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Failure is Not an Option [chapter]

Pierre-Marie Pédrot, Nicolas Tabareau
2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The new resulting type theory features callby-name exceptions with decidable type-checking and canonicity, but at the price of inconsistency.  ...  As a byproduct, we also show that Markov's principle is not provable in CIC. Both translations have been implemented in a Coq plugin, which we use to formalize the examples.  ...  This research was supported in part by an ERC Consolidator Grant for the project "RustBelt", funded under Horizon 2020 grant agreement № 683289 and an ERC Starting Grant for the project "CoqHoTT", funded  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-89884-1_9 fatcat:47qp4bjgyjbu7pekuzh5hfmhhy

Failure is not an Option: Parental Expectations of Nigerian Voluntary Immigrants to the United States

Dolapo Adeniji-Neill
2012 Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World  
Parental expectations are various beliefs, assumptions, and aspirations that relate to, but are not limited to, the relationship of students to faculty, curriculum, discipline, culture, acculturation,  ...  Failure is not an option.  ...  It is not suitable for statistical analysis, and therefore survey-type questions are inappropriate.  ... 
doi:10.7227/erct.3.1.1 fatcat:7v6siizasjcuhaxdqv2szhsxga

Liquidated Damages After Behavioral Law and Economics

Steven D. Walt
2002 Social Science Research Network  
(For purposes of rule design, the inference to contextsensitivity does not dictate how an exception is to be formulated.)  ...  Both inferences support an exception to limited penalty regulation based on bargaining defects resulting from cognitive failure.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.353260 fatcat:t33secy7bzgqna7yhr37g4sbcq

The PROSPER Toolkit [chapter]

Louise A. Dennis, Graham Collins, Michael Norrish, Richard Boulton, Konrad Slind, Graham Robinson, Mike Gordon, Tom Melham
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
There is also an option 'Interrupt' which interrupts the proof engine from this loop.  ...  As a means of demonstrating interrupts, the Tactics menu includes an option 'Loop' which (when there is a current goal) will cause the proof engine to enter an endless loop.  ...  This can be used for more informative feedback where the goaltree is not too large or where efficiency is not an issue.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-46419-0_7 fatcat:6nfozuxleffdjmculek466p2du

Page 82 of Journal of Aircraft Vol. 13, Issue 2 [page]

1976 Journal of Aircraft  
The detection logic behaved similarly to the tests performed under increased noise types of failures. An exception was the zero output case.  ...  PRICE that the roll-rate gyro failure is more difficult to resolve, since the failure mode noise is not so great as it is for the other sen- sors.  ... 

The Affecting Factors of IT Adoption - Integrating Real Option Theory and Innovation Diffusion Theory

Dejing Kong, Tung-Ching Lin, Ming Jing
2014 Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems  
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between the constructs of Real Option Theory (ROT) and Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT) along with their impacts on new IT projects adoption  ...  Three types of option are utilized in this study.  ...  However, this research tries to prove that the effects are not direct, while there are mediators between the effects of considering real options on innovation adaption.  ... 
dblp:conf/pacis/KongLJ14 fatcat:iselzpym6jczhpza7il3s6n5rq

Page 42 of Computational Linguistics Vol. 14, Issue 4 [page]

1988 Computational Linguistics  
KODIAK (Keystone to Overall Design for Inte- gration and Application of Knowledge) is an implemen- tation of CRT (Cognitive Representation Theory), an approach to knowledge representation that bears simi  ...  However, since it could not accommodate the user’s request, it attempts to be polite by apologizing to the user. # What does Is -v do? Ls does not have a -v option.  ... 

