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Exploiting line metric reconstruction from non-central circular panoramas

Jesus Bermudez-Cameo, Olivier Saurer, Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas, Jose. J. Guerrero, Marc Pollefeys
2017 Pattern Recognition Letters  
From a single panorama we obtain well-conditioned 3D reconstruction of lines, which are specially interesting in texture-less scenarios.  ...  In this paper we propose a multi-camera system configuration resembling the circular panoramic model which results in a particular non-central projection allowing the stitching of a non-central panorama  ...  Fig. 8 . 8 in the case of the non-central panorama Reconstruction of a non-Manhattan scene from a non-central circular panorama.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2017.05.006 fatcat:q2zlnhuggzakzjxcvujfo7chdy

OmniSCV: An Omnidirectional Synthetic Image Generator for Computer Vision

Bruno Berenguel-Baeta, Jesus Bermudez-Cameo, Jose J. Guerrero
2020 Sensors  
, and 3D reconstruction from non-central panoramas.  ...  Furthermore, we include in our tool photorealistic non-central-projection systems as non-central panoramas and non-central catadioptric systems.  ...  (b) Ground-truth point-cloud obtained from depth-map. Figure 15 . 15 3D line segments reconstructed from line extraction in non-central panorama. In red the reconstructed 3D line segments.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20072066 pmid:32272635 pmcid:PMC7181225 fatcat:te4ofzqlqrcqrg6o4upejkxbfe

Multi-camera platform for panoramic real-time HDR video construction and rendering

Vladan Popovic, Kerem Seyid, Eliéva Pignat, Ömer Çogal, Yusuf Leblebici
2014 Journal of Real-Time Image Processing  
We propose a method for HDR frame reconstruction which merges the previous HDR imaging techniques with the algorithms for panorama reconstruction.  ...  We exploit the overlapping fields-of-view between the cameras with different exposures to create an HDR radiance map.  ...  Central Processing The central FPGA acts as a global system controller. The received data comprises sixteen parts of the full HDR panorama, i.e. one part per SCIP.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11554-014-0444-8 fatcat:hofwhuhqxnbfbdtp6hfldbmj7e

Spherical View Synthesis for Self-Supervised 360 Depth Estimation [article]

Nikolaos Zioulis, Antonis Karakottas, Dimitrios Zarpalas, Federico Alvarez, Petros Daras
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Further, we show how to better exploit the expressiveness of traditional CNNs when applied to the equirectangular domain in an efficient manner.  ...  We train another model using trinocular (referred to as TC) supervision that infers a single depth map from the central view and is jointly supervised by the reconstruction of both the up and right images  ...  While a large body of work exists for traditional perspective images, scarce research has addressed depth estimation from spherical panoramas.  ... 
arXiv:1909.08112v1 fatcat:gx5oxomymffs7mjjydv7kb76ji

Line reconstruction using prior knowledge in single non-central view

Jesus Bermudez-Cameo, Cédric Demonceaux, Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas, Jose Guerrero
2016 Procedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2016   unpublished
Figure 2 : 2 Extraction and reconstruction example from synthetic single non-central panorama: (a) Extracted lines following the main direction over a non-central panorama (green for the parametric line  ...  If the non-central system is properly calibrated we obtain a metric reconstruction of the 3D line.  ... 
doi:10.5244/c.30.80 fatcat:6wqcuu4ipvde7pdgnrezivuvhm

Point clouds by SLAM-based mobile mapping systems: accuracy and geometric content validation in multisensor survey and stand-alone acquisition

Giulia Sammartano, Antonia Spanò
2018 Applied Geomatics  
The comparison between O&R from the raw surface reconstruction that had the courtyard as a starting point (necessary to connect from a common area the whole 3D ZEB reconstruction, as the following presented  ...  The confidence level is based on the reliability of their metric reconstruction declared in Table 10 for the UAV photogrammetric reconstruction and Table 11 for the TLS and corresponded to an admitted  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12518-018-0221-7 fatcat:lzs2wfjqejftrciwbh3rg64hle

Challenges and Possibilities of Archaeological Sites Virtual Tours: The Ulaca Oppidum (Central Spain) as a Case Study

Miguel Ángel Maté-González, Jesús Rodríguez-Hernández, Cristina Sáez Sáez Blázquez, Libertad Troitiño Troitiño Torralba, Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Jesús Fernández Fernández Hernández, Tomás Ramón Herrero Herrero Tejedor, José Francisco Fabián Fabián García, Marco Piras, Carlos Díaz-Sánchez, Diego González-Aguilera, Gonzalo Ruiz Ruiz Zapatero (+1 others)
2022 Remote Sensing  
These techniques allow the construction of cartographic products with 2D and 3D metric properties from aerial images collected from a drone.  ...  The 3D documentation of an element or environment is digital metric information that allows for useful formal analyses to understand and study the reconstructed scene.  ...  towns: a case study in enhancing knowledge transfer and developing sustainable management of cultural landscapes" and to the National Project HAR2015-65994-R, "Vettones: urbanism and society through non-destructive  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14030524 fatcat:3wzkmh2tprajpaixphcjsnxqaa

