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Page 263 of SRELS Journal of Information Management Vol. 10, Issue 2 [page]

1973 SRELS Journal of Information Management  
BASIC SUBJECT : A SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Q2 at the FID Congress (Budapest) (1972)). Ltoyp (G A). FID’s Standard Reference Code project and UDC improvement programme. (Aslib proc. 24;1972; 580-7). ——.  ...  (FID/SRC 73-6). ——. Subject-fields II. Interpolation and arrange- ment. (FID/SRC 73-6). —— and BHATTACHARYYA (G).  ... 

Page 476 of Bogens Verden Vol. 54, Issue 7 [page]

1972 Bogens Verden  
(FID/CR Report, 11). (FID Publ. Series 405). Eksp.: Dan- marks Tekniske Bibliotek. 70,00 net. (02.13).  ...  For periodicas ved- kommende er arbejdet allerede i gang, og et forslag ventes at komme til drgftelse pâ IFLAs ârsmgde i Budapest sidst i august.  ... 

Development of a Broad System of Ordering for UNISIST Purposes

Vladimir Rybatchenkov
1974 Knowledge organization  
At the FID Con gress held in Budapest in September 1972, it was decid ed to set up a new FID/SRC subject field Reference Co de working group whose fu nctions would be completely dissociated from the UDC  ...  Co•operation with the Federation Internationale de Documentation (FID) , Den Haag, which in 1972 has set up for the elaboration of a Subject-field Reference Code (SRC) a Working Group (FID/SRC).  ... 
doi:10.5771/0943-7444-1974-1-20 fatcat:fdu3mtftnzhzhjltzuomusdqwa

Page 46 of SRELS Journal of Information Management Vol. 13, Issue 2 [page]

1976 SRELS Journal of Information Management  
These are the UDC Medium Editions, and a new general framework of knowledge, the so-called SRC/BSO scheme, developed by the FID/SRC Committee set up in Budapest in 1972. g Conclusion In a crucial hour  ...  One of the first who commented on the PC-princi- ple was the present head of the FID Classification Department, G A Lloyd.  ... 

Notas sobre la formación del documentalista en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Información de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

José López Yepes
1976 Documentación de las Ciencias de la Información  
FID COMMIThE BOLJCATION ANO TRAININO: Proceedings of the International Seminar Qn Education in Information Science. Veszprém, Hungary, 14-16 September 1972.  ...  FID CoMMrrn•r FOR DEVELOPINO CouNTmrs: "Cuide to films on information". Budapest, 1973, 2.a ed. rey., 83 págs. (7) WARRENTON, Virginia. September 7-10, 1965. Proceedings. Edited by L. E.  ... 
doaj:cd6086eecb5f46839f3a584789890a1f fatcat:k6nrszo6b5hk3itad6yccmkxxm

Könyvtárdiplomácia – tudomány- és szakmapolitika a nemzetközi könyvtáriinformációs [chapter]

Péter Kiszl
2020 Információközvetítés és közösségépítés – multifunkciós könyvtári hálózatok  
Az igazi sikert az 1972-ben Budapesten ren-dezett 38.  ...  IFLA kongresszus jelentette, ahol 40 ország képviseletében 800 könyvtáros szakember vett részt. 18 Ezzel összekötve a FID és a Műszaki Egyetemi Könyvtárak Nemzetközi Szövetsége (International Association  ... 
doi:10.21862/infkoz.9 fatcat:ec2usxstdnf3nmfeb7ajzr2wai

Un sistema de información para la ciencia argentina: biografía de Ricardo Alberto Gietz (1932-1998) = An information System for Argentine Science: Ricardo Alberto Gietz Biography (1932-1998)

Tomás Solari
2013 Información, Cultura y Sociedad  
El interés en la figura de Gietz, se debe a que fue el único latinoamericano que tuvo a su cargo la presidencia de la FID, fue director del CAICYT y del Servicio Iberoamericano de Información sobre la  ...  The interest in the figure of Gietz is in that he was the only Latin American who was in charge of the presidency of FID, was the director of CAICYT, and of Latin American Service on Translation Information  ...  En la XXVI Conferencia y Congreso Internacional de la FID, realizada en Budapest, Hungría y que tuvo como tema central la Documentación en los países en desarrollo, Gietz fue elegido consejero de la Federación  ... 
doaj:64c1fb3c13f8496299a5253d3b520dec fatcat:a3k6dbi325fw7iv3zxgboji5j4

