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FADER: Fast Adversarial Example Rejection [article]

Francesco Crecchi, Marco Melis, Angelo Sotgiu, Davide Bacciu, Battista Biggio
2020 arXiv   pre-print
FADER overcome the issues above by employing RBF networks as detectors: by fixing the number of required prototypes, the runtime complexity of adversarial examples detectors can be controlled.  ...  Deep neural networks are vulnerable to adversarial examples, i.e., carefully-crafted inputs that mislead classification at test time.  ...  Conclusions and Future Work In this work, we presented FADER (Fast Adversarial Example Rejection), a technique to speedup rejection-based defenses against adversarial examples.  ... 
arXiv:2010.09119v1 fatcat:ffotkbvncngkdf6pp4gixhraii

Adversarial Attacks against Face Recognition: A Comprehensive Study [article]

Fatemeh Vakhshiteh, Ahmad Nickabadi, Raghavendra Ramachandra
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In this article, we present a comprehensive survey on adversarial attacks against FR systems and elaborate on the competence of new countermeasures against them.  ...  Recent studies show that (deep) FR systems exhibit an intriguing vulnerability to imperceptible or perceptible but natural-looking adversarial input images that drive the model to incorrect output predictions  ...  capable of rejecting adversarial examples.  ... 
arXiv:2007.11709v3 fatcat:jfhcxj6hp5esvcclf2dsehfad4

Security and Privacy Issues in Deep Learning [article]

Ho Bae, Jaehee Jang, Dahuin Jung, Hyemi Jang, Heonseok Ha, Hyungyu Lee, Sungroh Yoon
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Poisoning attacks compromise the training process by corrupting the data with malicious examples, while evasion attacks use adversarial examples to disrupt entire classification process.  ...  region by reducing the distance from a target example, and c) stay in the adversarial region through rejection sampling.  ...  Detailed examples on adversarial examples are described in Section 3.2.  ... 
arXiv:1807.11655v4 fatcat:k7mizsqgrfhltktu6pf5htlmy4

Lay Literacy and the Medieval Bible

Graham D. Caie
2004 NJES: Nordic Journal of English studies  
Eek wel I woot he seyde, myn housbonde sholde lete fader and moder, and take me.  ...  (27-31) . . 22 When she cannot twist the text to her own purposes she rejects it, claiming she cannot understand it: What that he mente therby, I kan nat seyn; But that I axe, why that the fifthe  ... 
doi:10.35360/njes.26 fatcat:qdea7zyiijf4dlo4sdd2zm3tga

Appendix [chapter]

Douglas Gray, Jane Bliss
2019 Make We Merry More and Less  
So this mans adversarie harde tell hereoff, and he come unto this baillay wyfe and gaff hur a fatt ox, and besoght hur at sho wold labur unto hur husband that he wold answer for hym agayns his adversarie  ...  And for all ben eton, now most I be eten; for my fader yaf the cyte that consell. Wherfor, gentyll knyght, gos [go] hens fast and save thyselfe, lest he les [destroy] the as he wol me!'  ...  They will sometimes refer to such songs in their sophisticated works: Chaucer makes his Pardoner sing 'Come hider, love, to me'; 1 Gavin Douglas quotes (among other examples) 'the schip salis our the salt  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0170.11 fatcat:2gih4kiq6zedfgxh356fli7umy

Chaucer's Colloquial English: Its Structural Traits

Margaret Schlauch
1952 Publications of the Modern Language Association of America  
Such repetitions, which a strict logic would reject as tautological, have a stylistic value.  ...  '® Examples are fairly numerous.  ... 
doi:10.1632/459962 fatcat:ouoyc32thzfzxkgp54lzz72bde

Handbook of Leaving Religion

Theodore Pulcini
2020 Journal of Contemporary Religion  
According to Savarkar, to leave Hinduism for a "foreign" religion (for example, Islam or Christianity) would thus be to reject one's nation.  ...  Apostasy of faith was seen, beyond heresy, as a total rejection of religion, meaning essentially the Church, or switching, for example, to Judaism.  ...  Yet not all historians agree, and some see him as a traitor who left Judaism (for example, Shamir 1975: 53, who deems him a "true convert").  ... 
doi:10.1080/13537903.2020.1832788 fatcat:zl7x55ri4fg5xjhnqs7uycsfhe

