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Accurate Complex Systems Design: Integrating Serious Games with Petri Nets

Kirsten Sinclair, Daniel Livingstone
2016 International Journal of Serious Games  
Petri Nets are one graphical modelling technique used to describe and check proposed designs of complex systems thoroughly.  ...  In engineering projects, this can lead to a gap in communications between people with different areas of expertise, negatively impacting achieving accurate designs.  ...  Related work Coloured Petri Nets, like Classic Petri Nets, have a mathematical basis that enables content of the Petri Net model to be checked [10, 11] .  ... 
doi:10.17083/ijsg.v3i1.105 fatcat:ppgscq2oivbp3amvadgfg5zxna

Translating UML State Machines to Coloured Petri Nets Using Acceleo: A Report

Étienne André, Mohamed Mahdi Benmoussa, Christine Choppy
2014 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
In a former work, we proposed a formalisation of non-concurrent UML state machines using coloured Petri nets, so as to allow for formal verification.  ...  In this paper, we report our experience to implement this translation in an automated manner using the model-to-text transformation tool Acceleo.  ...  This work also benefited from Taieb Ben Niha's experience regarding a similar translation from UML activity diagrams to coloured Petri nets, during his internship at LIPN.  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.150.1 fatcat:5cztcf3zonglrdq7qp6jsoawae

A virtual deployment testing environment for enterprise software systems

Jian Yu, Jun Han, Jean-Guy Schneider, Cameron Hine, Steve Versteeg
2012 Proceedings of the 8th international ACM SIGSOFT conference on Quality of Software Architectures - QoSA '12  
In this paper, we present a Coloured Petri nets (CPN) based system behaviour emulation approach and a lightweight virtual testing framework for provisioning the deployment testing environment of an enterprise  ...  Modern enterprise software systems often need to interact with a large number of heterogeneous systems in an enterprise IT environment.  ...  Michael Westergaard at Eindhoven University of Technology, for sharing the Access/CPN source code and his help in setting up the Access/CPN development environment in Eclipse.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2304696.2304714 dblp:conf/qosa/YuHSHV12 fatcat:ppnrhzhqr5btniyyibfoqc4kce

Modelling and visualizing agent conversations

Marisuz Nowostawski, Martin Purvis, Stephen Cranefield
2001 Proceedings of the fifth international conference on Autonomous agents - AGENTS '01  
This paper describes a proposed formalism based on Petri Nets that is to be used for the modelling of complex, concurrent conversations between agents in a multi-agent system.  ...  A prototype implementation of a system supporting predefined conversation protocols as Petri Net models developed for the New Zealand Distributed Information Systems research platform is described.  ...  We will continue the development of software tools supporting the proposed modelling technique, and in particular the development of a graphical representation and visualizer for debugging and monitoring  ... 
doi:10.1145/375735.376297 dblp:conf/agents/NowostawskiPC01 fatcat:u2365pikvbggpbcjp4miwnqkry

Modeling by Petri Nets

H. Kubátová
2005 Acta Polytechnica  
One specific model of a digital system in different types of Petri nets is presented.  ...  The formal definitions of the basic (black-and-white) Petri net, a place/transition net (P/T net), an arc-constant coloured Petri net (ac-CPN) and a coloured Petri net (CPN) are presented and explained  ...  Acknowledgment This research was in part supported by a grant 102/04/0737 of the Czech Grant Agency (GAČR) and by the MSM 212300014 research program.  ... 
doaj:a84532f656a44a449effe73b17e25adc fatcat:bpupdse3ynanjp76ajpcww6utq

An anthropocentric approach to developing modern simulation-based decision support tools [chapter]

C.-V. Bobeanu, F.-G. Filip
1996 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
In this very perspective the authors' current results in developing a Petri nets-based simulation shell for manufacturing systems, are referred. Several interface issues are specifically dealt with.  ...  This paper aims at identifying those characteristic features of modem DSS that are highly demandable and acceptable by human factors, and mimic the human problem-solving.  ...  The envisaged Petri nets as theoretical foundation fall under the following classes: PIT nets, coloured Petri nets and Timed Transition Petri nets.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35065-3_49 fatcat:3k4qzexqybhdfeptoens2rvqvu

Towards a Computational Steering and Petri Nets Framework for the Modelling of Biochemical Reaction Networks

Mostafa Herajy, Monika Heiner
2012 International Workshop on Concurrency, Specification and Programming  
In this paper, we introduce a novel framework for combining Petri nets and computational steering for the representation and interactive simulation of biochemical networks.  ...  In this context, Petri nets are of special importance, since they provide an intuitive visual representation of reaction networks.  ...  Acknowledgments Mostafa Herajy is supported by the GERLS (German Egyptian Research Long Term Scholarships) program, which is administered by the DAAD in close cooperation with the MHESR and German universities  ... 
dblp:conf/csp/HerajyH12 fatcat:gyo24h74hjdlxpkvhgthxjukve

A Graphical Approach for Hybrid Simulation of 3D Diffusion Bio-Models via Coloured Hybrid Petri Nets

