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Force Control for Robotic-Assisted Surgery Based on Viscoelastic Tissue Model

Pedro Moreira, Chao Liu, Nabil Zemiti, Philippe Poignet
2011 BIO Web of Conferences  
The proposed force control is a model based algorithm using a Kelvin-Boltzmann viscoelastic model as the interaction model.  ...  This work intends to improve the performance and the robustness of a force control scheme using a more realistic interaction model.  ...  To define the best model, relaxations tests were performed, which consist in performing a position step input on the soft tissue and measuring the exerted force.  ... 
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20110100066 fatcat:az3snyuvyzfd7cnusmwctui34y

Medical Simulation and Training: "Haptic" Liver [article]

Felix G. Hamza-Lup, Adrian Seitan, Dorin M. Popovici, Crenguta M. Bogdan
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The surgeon must feel organic tissue hardness, evaluate anatomical structures, measure tissue properties, and apply appropriate force control actions for safe tissue manipulation.  ...  We present the development of a cost-effective visuo-haptic simulator for the liver tissue, designed to improve practice-based education in minimally invasive surgery.  ...  The improvement and evaluation processes for liver palpation focuses on the force range (minmax) applied during palpation, the direction of force application (based on the instrument angle to the surface  ... 
arXiv:1812.03325v1 fatcat:fyqnyrhulnf2bbf4vraidsqnaa

Preclinical Methods to Assess Collateral Mechanical Damage to Tissues Caused by Surgical Procedures and Devices

Ayumu Ishijima, Yoshihiko Koseki, Takehiro Ando, Ichiro Sakuma, Etsuko Kobayashi
2016 Journal of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery  
Selection of the model should be based on anatomic and physiologic characteristics rather than cost, tradition, and availability 20) .  ...  the effect of tissue material and needle tip geometric parameters on tip forces.  ... 
doi:10.5759/jscas.18.19 fatcat:2cvpjrcsh5fndif7ndkbf4myfy

In situ measurement and modeling of biomechanical response of human cadaveric soft tissues for physics-based surgical simulation

Yi-Je Lim, Dhanannjay Deo, Tejinder P. Singh, Daniel B. Jones, Suvranu De
2008 Surgical Endoscopy  
Development of a laparoscopic surgery simulator that delivers high-fidelity visual and haptic (force) feedback, based on the physical models of soft tissues, requires the use of empirical data on the mechanical  ...  We present techniques of measuring and modeling the mechanical response of human cadaveric tissue for the purpose of developing a realistic model.  ...  While in vivo measurement of soft tissue properties is most desirable, invasive experiments on live human patients involves significant risks.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00464-008-0154-z pmid:18813984 pmcid:PMC2693244 fatcat:urazsagtfzg6pi64h3wctbuv54

Characterization of Viscoelastic Soft Tissue Properties from In Vivo Animal Experiments and Inverse FE Parameter Estimation [chapter]

Jung Kim, Mandayam A. Srinivasan
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Soft tissue characterization and modeling based on living tissues has been investigated in order to provide a more realistic behavior in a virtual reality based surgical simulation.  ...  The comparison between simulation and experimental behavior of pig intra abdominal soft tissue are presented to provide a validness of the tissue model using our approach.  ...  the properties of living tissues.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11566489_74 fatcat:pryso53ptffzdkh3xkjblcopfm

Interactive deformation of soft tissues with haptic feedback for medical learning

Kup-Sze Choi, Hanqiu Sun, Pheng-Ann Heng
2003 IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine  
An effective deformable model based on a successive force propagation process is proposed.  ...  Mechanical tests are performed to evaluate its feasibility for modeling real tissues. An interactive system is developed using a commercial haptic device.  ...  This suggests a further investigation on the development of an effective scheme to extract the model parameters automatically by calibrating with the measured responses of specific tissues.  ... 
doi:10.1109/titb.2003.821311 pmid:15000361 fatcat:z5awvojrsbg4tgvw6ops7cwmiy


L. Barbé, B. Bayle, M. de Mathelin, A. Gangi
2006 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
In this article, we consider the interaction of a needle with living tissues, which is a particularly complex modeling problem since it is characterized by inhomogeneity and nonlinearity properties.  ...  We propose a robust method to online estimate the interaction between living tissues and a surgical needle. The ability to obtain physically consistent models during in vivo insertions is discussed.  ...  Yen et al. (1996) proposed a model of tissue for needle insertion based on a KV model with piecewise constant parameters.  ... 
doi:10.3182/20060920-3-fr-2912.00027 fatcat:g4uudyab6rg4ne7qppz7yh66au

Effect of contact pressure on porcine postmortem brain tissue impedance [article]

Lucas Possner, Florian Wilhelmy, Uwe Pliquett, Thomas Knoesche, Konstantin Weise, Dirk Lindner
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
Further, we fit the measured impedances to an equivalent circuit model and compare the resistance as well as the cell density of grey and white matter brain tissue based on the model parameters.  ...  We show that the variation of the contact pressure between the tissue and the measurement probe leads to a coefficient of variation in the measured impedance of under 3%.  ...  The model that is based on (7) can be adapted to the model ( 4 ) that was used to fit the measured grey and white matter brain tissue impedances.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2022.08.04.502741 fatcat:utu46y3sbnds3bq5ahjia6caaa

