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The documentation of quality engineering

Ashley Williams
2004 Proceedings of the 22nd annual international conference on Design of communication The engineering of quality documentation - SIGDOC '04  
This paper examines how documentation is used to create "quality" engineering processes in software development, focusing on recent industry trends of adopting use case driven software engineering models  ...  in the software development project.  ...  In the case examined here, genre dumping concerns the introduction of use cases into one organization's workplace by an outside organization (as I am conceiving of it thus far, genre dumping could also  ... 
doi:10.1145/1026533.1026538 dblp:conf/sigdoc/Williams04 fatcat:ondxpurguzfqlk6waicoh2iawy

Modeling task-genre relationships for IR in the workplace

Luanne Freund, Elaine G. Toms, Charles L.A. Clarke
2005 Proceedings of the 28th annual international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval - SIGIR '05  
In this research, we isolated for examination two aspects of context: task and document genre and examined the relationship between them within a software engineering work domain.  ...  In this domain, the nature of the task has an impact on decisions of relevance and usefulness, and the document collection contains a distinctive set of genre.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research is supported by an IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Fellowship Grant to the first and second authors and a SSHRC and Canada Research Chairs Program grant to the second author  ... 
doi:10.1145/1076034.1076110 dblp:conf/sigir/FreundTC05 fatcat:2t4u7h4p7jcv3g3ehmvnydlqlq

A next generation of digital genres

David E. Hailey
2004 Proceedings of the 22nd annual international conference on Design of communication The engineering of quality documentation - SIGDOC '04  
The purpose of this paper is to discuss virtual reality and interactive animation as potential documentation tools for training and information distribution and to discuss applications available for developing  ...  these genres.  ...  With the above in mind, we can examine a collection of genres that begin with the commonplace but perhaps lead to new concepts in documentation.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1026533.1026542 dblp:conf/sigdoc/Hailey04 fatcat:ibangbiinvdylil24tcufm45z4

Toward Integrating Our Research Scope

Clay Spinuzzi
2002 Journal of business and technical communication  
A CRITICAL LOOK AT TWO FIELD METHODS FOR EVALUATING SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION To illustrate and further define the problem of unintegrated scope, I critically examine two field methods used in UCD: contextual  ...  Thus, genre analysis has often been approached as a way to gain insight into the recurring organizational activities in which genres are used (Yates) and the social import of developing genres (Bakhtin  ... 
doi:10.1177/1050651902016001001 fatcat:v3jhcsj3v5a7pftxwekfbnddta

A taxonomy of Wiki genres in enterprise settings

Erika Shehan Poole, Jonathan Grudin
2010 Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration - WikiSym '10  
Based on the results of a study of wiki usage in a multinational software company, we provide a taxonomy of enterprise wiki genres.  ...  In this paper, we argue that "enterprise wiki" is a blanket term describing three different genres of wiki: single contributor wikis, group or team wikis, and internal-use encyclopedias emulating Wikipedia  ...  After many months of having the test platform available, the wiki functionality was introduced as a template in the next version of this group"s document repository software (used widely within the organization  ... 
doi:10.1145/1832772.1832792 dblp:conf/wikis/PooleG10 fatcat:6arx3rwfnnej5dcxs2zthu5luy

What Characterize Documents That Bridge Boundaries Compared to Documents That Do Not? An Exploratory Study of Documentation in FLOSS Teams

C Osterlund, K Crowston
2011 2011 44th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
Despite their different stocks of background knowledge, most of them engage in documentation, whether as writers or readers.  ...  They do so by prescribing their own 1) purpose, 2) context of use, 3) content and form in greater detail than documents used by core community members with symmetric access to project knowledge.  ...  As a source of examples to illustrate our theorizing, we examined documents and document use in three FLOSS projects, chosen to span a range of projects, with different sorts of developers and users: the  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2011.492 dblp:conf/hicss/OsterlundC11 fatcat:gy2wfb4jhnf6xle572iedw2dvi

A Decade of Shared Tasks in Digital Text Forensics at PAN [chapter]

Martin Potthast, Paolo Rosso, Efstathios Stamatatos, Benno Stein
2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Digital text forensics aims at examining the originality and credibility of information in electronic documents and, in this regard, to extract and analyze information about the authors of these documents  ...  In this paper, we present the evolution of both the examined tasks and the developed datasets during the last decade.  ...  We are indebted to many colleagues and friends who con-  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-15719-7_39 fatcat:qmki74erzbfifkcmjk3s5tindy