Corneal Imaging System: Environment from Eyes

Ko Nishino, Shree K. Nayar
2006 International Journal of Computer Vision  
It also turns out that this imaging system is a non-central one; it does not have a single viewpoint but rather a locus of viewpoints.  ...  From these correspondences, we reconstructed a wire-frame of the box, as shown in Figure 19 (c).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11263-006-6274-9 fatcat:afuu2bw27nebjjimvxz2twu2ky

A study of projections for key point based registration of panoramic terrestrial 3D laser scan

Hamidreza Houshiar, Jan Elseberg, Dorit Borrmann, Andreas Nüchter
2015 Geo-spatial Information Science  
The latter are obtained from images generated from 3D scans. In addition to measuring distances, current laser scanners are able to determine the amount of light returning to the scanner.  ...  Their approach can be exploited for structure from motion, for stereo cameras or alignment of large scale reconstruction [29]. 2.2 Image features and feature descriptors 2.2.1 Scale Invariant Feature  ...  Registration proceeds by taking as input a set of matched features from two panorama maps. A panorama map stores for each pixel a point with x, y, z and its reflectance.  ... 
doi:10.1080/10095020.2015.1017913 fatcat:pattgvcxi5h3jculua6nrl3the

Mini-UAV-based Remote Sensing: Techniques, Applications and Prospectives [article]

Tian-Zhu Xiang, Gui-Song Xia, Liangpei Zhang
2018 arXiv   pre-print
(a) Non-metric camera problem. Due to payload weight limitations, UAV-RS often adopts low-weight, small-size and non-metric (consumer-grade) cameras, which inevitably result in some problems.  ...  non-metric cameras that have not been designed for photogrammetric accuracy [43] .  ... 
arXiv:1812.07770v2 fatcat:l4tdfpr55jbjvhxzi47lwrs2re

Raising awareness of the cultural, architectural, and perceptive values of historic gardens and related landscapes: panoramic cones and multi-temporal data

Alberta Cazzani, Carlotta Maria Zerbi, Raffaella Brumana, Anna Lobovikov-Katz
2020 Applied Geomatics  
and non-metric historical maps provide growing useful outputs, that can be deployed through the use of Virtual Hubs, boosting the availability of content and the accessibility of open data for policy  ...  makers, experts, and non-expert members.  ...  to the non-metric perspectives.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12518-020-00330-7 fatcat:zqvugqnhtnhghfeo6f5vjgiooy

Entropy-limited hydrodynamics: a novel approach to relativistic hydrodynamics

Federico Guercilena, David Radice, Luciano Rezzolla
2017 Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology  
Special-relativistic tests We begin with a series of mostly one-dimensional tests, performed in special-relativistic hydrodynamics, so that the metric g μν is fixed to the flat Minkowski metric η μν and  ...  The PSDs for both schemes are shown in Figure shown as vertical dashed lines.  ...  ) by the use of the ∇ operator, i.e. the covariant derivative constructed from the metric ().  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40668-017-0022-0 fatcat:pepb3p3kvjasrd6wswl4k4vkni

Super-resolution of a 3-dimensional scene from novel viewpoints

Kyle Nelson, Asim Bhatti, Saeid Nahavandi
2012 2012 12th International Conference on Control Automation Robotics & Vision (ICARCV)  
Given several low-resolution images captured from varying, unknown positions around a 3D scene, this thesis investigates how super-resolution and multiview geometry concepts can be combined to fully exploit  ...  Multi-frame super-resolution algorithms require several slightly different perspectives of the same scene, a non-integer pixel shift between images, such that each input view captures a marginally different  ...  projecting scene points from the metric reconstruction using the calculated novel projection matrix.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icarcv.2012.6485347 dblp:conf/icarcv/NelsonBN12 fatcat:wfakbldhzfhl3jlkcwsuu7v34m

Covariance Propagation and Next Best View Planning for 3D Reconstruction [chapter]

Sebastian Haner, Anders Heyden
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
accuracy. e same concepts are then applied to the problem of sequential 3D reconstruction from unordered image sequences.  ...  Using methods from algebraic geometry for solving multivariate polynomial systems, efficient minimal and near-minimal solvers are constructed.  ...  lines.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33709-3_39 fatcat:vdnwuw3e65ds7m7l76oatcycuq

Can Plants Move like Animals? A Three-Dimensional Stereovision Analysis of Movement in Plants

Valentina Simonetti, Maria Bulgheroni, Silvia Guerra, Alessandro Peressotti, Francesca Peressotti, Walter Baccinelli, Francesco Ceccarini, Bianca Bonato, Qiuran Wang, Umberto Castiello
2021 Animals  
A dedicated software enables semi-automatic tracking of key points of the plant and reconstructs the 3D trajectory of each point along the whole movement.  ...  It is variable due to a different magnitude of the trajectory (amplitude) exhibited by the organ tip, duration of one cycle (period), circular, elliptical, pendulum-like or irregular shape and the clockwise  ...  From the 2D positions of the images acquired by the two cameras, the 3D position for each point is reconstructed.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ani11071854 fatcat:7qgy7ylk5zfdnhj3sw4jpbczae
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