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Taxonomy of bio-inspired optimization algorithms

Saman M. Almufti, Ridwan Boya Marqas, Vaman Ashqi Saeed
2019 Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Technology  
optimal possible solutions for hard and complex optimization problems.  ...  Bio-Inspired optimization algorithms are inspired from principles of natural biological evolution and distributed collective of a living organism such as (insects, animal, .... etc.) for obtaining the  ...  recognition , reactive power dispatch , multi-objective vehicle routing problem, flight control sys- tem design, Power System Optimization problems, portfo- lio Optimization ,optimal learning path in  ... 
doi:10.14419/jacst.v8i2.29402 fatcat:3nzesd3cj5fgbkzbspkgs7sutq

Application of Finite-Time and Control Thermodynamics to Biological Processes at Multiple Scales

Ty N. F. Roach, Peter Salamon, James Nulton, Bjarne Andresen, Ben Felts, Andreas Haas, Sandi Calhoun, Nathan Robinett, Forest Rohwer
2018 Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics  
The exact combination of yield and power depends upon the constraints on the system, the degrees of freedom in question, and the time scales of the processes.  ...  In general, living systems maximize power at the expense of efficiency during the early stages of their development while proceeding at slower rates to maximize efficiency over longer time scales.  ...  Thus, FTT enables additional predictive power over current evolutionary and ecological theory.  ... 
doi:10.1515/jnet-2018-0008 fatcat:avuzkfpxdzaqvbowcetmodycza

A Review On Applications Of Evolutionary Algorithms To Reservoir Operation For Hydropower Production

Nkechi Neboh, Josiah Adeyemo, Abimbola Enitan, Oludayo Olugbara
2015 Zenodo  
EAs are also used to solve varied problems in the real world. EAs have been rapidly identified for its ease in handling multiple objective problems.  ...  This paper presents a review of the applications of evolutionary algorithms to reservoir operation for hydropower production.  ...  Evolutionary algorithms ascertain optimal solution from a population rather from single point thereby placing it above other optimization techniques for solving real world issues [13] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1109761 fatcat:mvcgur2eufechejakezuqkxeia

A Comprehensive Overview of the Applications of Artificial Life

Kyung-Joong Kim, Sung-Bae Cho
2006 Artificial Life  
Evolutionary computation is the most popular method for designing such applications, but recently swarm intelligence, artificial immune network, and agent-based modeling have also produced results.  ...  We review the applications of artificial life (ALife), the creation of synthetic life on computers to study, simulate, and understand living systems.  ...  The whole evolutionary process may not be implemented in the real world, due to the high time complexity of the simulation, which causes a serious gap between simulated and real environments.  ... 
doi:10.1162/106454606775186455 pmid:16393455 fatcat:mecyoromlvbitjxotdorzldiii

Modelling biological evolution: recent progress, current challenges and future direction

A. Morozov
2013 Interface Focus  
The standard theoretical approach to determine the best strategy for population persistence is implementation of game theory and optimal control theory: the optimal strategy is determined by maximizing  ...  strategy of populations; (iii) links between evolutionary and ecological processes across different time scales; (iv) quantification of biological information in evolutionary models; and (v) linking theoretical  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsfs.2013.0054 fatcat:rntgg4fuufg7ngysfwjd5tcjwm

Optimization of Power System Stabilizer for Multi-Machine Power System using Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm

Ashik Ahmed, B. M. Ruhul Amin
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In this paper, an evolutionary algorithm-Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO) based power system stabilizer (PSS) is proposed for multi-machine power system.  ...  IWO is a derivative-free real parameter optimization technique that mimics the ecological behavior of colonizing weeds.  ...  In this paper this recently developed IWO is used for designing PSSs with optimized performance in multi-machine power system.  ... 
doi:10.5120/4834-7092 fatcat:v456pypoejgv5cx7cv5qkcwplq

Heat Transfer and Simulated Coronary Circulation System Optimization Algorithms for Real Power Loss Reduction

L. Kanagasabai
2021 Žurnal Inženernih Nauk  
In this paper, the heat transfer optimization (HTO) algorithm and simulated coronary circulation system (SCCS) optimization algorithm has been designed for Real power loss reduction.  ...  This projected algorithm time "t" is linked with iteration number, and the value of "t" for every agent is computed.  ...  47] Basic particle swarm optimization [46] Standard evolutionary [45] programming Self-adaptive real coded [45] algorithm genetic HTO SCCS Percentage of power loss reduction 0.000 8.400 7.400 6.600 8.300  ... 
doi:10.21272/jes.2021.8(1).e1 fatcat:hdyzpvrsczfxbes6p33k56p5x4

Efficient Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles/Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Review and Recent Advances under Intelligent Transportation System

