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Traditional Wisdom and Monte Carlo Tree Search Face-to-Face in the Card Game Scopone

Pier Luca Lanzi, Stefano Di Palma
2018 IEEE Transactions on Games  
We present the design of a competitive artificial intelligence for Scopone, a popular Italian card game.  ...  MCTS requires complete information about the game state and thus implements a cheating player while ISMCTS can deal with incomplete information and thus implements a fair player.  ...  Canezave [42] developed ILLUSION, a Phantom Go player for a 9x9 board, that uses Monte-Carlo simulations to reach the level of experienced Go players who only played few Phantom Go games.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tg.2018.2834618 fatcat:7h2rfuhhubap3ek7xqxkj63mvq

Widening Interdisciplinary Sustainability Education

Peter Aspengren, Artur Badyda, Katarzyna Błaszczyk, Xymena Bukowska, Luís Calafate, Cristina Calheiros, Alexandra Cardoso, Tomáš Chabada, Veronika Chvátalová, Paulina Codogni, Mikuláš Černík, Jan Činčera (+15 others)
2018 Figshare  
This book aims to fill a gap in the literature on sustainable development through its focus on education and the interaction between students and teachers in a classroom environment that encourages them  ...  knowledge provided by many other academic books, the WISE handbook simply gives instructions and useful educational materials with recommendations about how to manage the classroom and how to achieve a  ...  You will need a big room allowing an arrangement of candles (in a 9x9 square), data projection, sitting around, walking, and being loud. For the rules, see Appendix 2. A Debriefing Session.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7034753.v1 fatcat:rkkketqeyzaalcplkg243wnixq

Transnational Peace Building and Conflict: Lessons from Aceh, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka

Darini Rajasingham Senanayake
2009 Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia  
In this respect, scientific meetings are major tools to establish fora to exchange results and experiences.  ...  FOREWORD Plants and animals or in a broader sense, mother-nature, has been serving mankind from time immemorial.  ...  Acknowledgements The work has been supported by a grant from the National Science Centre in Poland, grant No. NN 310 779640.  ... 
doi:10.1355/sj24-2c fatcat:2bnrxaylmbdoxizsx5p3rj7rai

Including the Arts in the Generalist Classroom Including the Arts in the Generalist Classroom

Camille Hone, Camille Hone, Mark Graham, Daniel Barney, Sharon Gray
2015 unpublished
The ultimate goal in creating these lessons is to help create an art curriculum for a school without an art specialist and have the instruction be not only art based, but also integrated with other core  ...  Including the Arts in the Generalist Classroom Camille Hone Department of Art, BYU Master of Arts Including the Arts in the Generalist Classroom is an integrated arts curriculum within a 6 th grade classroom  ...  In my school, teachers meet every week as a grade level team to look at our teaching methods and reflect on what is working or not.  ... 

HANDBALL BALL GAMES István Juhász and Melinda Bíró 3 HANDBALL

István Juhász, Bíró Melinda, Imre Juhász, Péter Váczi, Tamás Vincze, Pál Hajdú, Györgyi Hernádi, Rózs Prokai, Tibor Erdélyi, István Juhász, Melinda Bíró
Their interaction is the key to progress.  ...  The fast growing popularity was also demonstrated by a match between two professional teams,Ymca Trenton and Ymca Brooklyn on November 7, 1896.  ... 


Adem Balaban, Matilda Likaj, Shaqiri, Hans Kochler, Vincent Parillo, William Paterson, Mark Web, Artan Haxhi, Liman Varoshi, Dhori Kule, Misu-Jan Manolescu, Acad Catalin Zamfir (+37 others)
BJES welcomes a wide range of original articles, research papers, proposed models, reviews of current literature, book reviews etc.  ...  Hence there is an inclination to say: every action according to the rule is an interpretation.  ...  He finds more time to read Bible and he starts to see the events through a religious point of view.Robinson Crusoe`s experience reminded me of a psychological therapy called "Interactive Metronome".  ... 