Amr Ismail, Mostafa Herajy, Elsayed Atlam, Monika Heiner
2020 Modelling and Simulation in Engineering  
Coloured Hybrid Petri Nets (HPNC) are a high-level representation of classical Petri nets that offer hybrid as well as spatial modelling of biological systems.  ...  Three-dimensional modelling of biological systems is imperative to study the behaviour of dynamic systems that require the analysis of how their components interact in space.  ...  Coloured Hybrid Petri Nets. Coloured Petri Nets (PN C ) extend low-level PN with a set of finite colour sets [6, 7] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/4715172 fatcat:7hm7rb72mzgjrnjzfl65eqri5a

Digging into Concurrency [chapter]

Angie Chandler, Serena Patching, Lynne Blair
2002 Concurrency in Dependable Computing  
The focus of this is primarily on the use of Petri nets in the developing of dependable systems, an area of particular concern in the full-size equivalent of our experiment.  ...  The topic of this paper is the design and implementation of an interacting Lego digger and dumper truck through the use of Petri nets.  ...  dynamic Petri net model.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4757-3573-4_5 fatcat:thedtflpdzbdhev2jkpzuoyj3a

Model Structure Validation of Cell Signaling Pathways Using Colored Petri nets*

Dvid Csercsik, Katalin M. Hangos
2012 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
In this paper we propose a novel colored timed Petri net modelling approach for model structure validation of cell signaling pathways.  ...  We demonstrate the results on a signaling network, which describes the interaction of fast (G protein coupled) and slow (β-arrestin coupled) transmission.  ...  COLOURED PETRI NET DESCRIPTION OF SIGNALING PATHWAYS Coloured Petri nets Petri nets (PNs) [Murata, 1989] were introduced as graphical tools for the description and analysis of concurrent processes  ... 
doi:10.3182/20120710-4-sg-2026.00005 fatcat:rpth5wx6dfcbtdiiw6moops5au

A Formal Description of Low Level Interaction and its Application to Multimodal Interactive Systems [chapter]

Johnny Accot, Stéphane Chatty, Philippe Palanque
1996 Eurographics  
We propose primitives for event specification and handling that can be used along with Petri nets to model such interactions.  ...  This article reports on our experience with formalising low-level graphical interaction.  ...  coloured Petri nets [Jensen 81 ].  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-7091-7491-3_5 fatcat:vfwbbi5ywrgcnhdbtlgpylpx44

JAK/STAT signalling – an executable model assembled from molecule-centred modules demonstrating a module-oriented database concept for systems and synthetic biology

Mary Ann Blätke, Anna Dittrich, Christian Rohr, Monika Heiner, Fred Schaper, Wolfgang Marwan
2013 Molecular Biosystems  
Adding a localisation component to the module database would allow to simulate models with spatial resolution in the form of coloured Petri nets.  ...  Each Petri net module represents the reactions of an individual protein with its specific interaction partners.  ...  Coloured Petri nets as implemented in Snoopy therefore combine the formalism of Petri nets with the expressive power of a computer language [6] .  ... 
doi:10.1039/c3mb25593j pmid:23443149 fatcat:6c2ttcuimffd3d5aezzpapg4ce

Coloured Petri nets for multilevel, multiscale and multidimensional modelling of biological systems

Fei Liu, Monika Heiner, David Gilbert
2017 Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Coloured Petri nets (ColPNs) have been successfully applied to multilevel, multiscale and multidimensional modelling of some biological systems, addressing many of these challenges.  ...  This will assist readers in selecting appropriate ColPN classes for specific modelling circumstances.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Mostafa Herajy, Christian Rohr and Martin Schwarick for their assistance in the related research on ColPNs.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bib/bbx150 pmid:29112705 fatcat:sdv7bk2j3vbapibr5tbnuvdlm4

A Critical Review on Modelling Formalisms and Simulation Tools in Computational Biosystems [chapter]

Daniel Machado, Rafael S. Costa, Miguel Rocha, Isabel Rocha, Bruce Tidor, Eugénio C. Ferreira
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Aware that no formalism can fit all purposes we realize Petri Nets as a suitable model for Metabolic Engineering and take a deeper perspective on the role of this formalism as an integrating framework  ...  We briefly review modelling formalisms that have been used in Systems Biology and identify the criteria that must be addressed by an integrating framework capable of modelling, analysing and simulating  ...  Thus far, no single tool supports all petri net extensions. The CPN Tools software supports coloured petri nets and has industrial use in many control applications [23] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02481-8_161 fatcat:a4jah5qo5vekpcol3c6fqyn2ua

BioModel engineering for multiscale Systems Biology

Monika Heiner, David Gilbert
2013 Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology  
Our methodology is based on a structured family of Petri net classes which enables the investigation of a given system using various modelling abstractions: qualitative, stochastic, continuous and hybrid  ...  In the most abstract case the relationship between objects being modelled can be reduced to interactions, e.g., between genes or proteins.  ...  The phase variation in bacterial colony growth case study has been provided by Nigel Saunders [NS] of Brunel University.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2012.10.001 pmid:23067820 fatcat:mf4cq3jawbbfrgqb6kut5b4equ
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