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Evaluation of similarity searching methods for music data in P2P networks

Ioannis Karydis, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Apostolos N. Papadopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos
2005 International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining  
In this paper, we focus on similarity searching for similar acoustic data over unstructured decentralised P2P networks.  ...  Within the proposed framework we adapt several existing algorithms for searching in P2P networks.  ...  . 1 Searching for music data by content requires the development of effective and efficient similarity searching methods for this kind of data, which will find music files that are similar to a query  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijbidm.2005.008363 fatcat:qpn2zcvgyffmljfayee3he36ga

A Scalable Peer-to-Peer System for Music Information Retrieval

George Tzanetakis, Jun Gao, Peter Steenkiste
2004 Computer Music Journal  
Although crude both in terms of search capabilities and P2P performance, Napster provided for the first time an example of sharing vast amounts of musical data over large ad-hoc networks.  ...  Such MIR techniques can significantly enhance the ways users search for music over P2P networks.  ...  Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation under grant ISS-008594.  ... 
doi:10.1162/014892604323112220 fatcat:ujrm3pjaxbcjdaid3c4rm4iaey

Mining Music from Large-Scale, Peer-to-Peer Networks

Y Shavitt, E Weinsberg, U Weinsberg
2011 IEEE Multimedia  
The main objective of the work described in this article is to overcome these difficulties and improve the ability to perform efficient mining of music content in data sets originating from P2P networks  ...  For this project, we studied the musical content shared by users in Gnutella, 5 then built a song-similarity graph, where the similarity between two songs is based on the number of users that share the  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Tomer Tankel for providing the data used in this article, and sharing valuable ideas for its successful analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mmul.2011.13 fatcat:pmzvyu3sanfb7h2wt5txpaux3a

Content-based retrieval of music in scalable peer-to-peer networks

Jun Gao, G. Tzanetakis, P. Steenkiste
2003 2003 International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. ICME '03. Proceedings (Cat. No.03TH8698)  
A large portion of data exchanged in today's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks consists of music stored as MP3 compressed audio.  ...  Existing P2P systems typically are not scalable and only support primitive methods for the searching of music files, e.g., by looking up exact filenames or using simple metadata information such as artist  ...  CONCLUSIONS In this paper, we described a scalable and load-balanced P2P system that supports a rich set of music search methods.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icme.2003.1220916 dblp:conf/icmcs/GaoTS03 fatcat:kx6hbw5asfhu7n6y7rju47oz4u


2003 Digital Media Processing for Multimedia Interactive Services  
In this way we try to resolve the problem of missing meta data in order to provide intelligent services for convenient music querying.  ...  In this paper we present our work towards an integrated P2P platform for convenient music retrieval.  ...  In contrast to other methods of non-exact search (such as Levensthein or Soundex) our method is optimized for application in the musical field.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812704337_0057 fatcat:4ridzmekeverrj2us3pmrwgloe

Real Datasets for File-Sharing Peer-to-Peer Systems [chapter]

Shen Tat Goh, Panos Kalnis, Spiridon Bakiras, Kian-Lee Tan
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Additionally, as a case study, we employ it to evaluate two recently proposed P2P searching techniques.  ...  The fundamental drawback of unstructured peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is the flooding-based query processing protocol that seriously limits their scalability.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Yip Jun Kwan (Elton) for the implementation of the Gnutella probe and the collection of the data.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11408079_19 fatcat:7gkkjsiynfb65ajl5a3btbn7ii

P2P file sharing networks allowing participants to freely assign structured meta-data to files

Kei Ohnishi, Kaori Yoshida, Yuji Oie
2007 Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems  
The similarity between the search query and the meta-data is measured in terms of their dot product.  ...  From the viewpoint of P2P file sharing, in which all of the peers are equal in terms of function, it is not good for certain peers to have an advantage in P2P file search due to their Kansei information  ...  Acknowledgment This work was supported in part by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan, and in part by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific  ... 
doi:10.4108/infoscale.2007.902 dblp:conf/infoscale/OhnishiYO07 fatcat:w6znkte4bfdsrc3w4f7qrpgl4m

Building recommendation systems using peer-to-peer shared content

Yuval Shavitt, Ela Weinsberg, Udi Weinsberg
2010 Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management - CIKM '10  
Peer-to-Peer (p2p) networks are used for sharing content by millions of users. Often, meta-data used for searching is missing or wrong, making it difficult for users to find content.  ...  Evaluation using songs shared by over 1.2 million users in the Gnutella network, shows that these techniques can leverage p2p data for building efficient recommender systems.  ...  This research was supported in part by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) center of excellence program (#1685/07) and by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, MAGNET program through the NeGeV Consortium  ... 
doi:10.1145/1871437.1871646 dblp:conf/cikm/ShavittWW10 fatcat:n5cvtxaef5a73cj4n6fgy5ytii

