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Corpona – The Pythonic Way of Processing Corpora [chapter]

Khalid Alnajjar, University of Helsinki, Mika Hämäläinen
2021 Multilingual Facilitation  
The current functionalities relate to easy parsing and access to XML files, easy access to sub-items in a nested JSON structure and visualization of a complex data structure.  ...  Corpona is meant to streamline any workflow that involves XML and JSON based corpora, by offering easy and reusable functionalities.  ...  The library is easy to install through pip (pip install corpona).  ... 
doi:10.31885/9789515150257.3 fatcat:leihp4yqbfe47ce7bqeiruvfje

Visual Data Exploration Using Webbles [chapter]

Jonas Sjöbergh, Yuzuru Tanaka
2013 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
We describe a system for visual exploration of data built using pluggable software components called Webbles.  ...  The visualization components allow for interactive exploration of data, and selections or grouping of data in one visualization component are propagated to other components automatically.  ...  It is built using pluggable components and it is easy to plug in new data sources to mash up data, and easy to plug in new components for new types of visualization.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-38836-1_10 fatcat:fj275tcv3vh35g2sbnmvb24yha

Introducing Fedora Repositories

David Wilcox
2015 Zenodo  
Developers interested in working on Fedora 4 will learn about the software development process and procedures, as well as the tools and standards used by the development team.  ...  Fedora is a flexible, extensible repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content.  ...  of non-repo data (configuration, global XACML policies, etc.) will need special handling Writing and using plugins for mapping complex metadata must be easy and functional in the new environment Make  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6512282 fatcat:wkd2u23jzvfvrhcbi7gydwiedu

Audio Parameter Mapping Made Explicit Using WebAudioXML

Hans Lindetorp, Kjetil Falkenberg
2021 Zenodo  
With this study, we present new feature for WebAudioXML that also makes advanced audio parameter mapping, data interpolation and value conversion more accessible and easy to assess.  ...  We conclude that the technology is robust and useful and present new ideas that emerged from this study.  ...  On the other hand, they agreed on that the hierarchical structure in XML is easy to understand as long as the configuration is limited to the constrains it provides.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5038686 fatcat:lonq76gkmfgedosfo5i3n7l7pq

Integration of data for gene annotation using the BioMediator system

B Louie, P Mork, R Shaker, N Kolker, E Kolker, P Tarczy-Hornoch
2005 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings  
We are using BioMediator, a general purpose data-integration solution, to develop a gene annotation system to automate the process of collecting data from disparate genomic databases.  ...  Integration of annotation data from multiple sources into a single format will facilitate use of analytic tools for the proper functional classification of genes.  ...  As a next step we intend to incorporate more data sources and explore the use of analytical tools on the integrated results.  ... 
pmid:16779323 pmcid:PMC1560885 fatcat:yve7tjp4yreglnebysqbh2bif4

An Online Atlas for Exploring Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Cancer Mortality (1972–2011) and Incidence (1995–2008) in Taiwan

Wen-Yuan Ku, Yung-Po Liaw, Jing-Yang Huang, Oswald Ndi Nfor, Shu-Yi Hsu, Pei-Chieh Ko, Wen-Chung Lee, Chien-Jen Chen
2016 Medicine  
Furthermore, it is an-easy-to use tool for updating data and assessing risk factors of cancer in Taiwan.  ...  Users can easily customize the maps to explore the spatio-temporal trends of cancer mortality and incidence using different devices (such as personal computers, mobile phone, or pad).  ...  Google Earth is an easy-to-use visualization tool that allows users to explore geospatial information.  ... 
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000003496 pmid:27227915 pmcid:PMC4902339 fatcat:35og2mwysneptpkxs5n5iwxuam

Towards Web-based representation and processing of health information

Sheng Gao, Darka Mioc, Xiaolun Yi, Francois Anton, Eddie Oldfield, David J Coleman
2009 International Journal of Health Geographics  
Today several webbased health applications generate dynamic maps; however, for people to fully interpret the maps they need data source description and the method used in the data analysis or statistical  ...  To address this need, Web-based mapping is now emerging as an important tool to enable health practitioners, policy makers, and the public to understand spatial health risks, population health trends and  ...  With maps, it is easy to discover adjacent neighborhood similarities as well as spatial patterns that are hidden in health data.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1476-072x-8-3 pmid:19159445 pmcid:PMC2651125 fatcat:fuecrkgdgfeptn33sypx7sse4q

Collaborative proteomics framework with XML databases and an integrated XML viewer for 2DPAGE

Hiraku Morisawa, Hisashi Hisatomi, Mikako Hirota, Tosifusa Toda
2005 Journal of Electrophoresis  
The data format is comprised with 2 layers of 2-D gel map and spot protein information.  ...  Individual spots on an experimental 2-D gel image are easily matched to corresponding spots on a standard 2-D gel map in the TMIG-XML-2DPAGE database using the function of the XML viewer.  ...  The research community member can use the XML viewer to open the JPEGformatted 2-D gel maps and the XML-formatted data files. The function of clickable imagemap is also available in the XML viewer.  ... 
doi:10.2198/jelectroph.49.35 fatcat:33477wk4h5fh7j37xgcisvs4jy