Centre de documentation sur les bibliothèques, Bibliothèque nationale du Canada

Marion C. Wilson
1973 Documentation et bibliothèques  
Le centre vient de recevoir le texte des communications présentées à la conférence de Budapest en 1972.  ...  -oct. 1972), 7.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1050959ar fatcat:ztt2x6guhzexdcll6xh5aora3i

Sorption of light hydrocarbons on clays from the Oligocene Kiscell Clay Formation, Hungary

Judit Tóth
2009 Mineralogia  
Eltantwy, Arnold 1972; Velde 1992) .  ...  Materials and methods Clay samples were collected from the pit of the Wienerberger brickyard in Solymár near Budapest.  ... 
doi:10.2478/v10002-009-0001-4 fatcat:jmeqiwcxnbfmzevvuusvypp4rm

Magyarország templomépítészete 1945–1964 között

Zorán Vukoszávlyev, Erzsébet Urbán
2016 Építés - Építészettudomány  
.): Architectural drawing and education -Principles to the evaluation of the historic plan collection at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Architectura Hungariae 14 (2015) 1. 7-18.  ...  Magyar Építőművészet (1972) 5. 60-61.  ...  A Budapest IV.  ... 
doi:10.1556/096.2016.44.3-4.4 fatcat:qj5a7ojuevdmtf3jv6xxmtoffq

Πνευματικοί άνδρες της Μακεδονίας κατά την τουρκοκρατίαν

Ζαχ. Ν. Τσιρπανλής
1973 Μακεδονικά  
Fid e-A c t a, τ. 12, 1636-1637, φ. 293V). εχθρούς τούς λατίνους.  ...  Tarnanidès στό «Cyrillomethodianum» 2 (1972-73), σ. 203-204).  ... 
doi:10.12681/makedonika.923 fatcat:5kvpthhlnvblpm3nbduaashneq

Aus Hochschulen und Institutionen / Academic and Educational News

2019 KN - Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information  
de/fid-karten/.  ...  KN 66, 2016, 2, S. 89-92 4 FID GEO:; FID MOVE:; CrossAsia:; FID Lateinamerika, Karibik und Latino Studies: https  ... 
doi:10.1007/s42489-019-00021-3 fatcat:tigwi7im2ffj3i6xjspyiu7hom


2015 Applied Ecology and Environmental Research  
Okhla reservoir was notified as Okhla Bird Sanctuary (OBS) by the Uttar Pradesh government under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (Management Plan for Okhla Bird Sanctuary, 2011-2021).  ...  technique to collect gas samples from a) air-water interface, and b) soil surface at Okhla reservoir Gas chromatograph (model no. 6890, Agilent Technologies, USA) fitted with Flame ionized detector (FID  ... 
doi:10.15666/aeer/1302_597613 fatcat:qg6wzzgl5fgadlxifgbcwxrkqi

A Systematic New Lexicon of All Knowledge Fields based on the Information Coding Classification

Ingetraut Dahlberg
2012 Knowledge organization  
The then still-existing FID (Féderation Internationale de Documentation) decided during its 1972 meeting in Budapest to set up an FID-CR (Classification Research) task-force for this endeavour.  ...  A little later, the UDC committee of FID had worked out a counter-proposal. Both proposals were discussed at a joint meeting during the FID-Conference in The Hague 1974.  ... 
doi:10.5771/0943-7444-2012-2-142 fatcat:2ns3swe7ljdr7bctabnteihgni

The International Scene: News and Abstracts

Michael Sullivan, Ronald Plavchan
1979 The American Archivist  
UNESCO and FID Agree to Eliminate Duplication.  ...  It will be issued quarterly as a supplement with the FID News Bulletin.  ... 
doi:10.17723/aarc.42.4.l137413vm6jg6724 fatcat:yymjmwkuebaydaqlkkakba7vbu
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