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Imago: An integrated prototyping, evaluation and transitioning environment for information visualisation

Rudi Vernik, G Stewart Von Itzstein, Alain Bouchard
2007 Information Visualisation  
This paper introduces Imago, an environment that supports the prototyping, evaluation and transitioning of information visualisation approaches into practice.  ...  We discuss the use of Imago in relation to our experiences in researching and providing information visualisation approaches for command and control activities.  ...  The system supports the integrated use of various forms of instrumentation to aid in both the analysis of visualisations and the collection of evaluative information.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2007.68 dblp:conf/iv/VernikIB07 fatcat:exw3qv4ofne63crirqynfbgg3q

Zoo Graph: A New Visualisation for Biometric System Evaluation

Romain Giot, Romain Bourqui, Mohamad El-Abed
2016 2016 20th International Conference Information Visualisation (IV)  
Such information would allow researchers to update their developed authentication algorithms to reduce those errors.  ...  Among all these standard evaluation metrics and graphs, only the Zoo Plot allows to get information for all the individuals of the tested database ; the other metrics or visualisations only give an information  ...  The evaluation of the application has been done by an expert in evaluation of biometric systems who visualised static pictures of the datasets shown with Zoo Graph and Zoo Plot and manipulated the interactive  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2016.21 dblp:conf/iv/GiotBE16 fatcat:2u536joub5e3fbevuij3nyja6m

Evaluating the Comprehension of Euler Diagrams

Florence Benoy, Peter Rodgers
2007 Information Visualisation  
Our work is intended to inform automatic Euler diagram layout research by confirming the importance of various Euler diagram aesthetic criteria.  ...  The complexity range of the diagrams shown in the main study was informed by pilot studies. For example, we withdrew one of our initial set of diagrams altogether, as too complex. Section 2.4.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2007.45 dblp:conf/iv/BenoyR07 fatcat:jixcmdpjlbhehcdrenuzd4ojda

Visualising a knowledge mapping of information systems investment evaluation

Zahir Irani, Amir Sharif, Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Peter E.D. Love
2014 Expert systems with applications  
This paper seeks to make a contribution through exploring and visualising knowledge mapping from the perspective of IS investment evaluation.  ...  Information Systems (IS) facilitate organisations to increase responsiveness and reduce the costs of their supply chain.  ...  The motivation for this paper is to attempt to map out and visualise the range and aspects of knowledge that are relevant to the Information Systems Investment Evaluation (ISIE) process in the manufacturing  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2013.07.015 fatcat:f6ovj33kubgqvdl4e7kboydou4

Focus Group Methodology for Evaluating Information Visualization Techniques and Tools

Riccardo Mazza, Alessandra Berre
2007 Information Visualisation  
This paper proposes a structured methodology that uses focus group interviews to evaluate Information Visualization techniques and tools.  ...  Focus groups are particularly suitable for the collection of qualitative data from users, and allow researchers to uncover unexpected problems that cannot be identified through analytical evaluations or  ...  Analytic evaluation methods come from psychological models of human information processing and are based on studies of human cognition and behaviour.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2007.51 dblp:conf/iv/MazzaB07 fatcat:ohob4vfu65hqbkjvl6wchnfr3u

A Guide to Scientific Evaluation in Information Visualization

Camilla Forsell
2010 2010 14th International Conference Information Visualisation  
This paper addresses some fundamental and practical issues that should be considered when pursuing evaluation studies in Information Visualization.  ...  The main focus is on quantitative experimental research but the general information applies to all kinds of studies.  ...  Also, the International Symposium Information Visualization Evaluation, IVE [17] held at the International Conference on Information Visualisation [16] is another example of a forum specifically devoted  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2010.33 dblp:conf/iv/Forsell10 fatcat:salflfimhzbsxksphvdvi3ddqe

Evaluation of Biometric Authentication Systems through Visualisation of Partitioned and Bundled Power-Graphs

Romain Giot
2017 2017 21st International Conference Information Visualisation (IV)  
However, although the standard evaluation metrics state the performance of their system, they are unable to explain the reasons of their errors.  ...  This paper presents a novel way to visualize the evaluation results of a biometric authentication system which helps to find which individuals or samples are sources of errors.  ...  PARTITIONED POWER-GRAPH VISUALISATION Table I DESCRIPTION I OF THE DATASETS USED TO EVALUATE THE PROPOSAL.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2017.17 dblp:conf/iv/Giot17 fatcat:scjkpgoqxveyzjgrriwyynrap4

Evaluating Climate Visualization: An Information Visualization Approach

Jimmy Johansson, Tina-Simone Schmid Neset, Björn-Ola Linnér
2010 2010 14th International Conference Information Visualisation  
We report on previous experiences and identify how evaluation methods commonly used in information visualization can be used in climate visualization to increase our understanding of visualization techniques  ...  This paper provides an initial discussion on the need and design of evaluations for climate visualization.  ...  We argue the need for advanced interactive information visualization tools for climate visualization and the need for appropriate evaluation techniques.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2010.32 dblp:conf/iv/JohanssonNL10 fatcat:krsf2dcaxzgg7nb5g7hip456ie