Triplificating and linking XBRL financial data

Roberto García, Rosa Gil
2010 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Semantic Systems - I-SEMANTICS '10  
One of the main ways of populating the Web of Data is by triplifying existing data sources.  ...  Use Case As a result of how the original XML tree is semantically enriched when it is mapped to RDF and how different XML trees are interconnected when mapped to RDF graphs, it is possible to query and  ...  Most of the time this is due to the fact that the technological solutions used to publish that data do not make it easy to interconnect it internally and to other external data sources.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1839707.1839711 dblp:conf/i-semantics/GarciaG10 fatcat:pjhicxl2xnflvd34tanoskr4aa

Workflows for parameter studies of multi-cell modeling

Randy Heiland, Maciek Swat, Benjamin Zaitlen, James Glazier, Andrew Lumsdaine
2010 Proceedings of the 2010 Spring Simulation Multiconference on - SpringSim '10  
This paper presents an overview and use case of two open source projects -CompuCell3D, a multi-cell modeling framework, and VisTrails, a workflow system for parameter exploration and data management.  ...  The Open Systems Lab, as part of the Pervasive Technology Institute, gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Lilly Endowment, Inc.  ...  Provenance data associated with a workflow (a vistrail) is maintained via XML files or a relational database. As mentioned before, VisTrails is capable of performing visualizations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1878537.1878635 fatcat:owd3lh5bf5ekddzqfqfcifx6si

Share Market Management System Based Keyword Query Processing on XML Data

Darsana C.S, Roshni P, Chandini K, Surekha Mariam Varghese
2016 International Journal on Cybernetics & Informatics  
In this paper we implement a Share Market Management System using an XML database.  ...  Keyword-based query solution is implemented to obtain the results. Then its performance is evaluated by considering the compilation, parsing and execution metric as total time.  ...  It is easy to map existing data structures like relational databases or file systems to XML. Null values and multiple values are managed efficiently by XML language.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijci.2016.5227 fatcat:xe7okyqisfchtanhmt27mresbu

Constraint Preserving Transformation from Relational Schema to XML Schema

Chengfei Liu, Millist W. Vincent, Jixue Liu
2005 World wide web (Bussum)  
As such, there is an increasing need to efficiently and accurately publish relational data as XML documents for Internetbased applications.  ...  One way to publish relational data is to provide virtual XML documents for relational data via an XML schema which is transformed from the underlying relational database schema such that users can access  ...  For examples, In DB2XML [15] , an algorithm is used to map relations to XML elements in almost one-to-one manner.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11280-005-4263-5 fatcat:ysxuq3znwfbineit7zfbwknabi

Autonomous Vehicle Guidance and Control using OpenStreetMap and Advanced Integration Techniques

Fahad Ullah, Qaiser Habib, Muhammed Irfan, Khawaja M. Yahya
2011 Journal of clean energy technologies  
Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are in widespread use in many applications such as bomb disposal, underwater exploration, industrial transport, etc.  ...  This paper presents a new technique for guiding and controlling autonomous vehicles by using the OpenStreetMap (OSM) map library.  ...  OSM can serve as a graphical and easy to use way to handle the control and navigation of an AGV.  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijcte.2011.v3.378 fatcat:ja7xkwevwrc3zkbodr2fb3zkhu

Representing sensor data using the HL7 CDA personal healthcare monitoring report draft

Klaus-Hendrik Wolf, Stephan Schirmer, Michael Marschollek, Reinhold Haux
2009 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics  
The aim of the presented prototypical implementation is to check the ability of the defined format to represent health-related sensor data using a commercially available multi-sensor-device's measurements  ...  The resulting documents are validated and evaluated using standard tools for processing extensible markup language (XML) documents.  ...  Since CDA is an XML format as well, the decompressed XML can be transformed with an XSL processor using an XSL-T stylesheet to the final PHMR.  ... 
pmid:19745358 fatcat:ho4g7bykhvb25bp5d2tvxew62q


Erik Wilde, Felix Michel
2007 Proceedings of the 16th international conference on World Wide Web - WWW '07  
XML is increasingly being used as a typed data format, and therefore it becomes more important to gain access to the type system; very often this is an XML Schema.  ...  Using SPath, XML developers gain access to XML Schemas and thus can more easily develop software which is type-or schema-aware, and thus more robust.  ...  The most accurate answer probably is "anything that is likely to be used frequently as a way to explore relationships between nodes."  ... 
doi:10.1145/1242572.1242842 dblp:conf/www/WildeM07 fatcat:pbu5miw3bvcs5bcpprykvqtnlu
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