Contextual Search: From Information Behaviour to Information Retrieval

Luanne Freund, Elaine G. Toms
2013 Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS / Actes du congrès annuel de l'ACSI  
We present research that combines information behaviour and information retrieval approaches to develop a contextual search system for a software engineering work domain.Le contexte influence le comportement  ...  Context influences information seeking behaviour; however, search systems have not made much use of contextual information to date.  ...  Genre is used as a means of categorizing documents in most of the large repositories used by this group, although the genre taxonomies are not standardized.  ... 
doi:10.29173/cais280 fatcat:fdfri3nvmfbnvf5uqchjt2ttze

Overview of the PAN/CLEF 2015 Evaluation Lab [chapter]

Efstathios Stamatatos, Martin Potthast, Francisco Rangel, Paolo Rosso, Benno Stein
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In author identification, cross-topic and cross-genre author verification (where the texts of known and unknown authorship do not match in topic and/or genre) is introduced.  ...  In total, 53 teams participated in all three tasks of PAN 2015 and, following the practice of previous editions, software submissions were required and evaluated within the TIRA experimentation framework  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the organizing committees of PAN's shared tasks Fabio Celli, Walter Daelemans, Ben Verhoeven, Patrick Juola, and Aurelio López-López.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-24027-5_49 fatcat:fcpf2p7nujet5ez4zswoiscatq

Exploiting task-document relations in support of information retrieval in the workplace

Luanne Freund
2008 SIGIR Forum  
I dearly wish that Ethel Auster was still with us to celebrate the completion of this dissertation, as she was a stalwart source of encouragement and advice in the early stages.  ...  This work is the culmination of a research project funded over a number of years by the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in the Toronto Software Lab.  ...  It follows, that use of task -genre associations is likely to be most effective when the contexts of document creation and of document use are overlapping, as is the case in this research setting.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1480506.1480529 fatcat:gohltw3bczhnxce3yf4rjugpc4

Music Genre Classification System - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Sangpo Lama
Music Genre Classification is an advance platform of listing different genre music and system can automatically detect the genre of music by implementing machine learning algorithms like K-Nearest Neighbors  ...  (KNN) algorithm, CNN, and Neural Nets.  ...  In the software environment, various software development approaches that we used have their own strength and weakness.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13298408.v1 fatcat:exsabqyr5vge7dx3ehwvccia44

Web Genre Analysis: Use Cases, Retrieval Models, and Implementation Issues [chapter]

Benno Stein, Sven Meyer zu Eissen, Nedim Lipka
2010 Text, Speech and Language Technology  
It presents relevant use cases, discusses existing and new technology for the construction of Web genre retrieval models, and outlines implementation aspects for a genreenabled Web search.  ...  The former aspect relates to the content of a desired document (= topic), the latter to the presentation of its content and the intended target group.  ...  WEGA, a software for Web-based genre analysis that has been developed in our working group, can be characterized as follows: it implements the genre palette shown in the fourth row in Table 1 , and the  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-90-481-9178-9_8 fatcat:ej7pnhz5lrg7tos2c5uxw7zqzu

Formulating Representative Features with Respect to Genre Classification [chapter]

Yunhyong Kim, Seamus Ross
2010 Text, Speech and Language Technology  
Genre classification (e.g. whether a document is a scientific article or magazine article) is closely bound to the physical and conceptual structure of document as well as the level of depth involved in  ...  In previous studies, the detection of genre classes has been attempted by using some normalised frequency of terms or combinations of terms in the document (here, we are using term as a reference to words  ...  The dataset for the twenty-four document genres were collected by: 1. assigning genres to collectors (in this case students) who retrieved from the Internet as many PDF files as they could find in English  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-90-481-9178-9_6 fatcat:auyd2sftdveehpwmk3j2ktzdli

Using an Ontology-based Approach to Build Open Assisting Tools in Foreign Language Writing

Hugo Sanjurjo-González, Héctor Alaiz-Moretón, Noelia Ramón, Belén Labrador, Isaías García
2019 Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management  
Therefore, these applications lack the specific vocabulary, style guidelines and common structures required in more specialised documents.  ...  While software applications can serve to assist NNS in their English writing tasks, most of the applications available are designed for users of English for general purposes as opposed to English for professional  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This work has been supported by the Spanish Agency for Research, Development and Innovation (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) [FFI2016-75672-R.].  ... 
doi:10.29333/jisem/5931 fatcat:lk7776iunfgtvgyo5n74u7ek4a

Boundary-Spanning Documents in Online FLOSS Communities: Does One Size Fit All?

Carsten Osterlund, Kevin Crowston
2013 2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
of use, 3) content and form and 4) provenance in greater detail than documents used by people with symmetric access to knowledge.  ...  We present findings consistent with the hypotheses developed as well as results extending beyond our theory derived assumptions.  ...  We chose to study documents used in Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) development.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2013.119 dblp:conf/hicss/OsterlundC13 fatcat:r3rbhdb66bcwvbsnxfjljmjf6m
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