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Fabio Neri Curriculum vitae

Neri. 2 Il lavoro prende spunto dai primi passi previsti dal Trattato di Roma con la creazione, il 13 aprile 1964, del  ...  Neri nasce ad Arsia (ex provincia di Pola) 1 il 27 luglio 1943 ma poco dopo la sua nascita, a causa degli eventi bellici, la famiglia si trasferisce a Trieste.  ...  Louis (USA), oltre che ad una collaborazione con lo stesso Minsky su temi di economia monetaria 10 . 10 Fabio 10 Neri.  ... 

Men and motorcycle accidents: characterization of accidents from pre-hospital care

Fábio Lucio Tavares, Maria José Coelho, Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite
2014 Escola Anna Nery  
Homens e acidentes motociclísticos: caracterização dos acidentes a partir do atendimento pré-hospitalar Los hombres y los accidentes de motocicleta: caracterización de los accidentes a partir de la atención prehospitalaria
doi:10.5935/1414-8145.20140093 fatcat:6wmn4rpdtfbldfp6yxb26gcqri

Monetary and Macroprudential Policies

Paolo Angelini, Stefano Neri, Fabio Panetta
2011 Social Science Research Network  
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1832349 fatcat:xec7fdxhqzctni6bnr56azjspi

Systematization of nursing care: challenges and features to nurses in the care management

Mirelle Inácio Soares, Zélia Marilda Rodrigues Resck, Fábio de Souza Terra, Silvia Helena Henriques Camelo
2015 Escola Anna Nery  
Systematization of nursing care: challenges and features to nurses in the care management Sistematização da assistência de enfermagem: facilidades e desafios do enfermeiro na gerência da assistência Sistematización de los cuidados de enfermería: facilidades y desafíos de enfermeros en el soporte de gestión
doi:10.5935/1414-8145.20150007 fatcat:rlrwaf6f5nh3noce7anoijm5fa

Waves…from the inside

Gianluca Villa, Fabio O. Tartaglia, Mauro Neri, Claudio Ronco
2014 Intensive Care Medicine  
doi:10.1007/s00134-014-3542-y pmid:25392036 fatcat:c47nnftdkbbd7m7pmd5mgcr3py

A study on rotation invariance in differential evolution

Fabio Caraffini, Ferrante Neri
2018 Swarm and Evolutionary Computation  
Epistasis is the correlation between the variables of a function and is a challenge often posed by real-world optimisation problems. Synthetic benchmark problems simulate a highly epistatic problem by performing a so-called problem's rotation. Mutation in Differential Evolution (DE) is inherently rotational invariant since it simultaneously perturbs all the variables. On the other hand, crossover, albeit fundamental for achieving a good performance, retains some of the variables, thus being
more » ... equate to tackle highly epistatic problems. This article proposes an extensive study on rotational invariant crossovers in DE. We propose an analysis of the literature, a taxonomy of the proposed method and an experimental setup where each problem is addressed in both its non-rotated and rotated version. Our experimental study includes 280 problems over five different levels of dimensionality and nine algorithms. Numerical results show that 1) for a fixed quota of transferred design variables, the exponential crossover displays a better performance, on both rotated and non-rotated problems, in high dimensions while the binomial crossover seems to be preferable in low dimensions; 2) the rotational invariant mutation DE/current-to-rand is not competitive with standard DE implementations throughout the entire set of experiments we have presented; 3) DE crossovers that perform a change of coordinates to distribute the moves over the components of the offspring offer high-performance results on some problems. However, on average the standard DE/rand/1/exp appears to achieve the best performance on both rotated and non-rotated testbeds.
doi:10.1016/j.swevo.2018.08.013 fatcat:iuazmffms5d3fj2wrba3oen5oy

How Epigenetics Can Enhance Pig Welfare?

