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Topological Properties of Hierarchical Interconnection Networks: A Review and Comparison

Mostafa Abd-El-Barr, Turki F. Al-Somani
2011 Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
The second HINs class includes Modular Fault-Tolerant Hypercube Networks and Hierarchical Fault-Tolerant Interconnection Network.  ...  This paper presents a review and comparison of the topological properties of both classes of HINs. The topological properties considered are network degree, diameter, cost and packing density.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to acknowledge the support of Kuwait University and Al Baha University.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2011/189434 fatcat:kzljlcwa5rb4hdxfjhxsuumou4

A New Cost Effective and Reliable Interconnection Topology for Parallel Computing Systems

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In this paper, we propose a new hybrid interconnection network topology called TOR-CUBE (TC) which is a product of two classical popular interconnection topologies namely hypercube and torus.  ...  The properties of the topology such as connectivity, reliability, cost, fault tolerance, diameter and bisection width determine the flawless-less data transmission between the source and the sink nodes  ...  The hypercube is also a good choice of researchers to propose many hierarchical interconnection networks viz. hierarchical hypercubes, hierarchical crossed cubes, hierarchical cube networks, extended hypercube  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f8363.088619 fatcat:jbf7a4fp4zha3akd6r7rhw7ja4

A New Interconnection Network: Extended Exchanged Hypercube

Weixia Gui, Jiarong Liang
2016 ICIC Express Letters  
Based on it, a new fault tolerant interconnection network called extended exchanged hypercube (EEH) is proposed.  ...  The exchanged hypercube is one of new interconnection network topologies in recent years. It reduces the cost of topology connecting by removing some links.  ...  This work is supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61363002 and No. 61462006).  ... 
doi:10.24507/icicel.10.11.2727 fatcat:fvppjyd7inhanh2yc7a44ghvsu

Fault-Tolerant Optimal Broadcast Algorithm For The Hypercube Topology

Lokendra Singh Umrao, Ravi Shankar Singh
2015 Zenodo  
We show that the hypercube networks are strongly fault-tolerant. Simulation results analyze to accomplish algorithm characteristics under many node faults.  ...  This paper presents an optimal broadcast algorithm for the hypercube networks. The main focus of the paper is the effectiveness of the algorithm in the presence of many node faults.  ...  There are two distinct feature of fault-tolerance in a network: tolerance in links and nodes faults. Link faults may be tolerated because there are redundant paths in the hypercube topology.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1105517 fatcat:rn6njqdtvvfcfn4a3ga2z3ltfa

Fault tolerance in the Block-Shift Network

Yi Pan
2001 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
algorithms, and comparisons with various augmented or modified hypercubes in terms of reliability and fault tolerance.  ...  The Block Shift Network (BSN) is a new topology for interconnection networks in multiprocessor systems.  ...  NETWORK DIAGNOSABILITY Diagnosability is an important characteristic for fault-tolerance in a multiprocessor system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/24.935021 fatcat:oxmbacbwifhj3ggwazvxzvo44u

Page 6672 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94k [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
Summary: “Interconnection networks play a crucial role in the performance of parallel systems. This paper introduces a new interconnection topology that is called the hierarchical hypercube (HHC).  ...  ); Bayoumi, Magdy A. (1-SWLA-CA; Lafayette, LA) The hierarchical hypercube: a new interconnection topology for massively parallel systems.  ... 

An Optimal Inherently Stabilizing Algorithm for Routing over All Node-Disjoint Paths in Exchanged Hypercubes

Thamer Alsulaiman, Mehmet Hakan Karaata
2015 Journal of Advances in Computer Networks  
Exchanged hypercube topology increases scalability and relative cost of the networks by reducing the number of edges per node.  ...  Many topologies such as hypercube, star networks, and their variants have been proposed, providing multiple disjoint paths between a pair of endpoints.  ...  These properties enable it to serve as a cost effective interconnection topology for constructing fault tolerant networks in a peer-to-peer (P2P) environment.  ... 
doi:10.7763/jacn.2015.v3.138 fatcat:kaoove3oyjfljmpfuzv2ezaque

The hierarchical cliques interconnection network

Stuart Campbell, Mohan Kumar, Stephan Olariu
2004 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
The fully connected network possesses extremely good topological, fault-tolerant, and embedding properties.  ...  On the other hand, tree-based networks are popular as parallel computer networks, even though they suffer from poor fault-tolerance and embedding properties.  ...  The binary hypercube is a fault-tolerant topology and its characteristics have been widely studied and reported [6, 14, 15] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2003.08.005 fatcat:7xdahv2te5aubo6poj2xoule2a