Physically Based Virtual Surgery Planning and Simulation Tools for Personal Health Care Systems [chapter]

Firat Dogan, Yasemin Atilgan
2009 Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  
The modern hardware architectures, large scale database systems, grid based computer networks, agile development processes, better 3D visualization and all the other strong aspects of the information technology  ...  The virtual surgery planning and simulation tools have gained a great deal of importance in the last decade in a consequence of increasing capacities at the information technology level.  ...  However, recent studies focus on measuring material properties of tissues inside the body (in vivo) specifically in living condition (in situ) due to considerable material property changes of death organs  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-03978-2_8 fatcat:lrqbeqzrrrd3tftq7eq7jd7qyy

An efficient and scalable deformable model for virtual reality-based medical applications

Kup-Sze Choi, Hanqiu Sun, Pheng-Ann Heng
2004 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  
Chan of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatolgy for their expertise in surgical procedures, and L. Bai for the assistance in processing the MRI datasets.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by the Research Grants Council of the HKSAR (Nos. 4356/02E, CUHK 1/00C) and CUHK direct grant No. 4450002. The authors would like to thank Prof. J.C.Y.  ...  Performance and evaluation In this section, the deformable model based on the force transmittal mechanism is evaluated comprehensively in three aspects.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artmed.2004.01.013 pmid:15350624 fatcat:cnpu3zpdqvgl7dh6n3x256oa7i

Model-Based Identification of Anatomical Boundary Conditions in Living Tissues [chapter]

Igor Peterlik, Hadrien Courtecuisse, Christian Duriez, Stéphane Cotin
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The method is evaluated on two abdominal CT scans of a pig acquired in flank and supine positions.  ...  located on the surface of the registered organ.  ...  Nevertheless, while keeping in mind the patient specific scenario, we would also like to employ an intra-patient evaluation based on atlas, which could provide a base for the BC estimations (e.g. placement  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07521-1_21 fatcat:3diu42h55vbxjduclkbyg7e4si

Flexible High-Resolution Force and Dimpling Measurement System for Pia and Dura Penetration during In Vivo Microelectrode Insertion into Rat Brain

Lei Chen, Jeremiah Peter Hartner, Tianshu Dong, Annie Dian-Ru Li, Brendon Omar Watson, Albert J Shih
2021 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering  
Prior studies were unable to measure the sub-mN forces exerted during in vivo insertion of small electrodes.  ...  A N-resolution cantilever beam-based measurement system was designed, built, and calibrated and adapted for in vivo use.  ...  of the dynamics of in vivo insertion, or measuring outside the context of live brains [27] - [31] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbme.2021.3070781 pmid:33798065 fatcat:xmt4i3mghzbitp6ovpkjcru6ga

The Impact of Biomechanics in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

David L. Butler, Steven A. Goldstein, Robert E. Guldberg, X. Edward Guo, Roger Kamm, Cato T. Laurencin, Larry V. McIntire, Van C. Mow, Robert M. Nerem, Robert L. Sah, Louis J. Soslowsky, Robert L. Spilker (+1 others)
2009 Tissue engineering. Part B, Reviews  
use optimal mechanical conditioning strategies to grow tissues for implantation and as models for in vitro studies; (ii) living systems' models that allow for the in vivo measurement of mechanical stresses  ...  Strategies for tissue regeneration must thus be evaluated using in vivo models to assess their ability to functionally integrate with a living host, remodel, and restore tissue function.  ... 
doi:10.1089/ten.teb.2009.0340 pmid:19583462 pmcid:PMC3192183 fatcat:cu5vfjqqzrcyba5d7bq564uzwy

Robotic Creation of Operating Space for Minimally Invasive Hip Joint Surgery

Masaru Yanagihara, Jun Okamoto, Norihiro Mitsui, Masakatsu G. Fujie
2007 Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS), Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on  
The capability is revealed as a scraping length on a phantom of 140 mm around human hip joint model and on the living tissues of 27 mm in the crest of the ilium by magnitude of maximum force of 25 N.  ...  Evaluation of the prototype was done by using a compliant control as scraping method of muscle tissues from surface of the bone.  ...  The magnitude of the maximum pushing force exerted is approximately 25 N on living porcine muscle tissues on the bone.  ... 
doi:10.1109/robot.2007.363865 dblp:conf/icra/YanagiharaOMF07 fatcat:p4cdopeazrdwdmcptvj5gesn2u

A three-dimensional model of the human masticatory system, including the mandible, the dentition and the temporomandibular joints

Gaivile Pileicikiene, Edvinas Varpiotas, Rimas Surna, Algimantas Surna
2007 Stomatologija, Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal  
Object of research was one 20 year old dead man. The research was approved by Committee of bioethics (Kaunas University of Medicine).  ...  Required extent of computed tomography scanning and required high amount and high resolution of images increased X-ray radiation for the object and made this research impossible to perform on alive human  ...  on living humans [2] .  ... 
pmid:17449975 fatcat:xfgeqdzoczcabircdudx5jbqsm
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