Development Path and Capital Structure of Belgian Biotechnology Firms

Véronique Bastin, A. H. R. F. Corhay, Georges Hubner, Pierre-Armand Michel
2002 Social Science Research Network  
Each firm's situation regarding the relevant types of real options is stylistically represented through a scenario tree.  ...  The consumption of a time-to-build or a growth option is respectively considered as a success or a failure in company development.  ...  Other types of real options may be present, but not to a systematic extent.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1691992 fatcat:mh7el47gvzcz3ntdzb4kncfmte

Uncertainty and Industry Structure Effects on Managerial Intuition About Information Technology Real Options

Nancy Lankton, Joan Luft
2008 Journal of Management Information Systems  
high risk, but options to grow via follow-up investments are an exception.  ...  If the technology not chosen fails, that failure is the reference point and the status quo preserved by not investing is seen as positive (rejoicing) In addition, regret theory (but not prospect theory  ... 
doi:10.2753/mis0742-1222250209 fatcat:mndnaslobjgivo7mr3hslqpzmy

Formalizing computability theory via partial recursive functions [article]

Mario Carneiro
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We present an extension to the mathlib library of the Lean theorem prover formalizing the foundations of computability theory.  ...  Type class inference provides a transparent way to supply Gödel numberings where needed and encapsulate the encoding details.  ...  Here option α is the type consisting of the elements some a for a : α, and an extra element none representing failure or undefinedness.  ... 
arXiv:1810.08380v3 fatcat:ouvxojlf3fbizccncnmxk7vj5e

Precomputing possible configuration error diagnoses

Ariel Rabkin, Randy Katz
2011 2011 26th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2011)  
We demonstrate how to build a map from each program point to the options that might cause an error at that point.  ...  Our approach relies on static dataflow analysis, meaning all the analysis is done in advance.  ...  This research is supported in part by gifts from Google, SAP, Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Mark Logic, Microsoft, NEC Labs, Network Appliance, Oracle, Splunk and VMWare  ... 
doi:10.1109/ase.2011.6100053 dblp:conf/kbse/RabkinK11 fatcat:36adzr7s2vgkhadymvxgwomkni

Formalizing Computability Theory via Partial Recursive Functions

Mario Carneiro, Michael Wagner
2019 International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving  
We present an extension to the mathlib library of the Lean theorem prover formalizing the foundations of computability theory.  ...  Type class inference provides a transparent way to supply Gödel numberings where needed and encapsulate the encoding details.  ...  Here option α is the type consisting of the elements some a for a : α, and an extra element none representing failure or undefinedness.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.itp.2019.12 dblp:conf/itp/Carneiro19 fatcat:h3py5mpwxbfvzgu5gjjsi7qc34

Option-Based Bankruptcy Prediction

Andreas Charitou, Lenos Trigeorgis
2001 Social Science Research Network  
Our results indicate that the primary option-motivated variables, such as firm volatility, play an important role in predicting default, one, two and three years prior to bankruptcy.  ...  This study builds on option-pricing theory to explain business bankruptcy based on a sample of 139 matched pairs of bankrupt and control U.S. firms for the period 1983-94.  ...  Laitinen (1995) suggests another reason why debt maturity does not have a strong effect on business failure in Finland, where the Companies Law provides that the inequality V < B is evaluated not only  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.248709 fatcat:3qmfjviu3zdzvgfg7ahkmdv4g4

Unveiling Exception Handling Guidelines Adopted by Java Developers [article]

Hugo Melo, Roberta Coelho, Christoph Treude
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Despite being an old language feature, Java exception handling code is one of the least understood parts of many systems.  ...  We also investigated how such guidelines are disseminated to the project team and how compliance between code and guidelines is verified; we could observe that according to more than half of respondents  ...  "If an exception is caught and re-wrapped into another exception type, you should always attach the original exception to the cause so that the stack trace is not lost."  ... 
arXiv:1901.08718v1 fatcat:kf5ilke37vad3ivvrltv34tsmu

Applying 'design by contract'

B. Meyer
1992 Computer  
This article presents such guidelines, whose main goal is to help improve the reliability of software systems.  ...  Reliability is here defined as the combination of correctness and robustness or. more prosaically, as the absence of bugs.  ...  Under the monitoring options, the effect of an assertion violation is to raise an exception. The possible responses to an exception are discussed later. Why monitor?  ... 
doi:10.1109/2.161279 fatcat:tumbcopzavcwzl2a2wfmjpkoai
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