Chao Yang, Mingjun Zha, Weida Wang, Kaijia Liu, Changle Xiang
2020 IET Intelligent Transport Systems  
In terms of single-vehicle and multi-vehicle scenarios, the EMSs for HEV/PHEV under intelligent transport system is in-depth reviewed. Finally, the challenges for future research are also identified.  ...  This study could provide a comprehensive reference for researchers in field of HEV/PHEV.  ...  The authors also appreciate the support of the Beijing Institute of Technology Research Fund Program for Young Scholars. References  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-its.2019.0606 fatcat:z55katfpqfgs5jycyvmpw4usk4

Payment for Ecosystem Services Markets and Rural Development in Brazil—A Co-evolutionary Approach

Shigeo Shiki, Simone de Faria Narciso Shiki, Patrícia Lopes Rosado, Elaine Aparecida Fernandes
2013 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B  
The article discusses the payment for ecosystem or environmental services markets in Brazil with a critical review, based on the ecological economics literature and focused on the concept of co-evolution  ...  The complexity and the diversity of co-evolutionary relations between ecosystem services and socioeconomic activities are spatially or territorially specific.  ...  In the territory, the co-evolutionary process of production of spaces links economic, social, cultural, political and ecological factors, explaining historical (time) changes.  ... 
doi:10.17265/2162-5263/2013.05.002 fatcat:7ngpd73yvbgytc7ngj25y7owda

A hybrid behavioural rule of adaptation and drift explains the emergent architecture of antagonistic networks

S. Nuwagaba, F. Zhang, C. Hui
2015 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
The hybrid behavioural rule of both adaptation and drift could well be the key processes for structure emergence in real ecological networks.  ...  carve out the details of network architecture at the faster ecological time scale.  ...  Krasnov for providing interaction matrices of 27 real host -parasite networks.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rspb.2015.0320 pmid:25925104 pmcid:PMC4424652 fatcat:u5eufl6cpfgkzbbp64bjt7z7em

Multi-objective thermodynamic optimization of an irreversible regenerative Brayton cycle using evolutionary algorithm and decision making

Rajesh Kumar, S.C. Kaushik, Raj Kumar, Ranjana Hans
2016 Ain Shams Engineering Journal  
The proposed work investigates optimal values of various decision variables that simultaneously optimize power output, thermal efficiency and ecological function using evolutionary algorithm based on NSGA-II  ...  Triple objective evolutionary approach applied to the proposed model gives power output, thermal efficiency, ecological function as (53.89 kW, 0.1611, À142 kW) which are 29.78%, 25.86% and 21.13% lower  ...  These optimal values can be used as benchmark for end users while designing a real Brayton heat engine with requisite power output, thermal efficiency and ecological function.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.asej.2015.06.007 fatcat:cpceklskxzg6ngclmruw2iiyl4

Dynamic forecasting, optimization and real-time energy management of gridable vehicle – a review

Abdulaziz J Alshareef, Ahmed Saber, Ibrahim M Mehedi
2020 Zenodo  
Here it is analyzed the feasibility of developing a real-time dynamic stochastic optimization approach that will result in a combined cost-emission reduction by the maximum utilization of clean energy  ...  The concept in this paper is look at a gridable vehicle (GV) as a small portable power plant (SP3) and a smart parking lot (Smart Park) as a virtual power plant (VPP).  ...  This calls for real-time dynamic stochastic optimization techniques. VI.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3928791 fatcat:x2wquasn65hbjbra6vhu2xtwt4

Optimization of a complex urban intersection using discrete event simulation and evolutionary algorithms

Adriana Simona Mihăiţă, Mauricio Camargo, Pascal Lhoste
2014 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
tool and an evolutionary algorithm optimization.  ...  Dealing with traffic management for complex crossroads is a challenging problem for traffic control planners.  ...  August 24-29, 2014 All fire plans : Number cars during rush hours(morning , afternoon) Real-life Traffic System (C129) FlexSim Simulation Traffic Model Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithm  ... 
doi:10.3182/20140824-6-za-1003.01072 fatcat:ozsxswajane3laiyo4kjxxy5de

Notes from the greenhouse world: A study in coevolution, planetary sustainability, and community structure

Lee Worden
2010 Ecological Economics  
over different aspects of the system.  ...  common governance and supporting respect for traditional arrangements and restraint in intervention.  ...  I am very grateful to all those mentioned above, and also to Simon Levin and my Berkeley study group, for many useful and enjoyable discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2009.06.017 fatcat:3uia6v3mafdfdkxygwfdwc3tri

Marine Ecosystems as Complex Adaptive Systems: Emergent Patterns, Critical Transitions, and Public Goods [article]

George I Hagstrom, Simon A Levin
2016 bioRxiv   pre-print
These advances have been led by the development of new techniques for coupling ecological and evolutionary dynamics, for integrating dynamics across multiple scales of organization, and for using data  ...  to infer the complex interactions among different components of ecological systems.  ...  real ecological communities.  ... 
doi:10.1101/056838 fatcat:j3ybjy63gbbmngs6e6foac7434
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