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Advanced Image Coding and its Comparison with Various Still Image Codecs

Radhika Veerla, Zhengbing Zhang, K. R. Rao
2012 American Journal of Signal Processing  
The performance of still image codecs like M-AIC, JPEG-LS and JPEG-XR does not depend on the image resolution, which makes them suitable for wide varieties of applications.  ...  arith metic coding (CA BAC), with best performance at low bit rates and has better performance than JPEG overall.  ...  Both JPEG and HD photo reference softwares are used to code each frame to reach the target quality factor that indirect ly controls bit rate for lossy coding.  ... 
doi:10.5923/j.ajsp.20120205.04 fatcat:nwlli45hp5cevk5xqboty63hhu

Impact of lossy compression of X-ray projections onto reconstructed tomographic slices

Federica Marone, Jakob Vogel, Marco Stampanoni
2020 Journal of Synchrotron Radiation  
As a consequence, a data rate of a few TB per day can easily be exceeded, reaching peaks of a few tens of TB per day for time-resolved tomographic experiments.  ...  and high-frequency content variation, the automatic optimization of the compression factor for each single dataset, beyond the conservative factor of three to four, is not straightforward.  ...  Figs. 2, 3 and 4 show the resulting images and line profiles for bit reset and subsequent lossless compression, for JPEG 2000, and for JPEG XR, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600577520007353 pmid:32876608 pmcid:PMC7467350 fatcat:4okpoythfzhkfkxzp2e3mwifuq

Lossless Re-Encoding Of Jpeg Images Using Block-Adaptive Intra Prediction

Susumu Itoh, I. Matsuda, Yukio Nomoto, Kei Wakabayashi
2008 Zenodo  
still images and is currently under consideration for a new standard whose tentative name is JPEG XR.  ...  F n (x) is a cumulative distribution function of P n (t) and its values are pre-calculated and stored in a table at a sampling rate of Q min /2 for fast calculation of Eq.(3).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.41102 fatcat:py462lpcpng6fc54jz4vg3x63a

Medical Image Compression for Telemedicine Applications

Huseyin Nasifoglu
2019 Archives in Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology  
Loss of image quality seems to be a risky condition in terms of correct diagnosis, but it is possible to reach acceptable compression rates and control data loss by setting appropriate parameters without  ...  These high-quality images stored in DICOM format require higher bandwidth for transmission and large storage space in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) memory.  ...  In this study, JPEG XR and JPEG2000 standards have been tested while JPEG XR is found to be more successful for procedural convenience and better suited for embedded applications.  ... 
doi:10.33552/abeb.2019.02.000527 fatcat:btlfteoklfb27bwrtoojiwlqqe

Locally Adaptive Resolution (LAR) codec [chapter]

Francois Pasteau, Marie Babel, Olivier Deforges, Clement Strauss, Laurent Bedat
2009 Recent Advances in Signal Processing  
A new compression format called JPEG XR has recently been developed with minimum complexity.  ...  , rate and quality control, algorithm unicity (with/without losses), reduced complexity, error robustness (for instance in wireless transmission) and region of interest decoding at decoder level.  ... 
doi:10.5772/7454 fatcat:jpzpevgvbfdb3myrmui6wzbdvi

Preserving Data Integrity of Encoded Medical Images: The LAR Compression Framework [chapter]

Marie Babel, François Pasteau, Clément Strauss, Maxime Pelcat, Laurent Bédat, Médéric Blestel, Olivier Déforges
2012 Intelligent Systems Reference Library  
Moreover, these sensitive data require confidentiality and privacy for both archiving and transmission purposes, leading to use cryptography and data embedding solutions.  ...  Through the development of medical imaging systems and their integration into a complete information system, the need for advanced joint coding and network services becomes predominant.  ...  JPEG, JPEG 2000 and now JPEG XR have become international standards for image compression needs, providing efficient solutions at different complexity levels.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-24693-7_4 fatcat:gef7wjgbzrbanembsqnhdhdgju

An overview of the JPEG 2000 still image compression standard

Majid Rabbani, Rajan Joshi
2002 Signal processing. Image communication  
In 1996, the JPEG committee began to investigate possibilities for a new still image compression standard to serve current and future applications.  ...  Part 1, in the same vein as the JPEG baseline system, is aimed at minimal complexity and maximal interchange and was issued as an International Standard at the end of 2000.  ...  The authors would also like to thank Brian Banister for generating the bitplane results in Section 5.3, and Scott Houchin for providing the material on file format in Section 6.3.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0923-5965(01)00024-8 fatcat:4uhxh47wzzcwrc6po2gc5nnn7u

Perceptual quality evaluation of synthetic pictures distorted by compression and transmission

Debarati Kundu, Lark Kwon Choi, Alan C. Bovik, Brian L. Evans
2018 Signal processing. Image communication  
We collected 26,000 individual ratings from 64 human subjects which can be used to evaluate full-reference, reduced-reference, and no-reference IQA algorithm performance.  ...  A wide variety of powerful full-reference, reduced-reference and no-reference Image Quality Assessment (IQA) algorithms have been proposed for natural images, but their performance has not been evaluated  ...  The authors would like to thank the Office of the Vice President for Research, The University of Texas at Austin, for providing the funds used in conducting the subjective experiment.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.image.2017.11.004 fatcat:ec2ajxo2jfd2hof4kioh3wwgie

