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Hybrid simulation of a dc-enhanced radio-frequency capacitive discharge in hydrogen

P Diomede, S Longo, D J Economou, M Capitelli
2012 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
When a negative dc voltage was applied to one of the electrodes of a continuous wave (cw) plasma, a 'beam' of secondary electrons was formed that struck the substrate counter-electrode at nearly normal  ...  The calculated IEDs of H + 3 and H + 2 ions in a cw plasma without dc bias were found to be in good agreement with published experimental data.  ...  Acknowledgments PD and DJE are grateful to the Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Science, contract DE-SC0001939, the National Science Foundation grant CBET 0903426, and the Department of Energy  ... 
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/45/17/175204 fatcat:pf4gjpzeyrddldjnrert3dfj3y

Measurement of electron energy distribution in low-pressure RF discharges

V A Godyak, R B Piejak, B M Alexandrovich
1992 Plasma Sources Science & Technology  
The rationale and considerations in the probe system design, as well as many construction details of the probe system itself, are discussed.  ...  Electron energy distribution functions (EEnFs) have been measured in low-pressure capacitive R F discharges over a wide range of well defined (geometrically and electrically) discharge conditions.  ...  Following such an approach, a great number of experimental EEDF studies have been performed in different kinds of gas discharge plasmas over the last 30 years.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0963-0252/1/1/006 fatcat:t6ed4rj2zvenpldexn6nv7zn3a

Experimental study of nanoparticle formation dynamics in HMDSO-Ar asymmetric capacitively-coupled radiofrequency plasma with application to deposition of nanocomposite layers

V. Garofano, L. Stafford, J. Gorka, F. Gaboriau, B. Despax, J. Boulon, C. Joblin, K. Demyk, K. Makasheva
2016 2016 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC)  
This work presents experimental study of nanoparticle formation dynamics in the plasma gas phase, along with the plasma parameters, linked to the composition of the synthesized nanoparticles before their  ...  It is found that by controlling the plasma electron temperature and density one can finely tune the nanoparticle composition as a function of reactive gas mixture.  ...  The bottom electrode and the walls were grounded. The axially-asymmetric design of that RF discharge produces axially-asymmetric plasma inducing a self-bias voltage (V dc ) on the powered electrode.  ... 
doi:10.1109/nmdc.2016.7777173 fatcat:lboyb5tfnbb7vgw3xbdv7r7qkm

Effect of a filamentary discharge on the particle trajectory in a plane-to-plane DBD precipitator

N Zouzou, E Moreau
2011 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
This is due to the fast precipitation of particles. During the positive half-cycle, the particles migrate mainly toward the grounded electrode due to their positive net charge.  ...  The main objective is to analyze the effect of a filamentary discharge on the particle trajectory.  ...  In general, the discharge electrodes of a single stage ESP are connected to a dc high voltage, whereas the collecting electrodes are grounded.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/44/28/285204 fatcat:rvdek5u4rnesrnwdpqojjjjgae

Instability of Dust Particles in a Coulomb Crystal due to Delayed Charging

S. Nunomura, T. Misawa, N. Ohno, S. Takamura
1999 Physical Review Letters  
It occurs near the plasma-sheath boundary of a dc plasma operated at a low plasma density and gas pressure.  ...  The excitation of this spontaneous oscillation is attributed to the finite charging time of particles.  ...  *Present address: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.83.1970 fatcat:43dartfsrbaw3hmlyhz2ezct24

Evidence on the macroscopic length scale spin coherence for the edge currents in a narrow HgTe quantum well

A. Kononov, S. V. Egorov, Z. D. Kvon, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretsky, E. V. Deviatov
2015 JETP Letters : Journal of Experimental And Theoretical Physics Letters  
This is a direct experimental evidence on the spin-coherent edge transport over the macroscopic distances.  ...  We experimentally demonstrate that this transport is sensitive to the mutual orientation of the magnetization directions of two 200 μm-spaced ferromagnetic leads.  ...  We also study electron transport across one particular F-2DEG junction (b): the corresponding ferromagnetic electrode is grounded (F1); a current is applied between it and one of the normal contacts; two  ... 
doi:10.1134/s0021364015120115 fatcat:3fstluqyvba57iqvbu24utcxiu

Influence of magnetic field strength on nanoparticle growth in a capacitively-coupled radio-frequency Ar/C2H2 discharge

L Couëdel, D Artis, M P Khanal, C Pardanaud, S Coussan, S LeBlanc, T Hall, E Thomas Jr, U Konopka, M Park, C Arnas
2019 Plasma Research Express  
It is revealed that the strength of the magnetic field (up to 2.5 T) has a major impact on discharge parameters (such as the self-bias of the powered electrode) as well as on the growth and morphology  ...  The influence of the strength of the magnetic field on dust particle growth dynamics is explored. The structure of the grown nanoparticles is studied ex situ.  ...  This work is supported by funding from the US Dept. of Energy, Grant Number DE-SC0016330, and by the National Science Foundation, Grant Numbers PHY-1613087 and PHY-1126067.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2516-1067/ab045e fatcat:quxqzduyzrgjbdakrfv2qpxaqy

Observation of spatio-temporal pattern in magnetised rf plasmas [article]