Volume 3 Issue 1

Complete Issue
2004 NJES: Nordic Journal of English studies  
Lexical items may, of course, be made up of more than one lexeme (as, for example, with idioms).  ...  On the other hand, I considered many more disyllabic adjectives but discovered that they had no relevant examples listed in Chambers. 4.  ...  Appendix 2: 'Good Humour' Et godt Humeur Efter min Fader har jeg faaet den bedste Arvepart, jeg har faaet et godt Humeur. Og hvem var min Fader? ja, det kommer nu ikke Humeuret ved!  ... 
doi:10.35360/njes.34 fatcat:netxqeqk3vgffhvmwpf6phuygu

The Leonardo System and Software Individuals

Erik Sandewall
2013 European Lisp Symposium  
The game runs on both players simultaneous but independently, the local moves are supplied by the player's own code and communicated to the adversary via the P2P module, the adversary moves are received  ...  The social network dimension of the system is enabled by the ability of both sides to select their adversaries.  ...  The term add_a_b(oplus(a^1,oplus(b^0,oplus(a^1,b^0)))) represents the same graph as t3 in Example 2.2 but with the two vertices labeled a in V1.  ... 
dblp:conf/els/Sandewall13 fatcat:zmmqeakaj5bfxdovmfe24v4ikq


Configuring Masculinity in Theory and Literary Practice  
No lady with whom Sir Kay would fall in love could possibly reject a knight of such honor without losing hers.  ...  Guinevere's statement is important, since, by the same reasoning, she is not permitted to reject Lancelot's love.  ...  So Syr Persants doughter dyd as her fader bad her. 58 reth, however, rejects the damsel when he learns that she is a virgin in order not to treat his host dishonorably: Be ye a mayde or a wyf?  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789004299009_006 fatcat:efi5cv3uxndxzi7g5ytsz5nje4

Rhetoric: Selected Readings of Classical Writings for its Theory, History, and Application

Fee-Alexandra Haase
2009 Social Science Research Network  
He who can fling forward his legs in a certain way, and move them fast and far, is good at running; he who can grip and hold down is good at wrestling; he who can drive an adversary from his ground with  ...  Further, all men, in giving praise or blame, in urging us to accept or reject proposals for action, in accusing others or defending themselves, attempt not only to prove the points mentioned but also to  ...  [6] Whatever our prayer be, it will not be better than the observance of the precept by which we are bidden to conceal our fasts; for now, by abstinence from the kiss, we are known to be fasting.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1347745 fatcat:6xualpw3kffzdapjpecgoodguu

Pulp fictions of medieval England: essays in popular romance

2005 ChoiceReviews  
Take some examples.  ...  (Would Percyvell have found the well if he had not fasted?)  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.42-3281 fatcat:rdhygib24ngdjdyqzgtqjhigui

A Transcript of Submission: Jesus as Fated Victim of Divine Violence in the Old Saxon Heliand

Samuel J. Youngs
2021 Religions  
To rebel against such violence, rejecting Frankish rule, and opposing the Christian king, would be tantamount to rejecting salvation and opposing God's will.  ...  That is what a thane chooses: to stand fast together with his lord, to die with him at the moment of his doom [duome] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/rel12050306 fatcat:65czv2t6kbb77iieda6nihu7le

28. Configuring Masculinity in Theory and Literary Practice

Stefan Horlacher
2016 English and American Studies in German  
So Syr Persants doughter dyd as her fader bad her. 58 Gareth, however, rejects the damsel when he learns that she is a virgin in order not to treat his host dishonorably: Be ye a mayde or a wyf?  ...  I were a shameful knyghte and I wold do your fader ony disworship.  ...  However, your crimes are of such an extent and so singular, your flying so high and fast, that no mitigation can be allowed for them. Petition denied!  ... 
doi:10.1515/east-2016-0029 fatcat:btt5qz57xrbcvednfruqrc46r4

Night-time continence care in Australian residential aged care facilities: Findings from a Grounded theory study

Joan Ostaszkiewicz, Beverly O'Connell, Trisha Dunning
2014 Contemporary Nurse: health care across the lifespan  
They may also represent an attempt to reject the stigmatisation and negative stereotypes associated with carework.  ...  Fader et al. (2003) compared a four-hourly pad changing regimen with an eight-hourly regimen involving 81 residents in UK 'care homes'. staff gave did justify the means.  ...  How do they feel about wearing a pad for example? 6.  ... 
doi:10.5172/conu.2014.5015 pmid:25178401 fatcat:vmcp7257xzdmtn6iwsltgw2l4u
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