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Fake fur rendering

Dan B. Goldman
1997 Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques - SIGGRAPH '97  
A probabilistic lighting model is presented for thin coats of fur over skin.  ...  Previous methods for rendering furry objects and creatures have addressed the case where individual strands or tufts of hair may be resolvable at the pixel level.  ...  FAKE FUR RENDERING We call our probabilistic fur rendering algorithm method the 'fakefur' algorithm, to distinguish it from our proprietary high-detail method not covered here, which by comparison became  ... 
doi:10.1145/258734.258807 dblp:conf/siggraph/Goldman97 fatcat:63yghqpwszcqpg776aky33mzxq

Echtzeit Ray Tracing und Interaktive Globale Beleuchtungssimulation (Realtime Ray Tracing and Interactive Global Illumination)

Ingo Wald
2006 it - Information Technology  
Rahmen der Dissertation werden mehrere neue Verfahren vorgestellt, die es erstmalig ermöglichen, auch auf Standard-PCs und PC Clustern Echtzeit Ray Tracing zu realisieren, und dies insbesondere auch für  ...  Eine Alternative zur Rasterisierung ist das Ray Tracing, welches zwar allgemein für bessere Bildqualität bekannt ist, aufgrund hoher Rechenanforderungen aber bisher im Allgemeinen als unvereinbar mit interaktiver  ...  B. die benötigten Effekte vorberechnet oder mit für jedes Spiel speziell entworfenen Tricks "ge-faked" werden -sie stellen aber ein zunehmendes Problem insbesondere für Anwendungen wie z. B.  ... 
doi:10.1524/itit.2006.48.4.242 fatcat:3beajrxrs5he7d26wrbfdpmn7m

Page 58 of The Living Age Vol. 460, Issue 4494 [page]

1941 The Living Age  
Fur and Feather, London  ...  —Daily Post, Liverpool Fake! Fake! At the circus: Director, director! We must cancel today’s performance! Director: Why?  ... 

Page 28 of American Sportswear & Knitting Times Vol. 56, Issue 9 [page]

1987 American Sportswear & Knitting Times  
The fake fur products usually fea- ture a uniform texture, reasunable aes- thetic appearance and excellent durability.  ...  The first step in the finishing process is to coat the back of the fabric to render it dimensionally stable and impart to it durability by preventing the individual pile fibers from shedding and being  ... 

Page 67 of Present State of the Republick of Letters Vol. 9, Issue [page]

1732 Present State of the Republick of Letters  
g, Art. 6. the Republick of Letters. 67 of common Englifb Name, for the fake of thofe who are not acquainted with the Latin. sir , At the beginning of each Genus, they have wn added the diftinguifhing  ...  BO ii, ley 4 ca - Pingus Sy at art ARTICLE VI. an | nd TrAITE fur les Miracles, dans lequel on rs prouve que le Diable n’en fauroit faire S, pour confirmer l’Erreur ; ot l’on fait voir ‘3 par plufieurs  ... 

Page 100 of The Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 46, Issue 3 [page]

1776 The Gentleman's Magazine  
Why continue to provoke your fellow-fubjeéts by bill after bill, all uniformiy tending to render them defperate, in oder to fur- nifh a handle for exercifing the mof. cruel, arbitrary, and tyrannical aéts  ...  He concluded with ob- fe: ving, tnat no gentleman could give his fanétion to this motion as it now ftooa,without being con{cious of voting for a declaration of war; yet, for the fake of his country, for  ... 

Page 118 of The Monthly Review Vol. 28, Issue [page]

1763 The Monthly Review  
it neceffar fur the legiflature to determine its bouncsries, by aclear and pol- fitive law.”  ...  We muft acquaint this Writer, alfo, whatever opinion he may have of the governed, that no Governor off earth is invefted with prerogatives for his own fake, but for the fake of thofe over whom he prefides  ... 

Page 167 of The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved Vol. 18, Issue [page]

1749 The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved  
But if this plan fhoald be adopted, I believe, the petitioners E fakes, aswell as for the fake of the will find it altered very much to theit difadvantage; for I muft fuppofe, that our great and rich fhopkeepets  ...  a rent to their landlord ; and tho’ the laft would be the leaft prejudicial to the country in general, yet we have taken care, by our prohibitions, and our bounties upon the exporta- tion of corn, to render  ... 

Page 101 of Monthly Miscellany; Or Vermont Magazine 1794 Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1794 Monthly Miscellany; Or Vermont Magazine 1794  
Lord’s fake ; and to render to Cefar the things which are Caiar’s, as well as unto God the things which are God’s.  ...  Monttor. miuiter ot God to us«fur good ; who béartth not the fword in vain; Whois am avenger to exe- cute wrath wpen him that doth evil sa terror, not to good works, bur tothe evil.  ... 

Page 137 of British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review Vol. 8, Issue [page]

1796 British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review  
eller nbs, rees, Cties Our. any fur. flive Ss of ina of a “ing uld in, > to ent the ice it Niifch on the Kantean Philofophy. 137 the work before us, for the fake of aflilting the propagation of the Kantean  ...  We thall, in the fequel, take it up again, for the fake of comparing it with the conclu- fions of the writer him&lf, At prefent, we fhall ee elvcs  ... 

Page 102 of The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved Vol. 48, Issue [page]

1779 The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved  
» is thereby: rendered unnecef- .  ...  One thing L. maytake upon me fur: ther to fay, and: with that I will con- clude: So noble a market as Leaden- hail, the fineft in the world, as well as feveral other well furnifhed publick mar- kets'about  ... 

Page 96 of The Edinburgh Magazine, or Literary Miscellany Vol. 13, Issue [page]

1799 The Edinburgh Magazine, or Literary Miscellany  
And it were to be wifhed, for the fake of timber, which otherwife might have been rendered more va¬ luable, that wounds of another def- cription had been tinnecefiary, or had never been inflifted. 1 here  ...  rather thicker than is commonly ufed fur painting.  ... 

Rendering Evolution at Industrial Light and Magic [article]

Christophe Hery
2004 Symposium on Rendering  
State-of-the-art rendering techniques such as volume rendering, ambient occlusion, image-based rendering, sub-surface scattering and global illumination are now in common use.  ...  This summary will give a brief history of how rendering schemes came to be deployed (and fairly often pioneered) at our facility and the challenges they brought with them.  ...  "Fake" fur comes as a natural optimization of our hair rendering technique for 101 Dalmatians (1995) [Gol97].  ... 
doi:10.2312/egwr/egsr04/019-021 fatcat:rtekkuac55dhrbil5y6v22t74e

Page 357 of Prospect: Or, View of the Moral World Vol. 1, Issue 45 [page]

1804 Prospect: Or, View of the Moral World  
ftrong and inquifitive mind of a Hamilton (of itfelfa holt of evidence) has declared his own convi-tion of the truth of revelation, ergo thofe who doubi or hold oppofite convictions are individually to fur  ...  - render their private ju igment, and take for granted, or, believe upon truft, doctrines faid to relate to another world, merely on hear. fay evidence ot their having.been embraced by an inhabicant of  ... 

Page 5 of Philanthropist; Or, Philosophical Essays on Politics, Government, Morals and Manners Vol. 1, Issue 4 [page]

1795 Philanthropist; Or, Philosophical Essays on Politics, Government, Morals and Manners  
This principle of reffoning will apply to every other fur-. render we make of what is called our liberty, but what fhould be called, of our licentioufnefs.  ...  I do as much for my own fake, as I do for his; for if 1 am _ permitted to plunder and rob him, it is clear that he, ora ftronger man, will plunder, and rob me again when he has an oppertunity to do it.  ... 
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