Swapped interconnection networks: Topological, performance, and robustness attributes

Behrooz Parhami
2005 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
ensures its regularity, modularity, packageability, fault tolerance, and algorithmic efficiency.  ...  with desirable topological, performance, and robustness attributes.  ...  We then discuss certain structural and fault-tolerance properties of swapped networks in Sections 4 and 5, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2005.05.002 fatcat:het6hd2745gclbooatbb2qj4yq

Performance Based Hypercube Interconnection Structurefor Better Grid Resource Discovery

M. Shanthi, Anthony Irudhayaraj
2012 International Journal of Modeling and Optimization  
Most current implementations of grids have a centralized or hierarchical architecture with little attention to fault tolerance and scalability.  ...  The proposed algorithm overcome the challenges like single point of failure , number of hops and network diameter.  ...  Hypercube is one of the most important structures which are regular, symmetric, shorter diameter and having fault tolerant properties .  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijmo.2012.v2.221 fatcat:ejhpmnulyvewbokccauisqwecu

A spanning bus connected hypercube: a new scalable optical interconnection network for multiprocessors and massively parallel systems

A. Louri, C. Neocleous
1997 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
In doing so, the SBCH combines positive features of both the hypercube (small diameter, high connectivity, symmetry, simple routing, and fault tolerance) and the spanning bus hypercube (SBH) (constant  ...  The SBCH uses the hypercube topology as a basic building block and connects such building blocks using multidimensional spanning buses.  ...  He is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, and Director of the Optical Networking and Parallel Processing Laboratory.  ... 
doi:10.1109/50.596971 fatcat:ohpyom626rdyzdsjgoemm5qtcu

E-Cube+ Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Network Failures

Bo-Chao Cheng, Guo-Tan Liao, Yuan-Fu Chen, Huan Chen
2015 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
A range of fault-tolerant routing properties of E-cube + (such as loop-freeness, failure recovery guarantees, and bounded latency) have been derived and analyzed.  ...  In this paper, we propose a fault-tolerant tableless routing protocol called E-cube + , inspired from e-cube routing protocol, to support intelligent rerouting.  ...  In this paper, we propose a fault-tolerant routing protocol named E-cube + , which covers the e-cube original spirit and can be implemented in a hierarchical routing network.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/231514 fatcat:r4wi2ihyvzdgxhi3mealaalhya

A new hypercube variant: Fractal Cubic Network Graph

Ali Karci, Burhan Selçuk
2015 Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal  
Hypercube is a popular and more attractive interconnection networks. The attractive properties of hypercube caused the derivation of more variants of hypercube.  ...  In this paper, we have proposed two variants of hypercube which was called as "Fractal Cubic Network Graphs", and we have investigated the Hamiltonian-like properties of Fractal Cubic Network Graphs FCNG  ...  The hypercube Hð2k þ 2Þ has fault-tolerance property in case of faulted edges are in the following edges sets. is FCNG 1 ð0Þ.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jestch.2014.09.004 fatcat:wjqzx3b2fvh5hmm3qzhgczwapi

Distance-Based Polynomials and Topological Indices for Hierarchical Hypercube Networks

Tingmei Gao, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui
2021 Journal of Mathematics  
The aim of this paper is to compute topological indices for the hierarchical hypercube networks.  ...  Our results can help to understand topology of hierarchical hypercube networks and are useful to enhance the ability of these networks. Our results can also be used to solve integral equations.  ...  Iftikhar Ahmed proved the results and wrote the first version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5877593 fatcat:majcuo3a7nc3vb62msqbbuxoti

Topological properties of hierarchical cubic networks

Wei-Kuo Chiang, Rong-Jaye Chen
1996 Journal of systems architecture  
Compared with the hypercube of the same size, the HCN requires only about half the number of links and provides a lower diameter.  ...  The hierarchical cubic network (HCN), which takes hypercubes as basic clusters, was first introduced in [6].  ...  Therefore, there is a substantial interest in interconnection networks with hypercube characteristics but with a reduced node degree; consequently, some hierarchical topologies of the hypercube structure  ... 
doi:10.1016/1383-7621(96)00019-7 fatcat:7tpfu33urjeajpa5hakag4mwd4
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