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Experience with Grapevine (Summary)

Michael D. Schroeder, Andrew D. Birrell, Roger M. Needham
1983 Proceedings of the ninth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles - SOSP '83  
The body of the paper contains observations based on operational experience with the system.  ...  The system, described in a previous paper [1] , was designed and implemented several years ago. We now have had operational experience with the system under substantial load.  ... 
doi:10.1145/800217.806622 dblp:conf/sosp/SchroederBN83 fatcat:agjl6au3lzfcnm7c6rcqxso3te

Grapevine Pinot gris virus infecting grapevines in Romania - Short Communicaiton

Valbona Sota, Carla Benelli, Brunilda Ҫuko, Elektra Papakosta, Claudio Depaoli, Maurizio Lambardi, Efigjeni Kongjika
2021 Horticultural Science  
During 2019–2020, a total of 199 samples have been analysed by a double antibody sandwich – enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA) for the presence of GPGV, Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine  ...  The tests revealed the association of GPGV with GFkV (5 cases) and GLRaV-1+3 (2 cases).  ...  of about 40 min (with the EF) and a maximum of 45 min (with both the ST and BT); the longer time required was due to the time needed to melt the agar and to distribute the shoots in the culture vessels  ... 
doi:10.17221/69/2020-hortsci fatcat:qett47tcvfabtmc2ilutmleagm

Irrigation of grapevines with saline water

J. Ben-Asher, J. van Dam, R.A. Feddes, R.K. Jhorar
2006 Agricultural Water Management  
a g r i c u l t u r a l w a t e r m a n a g e m e n t 8 3 ( 2 0 0 6 ) 2 2 -2 9  ...  This research is part of the GLOWA Jordan River Project funded by the German Ministry of Science and Education (BMBF), in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).  ...  The paper was written during a sabbatical leave of the senior author in the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN)-while studying the Impact of climate change on agriculture productivity (ICCAP  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2005.11.006 fatcat:pn4uhqwxtjfvjpv43pgpiliife

Grapevine quality: A multiple choice issue

Stefano Poni, Matteo Gatti, Alberto Palliotti, Zhanwu Dai, Eric Duchêne, Thuy-Thanh Truong, Giuseppe Ferrara, Angela Maria Stella Matarrese, Alessandra Gallotta, Andrea Bellincontro, Fabio Mencarelli, Sergio Tombesi
2018 Scientia Horticulturae  
The more applied section of the review introduces the very much debated yield-quality relationship that, over years, is being interpreted with more flexibility and with greater consensus for an "optimal  ...  The impact of the main summer pruning operations (leaf removal, shoot and cluster thinning, shoot trimming) is reviewed and special care taken to highlight most recent contributions with adjusted summer  ...  Training systems and plastic covers (table grapes) The use of a suitable training system allows a better exposure of clusters and canopy to solar radiation and air circulation with qualitative improvements  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scienta.2017.12.035 fatcat:2ii7i63e7vcchntrgzmyfcgcrq

Spring temperatures alter reproductive development in grapevines

2010 Australian journal of grape and wine research  
The temperature effect may be a combination of direct effects on floral development and indirect effects arising from differences in shoot growth.  ...  Significance of the Study: This study shows that variations in temperature near budburst may be an important cause of large variations in grapevine yield.  ...  Ferguson for the design and technical support of the temperature-control system, C. Scagel for statistical advice, and W. Smith and M. Mireles for technical support.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1755-0238.2010.00105.x fatcat:uzdnb5rjsbbvjbdffrywwlas5m

Characterization of Cadophora luteo-olivacea and C. melinii isolates obtained from grapevines and environmental samples from grapevine nurseries in Spain

2011 Phytopathologia Mediterranea  
stages of the grapevine nursery process in Spain.  ...  All Cadophora isolates except the C.melinii isolate caused significantly longer lesions in the xylem of grapevine rootstocks than in the controls.  ...  de Recursos y Tecnologías Agrarias, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Spain), and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  ... 
doi:10.14601/phytopathol_mediterr-8723 doaj:298082f7c00445408c0df62f9f286a1f fatcat:w3whsmldhfbhpopx7gtm7cip3q

Inter-varietal structural variation in grapevine genomes

Maria Francesca Cardone, Pietro D'Addabbo, Can Alkan, Carlo Bergamini, Claudia Rita Catacchio, Fabio Anaclerio, Giorgia Chiatante, Annamaria Marra, Giuliana Giannuzzi, Rocco Perniola, Mario Ventura, Donato Antonacci
2016 The Plant Journal  
Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) is one of the world's most important crop plants, which is of large economic value for fruit and wine production.  ...  We found 4.8 million SNVs and detected 8% of the grapevine genome to be affected by genomic variations.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank Tonia Brown of the University of Washington  ... 
doi:10.1111/tpj.13274 pmid:27419916 fatcat:qyzwv53il5cbzlzw2detqn42xy

A Phenotypic Search on Graft Compatibility in Grapevine

Sara Tedesco, Ana Pina, Pedro Fevereiro, Friedrich Kragler
2020 Agronomy  
By observing the internal anatomy of the union, we found that grapevines might require longer times for graft healing than anticipated.  ...  Several physiological parameters, internal anatomy of the graft union, chlorophyll fluorescence, and pigment contents of homo- and heterografts were monitored in a nursery-grafting context.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/agronomy10050706 fatcat:7rwugvc3z5eqxfow3fqnknvflm

