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Event-Related Functional MRI Study on Central Representation of Acute Muscle Pain Induced by Electrical Stimulation

David M. Niddam, Tzu-Chen Yeh, Yu-Te Wu, Po-Lei Lee, Low-Tone Ho, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Andrew C.N. Chen, Jen-Chuen Hsieh
2002 NeuroImage  
We used eventrelated functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the high sensitivity of the 3-T MRI scanner to study the central processing of acute muscle pain induced by intramuscular electrostimulation  ...  The aims of the study were to establish the pain matrix for muscle pain in the full head volume and, further, to explore the possibility of a functional segregation to nonpainful and painful stimuli within  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS D.M.N. was supported by the Ministry of Education (89BFA221401) of Taiwan, the Danish National Research Foundation, and the Danish Technical Research Council.  ... 
doi:10.1006/nimg.2002.1270 pmid:12414283 fatcat:d5af77bwpjcide4mhqmowj6ibq

Transcranial Brain Stimulation: Clinical Applications and Future Directions

Umer Najib, Shahid Bashir, Dylan Edwards, Alexander Rotenberg, Alvaro Pascual-Leone
2011 Neurosurgery clinics of North America  
Noninvasive techniques using such an approach include transcranial electric stimulation (TES) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).  ...  cortical functional representation: (1) recording brain activity during task performance (the passive approach) and (2) observing the effects of eliciting/extinguishing brain activity (the active approach  ...  This notion was later confirmed by Fritsch and Hitzig, and then by David Ferrier in the 1870s, who showed that electrical stimulation of the central area in dogs and monkeys could produce movements of  ... 
doi:10.1016/ pmid:21435574 pmcid:PMC3547606 fatcat:pio7cv6lgfarlo6l7zuyayg55q

Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain

Max M. Klein, Roi Treister, Tommi Raij, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Lawrence Park, Turo Nurmikko, Fred Lenz, Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur, Magdalena Lang, Mark Hallett, Michael Fox, Merit Cudkowicz (+4 others)
2015 Pain  
Recognizing that electrically stimulating the motor cortex could relieve chronic pain sparked development of noninvasive technologies.  ...  Secondary outcomes could include function, mood, sleep, and/or quality of life.  ...  plans for providing rapid medical response in the event of an induced seizure.  ... 
doi:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000210 pmid:25919472 pmcid:PMC4545735 fatcat:ny5hop4qurbz3b5kvh44vimxxy

Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) for Pre-Surgical Planning of Brain Lesion in Critical Areas: Basic Principles and Early Experience [chapter]

Concetta Alafaci, Alfredo Conti, Francesco Tomasello
2013 Clinical Management and Evolving Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with Brain Tumors  
Stimulating the brain plasticity Treating pain, tinnitus, depression The first studies on N"S confirmed the safety and tolerability of this technique with no adverse events including pain and seizures  ...  Neuronavigation The N"S can accurately display, in a D rendering of the individual patient's magnetic resonance image MRI , the induced electric field generated by TMS Figure .  ... 
doi:10.5772/53216 fatcat:xkixbigcyjhktembdxekkjbism

Tracking trauma-induced structural and functional changes above the level of spinal cord injury

Eveline Huber, Armin Curt, Patrick Freund
2015 Current Opinion in Neurology  
RECENT FINDINGS: Recent prospective studies in human acute SCI have begun to reveal the timecourse, spatial distribution and extent of structural changes following an acute SCI and their relation to functional  ...  Recent findings Recent prospective studies in human acute SCI have begun to reveal the time-course, spatial distribution and extent of structural changes following an acute SCI and their relation to functional  ...  Functional changes Next to trauma-induced structural changes, brain (neural) activity in SCI -revealed by functional MRI ndash; has shown motor task-related activation in the primary motor cortex (M1)  ... 
doi:10.1097/wco.0000000000000224 pmid:26110798 fatcat:6ywsfgy6mnhp3eetqzyv2ecqbi