North East Health District Annual Report to the Community [article]

North East Health District, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary
Nipawin Hospital every 5-6 years, at a cost of about $150,000.  ...  one ever deserves abuse.ABUSE IS NEVER justified.That domestic violence is a population health issue."  ...  "Body Walk" an interactive health fair for grade 3-6 students featured at the Carrot River Health Fair and will be hosted for all other schools in the district.  ... 
doi:10.11575/prism/10620 fatcat:wrwaveng5bhclmmnsnrh6po6vu

Performance characterization and development of quantitative procedures for PET-CT scanners

Frédéric François Schoenahl, Habib Zaidi, Svyatoslav Voloshynovskyy
The last word will go to the best member of my own family, Eva.  ...  I am really thankful to these close to me every days of my normal life: my sister Élodie and parents Malika and Jean-Claude Schoenahl supported every step or initiative of my education and academic years  ...  The second experiment is a proposal to extend the performance tests with a time-of-flight evaluation based on an image generation criterion and a scattering index.  ... 
doi:10.13097/archive-ouverte/unige:16769 fatcat:23frrjpkkja3favsx6tkgmgsrq

Online) International Journal of Network Security is published both in traditional paper form

Min-Shiang Hwang, Shu-Fen Chiou, Chia-Chun Wu, Cheng-Yi Yang, Ajith Abraham, Korea, Wael Adi, Iqbal Sheikh, Ahamed, Vijay Atluri, Mauro Barni, Andrew Blyth (+100 others)
2016 International Journal of Network Security   unpublished
To overcome these shortcomings , we propose an improved version to make the RSA-based certificateless scheme stronger and more secure.  ...  Acknowledgments The author would like to acknowledge National Nat- Acknowledgments The second author of this article is would like to thank UGC (University Grant Commission) for their partial support  ...  First web setup had an average regular response time of 0.05 seconds with standard deviation of 0.002, while the second had an average response time of 0.13 seconds with standard deviation of 0.158.  ... 

Aerial robotics

Sylvain Bertrand, Julien Marzat, Helene Piet-Lahanier, Arthur Kahn, Yohan Rochefort, Pierre-Marie Basset, Arnault Tremolet, Thierry Lefebvre, Martial Sanfourche, Aurelien Plyer, Anthelme Bernard-Brunel, Guy Le Besnerais (+23 others)
During recent years there has been an emergence of small unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used for inspection or surveillance applications.  ...  With the constant miniaturization and cost reduction of electronic components, such as inertial measurement units, vision sensors and micro-processors, aerial vehicles weighting only a few kilograms can  ...  A high potential for innovation exists in the field of RW-UAVs. Hence, a good candidate as a demonstration exercise will be to deal with the pre-sizing of an  ... 
doi:10.12762/2014.al08 fatcat:7sd7a6c5j5buzl6xjci2gjsb4m

Resource selection by the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula Kerr) in a mixed red - silver beech (Nothofagus fusca - N. menziesii) forest, north Westland, New Zealand : a multi-scale, GIS-based approach [article]

Erik Van Eyndoven, University Of Canterbury
Resource selection by the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) was studied in a beech (Nothofagus) forest in order to elucidate possum ecology in an extensive forest type lacking extensive possum research  ...  Twelve possums were radio-collared and radio-tracked over a year.  ...  Jeanette Allen has been an absolute saviour, going over and above the call of duty to ensure that I knew all the pitfalls of the postgrad process and the general goings on of registry bureaucracy.  ... 
doi:10.26021/1435 fatcat:ytdnylqw5feuheoqo6e75hdc5u

Multi-scale landscape genomic models:the role of very high resolution digital elevation models in evolutionary biology

Kevin Leempoel
We applied this analytical framework to three case studies, comprising four species: Biscutella laevigata sampled at a local scale in the Alps, Plantago major sampled at a regional scale in an urban environment  ...  Our findings mainly provide an important contribution to the understanding and use of scale in landscape genomics, also useful in landscape ecology.  ...  A Riegl VQ-480 laser scanner ( was installed on a helicopter in October 2011 by the HELIMAP Company ( to get an average density of 25 soil points/m².  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-6626 fatcat:x3w6yhmejzdblprtxh3r2sr6qy