A Review of Black Foot Disease of Grapevine

F. Hallenn, P.H. Fourie, P.W. Crous
2006 Phytopathologia Mediterranea  
Black foot disease of grapevine is a relatively new, and as yet poorly known disease affecting vines in various countries where grapevines are cultivated.  ...  Specific attention is also given to the taxonomy of the fungi involved, and the detection methods being developed to facilitate rapid identification of these pathogens.  ...  Table 1 . 1 Summary of morphological and cultural differences between, and geographical distribution of Cylindrocarpon and Campylocarpon species associated with black foot disease of grapevine.  ... 
doi:10.14601/phytopathol_mediterr-1845 doaj:ae4e4eec9652470d8f28593ff31a3712 fatcat:dhmfb3kmmbal5kvllwmpybbcoy

Computer Vision Approach for Low Cost, High Precision Measurement of Grapevine Trunk Diameter in Outdoor Conditions [article]

Diego Sebastián Pérez, Facundo Bromberg, Francisco Gonzalez Antivilo
2016 arXiv   pre-print
This work presents a low cost, high precision method for the measurement of trunk diameter of grapevines based on Computer Vision techniques.  ...  It is correlated with leaf area and biomass of trees, and consequently gives a good estimate of the potential production of the plants.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This work was funded by the scholarship program of the National Technological University (UTN), the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) of Argentina, and the  ... 
arXiv:1406.4845v2 fatcat:3fknaxeiuzbbnh7pyuti7ncfry

Grapevine, esca complex, and environment: the disease triangle

2019 Phytopathologia Mediterranea  
This review provides increased understanding of the esca disease complex, with emphasis on (1) the nature of esca-associated fungi as endophytes or pathogens in grapevine, (2) the importance of grapevine  ...  The perennial crop grapevine encounters different biotic and abiotic factors responsible for numerous changes at the various growth stages.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank Alan Phillips and Francois Halleen, who provided valuable critique of the manuscript of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.14601/phytopathol_mediterr-25086 doaj:16de1267091543a8989e3c4fe98b0388 fatcat:adpxvdwazvce7i5qxzttmy2eke

Network aggregation improves gene function prediction of grapevine gene co-expression networks

Darren C. J. Wong
2020 Plant Molecular Biology  
Repeating these series of tests using a functional enrichment-based performance metric also showed remarkably consistent findings with guilt-by-association neighbor voting.  ...  Using accumulated microarray datasets from the grapevine whole-genome array (33 experiments, 1359 samples), we explored how meta-analysis through aggregation influences the functional connectivity (performance  ...  for the provision of the grape CoNekT dataset, and the grapevine research community for making various RNA-seq and microarray datasets publicly available.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11103-020-01001-2 pmid:32266646 fatcat:ts4mrp7tzjac3mcdsc5tqshemu

Ecology and management of grapevine trunk diseases in New Zealand a review

D.C. Mundy, M.A. Manning
2010 New Zealand Plant Protection  
Grapevine trunk diseases threaten the longevity of vineyard production in New Zealand This paper provides a summary of the knowledge of the most common fungal grapevine trunk diseases as well as identifying  ...  gaps that require further research Current knowledge of symptoms causal organisms etiology and disease control of botryosphaeria dieback esca eutypa dieback and Petri disease are discussed Additional  ...  INTRODUCTION With an increased awareness of grapevine trunk diseases that may affect the longevity of vineyards in New Zealand, it was considered timely to present a summary of the current knowledge of  ... 
doi:10.30843/nzpp.2010.63.6558 fatcat:rkk4qv7gmffxdd7u4vyewuuuvu

Climate change impacts and adaptive strategies: lessons from the grapevine

Jonathan R. Mosedale, Kirsten E. Abernethy, Richard E. Smart, Robert J. Wilson, Ilya M. D. Maclean
2016 Global Change Biology  
The cultivation of grapevines for winemaking, known as viticulture, is widely cited as a climate-sensitive agricultural system that has been used as an indicator of both historic and contemporary climate  ...  Many potential impacts of climate change on viticulture, particularly those associated with a change in climate variability or seasonal weather patterns, are rarely captured.  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful for the constructive comments and suggestions of both reviewers of the original text. References  ... 
doi:10.1111/gcb.13406 pmid:27370903 fatcat:rngoxnc6jzetho5pdwcgtpiskm

Nitrogen inputs and irrigation frequency influence population dynamics of Mesocriconema xenoplax under grapevines

Thomas Forge, Kirsten Hannam, Denise Neilsen, Gerry Neilsen
2019 Journal of nematology  
The experiment was a split-plot randomized complete block design with irrigation frequency applied as whole-plot treatments and N input applied as subplot treatments.  ...  densities of the ring nematode, Mesocriconema xenoplax, in a vineyard.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge the technical assistance of Linda Herbert, Shawn Kuchta, Istvan Losso, Bill Rabie, and Carol Koch.  ... 
doi:10.21307/jofnem-2019-084 fatcat:lyafo7ffordihowahr3r73vp5i
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