An explorative analysis of user evaluation studies in information visualisation

Geoffrey Ellis, Alan Dix
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 AVI workshop on BEyond time and errors novel evaluation methods for information visualization - BELIV '06  
We first consider some of the reasons why the process of evaluating visualisations is so difficult.  ...  This paper presents an analysis of user studies from a review of papers describing new visualisation applications and uses these to highlight various issues related to the evaluation of visualisations.  ...  The fundamental reason behind so few user studies may be due to the fact that information visualisations are very difficult to evaluate.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1168149.1168152 dblp:conf/avi/EllisD06a fatcat:t33exhas6zazdb2s2ukuhyl6ay

User Evaluation Methods for Visual Web Search Interfaces

Orland Hoeber
2009 2009 13th International Conference Information Visualisation  
We suggest that this stepped model can be generalized to support the evaluation of other information visualization systems that target exploratory or knowledge-centric domains.  ...  In this paper, we survey these evaluation methods, and propose a stepped evaluation and refinement model for the systematic study and enhancement of visual Web search interfaces.  ...  Others have noticed a similar benefit in the evaluation of their own information visualization systems [23] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2009.21 dblp:conf/iv/Hoeber09 fatcat:hfhles3wurdlbnowzgwt7h664y

Visualisation of Knowledge Mapping for Information Systems Evaluation: A Manufacturing Context

Amir Sharif, Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Zahir Irani
2014 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
This paper aims to contribute through exploring and visualising Knowledge Mapping (KM) from the perspective of Information Systems Investment Evaluation (ISIE).  ...  Information Systems (IS) are primary enablers in instigating organisational change, increasing organisational responsiveness and decreasing supply chain overheads.  ...  Information Systems Investment Evaluation Information systems constitute a substantial financial investment for organisations [12] , thus, they should be justified, evaluated and managed with caution  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2014.433 dblp:conf/hicss/SharifKI14 fatcat:viuuiltp2zdwvaliabi5s5l6oa

Visualization of Crowd-Powered Impression Evaluation Results

Erika Gomi, Yuri Saito, Takayuki Itoh
2015 2015 19th International Conference on Information Visualisation  
Even though each of the participants on such Web sites usually just evaluate the small number of contents, these kinds of crowd-powered contents evaluation services bring us fruitful information.  ...  Visualization is a useful tool to carefully observe the evaluation results and discover complex trends of the evaluation.  ...  INTRODUCTION Collective knowledge based on the evaluation by ordinary consumers is recent important information on the Web.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2015.26 dblp:conf/iv/GomiSI15 fatcat:vmxllbo7rvhvfokwdbqm26okvu

Evaluating an InfoVis Technique Using Insight Reports

Markus Rester, Margit Pohl, Sylvia Wiltner, Klaus Hinum, Silvia Miksch, Christian Popow, Susanne Ohmann
2007 Information Visualisation  
The evaluation of Information Visualization (InfoVis) techniques can help to identify specific strengths and weaknesses of these methods.  ...  To conduct the evaluation we developed a report system which helped subjects to formulate and document in a self-directed manner the insights they gained when using the three methods.  ...  Acknowledgments The project "Interactive Information Visualization: Exploring and Supporting Human Reasoning Processes" is financed by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) [Grant WWTF CI038].  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2007.44 dblp:conf/iv/ResterPWHMPO07 fatcat:b55bqqaplzdjbjcpu3dggm3yme

Evaluation of Overcluttering Prevention Techniques for Mobile Devices

Paulo Miguel Pombinho, Maria Beatriz Carmo, Ana Paula Afonso
2009 2009 13th International Conference Information Visualisation  
An evaluation of these techniques is also presented.  ...  Although the global evaluation was positive, some other areas should also be targeted for future work.  ...  Some examples of these are: spatial context (e.g. orientation and speed); temporal context (e.g. accessing information based on the current time); surrounding environment (e.g. light conditions); personal  ... 
doi:10.1109/iv.2009.51 dblp:conf/iv/MatosCA09 fatcat:alnb645cz5gkfn6y2vjjdvjo2e

Advantages of visualisations to evaluate and communicate adverse event information in randomised controlled trials

Victoria Cornelius, Suzie Cro, Rachel Phillips
2020 Trials  
Conclusions Visualisations can better support investigators to assimilate large volumes of data and enable improved informal between-arm comparisons compared to tables.  ...  We compare and contrast the use of data visualisations against traditional frequency table reporting, using published AE information in two placebo-controlled trials, of remdesivir for COVID-19 and GDNF  ...  from the Safety Planning, Evaluation and Reporting Team (SPERT) [12] , a proposal to encourage the use of graphical displays to visualise AE data.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13063-020-04903-0 pmid:33353566 fatcat:gvnlmk6f4fgxjoienyu2xmlpei
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