P. Bandyopadhyay, D. Sharma, U. Konopka, G. Morfill
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The plasma is formed by applying a rf voltage in parallel plate electrodes in push-pull mode under the background of argon gas.  ...  We address an experimental observation of pattern formation in a magnetised rf plasma.  ...  Experiments have been done on an electronic system which is a dc driven planar semiconductor gas discharge (SGD) device in absence of magnetic fields.  ... 
arXiv:1604.05411v1 fatcat:upahbgtlgfgipakr3ykhkjii2u

Particle-in-cell simulations of hollow cathode enhanced capacitively coupled radio frequency discharges

T. Lafleur, R. W. Boswell
2012 Physics of Plasmas  
Due to a capacitive voltage divider formed by the rf sheaths at each electrode, the area ratio of the powered and ground electrodes is observed to have a strong effect on the resulting discharge, and if  ...  Optimization of gas utilization efficiency for short-pulsed electron cyclotron resonance ion source Rev. Sci.  ...  In most experimental systems, the ground electrode area is typically much larger than the powered electrode area, since the reactor walls are usually grounded as well.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.3685709 fatcat:itt4dq6z3zflbhdtuljpxwwizq

Study of Electric Field Distribution in GaAs Materials and Devices Using Electro-Optic Probing Technique

Z. H. Zhu
1989 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
Redistribution subject to ECS terms of use (see Downloaded on 2014-07-24 to IP  ...  The change of deep level concentration near the GaAs substrate surface after thermal annealing is in turn detected.  ...  The voltages of the ground planes and the central electrode are constant, therefore, the variation of the signal under the electrodes represents the change of potential on the back surface.  ... 
doi:10.1149/1.2096411 fatcat:742krpiaivbjvdkvfgpzqfjghi

Choosing electrodes for deep brain stimulation experiments–electrochemical considerations

Jan Gimsa, Beate Habel, Ute Schreiber, Ursula van Rienen, Ulf Strauss, Ulrike Gimsa
2005 Journal of Neuroscience Methods  
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a therapy of movement disorders including Parkinson's disease (PD).  ...  Aging was accompanied by metal corrosion and erosion of the plastic insulation. For both materials, the degradation rates depended on the current density at the electrode surfaces.  ...  Acknowledgements This study has been supported by grants 01 ZZ 0108 of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung to U.G. and StSch 20020418A of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz to J.G.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jneumeth.2004.09.001 pmid:15698665 fatcat:6bcqagz3fjgfdiirsvu2m7lfre

Dynamic behaviors of dust particles in the plasma–sheath boundary

S. Takamura, T. Misawa, N. Ohno, S. Nunomura, M. Sawai, K. Asano, P. K. Kaw
2001 Physics of Plasmas  
We understand reasonably well the destabilization of single particle, as well as T-DLW under our real experimental condition.  ...  Experimental points were obtained by the observation of resonant excitation of vertical oscillation with a small external ac voltage on the biasing electrode.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.1350967 fatcat:4nw7z26lr5d3vpz6r5srdiznli

Room temperature redox reaction by oxide ion migration at carbon/Gd-doped CeO2heterointerface probed by anin situhard x-ray photoemission and soft x-ray absorption spectroscopies

Takashi Tsuchiya, Shogo Miyoshi, Yoshiyuki Yamashita, Hideki Yoshikawa, Kazuya Terabe, Keisuke Kobayashi, Shu Yamaguchi
2013 Science and Technology of Advanced Materials  
the GDC film to the gas phase, as well as a vigorous precipitation of oxygen gas at the bottom electrode to lift off the GDC film.  ...  These in situ spectroscopic observations describe well the electrochemical polarization behavior of a metal/GDC/metal capacitor-like two-electrode cell at room temperature.  ...  Acknowledgments This study was financially supported by the Japan  ... 
doi:10.1088/1468-6996/14/4/045001 pmid:27877594 pmcid:PMC5090320 fatcat:numemmtsvfcrrpj7pf3zohp2em

Water Electrolysis with Inductive Voltage Pulses [chapter]

Martins Vanags, Janis Kleperis, Gunars Bajars
2012 Electrolysis  
Authors thank Professor Robert Salem for helpful guidance and advices, and deep compassion to his family on the death of Professor in 2009.  ...  Financial support from the European Social Fund project "Support for doctoral studies at the University of Latvia" is acknowledged by M.Vanags.  ...  generator noticed a gas evolution on the electrodes of water electrolysis cell as a result of spark over jumping in the electrostatic generator.  ... 
doi:10.5772/52453 fatcat:nrk3guhmhbbjjnrjp7umdbzl7m

The origin of large amplitude oscillations of dust particles in a plasma sheath [article]

Joshua Méndez Harper, Guram Gogia, Brady Wu, Zachary Laseter, Justin C. Burton
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Using an integrated experimental and numerical approach, we show how the motion of an individual particle can be used to extract the electrostatic force and equilibrium charge variation in the plasma sheath  ...  In systems of many particles, these oscillations can catalyze a variety of nonequilibrium, collective behaviors.  ...  (b) Narrow band spectrogram the bias voltage φ dc on the electrode with the plasma on (red) and off (blue) at frequencies near characteristic frequencies of particle oscillation (Sec.  ... 
arXiv:1908.03138v3 fatcat:vxle5zuf2vctvm73hicjkrpbku
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