Migraine treatment with external trigeminal nerve stimulation: current knowledge on mechanisms

Jean Schoenen
2017 Internal Medicine Review  
Available pharmacological migraine treatments have incomplete efficacy and many of them may have intolerable adverse effects.  ...  Treatment of headache by transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Headache 1985 Jan;25(1):12-5. 21. Lapeer GL.  ...  Functional neuroimaging studies in chronic cluster headache (48) and chronic migraine patients (49) have shown that percutaneous occipital nerve stimulation is able to increase metabolism in central areas  ... 
doi:10.18103/imr.v3i4.411 fatcat:c2jgqito4fgypg4sripyg5eikm

Central Sensitization and Altered Central Pain Processing in Chronic Low Back Pain

Nathalie A. Roussel, Jo Nijs, Mira Meeus, Veit Mylius, Cécile Fayt, Rob Oostendorp
2013 The Clinical Journal of Pain  
In contrast, studies analyzing brain structure and function in relation to (experimentally induced) pain provide preliminary evidence for altered central nociceptive processing in patients with chronic  ...  Some studies in patients with chronic LBP have demonstrated exaggerated pain responses after sensory stimulation of locations outside the painful region, while other studies report no differences between  ...  Experimentally Induced Muscle Pain by Injection of Hypertonic Saline After hypertonic saline injection, patients with MRI confirmed-herniated disk displayed significantly higher pain intensity, duration  ... 
doi:10.1097/ajp.0b013e31826f9a71 pmid:23739534 fatcat:vlia6z6jgjfy7kagbi6leahxjy

Periaqueductal gray and emotions: the complexity of the problem and the light at the end of the tunnel, the magnetic resonance imaging

Dora Zelena, Ophelie Menant, Frederic Andersson, Elodie Chaillou
2018 Endocrine Regulations  
In animals, the physiological changes can mainly be studied. Indeed, early studies have considered the PAG as an important center of the emotions-related autonomic and motoric processes.  ...  However, in vivo imaging have changed our view by highlighting the PAG as a significant player in emotions-related cognitive processes.  ...  Figure 4 . 4 Schematic representation of the responses induced by the stimulation of the periaqueductal gray (PAG) subdivisions and its functional connections with the amygdala nucleus in fear and pain  ... 
doi:10.2478/enr-2018-0027 fatcat:zaaez2wv3ncwnnf7qmi4pmluvm

Emotional and autonomic consequences of spinal cord injury explored using functional brain imaging

Alessia Nicotra, Hugo D. Critchley, Christopher J. Mathias, Raymond J. Dolan
2005 Brain  
We used functional MRI (fMRI) and a basic emotional learning paradigm to investigate the expression of emotion-related brain activity consequent upon SCI.  ...  Subjects viewed randomized presentations of four angry faces. One of the faces (CS + arm) was associated with delivery of electrical shock to the upper arm on 50% of trials.  ...  Acknowledgements This study was supported by a Wellcome Trust Programme grant to R.J.D. and by an International Spinal Research Trust grant to C.J.M. and P.H. Ellaway.  ... 
doi:10.1093/brain/awh699 pmid:16330503 pmcid:PMC2633768 fatcat:4ethcgqoaneq5b2xegquey7v54

Long-term paired associative stimulation can restore voluntary control over paralyzed muscles in incomplete chronic spinal cord injury patients

Anastasia Shulga, Pantelis Lioumis, Aleksandra Zubareva, Nina Brandstack, Linda Kuusela, Erika Kirveskari, Sarianna Savolainen, Aarne Ylinen, Jyrki P Mäkelä
2016 Spinal Cord Series and Cases  
with electrical peripheral nerve stimulation.  ...  Further study is needed to confirm whether long-term paired associative stimulation can be used in rehabilitation after spinal cord injury by itself and, possibly, in combination with other therapeutic  ...  This study was supported by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation AUTHOR CONTRIBUTIONS Conception and design of the study by AS, PL, EK, SS, AY and JPM.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scsandc.2016.16 pmid:28053760 pmcid:PMC5129397 fatcat:cxzbehvcifc65d4ng4rv54up4e