Arthur Nery da Silva, Michelle Silva Araujo, Fábio Pértille, Adroaldo José Zanella
2021 Animals  
Epigenetics works as an interface between the individual and its environment to provide phenotypic plasticity to increase individual adaptation capabilities. Recently, a wide variety of epi-genetic findings have indicated evidence for its application in the development of putative epi-biomarkers of stress in farm animals. The purpose of this study was to evaluate previously reported stress epi-biomarkers in swine and encourage researchers to investigate potential paths for the development of a
more » ... obust molecular tool for animal welfare certification. In this literature review, we report on the scientific concerns in the swine production chain, the management carried out on the farms, and the potential implications of these practices for the animals' welfare and their epigenome. To assess reported epi-biomarkers, we identified, from previous studies, potentially stress-related genes surrounding epi-biomarkers. With those genes, we carried out a functional enrichment analysis of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) of the DNA of swine subjected to different stress-related conditions (e.g., heat stress, intrauterine insult, and sanitary challenges). We identified potential epi-biomarkers for target analysis, which could be added to the current guidelines and certification schemes to guarantee and certify animal welfare on farms. We believe that this technology may have the power to increase consumers' trust in animal welfare.
doi:10.3390/ani12010032 pmid:35011138 pmcid:PMC8749669 fatcat:runhbtwdfzc7zkgdu247qk7g5a

Multistage Switching Architectures for Software Routers

Andrea Bianco, Jorge Finochietto, Marco Mellia, Fabio Neri, Giulio Galante
2007 IEEE Network  
Software routers based on personal computer (PC) architectures are becoming an important alternative to proprietary and expensive network devices. However, software routers suffer from many limitations of the PC architecture, including, among others, limited bus and central processing unit (CPU) bandwidth, high memory access latency, limited scalability in terms of number of network interface cards, and lack of resilience mechanisms. Multistage PC-based architectures can be an interesting
more » ... ative since they permit us to i) increase the performance of singlesoftware routers, ii) scale router size, iii) distribute packet-manipulation and control functionality, iv) recover from single-component failures, and v) incrementally upgrade router performance. We propose a specific multistage architecture, exploiting PC-based routers as switching elements, to build a high-speed, largesize, scalable, and reliable software router. A small-scale prototype of the multistage router is currently up and running in our labs, and performance evaluation is under way.
doi:10.1109/mnet.2007.386465 fatcat:7lz7jla6jfdh7bhdwlj5olfxp4

Controle Social na Estratégia Saúde da Família: Concepções e ações dos usuários e trabalhadores de saúde

Aline Vieira Simões, Fabio Ornellas Prado, Adriana Alves Nery, Daniela Márcia Neri Sampaio
2014 Revista Baiana Saúde Pública  
Adriana Alves Nery Local disponível para consulta: Aline Vieira Simões a Fabio Ornellas Prado a Adriana Alves Nery a Daniela  ...  Fabio Ornellas Prado e Co-orientadora: Profª. DSc.  ... 
doi:10.22278/2318-2660.2014.v38.n2.a1281 fatcat:263obhpqazfdtnvydzfxjjcy6a


Maria Antonieta Vasconcelos Luckesi, Maria José Arléo Barbosa Amorim, Nair Fábio da Silva, Rosamaria Silva Nuñes
1978 Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem  
RBEnjOl LUCKESI, M.A.V. e colaboradores -Aplicação do processo de enfermagem no hospital Ana Nery. Rev. Bras. Enr.; DF, 31 : 141-156, 1978.  ...  no Hospital Ana Nery não se trabalha com a dependência em ex tensão.  ...  Enfermeiras responsáveis pelo Setor de Treinamento de Enfermagem do Hospital Ana Nery. ... Assistente da Chefia do Serviço de Enfermagem do Hospital Ana Nery. ....  ... 
doi:10.1590/0034-716719780002000002 pmid:261393 fatcat:5s7rfuau5bh2pflaqwjhrv2nk4