Quality Prediction on Deep Generative Images

Hyunsuk Ko, Dae Yeol Lee, Seunghyun Cho, Alan C. Bovik
2020 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
As with standard compression, it is desirable to be able to automatically assess the perceptual quality of generative images to monitor and control the encode process.  ...  Here we propose a new "naturalness"-based image quality predictor for generative images.  ...  ( 1 ) 1 JPEG2000 (JP2K), (2) JPEG, (3) white noise (WN), (4) Gaussian blur (GBLUR), and (5) Fast Fading (FF).  ... 
doi:10.1109/tip.2020.2987180 pmid:32310772 fatcat:2ragzckvhzbmhjhqh6szbkpopq

Surveillance Privacy Protection [chapter]

Nikki Gulzar, Basra Abbasi, Eddie Wu, Anil Ozbal, WeiQi Yan
2013 Intelligent Multimedia Surveillance  
The objective of this chapter is to evaluate what types of surveillance, privacy and protection measures are being implemented, how information is being used and what rights individuals have over this.  ...  In addition, this chapter also emphasizes the importance of tools, data sets and databases that are being developed to enable surveillance privacy.  ...  This feature of JPEG XR is also known as fast tile extraction [86] . There are two different types of tile layouts that are being used, they are a uniform and a non-uniform tile grid.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-41512-8_5 fatcat:3fz4bftl35gp3gynsmy6mvirl4

Usability of irreversible image compression in radiological imaging. A position paper by the European Society of Radiology (ESR)

2011 Insights into Imaging  
Achnowledgements The ESR is thankful to all contributors and sponsors. This paper was prepared by the listed experts on behalf of the ESR.  ...  JPEG XR is a relatively new development, accepted by ITU-T Recommendation T.832 and im Juni SO/IEC 29199-2 since 2009. Actually, there are no relevant experiences in radiological imaging.  ...  Most known examples for such algorithms are JPEG and JPEG 2000 (syn. J2K), which can be used with both methods as reversible and irreversible compression.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13244-011-0071-x pmid:22347940 pmcid:PMC3259360 fatcat:7qkcpqldyndgjhlce23r2gunzm

Wireless Video Surveillance: A Survey

Yun Ye, Song Ci, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Yanwei Liu, Yi Qian
2013 IEEE Access  
Crosslayer control proves to be a desirable measure for system-level optimal resource allocation.  ...  The representative technologies for video capture and preliminary vision tasks are summarized.  ...  The content-aware coding method proposed in [125] utilized the spatial scalability features of the JPEG XR (JPEG extended range) codec for face masking.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2013.2282613 fatcat:xvca2kk63nav5guktvl3zabhfm

Statistical Testing of Segment Homogeneity in Classification of Piecewise–Regular Objects

Andrey V. Savchenko, Natalya S. Belova
2015 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science  
Several nearest-neighbor criteria are implemented, and for some of them the well-known special cases (e.g., the Kullback–Leibler minimum information discrimination principle, the probabilistic neural network  ...  Based on this model and a statistical approach, we reduce the task to a problem of composite hypothesis testing of segment homogeneity.  ...  Savchenko was conducted at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and supported by an RSF grant 14-41-00039.  ... 
doi:10.1515/amcs-2015-0065 fatcat:kjp36lmd7vfuvomxb3bzebnz2u

Design of large polyphase filters in the Quadratic Residue Number System

Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Alberto Nannarelli, Yann Oster, Massimo Petricca, Marco Re
2010 2010 Conference Record of the Forty Fourth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers  
This allows us to accurately estimate the rate-distortion function, and thus control bit-rate of the JPEG XR encoder. MA8b2-10 ρ-Domain Rate Control for JpEg XR Track 5 -E.  ...  A rate control algorithm is introduced to the JPEG XR still image compression algorithm, thereby allowing the user to compress an image to a target bit-rate.  ... 
doi:10.1109/acssc.2010.5757589 fatcat:ccxnu5owr5fyrcjcqukumerueq

Method for evaluating tone mapping operators for natural high dynamic range images

Mikko Kuhna, Mikko Nuutinen, Pirkko Oittinen, Francisco H. Imai, Feng Xiao
2011 Digital Photography VII  
the support and my sisters for the encouragement.  ...  I would like thank the whole third-oor sta for the great working atmosphere and especially all the project co-workers for the entertaining lunch and coee breaks Finally, I want to thank my parents for  ...  The successor for JPEG is also yet to be determined and JPEG XR is one of the candidates with JPEG 2000 and AVC/H.264 to be crowned the next lossy image encoding [68] .  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.872006 dblp:conf/dphoto/KuhnaNO11 fatcat:gkym7e45tnenbmkwgxjb5uae2y
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