Central Projection of Pain Arising from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) in Human Subjects

Katharina Zimmermann, Caroline Leidl, Miriam Kaschka, Richard W. Carr, Pavel Terekhin, Hermann O. Handwerker, Clemens Forster, Essa Yacoub
2012 PLoS ONE  
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to examine the patterns of cortical activation arising during DOMS-related pain in the quadriceps muscle of healthy volunteers evoked by either voluntary  ...  In contrast, movement of a DOMSaffected limb led also to activation in the ipsilateral anterior cerebellum, while DOMS-related pain evoked by physical stimulation devoid of limb movement did not.  ...  Electrical stimulation is used as a nonspecific method to induce pain by direct activation of nerve and muscle fibers.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047230 pmid:23056613 pmcid:PMC3466236 fatcat:sudrpu372bhm7g65ellogmtlzy

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. A Comprehensive Review on Neuroplastic Changes Supporting the Use of Non-invasive Neurostimulation in Clinical Settings

Andrea Zangrandi, Fannie Allen Demers, Cyril Schneider
2021 Frontiers in Pain Research  
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a rare debilitating disorder characterized by severe pain affecting one or more limbs. CRPS presents a complex multifactorial physiopathology.  ...  Non-invasive neurostimulation of the brain or of nerve/muscles/spinal roots, alone or in combination with conventional therapy, represents a fertile ground to develop more efficient approaches for pain  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors acknowledge Estelle Gouriou, Ph.D. candidate, for the conception and revision of Figure 1 .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpain.2021.732343 pmid:35295500 pmcid:PMC8915550 fatcat:l5su7bfaezafzon6dh3s772opm

Technology for Chronic Pain

Suyi Zhang, Ben Seymour
2014 Current Biology  
There are two central challenges to be tackled: developing objective measures that capture the subjectivity of pain experience, and providing technology-based interventions that offer new approaches for  ...  Technology developed for chronic pain management has been fast evolving and offers new stand-alone prospects for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, rather than simply addressing the limitations of pharmacology-based  ...  B.S. is funded by the Wellcome Trust and an Engineering in Clinical Practice Grant from the University of Cambridge.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cub.2014.07.010 pmid:25247372 fatcat:si26ln4ngrfejm6qbsv66oyeta

Neurophysiological markers of plastic brain reorganization following central and peripheral lesions

Florinda Ferreri, Andrea Guerra, Paolo Maria Rossini
2014 Archives Italiennes de Biologie  
In this review we analyze stroke and amputees studies, as illustrative conditions of central and peripheral nervous system damage, and discuss the adaptive as well maladaptive plastic brain changes following  ...  Brain plasticity involves distinct functional and structural components and plays a crucial role in reorganizing central nervous system's networks after central and peripheral lesions in order to partly  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported in part by the Italian Institute of Health Grant GR-2008-1143091 (to F.F.).  ... 
doi:10.12871/00039829201443 pmid:25987182 fatcat:6b2btuei7vg2vpakcpywyq4e5m

Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation

J. Ruohonen, J. Karhu
2010 Neurophysiologie clinique  
The advantages of navigated TMS over functional MRI in motor cortex mapping are briefly discussed.  ...  The fundamental difference between TMS and other available non-invasive brain imaging techniques is that when a physiological response is evoked by stimulation of a cortical area, that specific cortical  ...  When cortex was stimulated at the known leg representation area using the navigated brain stimulation, muscle responses could be registered at the acute stage.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neucli.2010.01.006 pmid:20230931 fatcat:qfc4ga6ys5evlf4hslahzrceou
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