Acupuncture in Postdate Pregnancy Management

Isabella Neri, Lucrezia Pignatti, Francesca Fontanesi, Fabio Facchinetti
2018 Journal of Acupuncture & Meridian Studies  
Objectives: Pharmacological labor induction is obtained through prostaglandins application and/or oxytocin infusion; however, the use seems to be related to fetal and maternal side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates the use of acupuncture to soften the cervix and induce uterine contractions. at which presented for The primary outcome was the rate of women admitted for labour induction in case of prolonged pregnancy at 41 þ 5 weeks, and the secondary outcome was the rate of
more » ... planning for other indications. Methods: After obtaining informed consent, 375 undelivered women after 40 þ 2 gestational age were enrolled for the study: 112 women received acupuncture and 263, routine care. Acupuncture was applied every odd day starting from 40 þ 2 weeks up to 41 þ 4 weeks. Women allocated to the control group received standard care. At 41 þ 5 weeks, a pharmacological induction was planned. Results: The rate of labor induction significantly differed between acupuncture and observation groups (19.6% vs. 38%; p < 0.01); in particular, women receiving acupuncture showed a lower rate of induction, indicating prolonged pregnancy (5.3% vs. 10.1%; p < 0.01). As far as the pharmacological device is concerned, no differences were observed with regard to the prostaglandins use, whereas oxytocin infusion rate was lower in the acupuncture group than in the observation group. Conclusions: The present study suggested that acupuncture applied at term of pregnancy seems to be effective in reducing the rate of labor induction which is performed for prolonged pregnancy at 41 þ 5 weeks. Moreover, acupuncture also seems to be able to reduce oxytocin use; such a "saving" effect could play a role in childhood, considering that a recent study underlined the adverse effect of oxytocin on birth outcomes.
doi:10.1016/j.jams.2018.06.001 pmid:29890286 fatcat:kct2o6ab5nh5rbzivzq2pmfdcq

An analysis on separability for Memetic Computing automatic design

Fabio Caraffini, Ferrante Neri, Lorenzo Picinali
2014 Information Sciences  
Caraffini), (Fabio Caraffini), (Ferrante Neri), (Ferrante Neri), (Lorenzo Picinali) outperform modern meta-heuristics representing  ...  computational prototype proved to be a flexible and intelligent framework capable to learn from a problem and, thanks to this learning, to * Corresponding author Email addresses: (Fabio  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ins.2013.12.044 fatcat:q4xjycdrrbejvoke325bdupeja

On the Myths of Optical Burst Switching

Pablo Pavon-Marino, Fabio Neri
2011 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
IN MEMORIAM This paper is the result of more than two years of discussions and investigations, triggered by the ideas Fabio Neri and me shared in a coffee-break of the ONDM 2008 conference.  ...  Sadly, Fabio passed away unexpectedly in April 2011, a huge loss to his family, friends and the research community. I would like to dedicate this paper to his memory.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2011.063011.100192 fatcat:paw6vzjakrekrmgv743llq6quu

Strawberry Living Mulch in an Organic Vineyard

Davide Neri, Serena Polverigiani, Matteo Zucchini, Veronica Giorgi, Fabio Marchionni, Md Jebu Mia
2021 Agronomy  
., by Neri [30] , mimic nature [22] , increase biodiversity and provide ecological services [21, 31] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/agronomy11081643 fatcat:glc7smlcsfe5ple52tf7ztax34

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Input-Queued Switches

Andrea Bianco, Davide Cuda, Paolo Giaccone, Fabio Neri
2010 2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM 2010  
Input-queued (IQ) switches are one of the reference architectures for the design of high-speed packet switches. Classical results in this field refer to the scenario in which the whole switch transfers the packets in a synchronous fashion, in phase with a sequence of fixed-size timeslots, selected to transport a minimum-size packet. However, for switches with large number of ports and high bandwidth, maintaining an accurate global synchronization and transferring all the packets in a
more » ... fashion is becoming more and more challenging. Furthermore, variable size packets (as in the traffic present in the Internet) require rather complex segmentation and reassembly processes and some switching capacity is lost due to partial filling of timeslots. Thus, we consider a switch able to natively transfer packets in an asynchronous fashion thanks to a simple and distributed packet scheduler. We investigate the performance of asynchronous IQ switches and show that, despite their simplicity, their performance are comparable or even better than those of synchronous switches. These partly unexpected results highlight the great potentiality of the asynchronous approach for the design of high-performance switches.
doi:10.1109/glocom.2010.5683642 dblp:conf/globecom/BiancoCGN10 fatcat:cn6thbf7ijdzlakbktf6h3uc4m
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