A framework for extracting musical similarities from peer-to-peer networks

Noam Koenigstein, Yuval Shavitt, Tomer Tankel, Ela Weinsberg, Udi Weinsberg
2010 2010 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo  
The usage of peer-to-peer (p2p) networks for music information retrieval (MIR) tasks is gaining momentum.  ...  We first present the framework for crawling the network and collecting the data. We then present some data-set characteristics, while focusing on music similarities.  ...  We thus focus on methods for extracting users and songs similarities based on p2p information, that will overcome the inherent "noise" and high sparsity of the data-set.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icme.2010.5583251 dblp:conf/icmcs/KoenigsteinSTWW10 fatcat:3s6p42vpy5hmfokwpwogork7z4

On The Applicability Of Peer-To-Peer Data In Music Information Retrieval Research

Noam Koenigstein, Yuval Shavitt, Ela Weinsberg, Udi Weinsberg
2010 Zenodo  
This research was supported in part by a grant from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) center of excellence program (grant number 1685/07).  ...  INTRODUCTION Peer-to-Peer (p2p) networks are being increasingly adopted as an invaluable resource for various music information retrieval (MIR) tasks [11] , including music and user similarity [3, 5,  ...  Notice that these queries are not related only to music, however analysis of keywords used for searching the Gnutella network shows that almost 70% of the queries are music related [10] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1414784 fatcat:ufzs2bscszfahbrnaubs2mkj2q

Peer-to-peer information retrieval using shared-content clustering

Irad Ben-Gal, Yuval Shavitt, Ela Weinsberg, Udi Weinsberg
2013 Knowledge and Information Systems  
Peer-to-peer (p2p) networks are used by millions for searching and downloading content. Recently, clustering algorithms were shown to be useful for helping users find content in large networks.  ...  Yet, many of these algorithms overlook the fact that p2p networks follow graph models with a power-law node degree distribution.  ...  Evaluation is performed using a graph that represents a snapshot of the music files that were shared in the Gnutella [35] p2p network.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10115-013-0619-9 fatcat:jx4ogh2zcrhv5b2sebeifzscg4

Measuring the validity of peer-to-peer data for information retrieval applications

Noam Koenigstein, Yuval Shavitt, Ela Weinsberg, Udi Weinsberg
2012 Computer Networks  
These aspects are quantified using music files shared in the Gnutella p2p network.  ...  We identify and measure inherent difficulties in collecting p2p data, namely, partial crawling, user-generated noise, sparseness, and popularity and localization of content and search queries.  ...  P2P networks have a great potential as a practically unbounded source of data for IR tasks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2011.10.026 fatcat:auvuzsuwyzcghnpgfyw2zqgw4e

On exploiting social relationship and personal background for content discovery in P2P networks

Xiao Han, Ángel Cuevas, Noël Crespi, Rubén Cuevas, Xiaodi Huang
2014 Future generations computer systems  
In particular, for personal interests searching, the proposed mechanism can achieve 100% of Search Success Rate by selecting the top 20 friends within two-hop.  ...  on friends' Similarity and Knowledge. • The proposed mechanism is especially effective for personal interests search. a b s t r a c t Content discovery is a critical issue in unstructured Peer-to-Peer  ...  The proposed method (i.e., social-DRWR-P2P 2 ) is evaluated on Facebook data.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.future.2014.06.007 fatcat:fqvr5hqzfzdrdd5hwwyepzttgi

Song Clustering Using Peer-to-Peer Co-occurrences

Yuval Shavitt, Udi Weinsberg
2009 2009 11th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia  
In this work we leverage this feature and propose methods for detecting these "natural" clusters of similar songs.  ...  Peer-to-peer (p2p) content sharing networks are commonly used by millions of users for sharing music files, often performed by artists even before becoming mainstream.  ...  Two methods for creating music recommender systems using data from p2p networks are presented.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ism.2009.84 dblp:conf/ism/ShavittW09 fatcat:jf4ijaoalbf2nh4zttwouavjt4

What'S Hot? Estimating Country-Specific Artist Popularity

Markus Schedl, Tim Pohle, Noam Koenigstein, Peter Knees
2010 Zenodo  
In fact, the content of the data sources behind P2P networks and Web search engines, i.e., users' music collections and Web pages, respectively, is accumulated over years.  ...  Using Peer-to-Peer networks as data source for music information retrieval, [8, 14, 31, 43] rely on data extracted from OpenNap to derive music similarity information.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1415870 fatcat:gz7smx55ibcsvhohe4zqy4dasi
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