NY-X); Sharir, Micha (1-NY-X) Finding effectiveforce targetsfor two-dimensional, multifinger frictional grips.  ...  We consider the problem of calculating ‘force targetsfor a collection of n fingers which grasp a two-dimensional object at known positions, at which the normals to the surface are also assumed to be  ... 

Spatio-temporal analysis reveals active control of both task-relevant and task-irrelevant variables

Kornelius Rácz, Francisco J. Valero-Cuevas
2013 Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience  
Support for this comes from spatial domain analyses (i.e., structure of) of kinematic, kinetic, and EMG variability.  ...  ., in the null space of those goals) variables is evidence of a separation of task variables for efficient neural control, ranked by their respective variabilities (sometimes referred to as hierarchy of  ...  For multifinger grasp, the redundant task space of all applicable forces for static grasp can be mathematically separated into the mutually orthogonal subspaces of force variability that have no effect  ... 
doi:10.3389/fncom.2013.00155 pmid:24312045 pmcid:PMC3826108 fatcat:it4x2w2vkbhvpcn756l3gxkwp4

Force-stabilizing synergies in motor tasks involving two actors

Stanislaw Solnik, Sasha Reschechtko, Yen-Hsun Wu, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, Mark L. Latash
2015 Experimental Brain Research  
We investigated the ability of two persons to produce force-stabilizing synergies in accurate multifinger force production tasks under visual feedback on the total force only.  ...  Our observations show that sensory information on the task-specific performance variable is sufficient for the organization of performance-stabilizing synergies.  ...  In particular, subjects were able to quickly return to the required force target after the quick force pulse produced at t 0 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00221-015-4364-z pmid:26105756 pmcid:PMC4575848 fatcat:ge6nv4cm25ddzj6vpbvvfsuo4i

Page 1327 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 25, Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(with Sharir, Micha) Finding effectiveforce targetsfor two- dimensional, multifinger frictional grips. 93d:70006 Sharir, Micha see Schwartz, Jacob T., 93d:70006 Shu, Hai Bin A new approach to generating  ...  Error localization within spatially finite-dimensional mathematical models.  ... 

Surface EMG in advanced hand prosthetics

Claudio Castellini, Patrick van der Smagt
2008 Biological cybernetics  
Building upon recent results, we show that machine learning, together with a simple downsampling algorithm, can be effectively used to control on-line, in real time, finger position as well as finger force  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Giorgio Metta and Giulio Sandini of the Italian Institute of Technology for their support.  ...  Fig. 5 5 Classification accuracy of best models, day 1 a and day 2 b Fig. 7 7 Examples of real and predicted force target valuesConsider now the second and third rows of theFigure.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00422-008-0278-1 pmid:19015872 fatcat:4szitqdp2zbttbzrmnemq4ln7i

Page 1150 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 25, Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
Finding effectiveforce targetsfor two-dimensional, multifinger frictional grips. Algorithmica 8 (1992), no. 1, 1-20.  ...  (Summary) 93i:68180 68U05 (68Q25) — (with Sifrony, Shmuel) Coordinated motion planning for two independent robots. (English summary) Algorithmic motion planning in robotics. Ann. Math.  ...